Monday, April 23, 2012

Wildrose Party Gets Pricked by their Own Thorns(updated)

UPDATED AGAIN--Its official..A tory majority.

Despite the early pundit polling...This pundit....

Your friendly neighborhood Powell River Persuader calls this election over..

Game-over for the Wildrose Party...

And no, this is not breaking news, it is however..

A Straight Goods "Exclusive" prediction..

My early analysis is this...The polling outfits skewed the polls to give the impression that this party was going to win, my guess is this, Wildrose party is the party owned lock, stock and barrel by big oil....

Big oil manipulated the polls....Just like Enbridge`s polling in B.C. on alleged support for Northern Gateway...

The new tactic of corporate parties..Manipulate the polls to affect elections.

UPDATED HERE---PC majority-

 “We’re talking about a vision. And I think Albertans have bought into that vision and I think Premier Redford and her team are going to be able to make that vision a reality.”
He didn’t criticize pollsters — who unanimously predicted a Wildrose government— but said the party got a clear message from Albertans that it has a lot of “navel gazing” to do.
“We’re grateful that they’ve put their trust back in us to form the government, and certainly as a party we have a lot of work to do.”
The new majority gives the Alberta Tories bragging rights as the longest-governing party in Canadian history. The party has been in power since 1971.

Can anyone explain how the pollsters missed by a mile, they weren`t even close, I smell propaganda polling designed to give a false impression...

I guess Alberta was wise enough to not surrender their legislature to China and corporation oil.

What I find stunning, it`s the first time in my life where I was happier seeing a Conservative party win...sheesh

The Wildrose party slogan....."When right isn`t right enough"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

I think that I can write about half the script for this Friday's Cutting Edge on CKNW.

The discussion will get around to the plight of the BC Christy Clark Liberal Party and all three of the goofs will trot out the old chestnut that the encumbent parties seldom get turfed no matter how bad their record seems. They'll refer again to Ontario and Manitoba and just drool over the failure of the Wild Rose Party in tonight's election.

It also wouldn't surprise me if they try to discredit the polls in BC showing that Christy and her miscreants are as popular as a root canal, citing how wrong the polls in Alberta turned out to be.

The CKNW BC Liberal propaganda machine will be on overdrive with Mr.Bionic Hips leading the charge.


Grant G said...

I`m sure they will Mr. Cranypants...

However the similarities aren`t there..

Alberta PC`s weren`t embroiled in scandal, cover-ups and corruption, the by-elections here in BC proved the BC polling correct..

The wildrose party had 16 candidates running that previously worked for big oil.

Daniel Smith also stated..The "patch needed a voice in the legislature"

Look to big oil for skewing the Alberta polls...

Wildrose was promising more concessions to big oil, and Daniel Smith proposed offering BC more money for accepting Enbridge Gateway pipeline..

Somehow big oil skewed the polls...Norman Farrel has a good post up...Andrew Coyne posted a story talking about the Wildrose majority upcoming..Coyn`es story came out late this afternoon..30 minutes after the polls closed Coyne`s story vanished from the internet..

Here`s a good read on what Wildrose was up to..


Crankypants said...

I agree with your assessment of the situation here in BC, but the three amigos tend to ignore any critical thinking while they pimp for Ms. Photo-op. When you consider that their only argument ever brought forth about the stench of the BC Rail giveaway is the reference to the Libs being re-elected three times(which is actually only twice since the sale), you have to know that they will continue to assume that BS baffles brains.

At least, that's the way I see it.


Anonymous said...

All of the "news" reports had wildrose winning a majority.
Just goes to show you who "media" is working for, and it's not the average Canadian.
Wow, you can't believe a thing they report or say. Talk about maniupulation; bought and paid for by the 1%.

Anonymous said...

I guess after watching Stevie with his majority, some Albertans decided they didn't like what they saw.(Wildrose-CONServatives) My way or the highway, too damn bad for you. I make the rules.
BC has the Lieberals / CONServatives.

Colin E said...

Wildrose is very cozy with the oil patch, to the point where they had 13 candidates whose major qualification was their connection to the Patch - check out their website:
Thank God Wildrose lost - better the devil that Alberta knows than a devil controlled by the Oil Patch.

Anonymous said...

If Harper is indeed rewriting, the National Energy Program. Redford had better watch Alberta's back.

Sounds as though, China could bring two million workers to build the Enbridge pipeline. There is nothing spiteful Stevie won't do, to get his own way.

Harper is moving the environment clean-up to Halifax. Kinda far away for a tanker spill or a pipe burst in BC, doncha think?

kootcoot said...

Just keep telling yourself the polls don't mean anything Christy. In fact if you are so sure, why not call an election NOW!

As to:
"Just like Enbridge`s polling in B.C. on alleged support for Northern Gateway"

According to my "accurate" polling, independently conducted, support for Enbridge (other than Boosenkook, Gwynn Morgan etc.) in BC consists of that one discredited Injun Chief that got kicked off the reserve after selling out to Enbridge and then was appointed to the Port Authority or something with a six figure salary by Treason Stephen (China's servant in Ottawa)................

Anonymous said...

This Alberta polling thing has Tom "the sleaze" Flanagan fingerprints all over it. He is one of Harper's pals and was Wild Rose's campaign manager.
The CRAP/Cons mo of cheating to win sure backfired this time. Canadians might be finally on to them??

Everyone I talked to about this election came out with the same thing.....the fix was in but they got their asses kicked anyway.


Anonymous said...

The Wildrose campaign of 2012 was strikingly similar to the federal Conservative campaign of 2004. And it was run by the same people, starting with Tom Flanagan, the campaign director.

A "coalition" is still the same people in front and behind the scenes. Name change won't help imo.
They're all the same be it lieberal or Con.

kootcoot said...

Christy, rename the SoCrud, LIEberal collection of liars and thieves the Exploitation Party and call an election immediately. The Exploitation Party is new and it's honest....oh yeah, honesty and you guys don't mix......

BUT CALL AN ELECTION YESTERDAY, YOU DON'T BELIEVE THOSE POLLS, THINK OF YOUR BUDDY RED ALI (it's unbelievable that the petro PC's in Jurassic Park can be called commies by the neanderthal Wild Rose throwbacks).