Wednesday, April 18, 2012

British Columbia`s Restaurant of ILL Repute

Time to put to bed this talk about a merger between the BC Liberal and BC Conservatives, let me put it this way...If you have a gallon of clean water and you add a gallon of toxic poison to it you won`t end up with 2 gallons of clean water you end up with 2 gallons of watery poisonous  sludge..

Jonathan Fowlie has an article out tonight with quotes from failed human being Geoff Plant and a so-cred dinosaur named John Reynolds...


Reynolds acknowledged that Cummins has already rejected the idea of a merger with the Liberals, but said he thinks that could change, especially if Clark is willing to change the name of her party, and allow a challenge of her leadership

 “I know John Cummins very well. Yes, he may not like this coalition, but the premier has already said she’s open to a name change and maybe that’s part of the bargaining,” he said.

“We’ve got a little over a year before the next election. We’ve got lots of time to have conventions for both sides,” he added.

“If you want to make a coalition work you’ve got to be prepared to put everything on the table.”

On Wednesday, Clark said she’s willing to consider a name change — something the party officially proposed at its last convention — 

but made it clear that she believes her party is the only one able to credibly represent the free-enterprise coalition.

I will certainly be leading this free enterprise party, and there will only be two choices in the next election."

These desperate Liberals, first off they are already making excuses for tomorrow`s losses...

Did you notice the parts I highlighted..."HER PARTY"(Christy Clark`s party) and "I Will" (Christy Clark will)...

There is no way in hell Christy air head Clark would volunteer to enter a leadership contest and if her caucus FORCED a leadership contest on Christy Clark she would resign...That much I do know...And that is but a small part of the merger dynamics..

Christy Clark states she is willing to consider changing the party name, well well well, let me put it like this, when a restaurant goes belly up...

When Christy`s House of Floundering Fish restaurant goes under and claims moral bankruptcy then reopens a month later under the new name Johnny`s Fish Flavored Flipflop Flapjack Joint and when you walk in, and the menu is the same, the cook`s name is Christy Cluck and the waiters and waitresses are named Kevvy, Ding Dong and Ida Chomp and Jane BC Wine is Good Thorthwaite...
Well, you get the picture...And there`s more.
The General election next year, let`s be clear, the NDP won`t lose a seat on Vancouver island and will actually gain, who among the BC Liberals and or the BC Conservatives is in a big hurry to run for MLA there?..No one, because there really are few open seats....There are 35 held NDP seats, except for Sather in Maple Ridge and maybe one other riding the incumbents are all running again, very very unlikely that the Big Orange Star surrender any seats...
So what ridings are up for grabs, perhaps Jane Thorthwaite will be thrown to the curb, Kash Heed will head for the hills, Brainless Don Macrae might be shipped out, Ralph Sultan and maybe a handful of other Fiberals won`t be running for re-election, independent MLAs Vicky Huntington will run again and win, independent Bob Simpson is most certainly a shoe-in to win his riding, .....What might I be talking about..Pat Bell isn`t resinging, Troglodyte Kreuger is running, most BC Liberal incumbents are planning on running
So in reality if the two Crony capitalism parties merge how many new faces would actually be running in ridings where they stand a chance to win?

First off, what you have in the next election is 40 safe NDP and independent seats, so we are talking about 45 ridings left with maybe 10 new faces.

What you`d end up with would be many voters who joined the BC Conservatives pissed off....John Cummins would be ridiculed for flip-flopping and there would also be dozens of vetted BC Conservative candidates already picked for next years election who are told adios...And if every nomination was up for grabs on the Government side there would be a revolt...

And if they picked and chose some incumbent seats as safe and had nominating contests in others....To try and justify some seats being contested and others be left alone would again cause revolt...There`s more bad news for this pipe-dream

If Christy Clark allowed a new merged party leadership contest and she lost(Which she would) Christy is smart enough to know her career as a politician would be over for all-time..

A merged party with all the same faces would so repulse the electorate the  NDP would still win easy..

Desperate days for the BC Liberals....And there is of course one other option, the BC Liberal party disbands completely before the next election and all BC Liberals walk into the sunset never to be seen again..

That option too would fail, for all Red BC Liberal/Small c Conservatives and Liberal minded voters would run away from an Enbridge endorsing religious HST loving right wing option...

Sortta like "Between A rock and a Hard Place" or as I like to put it..

A choice between Christy`s House of Floundering Fish restaurant and.....

 Johnny`s Fish Flavored Flipflop Flapjack Joint! 

The botton line, "Oil and Water Don`t Mix"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


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Anonymous said...

Man is the most destructive animal on earth, and the most stupid one at that.

Harper's greed will kill, BC's Orca and Humpback Whales. All the marine life around the route to Kitimat will perish, in a dirty tar tanker spill. The Enbridge pipeline will burst, because of the caustic chemicals put in the oil. The pipes corrode into a fragile state, and then they burst.

Harper and his greed, puts himself first. However, BC people value their wonderful marine life first. We value our wild woodland animals, far over Harper. Harper has no value to BC, what-so-ever. Harper and his henchman Campbell, totally destroyed BC financially. We will fight to keep what is left of this province, right to the last ditch.