Thursday, April 26, 2012

Murphy`s Law

Remember this tragedy, it`s the Concordia, it was caused by human error, shit happens, mistakes are made and nothing is failsafe.

Burns lake saw mill explodes and burns to the ground, tragedy caused by what I suspect, human error, there were reports the week before from employees who claimed to have smelled natural gas, their concerns were ignored, it was also -minus 30 below, workers were wondering why the facility was still operating, everything was frozen up, workers complained of having to torch-heat equipment just to get it to operate, were still waiting on the official report....Of course the Babine mill was very old, not state of the art, not new, not modern...

However, the Lakeland mill in Prince George was a brand new modern facility yet it too blew up, these deaths were indeed tragic(My condolences to all the injured and affected families, I weep for thee)....The Steel Worker`s union representatives are shocked, no exploding mills for over 2 decades and then suddenly 2 explosive disasters in less than a year.

A train de-railed in Surrey 2 days ago, it blocked Scott road, even trains in populated areas, trains on straight running tracks can suddenly come unglued and crash...

Bullet trains in Germany, trains in Pakistan...There was a major refinery fire locally too, at Cherry point, damage is in the $hundreds of million range..

Where am I going with this, Enbridge, pipelines and tankers on our pristine northern coast..

Kinder Morgan had a 5,000 gallon leak at their storage facility in Abbotsford a couple of months ago, people became nauseous from the fumes.

Kinder Morgan had their pipeline in Burnaby ruptured by a backhoe, homes were bought out..

These saw mills disasters, if someone asked this question 14 months ago...Are saw mills safe?

The answer would have inevitably been, absolutely, there hasn`t been a major saw mill disaster for 25 years...

Enbridge has had over 800 major spills in the last decade alone, including 870,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo river 18 months ago, clean-up costs are approaching $1 billion dollars and the river is still toxic, no fishing, no swimming, Enbridge hid their crimes with sand, with canvas, with grass, oil is leaching into well water, into the food chain and Enbridge treats the affected people with intimidation and threats.

This is why British Columbia won`t allow Stephen Harper and China to destroy what isn`t theirs, what can`t be replaced, remember Murphy, as in Murphy`s law...

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"


Oil in EDEN...This is what were fighting for, Stephen Harper, you are one sick n twisted man...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Evil eye said...

It was actually a Southern Railway of BC train that came to grief. The track on this line is kept at the lowest level of maintenance as possible, to reduce costs.

The train was traveling under 25 mph and no serious damage was done.

Anonymous said...

The CN has sure in the hell, have had a lot more derailments, since the U.S. took over. Their safety record is about, non-existent. Canada's safety record, has been among the worlds best. Sadly, that record has gone up in smoke, in more ways than one. Remind me, to never fly Air Canada.

Harper and Campbell went out of their way to destroy BC financially. We will be damned, if we will let the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tankers, into our province. Campbell thieved and sold our BCR. He ruined BC's mill industry. China owns BC mines, and their people will be brought to work them.

Not any of them, said one word about, the F.N. food sources, being under threat. Its bad enough the Salmon are being killed off by, filthy diseased fish farms. All the fish dying, because of the hydro dams in BC's thieved and sold rivers.

Harper, China and Alberta can go to hell, before we will let our beautiful province turn into a polluted wasteland, by the filthy tar oil crap.

Don F. said...

You shudder to think that this is without doubt what is coming down the pike for us here!
As soon as the NEB hearings can be officially shut down and their bogus findings made known. Life as we know it today will forever and irreversably change. It is almost written in stone.
Tragedy is certain and another certainty is, as shown in the videos, no-one will be held responsible. No-one will be made to answer and we will be left to deal with the consequenses.
We must try to stop this before it is made to happen. Have we learned nothing from the past. Hasn't Enbridge shown us our future?
If I hear this government cares about Canadians one more time I'll vomit.

Anonymous said...

Ah gee...
I wonder what he thinks of oil?

e.a.f. said...

Good points. I also wondered about the mills blowing up. I have lived in B.C. my whole 60 something yrs & dont' recall mills going up like these 2. I knew people who worked in mills & this wasn't on the radar. We need to know what is going on before more people die or are injured.

I read Lailla Yuille's column just before yours. She has some interesting information regarding the Fraser Institute & the Koch brothers. When I read that & then thought of the pipelines, tankers, mills, some unpleasant thoughts went through my mind.

If we can just hang on to our country for 4 more yrs. we may survive. If not perhaps Iggy's comments about Quebec's destiny makes sense. Who would want to stay part of a country which is led by someone who wants to destroy it. Who wants to be part of a country which is so meddled in by people like the Koch brothers & the fraser institute.

Herr Harper & his henchmen threaten Canadian enviornmentalists with withdrawl of their charity status yet say nothing abut the fraser institute & the Koch brothers & their $500K "donations". Gee I wonder how much they are paying hockstein?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Frankly, what could be going on is that someone blew up those mills to move the jobs offshore. Two decades ago that would have sounded crazy, but it doesn't anymore.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the RCMP blew up an oil well in Alberta and tried to pin it on Weibo Ludwig? Straight out fact. And now two mills blow up in Northern BC in a year? I think we are dealing with a new kind of terrorism called industrial or government terrorism. It may be new here, but it has been used around the world for a long time. Corporations and government carpet baggers see us as an innocent population. And um...we are.

Anonymous said...

...and then the best out of Harper's mouth yet - people should donate their refund taxes to help reduce the deficit!!!

Hello! where is his head lately?

Anonymous said...

I thought you would be interested in this: Banks got $114B from governments during recession (

Harper has to go!
He lied when he said the banks were not bailed out.

Anonymous said...