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Britannia Beach, Don`t Drink the Water/Volume II

 (Look all you want AGT, effing loser puke)

I`ll be brief, one of my earliest posts was on Britannia, I received many comments, including subtle threats from a couple of people with VESTED INTERESTS!....

You might want to read my original post to get some background information on the issues..

Today I feel vindicated over the abuse from certain people who HAD financial motives for discrediting my article..

From today`s Vancouver Sun..

Cost of cleaning up contaminated sites balloons in B.C.

The province's price tag for cleanup of these sites has increased to $237 million this year

 The estimated cost of identifying and cleaning up contaminated sites on Crown land in B.C. ballooned by $73 million between 2006 and 2012, government figures show.

The province's price tag for cleanup of these sites has increased to $237 million this year, up from $163.7 million in 2006, according to government reports from those two years. The figures are cumulative since 2001.

The ministry would not provide a cost breakdown for the 13 priority sites, citing legal liabilities, but the report indicates the Britannia mine along the Sea to Sky corridor accounts for $75.9 million of the cleanup costs, $30 million of which was contributed by the mine's former operators. To date, the province has spent in excess of $46 million on remediation at Britannia, the report states. The Britannia mine was once the largest copper producer in the British Commonwealth, operational from the early 1900s until 1974, the report said. Precipitation and melting snow entering the mine becomes contaminated with metals and turns acidic as it passes through

Until 2005, the contaminated water leaving the mine flowed directly into Howe Sound.
Cleanup at the site began in 2001. A decade on, animals such as crabs and sea anemones have returned to some of the formerly contaminated stretches of shoreline, but there is still work to do in areas such as groundwater management, the report said.

The province has spent $152 million toward the $237 million in environmental liabilities, the report said, with $4.7 million of that spent in the 2010-11 fiscal year. The ministry has budgeted another $4 million this year for investigation of candidate sites and cleanup of identified priority areas.
Ministry staff estimate there could be up to 2,000 contaminated sites on private and provincial land across the province. Treasury Board of Canada figures suggest that B.C. has 4,367 contaminated sites for which the federal government bears some or all liability, the most of any province in Canada.


Lastly, I hate to tarnish the deceased, but,.....These land sales on the Sea to Sky highway are all part of the BC Rail saga, and the dreaded Sea to Sky highway upgrade scam...Laila has the Straight Goods here..

Britannia clean up costs, Concert properties, Jack Poole and company got land and property for a song, it went hand in hand with the Sea to Sky highway project, and...Developers got land for a song and we, the Province paid to improve private land...I could care less, Gordon Campbell was a corrupt lying bastard who benefited his developer friends on a regular basis....So now the taxpayer is going to pay untold $millions more at Britannia, and who might I ask is the beneficiary of this largesse?...Perhaps another developer, say one that plans on building 4000 housing units there, ..

4000 units, that will indeed require accessing fresh free of heavy metal water, won`t it..


Chinese developer Taicheng buys Britannia lands to build 4,000-unit community

A Chinese development company feels it has struck gold with a $30.5 million purchase of land surrounding Britannia’s infamous mine.
The Taicheng Development Corporation plans on constructing a sustainable community of up to 4,000 homes after scooping up close to 480 acres of land through a court-ordered, cash sale.
The property includes the gravel pit directly south of Britannia mine, the former Makin Lands, and land that stretches up to the top of Furry Creek, said project manager Paul Prade on Saturday.

The property includes the gravel pit directly south of Britannia mine, the former Makin Lands, and land that stretches up to the top of Furry Creek, said project manager Paul Prade on Saturday.
“(Taicheng) have been scouting projects in different areas and when they saw this, the owner, Peter Cheng, just absolutely fell in love with the property and its location,” Prade said.
“It was something he couldn’t believe was available.”

The former owner of the land fell into financial hardship and had been unable to sell the property.
The first phase of the development, called South Britannia, is between one to two years away from the start of construction, and will feature a town centre at the gravel pit location with some commercial space and residential units.
Taicheng will bring in more funds to complete the project.
Civil engineers drilled wells in the area in late 2011, and water levels will be tested for 12 months.

My question is this, why is our broke Government spending $hundreds of millions of dollars, who benefits, Benefited...Concert properties, developers..

How much money is the province going to spend to clean up this newest developer`s land?...
I cast no aspersion, in my humble opinion the so-called millennium plug built by professor Meech was nothing but airy fairy gobbily goop....Has it helped? somewhat but...But the fact is rain water(and boy does it rain along the sea to sky highway, torrential rains) flows into the mine and finds ways to get out, it will never be pure clean water, I believe it`s a bad spot for a huge development..Heavy metal poisoning is a horrific way to go...
More crony capitalism for the select few.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Is that sweet deal for the foreign Chinese government to house their foreign Chinese child slave labourers who are coming here to slave for penniesxxx nickels a day?

2013 can't come soon enough to rid us of these Harper/Cluck B.C. Libs...or is that 2014?

The Tyee March 28, 2012
'The Crazy Cost of Municiopal Electioneering'
Fourth paragraph from last which I haven't seen The Tyee or commenters correct...'Recently Attorney General Shirley-way-in-over-her-head-Bond pledged that the task force's 2010 recommendations will be in place for the 2014 elections'. Please tell me this is a typo.

Thanks as usual for all your hard work Grant.


Anonymous said...

Is there a part of BC anywhere, the Chinese don't own?

Campbell gave China our mills, raw logs and mines, which their own people, will be brought over to work. China has overrun Vancouver and bought up all the Real Estate. There are absolute hordes of them, and they still just keep coming. Christy is building roads for China's convenience. She is giving millions, towards the Endbridge pipeline, which the Chinese are also going to build, with Harper's permission. Harper has permitted China, to buy up the tar sands. They will bring their own people to work their huge tar sands holdings.

The Chinese want their history taught in our schools in Vancouver, because there are so many of them. They also want schools, half English and half Mandarin.

As they said, if Harper gets his so called majority, we can say good-bye to Canada. Harper has destroyed Canada, in mere months. Both Harper and Campbell worked very hard to give BC to China. Now it's Alberta's turn. China owns hundreds of company's all over Canada.

China is also trying to take the islands that, belong to the Philippines. The South China seas have rich oil and gas resources, right by the Philippine Islands. China is also taking fish again, that are supposed to be banned.

China is also hacking into the secret files, of India, Germany and South Korea, and who knows how many more country's secret documents.

Harper has handed Canada to China, on a silver platter. China owns our resources and have taken our jobs as well.

China honors no pattens.

kootcoot said...

Shirley Bond actually said something accurate, musta been an accident. She was referring to the municipal elections which occur in BC every three years. It is, or would be if we weren't so used to their obfuscation and disingenuous behavior, astounding that that BC liaRs have the gall to suggest the municipal politicians need oversight provided by the kings and queens of organized crime disguised as politics and government or your BC Liberal Party under Campbell/Clark!

Anonymous said...

AGT is a Stephen Harper cocksucking gobbler!