Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Face of Racism

How does it feel, living in the land where liars thieves and con-men hold all the cards, can you imagine, the free enterprise party has but one stated reason to cling to power...

"To keep the NDP from power"........A hateful ideology based on racism, it really is that simple, the big bru ha ha over on the North-shore where a journalist was forced to leave a...

 "We love Christy party"

What was there to report, the usual refrain about the NDP being vermin and must never be allowed to destroy British Columbia, apparently destroying British Columbia is a BC Liberal/ free enterprise right exclusive...Yet facts don`t bear that out, more jobs were created in the 90`s, more net migration and more housing starts in the 90`s.

Yet these refrains about the NDP are common on Global news, remarks by Keith Baldrey allay that message too, and the likes of Sean Leslie and Bill good tee heeing when named guests like Phil Hocstein and Jock Finlayson are permitted to change the history of 1990`s facts, they are compulsive liars and haters, BC`s media and some big-mouthed bloggers have perpetuated the lies too..No it isn`t funny, it`s racism, a benign form of acceptable racism, the last remaining form of allowable prejudice..

So many people have been inundated with the endless propaganda that even seemingly intelligent people start to believe something that never happened, racism runs deep and takes many forms, ridicule and hatred, the calling card of the unsophisticated, Harvey Oberfeld comes to mind, so does Alex Tsakumis..In Harvey`s case(in my opinion) he has a deep bias against Quebec Nationalists and First Nations, and he too makes references to the tax n spend socialists, you know, the dreaded orange ndp hoard...Harvey Oberfeld, an outstanding reporter in his day but he too has unwittingly been altered to hate..

Tsakumis railed on the occupy crowd, apparently occupiers are dope smoking NDPers, a lazy dirty bunch of latte drinking scum that want everything for free, Alex fostered a house of internet hate towards the occupiers, which included going down there in his spit polished boots looking for writable ridicule, a classless act of racism...

Racism as a default card, there`s more dope smoking and drinking at private school parties than public, those kids have money, there has been more sexual abuse and human crimes committed by religious folk and clergy than any Woodstock rock concert goers, and who are the real heathens, the Masters golf tournament, a place of swish/click worship, a place that took until 1990 to allow a blackman membership, a place that still practices racism towards woman, yet ask any official at the Masters about racism and the denial card comes out, Harvey O and Alex Tsakumis in their own mind don`t believe they are racists, they have confused educated ingrained opinion as fact...

Even today Alex has blasted a commenter for the sole reason of being not too smart, his/her comment was not up to his standards, future dumb comments from that poster will be eradicated, unless of course the quality of comments improve.

zif says:
Wait til ya get a press pass a mex city, then Prru
AGT says:
Hi, do you mind not commenting like this anymore?
Please feel free to positively contribute, but this kind of throw away comment brings nothing to the discussion. I had to delete several of your other earlier, incoming messages as they were asinine–with two being quite offensive.
Thank you.

And from this commenter

Neil Fawcett says:
I’ve written you a couple of critical emails in the past… both of which you’ve responded to, somewhat rudely- you apparently have something of a thin skin.
However, I have to admit that this post, as well as your prescient messages regarding the defection of Ms. Clark’s footsoldiers (Mr vanDongen, so far) are an indication of the important work you are doing; the work previously if inconsistently done by the mainstream media, and I think in future I’ll just sit back and appreciate the contribution you’re making to the unfortunately diminished field of political discourse in BC.

Thank you, Mr Tsakumis.
AGT says:
Only because you were being an ass and questioning my integrity.
You’re welcome here, Neil, just be polite.

 Racism begins so benign, and sometimes not so benign, for as many Conservatives smoke grass as do Democrats, alcohol, more lives are ruined by alcohol than all other drugs combined so why does one defend alcohol while lecturing and  demonizing the sins of the other....Yes I read his posts, claims of NDP conventions smelling like sweaty tents and marjiuana, of course young Conservatives or Liberals never smoke dope, do they...

Racism against the NDP yet you never hear us crying about it, can you imagine, imagine standing up and saying to voters..

"We NDP want power to keep the BC Liberals out of power, that is our platform"

We NDP must take power to keep the Conservative hoards from having power, we must prevent religion and scripture from denigrating an entire population, we would be branded as racists and the media would jump down our throats yet Christy Clark can stand before her chosen few and cite racism, she can lie, confuse and distort and the media remains silent, we as the social left have no such luxury, there has been media racism against the left for so long that it`s not considered racism, yes indeed, ...

"Nothing turns a Conservative into a Democrat faster than criminal charges"

We hear time and time again how the NDP can`t win unless there is a split on the right, well, what about the Green party, the communist party, what about the 50% of voters who stay home, who are they, are they left, are they right or are they pissed off, the combined vote of the NDP and Green party has been more than 50% in every election with the exception of 2001...How come the right-wing parties make the claim of voters staying home are right-minded, the truth is the opposite, the majority who don`t vote are left leaning free spirits who are tired of voting for parties that don`t listen, and that too includes the NDP..

And now teachers are facing racism, a long drawn out BC Liberal war against public teachers, a group of people who have had illegal bill after illegal foisted on them, they have fought for the betterment of education for your children while trying to keep a brave face while coming under continued Democratic assault, an assault assailed by our own Government...And now Joe uninformed public spew venom towards those that raise your children....

Canadian mining giants who have poisoned third world countries while looting their treasures, leaving nothing but impoverished people and toxic water, our corporate racist media has been eerily silent on Canadian corporate crime...

The Free enterprise party, you mean the party that said nothing about Caterpillar leaving Canada, not a peep over Aveos selling out skilled Canadian trades-people, imported workers for Denny`s restaurant, workers who didn`t get paid..We never hear about that from these haters, but we do hear this selective racism..

Although, there was nothing, absolutely not a thing, nothing, that stunned me more than their decision to invite fired Obama Administration insane asylum candidate, Van Jones to be their keynote speaker.
When George W. Bush came to town for an economic conference, the complete morons shrieking and wailing about how he was divisive, a criminal and crazy were preparing a lynch mob, but were dead silent when Jones showed up.
You want divisive, criminal and crazy? How ’bout racist as well? That’s Van Jones, but not a peep from the press. The left wing Georgia Straight, whose community claim to fame is such principled advertising dollars as from ‘Call Dana: 44-28-36…9!’ tired to sucker punch Dianne Watts into taking responsibility for George Bush’s “words and actions” when he was in Surrey recently.
Where was their (convenient) ethical barometer on Saturday? Whores. Why didn’t they ask the BC NDP to apologize for bringing Jones to Canada and sullying the ground under which such a scumbag walks?
Here’s how Van Jones treats his political opponents. Is this the respectful tone we can expect from the BC NDP during the next election? Shouldn’t they be held accountable for Jones’ despicable rhetoric?

Behold again. Jones hates white suburban youth. Notice the clever twist, trying to pretend as if he’s the champion of neglected young white boys, when American prisons are loaded with black men and black urban culture routinely uses the disgusting epithet ‘nigger’ (as a term of endearment, no less), glorifies drugs, refers to  women as ‘bitches’ and cops as ‘fucking pigs’. But it’s white kids that commit to mass violence–not to take into account the number disparity, or the numerous examples of blacks and mass violence, including the sniper(s) from Washington of a half decade ago. Incredible.

And if you think you’ve never heard completely deranged, psychotic rhetorical spin that blends the poor, downtrodden native aboriginals and green fascism, try this.

On Saturday, this clearly unhinged loon Jones, was equally as furious but not quite as hysterical. Small mercy.
Wind turbines, solar panels and retrofit buildings are the future. Sure thing. More horse manure. One is a failure as there isn’t always a dependable air flow to make them all work properly. The sun isn’t out 24 hours a day or beaming enough 365 days a year to be truly sustainable energy and super green buildings deliver you the kind of results Vancouverites can enjoy with the Olympic Village catastrophe.
And then there was the Gore fallacies. ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was right claimed Jones! Because it predicted calamity within fifty years! No, it didn’t. It predicted that by now Victoria and Orlando would be underwater and we’d be heating like mad. Instead, sea levels remain steady and we’re in a period of COOLING. But Jones’ lies didn’t stop there. Coal and oil are dead. “The major industries are bringing up DEATH!” Of course, this was met with a standing ovation from every stupid person in the room. No one pointed out that dirt is also not terribly life-like, however….it sounded prophetic to every super-green dimwit in attendance.
Then more lies about how the rich don’t pay taxes, but here’s my favorite…
Every time this self-avowed communist (who claims he learned to appreciate such craziness while in prison) referred to BC NDP leader Adrian Dix, it was “Brother Dix”.
Brother Dix…so my simple question to the leader of the opposition, Brother Dix, is this: Will you apologize to the people of this province that you have lied about how reasonable you are and are planning on being? Will you now confess that you agree with this disgusting bastard that you brought up from the States?
You IMBECILES have handed Christy Clark and the corrupt BC Liberals at least a dozen seats that were previously in play. And let’s not even start about the preponderance of dope legalization pamphlets, booths and bullshit.
And the really telling story of the whole convention? Not a single fitting tribute for Carole James, who wasn’t tossed from her party’s leadership because she was incapable.
She was tossed from her party’s leadership because she’s not insane.
I repeat, the big winner this weekend, was Christy Clark.


I too rail against many, but only those who are proven liars and criminals, Gordon Campbell lied, all BC Liberals lied, Christy lies, Harper lies, they all have lied, I don`t rail against Al Gore or lord Moncton,  We can all have our own beliefs without calling one`s view, asinine...Van Jones is right, too many black kids in jail on drug charges, who introduced crack cocaine to inner city America in the early 80`s?...The CIA..War on drugs, private prisons for profits, there are issues for Van Jones, issues that have jailed millions of black youth....

Christy Clark is a racist, she describes 50% of the provincial electorate socialist vermin, anti HSTers she described as Tailban...Wedge issues and name calling, John Cummins is a racist, he too calls the NDP Socialist hoards, makes up phony lies about the 90`s..

Let anyone of you stand before me and say things weren`t better in the 90`s, more affordable, housing, fuel, energy, taxes, user fees, one more decade like the last one and the middle class is dead..Getting tired of the racism thrown at people trying to improve the situation, corporations could care less about people, oil was $25 dollars per barrel when Haliburton and Cheney invaded Iraq, 200,000 dead Iraquis later....Von Jones being compared to Dick Cheney and George Bush...I won`t engage in that...the rant speaks for itself.

A racism filled rant, prejudice towards those wanting to wean the world off of fossil fuels, that day will come anyway, hydro-carbons are finite, racism towards those wanting an end to the war on drugs, racism towards 50% of the province that believe in social Democratic policies, it appears anyone who disagrees with Alex Tsakumis  is a drug addicted pill-popping occupying lazy slob..

How or why would you name call those against pollution, tailing ponds, against pipelines through pristine wilderness, name call those against locking up children who the only crime they committed was drug use, we all need to rail against corporate welfare, the gap has grown too large between workers and management,

This is classic benign racism, a big mouthed blowhard who thinks his is the only opinion that counts, BC Liberals are a proven corrupt Government, the BC Conservatives have the same policies as Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell, Cummins even takes in fleeing rat Liberals but that`s ok...

Harper`s follies with F-35s and Robo-calls are ok...Harper`s cuts to the environment are ok..Harper who avoids media, who took but 5 questions per day during the last Federal election that`s ok...Harper cutting health care and Canada pensions for the arriving baby-boomers while reducing corporate taxes and running up record debt is ok...Jets, prisons and internet spying bills are A-OK but god forbid if the NDP took power and allowed Von Jones to walk the street, the same streets that Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella and Ken Dobell walk...The hypocrisy is stunning..

Selective racism, a man in denial, a person who claims Carole James was removed as leader because she wasn`t insane...Yea, ok, sure that`s the reason, Carole meanwhile waits patiently for her cabinet post, including hammering the Government in question period weekly..

Prejudice comes in many forms and perhaps I have my biases, I did vote for Gordon Campbell in 2001, so did my Dad and mom, but we all voted for the NDP in 2005..It took us but 6 months to figure out Gordon Campbell was a liar and con-man...

A house in Vancouver was $200,000.00 in the 90`s...Average wages were $40 k per year, now homes are $800,000.00 and the median wage is still $40 k per year...Fuel has tripled in cost, food has tripled in price, taxes have risen on all levels, the top 1% have received all the gains of the last 3 decades, but for some, for those wealthy enough through blood as to not have to work don`t seem to want change, the status quo works just fine..

For anyone who can`t see the cliff, to those that think things are ok are blinded by either racism, or stupidity...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Have to you agree with you on the 90's.
We were MUCH better off then.

Gordo, Christy, all of the lieberal clan, Stevie, Flaherty, Baird, McKay, and the rest of the Cons, are just that, CONS. Cummins who retired from the CON party and a golden pension has come west to start up his own CON party.
The rightwinged nuts will do anything not to change things or allow change as they have their plan, and it's not for the betterment of the average, hardworking Canadian or their families.
Despicable bunch, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones speech given at the convention is on YouTube if anyone is interested in checking it out for themselves. I was there and really liked the guy, he was not crazy or over the top weird.

The right-left polarization is definitely sharpening under corporate rule and is on track to have history repeat itself. Everything changes but stays the same. What else is new.