Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool Awards(updated)

There are definitely some worthy nominees for this first inaugural bloggo-sphere award to the most foul/fowl politician ....Starting with Rich the shank Coleman and ending with John Von Dongen

Breaking news...Rich Coleman today on the Sean Leslie show stated on the record ....

Cue up the cknw audio vault 3:20 to 4:30 pm, April 1/2012 here

"John Von Dongen was a leaker of caucus information, he broke caucus confidentiality"..."He betrayed our party"

"John Von Dongen was leaking caucus information to a blogger"

Well, that one blogger I suggest is Alex G Tsakumis, kudos for finding a leaker within the BC Liberal Government if true...Puzzling though, in a later segment of the Sean Leslie show with David Shreck Sean Leslie admitted that...

"John Von Dongen had approached him with concerns about CLBC and was prepared to speak out and on the record last year"

Yet Sean never did say whether he ran with the story or not, that story did eventually come out, although that came out over parents and family begging media for exposure, not internal leaks from Government, that too gets me musing.....Coleman was breathing fire and spewing venom towards John Von Dongen in this short interview on cknw today, he bemoaned the point how hurt he and the party was over Von Dongen leaking caucus information to bloggers and name calling, Sean Leslie was quite alarmed over Rich Coleman calling John Von Dongen a serial leaker of caucus information....

Well Richard Coleman, dirtbag scammer, How does it feel to get stabbed in the back and betrayed...Hydro rates going up 7% today, BC Ferries going up, 2 cents more per litre on fuel today, April Fool award goes to you Richard Coleman, you brought us deficit lies, HST lies, stole BC Rail, bankrupted BC hydro now your`re bankrupting customers with bogus Smart Meters and I could name a thousand more betrayals you and your BC Liberal ilk foisted on BCers over the last decade, you will receive no quarter from me and in fact, you should be jailed.....

Despite my anger towards Rich Coleman he did get me to thinking, John Von Dongen, the serial leaker of caucus information and the inner going`s on of caucus sessions and meetings, if that is indeed true does that not make it quite ironic...

Look, we all know certain stuff leaks out of caucus meetings to the mainstream media but the charge Rich Coleman made towards John Von Dongen of being a serial leaker of caucus information is a very very serious allegation, it`s the dirtiest name a politician can call a fellow member, it`s like being called a rat, a scab, a spy, in-fact it`s almost libelous if not true...

Now let me say this, if John Von Dongen was leaking caucus information to Alex Tsakumis I could care less, and to be clear Rich Coleman only used the term ...

"leaked caucus information to a blogger"  

I can only assume Rich Coleman was referring to AGT, after-all, AGT claims to have sources within the BC Liberal party

I have also pondered while writing this article what I might do if I was receiving inside dirt by John Von Dongen....Well..

Well, the first thing I would wonder is this, if John Von Dongen was leaking me caucus information would he not also leak cabinet information if he was still in cabinet, the reason why that question is important because hasn`t John Von Dongen made the suggestion with his door-slamming departure from the BC Christy party that Christy Clark was too a leaker of information to Dave Basi and Bobby Virk and or has been less than honest when it comes to her involvement with many of the players and lobbyists around the BC Rail scandal...

My point being that John Von Dongen has been labeled as a Saint by some, his accusations towards Christy Clark are serious and in my opinion true, however he himself is possibly a serial leaker of caucus and maybe even cabinet material, the contradiction is glaring, for why, why has Von Dongen only chosen those two issues, Telus naming deal and Christy Clark`s involvement in BC Rail, the trial and investigation went seven years, does Von Dongen have any concern about Patrick Kinsella`s involvement working with Gordon Campbell, CN Rail and BC Rail all at the same time, or David Mclean`s involvement with Gordon Campbell`s campaign finance for years and years before he managed to get our railway, what about the late night Saturday caucus/cabinet meeting in 2001 where they voted to rip up contracts of the HEU and fire 9000 female workers with illegal Bills, what about the destruction of BC Hydro and the gravy train robbery of long-term IPP arrangements, Von Dongen was there, why does John Von Dongen get to pick and choose the issues to leak on or complain about..

Not once did Dongen mention the $30 million Boss power payoff, he never mentioned the $90 million dollar cost to Government on illegal bills 28 and 29 that were found illegal in the Canada Supreme court, no mention even once of Gordon Campbell, he spent 8 years in cabinet and his silence was deafening, one floor crossing and sharp rebuke of Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal Government in either 2005 or 2009 and maybe, just maybe we wouldn`t have had the last 2 terms of  Liberal Government but only now does he find a moral backbone, at a time when everybody in the the Liberal party knows the game is up, the deeds of the past have caught up to them, not the deeds of today or tomorrow but the deeds of the past, make no doubt about that, yes Christy Clark is stunned, a bile loud mouthed brash bimboette that couldn`t run a popsicle stand but if his man Von Dongen`s leadership hopeful had won the leadership of the BC Liberal party those sins  of the past would still lay dormant in the dust bin of denial..

I`m not intending to start a blogger war, so let me repeat, Rich Coleman made these shocking allegations today, on air about Dongen being a serial leaker to a blogger, and if it`s revealed that AGT was indeed that blogger his praising of John Von Dongen for attacking Clark over dishonesty and being a leaker of information, attacking Clark as unethical, no character, no integrity when he himself is a serial leaker of inside information, a life endangering excessive speeder with less than a normal boss to secretary relationship makes the saying

"False praise" indeed poetically accurate

What you have is a dirty rat fleeing for higher ground, there is no moral high-ground for one who toiled in the Campbell killing fields and masqueraded as Government while everything was under assault, assault of WCB clients, assaults on seniors, students, under funded education while breaking law after law, ran up the largest deficits in BC history and buried debt under every provincial pillow and only now do you find flaw.

That man, John Von Dongen will receive no quarter here, any praise for his selfless actions are false praise, the kettle is indeed calling black.

Welcome to the BC Conservative Amnesty Party


And on another note, the BC NDP in the Victoria legislature have called on the BC Liberals to fight for the Aveos workers, these workers got treated like garbage by Air Canada, they were set up by the corporate world and the BC Government hasn`t lifted a finger to help, how come Christy Clark`s families first agenda isn`t fighting for those jobs, there`s no photo-op like up in Burns lake, those job losses in Burns lake were because of a fire, that was tragic, the BC Liberals have used it for politicing but what about 4 times as many workers who lost jobs in BC with Aveos, are those too not tragic, where is their lifeline or Government support?

My Aveos story went viral, my second most read post all time but it was where the hits came from that told me more, i know of no one who covered the story Nationally or covered the story in more depth(The Montreal Gazzette did a good article too(after me), which added even more intrigue about the convoluted state of Aveos ownership, the article seems to have gone to every union and pilot`s discussion panel forum in the world, yet not one word about these workers in the Province or Vancouver sun, the BC Liberals wash their hands of Aveos workers, only the NDP are fighting for legislative powers to find answers, their fight has run into a BC Liberal Government that`s been told to butt-out of the Aveos betrayal, federal Conservative tentacles do reach far and Aveos workers will find no quarter in BC either..

April Fools award winners are Rich Coleman and John Von Dongen.

Updated here-John Von Dongen responds to Rich Coleman`s allegation..

I`m paraphrasing here...Von Dongen admits to talking to AGT on several occasions but denies he leaked caucus information to Alex, when Michael Smyth pressed the issue Von Dongen hedges his response to..."I don`t believe I leaked caucus information"....Smyth peppers Von Dongen a little further and emphasizes the BELIEVE part, Von Dongen leaves wiggle room as to the leaking of caucus information to AGT...

Further to John Von Dongen segment with Michael Smyth, Dongen mentions that several sites were dedicated to BC Rail, he didn`t mention BC Mary but Dongen DID mention AGT, Bill Teileman and others?......Smyth then  asked Dongen what he was after as to BC Rail..

Dongen responded with "His focus on BC Rail is very very narrow"

Smyth didn`t expand on what Dongen`s narrow focus was on BC Rail but from what I gathered from his response about how narrow his focus is on BC Rail, I believe Von Dongen is only concerned with the payment to Basi/Virk legal fee largesse  and Christy Clark`s possible involvement and inconsistent statements..As for the BC Rail sale itself Von Dongen is content...

Here is the audio vault...cue up 9:30 am, April/2

This fight between Coleman the Shank and Saint Dongen is very entertaining, first Trudeau beats up the rethug and now two provincial rethugs are throwing soiled undergarments at each other, neither will come out smelling a rose, it will also be interesting to see how John Von Dongen will reach into the boiling cauldron of BC Liberal misdeeds and crimes and pull out only but his 2 hot potatoes, he may end up with scolded hands..Lastly, from the interviews, yesterday`s and today, it`s clear that someone is lying...

They`re BC Liberals and their lips were moving means but one thing,, They both are lying..

Bloggers are the new information media and changes are indeed ahead.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


e.a.f. said...

Coleman has a big mouth which he appears to engage before his brain, but such are the ways of politicians. Van Dogen, just got out in time to maybe save his bacon, unless someone else runs against him in the constituency for the right to run as candidate.

Van Dogen, as you say, sat through all the scandals, cut backs, etc. I don't think he developed a conscious at this late date.

it is rather interesting that the lieberals don't have any money for education or a raise for teachers. Then this evening news says they have $700 Million for the Gateway project. gee where did all that money suddenly come from?

I don't know why we as taxpayers have to pony up $700 Million so private corporations can make more money. They want infrastructure to transport goods from foreign countries, through our province to other provinces & the U.S.A. All this will do is increase air pollution.

People die in hospitals because they don't keep them clean so the government can save money but they have $700 Million for corporate welfare?

Given its the lieberals who say it will provide jobs, I don't believe it. We have been hearing about jobs for 10 yrs & there haven't been any decent paying jobs created. Min. wage jobs, sure but something you can raise a family on, not so much.

As you pointed out the Avero workers were just left out to hang. Harper & his neo cons certainly were quick to push through legislation before Air Canada workers could even strike. But a company lays off all its Canadian workers & sends the work to another country. We don't hear a thing from the lieberals or harpercon.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Grant.

It is indeed a big risk to take in any wayward ex Liberal into your party, but the BC Cons are wanting power and they will take any warm bodies they can and just put a spin on it. It is up to Joe public to keep an eye on what is going on and vote accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, saw the announcement of 700 million. There's no money for anything except for lieberal/Cons' friends. The one that got us was the announcement --

$85 million for road improvements for the oil and gas industry

Pardon me? 85 million for road improvements to the oil and gas companies so that these private co. can get their products out.

These damn companies can pay for their own roadwork, not on the dime of the BC taxpayer.

In the meantime, the cost of living went up yet again on Saturday. Seniors, the poor, the middle class workers, and the list goes on, are being told basically to get stuffed, too bad, keep paying. The cupboard is bare for you, there is no money. (except if you a friend of the lieberal regime)

What a despicable bunch.

Anonymous said...

Harper and his so called Conservatives, the so called Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and the so called BC Conservatives, are all interchangeable. Every last one of them, are for the Enbridge pipeline. Harper and Campbell frantically worked, to set all in place, before Campbell got the boot.

Harper's henchman Boessenkool is working for the BC Liberals. I think every damned one of them, including Campbell are Harper's Fascists, of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. They even said, the skinheads assisted Harper, to organize his Fascist party.

Dollars to donuts, Christy got the money from Harper, to do his dirty work for him, as did Campbell.

I wonder what, Harper's reward to Christy will be?

kootcoot said...

This post, especially the update:

Imagine my Montgomery Burns voice as I'm wiggling my fingers and simpering "EXCELLENT."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 8:53 (April 2). "Federal Conservative" and "BC Liberal" are flags on convenience, but they are all the same. Hopefully Canadians are waking up, my sense is that they are going down. Another great post, Grant!