Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quebec Battles for Aveos Employees, Christy Clark goes Mute

People can say what they want about Quebec, but at least they have the courage to fight for what`s right, unlike British Columbia where Christy Clark could care less about hundreds of Vancouver Aveos workers..


QUEBEC — Quebec's justice minister said Tuesday the province will sue Air Canada to keep the Aveos aircraft-maintenance jobs in Montreal.

The Montreal aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) firm acquired Air Canada's airplane-maintenance business in 2007, but its workers were left jobless, without notice, when Aveos declared bankruptcy on March 20.

Air Canada told the province it is not bound to maintain the jobs of 1,800 Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. employees at the airline's Dorval base. But Quebec's Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier said Tuesday that Quebec wants to contest the airline's interpretation of its privatization law.

"The law is clear," Fournier told reporters. "Air Canada cannot just say that the words of what the law says are not important."


Here is my viral story on what happened, .....

Christy Clark is so controlled by Stephen Harper that Christy Clark`s BC Liberal Government will sit back and just watch...Whether it be Enbridge..The HST..Health funding, Canada pension and Kinder Morgan`s proposed pipeline expansion..

Here`s another novel idea, British Columbia can save a small fortune, let`s just cede all BC Government responsibilities to Stephen Harper`s Cons...

Where are you Christy Clark, are you out cruising Chilliwack with Pammy Martin and your other gal pal Laurie Throness?

Hello British Columbia ex- Aveos employees....Adrian Dix and the NDP made waves in Victoria Legislature about what happened to you, they demanded action be taken by a BC Government..

You will get nothing from BC Liberals, they are a Stephen Harper puppet Government beholden to crony capitalism..

Time for a Big Orange Star Government both provincially and Federally to protect workers from predator Governments..

What Air Canada did was illegal....I guess that explains why Christy Clark and Stephen Harper defend their actions, "Birds of a feather flock together"

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