Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Asylum Letters

Insane prattle or magical dreams, at times the margin of difference is thin, for what is victory,  to argue by degree seems more of an act of futility than accomplishment, especially when the reward is the same...

No one muses more of a Utopian life than I...Ah to dream the impossible dream, a land where love flows free and happiness awaits, a place where electric cars and community gardens are abound, a land where hydro carbons are dirty words and pipelines are extinct, that I`m sure is an inebriated musing of Utopia..

My victory was stopping the destruction of Fish Lake, Taseko mine has not gone away, they`re back terrorizing our environment again, the big battle is Enbridge pipeline to the BC coast, the stopping it I mean, it must be stopped at all costs and it will be stopped, we`ll  have a tremendous soul inspiring victory party but in the end what is victory,
 eventually the battle against big oil will be won, one way or another, 70 perhaps 100 years before there isn`t a drop left for the masses, how many people on earth will there be in 50 years... 20 billion, 30 billion, think again, the fracking battle in BC, it won`t last long, 50 years and there won`t be a hydro-carbon left under BC, we then can drill offshore and tap that 30 year resource but in time we will beat big oil although by then we will have probably beat ourselves...

These battles will never stop, robber barons wanting more and more from a smaller world pie of goodies, clean water air and life itself is the trade off for these remaining treasures, the battle lines, good versus evil, jobs versus starvation, lines blurred to confuse many, doomsday dealers using corporate tarot cards drive the unwitting cattle to graze on greener pastures...

Yes indeed, I wish and ponder, dream of having a leader who screams Hell No to Enbridge..Hell no to fracking...Hell no to corporate welfare...

Fracking long term will degrade ground water, to be brief, fracking is underground explosions, fracking destroys rock formations, what took mother natures millions of years to purify mankind is blasting it to bits, these toxic water migrations through time pose great health risks....Hell no to fracking!!!

Enbridge pipeline, what can I say, if Enbridge pipeline and Harper win this war there will be no project proposed in Canada that could ever be stopped, this is the test case..Enbridge has but these little hurdles to pass...1100 rivers and streams, all are fish bearing streams, many, hundreds are major salmon producers and dozens are huge giant contributors to BC`s forever sustainable commercial fishery....The pipeline will leak oil, Enbridge say as much, Haida Gwaii is a world heritage site, a Unesco protected world heritage site, a big tanker spill will destroy it, for decades maybe forever, the Great Bear Rain-forest, a National park, a world famous National park put at risk, one of a kind species risked, our commercial fishery, 40,000 eco tourism jobs being put at risk..And more, a Canada with dozens of pipelines and LNG terminals will drive up the Canadian dollar, our central Canada manufacturers will become extinct, our exports of manufactured goods will plummet, a country cash rich and people poor...My Aveos story, the shocking betrayal of skilled Canadian workers, if they can outsource the maintenance of commercial jets for $5 grand a year workers then whose job is safe..

If Enbridge is allowed to proceed than damn it, let`s just blow up the damn rocky mountains and let the pacific ocean flow to Edmonton Alberta itself, 1000`s of streams, our tourism, our food and water all to poisoned for the sake of the few, for the sake of a country with no human rights, China a country who is killing millions of their own every year for corporate profit, if Enbridge is approved by gawd than nothing can be stopped... 

The world can`t grow in populous forever, more is not an answer and I am not the one to say who grows or who doesn`t grow, Harper and his oil buddies should be forced to make Canada self-sufficient in oil before any pipeline is built for export to offshore markets, Canada imports 780,000 barrels per day from so-called unethical sources and Alberta wants a pipeline that will ship almost that much away in the other direction, Enbridge pipeline will hurt central Canada, hurt BC, hurt millions of Canadian workers while destroying rivers, oceans the environment..And my real political leader would stand from the rooftops and call these corporations out, Hell no to Enbridge, hell no to expanded fracking, no more building rail-lines for private train companies, no more building terminals for profitable shipping companies, no more free roads for Encana gas, no more free industrial power for
companies making $billions of dollars every year, crony capitalism must end.

These corporate pigs aren`t going anywhere, they can pay a little more, Christy announcing just yesterday $700 million in unspecified infrastructure, infrastructure designed for use by $billion dollar companies, BC has the lowest corporate tax rate in Canada, Canada has the lowest corporate rate in the G20, my gawd we should be collecting $several billion more every year in corporate tax, they wouldn`t miss it and we as a province wouldn`t be broke and where is my political leader, what, he has no pitchfork, no flaming maltoff cocktails, he isn`t screaming his lungs out, he`s not lacing up the gloves, he`s doing nothing but shining his shoes ....

And Maybe that`s as good as it gets for a leader, the below link is to Rafe`s interview with Adrian Dix, Adrian is opposed to Enbridge, is opposed to weak environmental reviews and in an earlier interview(part 1) Adrian was discussing reviewing and possibly getting out of IPP contracts.


Every single politician makes me sick, yes they should be screaming Hell No, look at Saudi Arabia, oil rich people poor, there isn`t one oil country around where wealth flows to the people, this conversation isn`t needed with an educated society, oil wealth will not flow, there is no trickle down economics, that`s been debunked long ago..And not one mainstream media will tell the truth and protect their own viewers for they are controlled by the very same corporations.

My personal opinion is...The time has never been better to scream, and yell, to raise a pitchfork, to hell with the banks, to hell with the oil companies, to hell with Wall, Howe, Bay, and any other goddam financial street...

Time for a union, a union of people, workers, of the majority to stand up and call the corporate welfare snorters to their faces what they are...Criminals and it`s time to pay up....

And that`s when the corporate controlled media cite Greece, cite other financial calamities, that`s when our store bought media bring out their doomsday dealers using corporate tarot cards to drive the unwitting cattle to graze on greener pastures...

The masses are sleeping, one must have power before one can wield power and my Barack Obama moment has passed, there will be no Messiah and now my hopes are but for at least..

A Human Being with a brain..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Is that cat a new cat? She/he is very pretty. It looks exactly like my black cats. My one black cat, was just a little kitten at the bottom of my driveway one day, just fur over bones, barely able to walk. I ran and got her, fed her little bits at a time, to get her stomach used to food. I even got up in the night to feed her. She did live, and I still have her. My other cat wasn't too thrilled, as kittens can be a p.i.t.a. The kitten was forever ambushing my older cat, pouncing on her ears, tail and everything that moved on her.

Your post, has captured how many BC people are feeling these days.

Harper is pushing the start of the Enbridge, way ahead of the original time. Harper knows Christy will never be re-elected. When the BC NDP get in, this could really stop the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, from going ahead. So, the big push is on.

All the construction that is going to happen in BC. Where did Christy get all of that money??? All the construction, is for China and the giant oil and gas company's. BC owes them, squat. Anyway, while Harper can stuff his coffers, there is no benefit to the BC people, what-so-ever. Even if there was money, we love our beautiful marine life and our woodland creatures. We love the beauty of our province. As far as I am concerned, that is worth fighting for.

It really makes me ill, to think of our province, becoming a polluted wasteland.

If it takes extreme disobedience to stop those atrocities on our province, so be it. Harper and China, can go to hell. Harper is giving Canada away to China, to hell with that evil dictator.

When people lose everything, and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

Grant G said...

Actually, it`s man`s internal need and desire for a divine leader personified and projected clearly through Cat`s eyes(black wolf)..

When is the last time anyone made you look up and believe that much in anything..

For now our choices are, who will hurt us the least..

Liberals have so gutted everything, education, courts, corrections, legal aid, seniors, so many bad deals, run of river, fixing anything costs money, taxes for corporations must go up,

We must cut back on raw logs, get back to the old tax system..Adrian is stuck in a box, Liberals gutted everything and turned the province`s revenue streams off, any move Adrian makes he`s called a job killer, Jumbo resort, Enbridge, fracking, mining, IPPs..

Darn media scares the people every night about jobs, jobs jobs,

It`s a fine line to walk to get elected.

What message does he yell and what choice do we have.