Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Open Letter to Bill Vander Zalm(Updated)

It appears that Bill Vanderzalm and Chris Delaney have come around to The Straight Goods way of thinking....RECALL THEM ALL!......Chris Delaney and Zalm are mad...Delaney called this government corrupt to the bone on CKNW...Zalm has decided to bring down the Government, there is no playing fair with BC Liberals, they cheat, lie, steal......For those who missed this post from June.....I am reposting, it`s relevant.....New post up tomorrow.

Mr. Vander Zalm, as part of your HST initiative team and canvasser, I and others appreciate all your hard work, all your town hall meetings, without you the initiative probably would have failed, and for that I can`t thank you enough, however....

As for "Recall in the Fall"......Listen up, clean your ears, you will not be telling us who is going to be recalled, what riding`s, what MLAs, those decisions are not yours, we live in a democracy, or at least we used to, your idea of recalling one or two MLAs at a time as to not bring down the Government but put pressure on them to repeal the HST, that is unacceptable Bill Vander Zalm.

Let me be clear, you have no say over who is recalled, not only will we recall Gordon Campbell but we will recall every B.C. Liberal...

For you may or may not understand, this is about more than the HST, this is about a Premier and Government that has broken every promise it ever made, "I won`t sell BC Rail"....."I won`t privatize BC Hydro,"....."I won`t sell rivers"....I could go on for hours listing the deliberate lies from Gordon Campbell and his Government, tearing up of contracts for the lowest paid workers, Campbell will never raise the minimum wage, in fact he lowered the minimum wage, and every BC Liberal MLA stood up and voted in lock step with a corrupt Gordon Campbell.

Gordon Campbell could not accomplish his sins without complete compliance from a bunch of spineless robotic useless slugs known as BC Liberal MLAs!

A once vibrant place for raising families, good schools, good reliable health care, good social programs, gaming revenue directed towards community spirit, but those days are long since gone Bill Vander Zalm.......We now have a law breaking habitual lying premier with no ethics, a premier who has done nothing to alleviate child poverty, in fact under Gordon Campbell we have led the nation for 8 years and under Gordon Campbell we will always lead in that category, Campbell has robbed ICBC, sold our assets, attacked the lowest paid workers.

This once proud Province is in shell shock, the HST was merely the last straw in a long line of attacks against the masses, people are living in fear, only an idiot couldn`t see what is happening with our power, IPPs, contracts that will bankrupt BC Hydro, skyrocketing hydro rates, we are now a directionless Province, no that`s not true, the direction this Province is heading under Gordon Campbell and his spineless minions is one of two classes, the ruling class and peasants, we simply can`t afford 3 more years with a criminally insane Gordon Campbell selling us out.

You Mr. Vander Zalm may not want to bring down the Government but you are almost alone in that thinking, this is not a left/right issue, this is about democracy, or more importantly this is about democracy lost, I for one would sacrifice my last breath to save the future from the tyranny and ideology of the Bilderberg and Gordon Campbell, and I am not alone, there are over 7000 strong in our army, we will be recalling the premier and dozens more, you can either join us or get out of the way.

Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

You're wrong Grant. Many of us want to bring down the government, but if it's not gone about with the same careful thought and precision that the Initiative has, we will fail. If everyone runs around on their own, doing their own thing, there will be complete chaos. And the vast majority of those 7,000 strong are not New Democrats looking to have a chance to "re-vote". They are angry about the HST, angry enough to take it to the next step, but if the focus shifts from where it is to something else, you will lose most of them along the way. Just be patient. Keep on doing what you're doing and we will see this government fall. But only if it's done in an organized and focused manner.

Otherwise, it's a long time until 2013.

Parzone said...

Hi Grant,

Thank you!!

I have been having the same thoughts about Mr. Vander Zalm and the (his?) recall strategy.

I have watched/listened to Mr. Vander Zalm on at least a half -dozen occasions saying …we don’t want to have a another election…. we probably will only recall one MLA, Gordon Campbell…. we will only need to recall two or three BC Liberal MLA’s……we don’t need to take down the government and so on.

This was/is very disturbing to me as a canvasser, think of all the hard work of all the canvassers and for all the angry people that signed the petition, then, to have the same scummy BC Liberal government retain power over the people of BC?

No, the decision to recall any or all BC Liberals should be left up to the people of the province…period!!!

I say recall, as many BC Liberal MLA’s as possible.

Keep doing what your doing Grant, it’s making a difference.

Gary E said...

My thoughts on this run along the same lines as yours Grant.
As one of the "elite conspiracy theorists" (yourself included) I have been thinking that a slow move to recall would allow a third party to organize. Although that may sink the liberals it could also be a vote splitter. Of course it may also bring in a new party altogether as Government. But therein lies the problem. A Liberal by any other name is still a Liberal.
We simply cannot afford another anti-people pr big business government in this province.

Anon 10:12 mentions "thought and precision".
Although there may have been a lot of that in the initial organizing you and I both know that the vast majority of what was done and how it was done came about by experience in the field.

This campaign is ending Sunday June 27,2010. Elections BC has at this point until August 14,2010 to give us the tally. For my part the government has from August 14 until November 15 to repeal this complete Act (92 days)

No more delays of any kind,or RECALL IN THE FALL

Leah said...

I'm with the first commenter on this one...careful, very careful.

If Carole is still leader of the official opposition, Campbell is still in power - after the recall. If he's forced to step down, who replaces him? Falcon? He's Campbell on steroids. Hansen? Same thing.

I don't see Carole stepping down, her ego won't make the connection between her persona and the fact that people won't vote for her.

Back to step one - careful!!

Grant G said...

Leah..Gary...Parzone...There is more going on here than meets the eye...I heard Zalm on radio today, I read Vaughn Palmer`s column in the sun today..

Both the column and on radio Zalm claimed he doesn`t want to bring down the Government....

Zalm stated recall 1 or 2 MLAs first, well, it would take years at that rate, unless enough recall campaigns are launched to bring down the Government it won`t matter...

But the big question is....

Or should I say..Socreds..Reformers..Conservatives..BC Liberals...

What do they have in commomn?

They all hate the NDP!

Think outside of the box friends...

Read Michael Smyth`s last column...

Apparantly...The Conservatives/reformers/socreds/BC Liberals?.......

The BC Conservatives have some BIG PROFILE STAR LEADER coming on board...

You can figure out the rest can`t you?


Grant G said...


One more thing...You have to consider who that first ANON contributer is..I know who, do you?

Eyes Wide Open

cherylb said...

Yeah Grant. Big secret. So why don't I tell your friends who I am?

My name is Cheryl Baron. I'm a life long New Democrat who comes from a long line of New Democrats and CCFers. I organize election campaigns for a living.

I'm also the provincial organizer of the Fight HST campaign. I conceived it, laid it out and carried it out. I've just spent the entire last year doing this.

I'm also a fellow Sunshine Coaster.

Feel better now?

Grant G said...

Well Miss Cherylb....

Let me be perfectly clear, the HST is a terrible tax, but....

The HST ranks about number 10 on the list of terrible deeds committed by Gordon Campbell` Government.

We simply can`t afford to allowCampbell to destroy the environment, sell more assets, sign more contracts with IPPs..Enbridge, decimate wild salmon, we are on the cliff....

Campbell will not back off of the HST, he will stall, he will promise to bring a bill to the house(there will be no fall session in Victoria)..He will promise a referendum, a unwinable non-binding referendum!

Recall is our only power, and only if we recall enough MLAs to bring down the Government.

And...If a miracle happened and Campbell cancelled the HST recall would be next to impossible at that point.

What everyone needs to remember, and Leah alludes too it all the time...

The HST is bad, but the HST is nothing but.....

Wag the Dog...Keep your eye on the ball, the bigger sins are flying under the radar....The whole HST scam reminds me of the movie..THE STING

Cheers, think outside the box friends.

Grant G said...

And Cherylb.....Do you know who you can really trust?

HST is a whole lot of free advertising, free advertising for political parties that were long since dead.

Their not dead anymore!

Anonymous said...

Grant - I'm surprised that you have not made a statement on the latest breaking news about the habitual lair Gordo!

CSIS Director Richard Fadden led tonight's broadcast on CBC News with a shocking accusation that so-called "agents of influence" for foreign governments are elected officials in at least two Provincial cabinets (BC included), and "several" municipal elected officials in British Columbia are also under investigation (Dianne Watts).

And a little birdie has also told me that the liar Gordo's cabinet is infested with them. Once the news breaks, recall will be irrelevant. Gordo and his cronies will fall immediately.

I'm surprised that you have not followed up on this breaking story yet!!!!!

It's like manna from heaven. Break open the champagne bottle once you have fully investigated this one!


Grant G said...

I leave the easy ones for others.

Something tricky is happening with the Zalm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant.

It's time for every BC Lieberal to bend over and take one for democracy.

Recall 'em all.

Crankypants said...

I don't know what would be gained by recalling only one or two Liberal MLAs at a time. That would just give Gordo, or his successor should he decide to abdicate from his throne, the opportunity to use any tactics they can come up with to stand by their decision to go ahead with the HST.

I also don't think that trying to recall every Liberal MLA is the right way to go either. In my opinion, targeting about 15 of them that are in ridings in which recall is likely to succeed would be a better tactic. This way valuable resources would not be wasted on those MLAs that would likely survive a recall campaign.

The objective is to remove the BC Liberal party from power, but we must also make sure that whoever takes over will do the right thing and tell Harper where to stick his HST.

We will only get one kick at this, so we have to get it right.


Leah said...

Then I'm pretty sure that CherylB knows what I'm saying about Carole is true. Not that it brings any good feelings along with it. Knowing that the BC Conservatives are gaining ground on the NDP, and knowing what many people are asking her to do - one would think the future of the province is more important than holding on to the bitter end. Who knows...maybe some digging and asking direct questions might be in order with the Official Opposition too?

Grant, my newest concern is a statement made by Campbell..not verbatim but close enough..."I will do whatever it takes to ensure that the NDP never again forms government in British Columbia." A statement made at his big get together not long ago. Translated, I think it means that he fully intends to gut the recall insure that it can't be used against him before such time as his marching orders have been fulfilled.

I have no doubt that he has them, one doesn't trip to NYC to meet with only God knows who numerous times...nor do they "entertain" Dick Cheney for no reason. The clincher was the Bilderberg meeting...before he's done, all hell will break loose in BC. Just a feeling...

Grant G said...

Agreed Crankpants...15 recall campaigns sound about right..My point was really about recalling 1 or 2...

That`s absurd.

And yes Leah, I heard and read those statements from Campbell...

And indeed, it`s time for Carole James to go ....

Like Gary E said...We simply can`t afford another provincial party in the pockets of big business...The pendulum needs to swing left.

cherylb said...

Let me be perfectly clear. Everyone does not feel as strongly about the Liberal government as you do. They do, however, all feel the same way about the HST.

Collecting 40% of signatures from targeted ridings for recall is a whole lot more difficult than collecting 15% against a tax. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. And you must have noticed, since you obviously get the Progress Report I send out every week, how drastically the weekly numbers have fallen.

If you think that anger about the HST has translated into general anger at the Libs, think again. Time and time again I have been told that people are angry about the HST, but not sure that they want an NDP government. And if you really have been canvassing Grant, you would have heard it too. Although our MLA has lots of support and is not threatened.

We need to hope that the BC Conservatives get it together and find candidates for targeted ridings. Another right wing party is a good thing for us; not a bad thing. Especially if we target ridings with a strong NDP support base. The Greens have divided the left for too long; it's time the right was divided.

It would be stupid and inviting failure to go off half-cocked and start recalls everywhere. The best plan is to pick ridings carefully (considering many variables), allocate all the volunteers we can get, stay focused on the HST and get the job done as quickly as possible. One by one. Everyone here knows the Libs are too arrogant to back down; so either we will eventually recall enough to form government, or there will be a mass exodus to another party. It is extremely important to succeed with every recall, especially the first one, or the momentum will be lost and we will be screwed until 2013.

As a New Democrat, sadly, I am used to losing. How about we use our brains this time to succeed?

I also resent your innuendos about my ability to see a clear picture around this campaign. After all, I'm the one who got off my butt and did something to help give British Columbians a concrete way to fight the HST; as opposed to people who stay home and blog. No offense intended. Blogging's cool; but it don't organize campaigns.

One last thing - the army of 7,000 is NOT an army of 7,000 volunteers who want to see the NDP elected. The 670,000 people who signed the petition are NOT all NDP supporters. The 26 Regional Organizers are not all New Democrats. The 300 Captains are not all NDP. I can guarantee that a lot of them will not help topple this government by holding mass recall campaigns.

G said...


"If I have really been canvassing"?.....

Now that it an insult.

Listen up ...You obviously haven`t been reading my site for very long.

There has been no other site with more information on the HST than this, this site put Jack Mintz in the gutter...

You want your brownie badge,here have it.

I think you are too close to the campaign to be critically objective.

And again...Michael Smyth column today, again talk about only recalling 1 or 2 to put pressure on Campbell.

And you are assuming way too much Cherlyb

What does recall campaigns have to do with the NDP? Recall is about bringing down the Government....

If Gordon Campbell in his riding can`t be recalled so be it, but recall has to be done in enough riding`s to bring down the Government.

And while canvassing I talked to hundreds of people, there are many issues...

For example, BC Hydro increases to home owners cost as much or more than the HST hit.
Education cuts...Raising minimum wage..

Why do you think the anti-HST outrage didn`t galvanize in Ontario?....Not because they haven`t got recall or initiative......

Because in B.C. it was the last straw in a long line of betrayals from Gordon Campbell, McGuinty hadn`t screwed the public in Ontario on so many issues...

If you can`t see that the HST is a minor thing in the big picture of what is happening here in B.C.....

We simply can`t allow this Government to proceed on it`s path.

And finally, the reason why the signatures tallies have waned is....

Canvassers realize we have the required signatures and have eased off.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Cherlyb.
When are you people going to replace Carol as your leader?
The BC NDP will remain dead in the water as long as she is your leader.......

Henri Paul

cherylb said...

Grant - do you always believe everything you read in Canwest papers?

No insult intended. You appear to be very touchy about someone disagreeing with you. Never said your blogging hasn't contributed to the success of the campaign either.

Recall is not about toppling a government. It is about telling a single MLA that you want to take your vote back. If you tell enough of them that, it will topple the government.

Anti-HST sentiment didn't galvanize in Ontario because they didn't have a leader and/or an organization to pull it off and because McGinty has been preparing the people for it and bribing them with cheques. People in BC are mad about the HST because they are trying to pull themselves out a recession while the government puts the boots to them while lying about the fact that they intended to institute it.

You (and lots of others) are upset about those things you listed, but apparently not enough of us because the Liberals were just elected for a third term. What I've been hearing are four things: the lie about it, the lack of consultation when it's such an important policy change, the fact that we're being bribed with our own money, especially when the Cons have run up such a huge deficit, and the loss of our ability to make our own decisions about our provincial taxes.

What I see or don't see has nothing to do with whether recall will succeed. If the focus is not kept on the HST, we will not succeed.

However, I'm done discussing this. Since you know what should be done, I'll expect to see you taking an active organizational role in one of the many simultaneous campaigns that you advocate for.

By the way, just to let you know. I have been reading your blog for a long time and I actually really enjoy it. But you're not always right. No one is. You should learn to admit that once in awhile.

cherylb said...

I'm sorry Henri. I don't know the answer to that.

cherylb said...

Sorry. One last thing. You all should spend some time on Bill Tielemans' FB group "NO BC HST". You get a real feel for all the different reasons people are angry and the only constant is the HST.

Paul said...

The 24 Liberal MLAs targeted for Recall includes 10 cabinet ministers and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Bill Barisoff.
1. John Slater – Boundary-Similkameen
2. Pat Pimm – Peace River North
3. Donna Barnette – Cariboo Chilcotin
4. George Abbott – Shuswap (Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation)
5.Terry Lake – Kamloops North
6. Bill Bennett – Kootenay East (Minister of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources)
7. Ida Chong – Oak Bay – Gordon Head (Minister of Healthy Living, Sport and ActNow BC)
8. Ron Cantelon – Parksville – Qualicum
9. Bill Barisoff – Penticton (Speaker of the Legislative Assembly)
10. Murray Coell – Saanich North (Minister of Labour)
11. Gordon Hogg – Surrey-Whiterock
12. Barry Penner – Chilliwack – Hope (Minister of Environment)
13. Norm Letnik – Kelowna-Lake Country
14. Ben Stewart – Kelowna- Westside (Minister of Community and Rural Development)
15. Steve Thomson – Kelowna – Mission (Minister of Agriculture and Lands)
16. Eric Foster – Vernon-Monashee
17. Kash Heed – Vancouver- Fraserview
18. Kevin Kruger – Kamloops South (Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts)
19. Richard Lee – Burnaby North
20. John Les – Chilliwack
21. Don McRae – Comox Valley
22. John Rustad – Nechako Lakes
23. Mary Pollack – Langley (Minister of Children and Family Development)
24. Pat Bell – Prince George – Mackenzie (Minister of Forests and Range)
That's half of the 48-member Liberal caucus.

Chris Delaney says the list is meant to pressure MLAs to do the right thing and resign or turn against the HST before being recalled.

Vander Zalm says his Fight HST organization has already secured a web site.

Gary E said...

Grant I assume yoou are aware that there is a brand new party starting up. Not the Conservatives, not the Socreds, but a NEW party. This is why I have alluded to vote splitting.

This party in my opinion is praying on the people of BC just like the Reform did federally. The reform used Gun control to recruit. This new party is using everything the Liberals have done to the people of this province. Yet they are not being specific. There is big trouble on the horizon my friend. And I don't trust them just as I didn't trust the reform party. I won't even publish their party name.

And Cherylb I think you are wrong about the systematic recall. I disagree with Grant as well. Personally I would like to see the first six or seven on the list recalled. But I also realize that in doing this it may take down the government. You both know what riding I'm in and what I intend to happen here. Cheryl you are right that not all 6500 canvassers are for the recall. But I can tell you that in this riding I haven't heard of one who is against it. And what we have heard here is Liberals, red faced, mad as hell rushing to sign this initiative. One of those suggested to me that this initiative should be considered the "referendum" I agree. Another advises that they are or have been a life long Liberal and was so mad he all but screamed at me he would be voting NDP. So, yes, if there is any time wasting then recall in the fall. And Cherylb, you forgot to mention that it could well not be one of the 6500 canvassers or 300 Captains but it could be many disgruntled Liberals who were double crossed by Campbell. My riding is surrounded by three other ridings and these things I have heard come from them as well as Lower mainland tourists. I'm afraid my friends even though Grant may seem out of control at some times he is not the only one. Oh, and did you know he has voted Liberal before.

And Cheryl I removed and saved the Post we had discussed and I will be posting it again on August 15th or before.

cherylb said...

Cool Gary.... Your riding is one of the ones that I think we should start with. And I don't happen to agree with Bill and Chris about the strategy they have been publicizing, but again, if we are to succeed it needs to be carefully planned, organized and focused.

Grant G said...

Thanks friends...I indeed come across like a wild man sometimes, I too don`t believe in recalling all Liberals at once...But all deserve recall....

When I started this site.....

I thought to myself...Media, the big media, all of them...They report on Government saying things like...Campbell really shouldn`t do this, or that wasn`t too smart, or...

Children may be affected, it may cost seniors.....In other words they were subtle, soft, forgiving.....

I made up my mind to tell The Straight Gooods, call it as I see it,no pussyfooting around....

And, maybe I am bi-polar, maybe I`m crazy, maybe I have multiple personalities...

I jest of course, but...I consider this place a multi-author site....

Cherlb...are you going to be at the lighthouse on Saturday?

Rumour has it....Grant G may make an appearance.

Dark shades, black leather, you can`t miss me.


cherylb said...

Well Grant, I can safely say that I totally agree with your first point! But I don't believe you are crazy. I told you, I like your blog.

Unfortunately, I won't be at the Lighthouse. My husband and I moved to Maple Ridge in mid-February. But have one for me........:)

Grant G said...


Maple ridge...Hmmm...My second home...

The bowling alley...The witch..baileys..

Perhaps we have met already.

I will be in Maple Ridge on tuesady.

Old friends and a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

"And good ole friends were drinking whiskey and rye.....

Took the last train to the coast, the day, the music died"


Gary E said...

Grant you are absolutely correct on the Big Media. They are the reason I started my blog. After reading BC Mary's and Kootcoots And not wanting to clog them up with my thoughts and being really pissed about BC Rail I decided to start How Bad Is The Record? I wanted initialy to help Mary and Koot and to put some of my unprintable thoughts out there. It worked but then I found that I was blogging about everything
You have a way Grant of allowing me to vent in reading your words. It helps a lot.
Now all my time is pretty much consumed with Fight HST, so I am passing along info to Koot and Mary for them to publish. Hopefully after Sunday I will get more time to attend to my blog. There is a lot left to be said.
So keep up your good work Grant it helps a lot of us.
Cheryl I know how busy you are going to be. I just got the word for the short time we have to get the other information in.
I wait with much anticipation for August 14 2010

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Anonymous said...

Some of us see Campbell as a dictator, and his henchmen cower and do his bidding. It seems any honest official, that has to make their decision, following the law, find themselves out of a job. I have read, Campbell controls the Judicial system, the RCMP, the media. I read, the corruption case, of the sale of the BCR is being tried in a corrupt court. BC citizens believe the trial is a farce. It seems, Martyn Brown, has amnesia, he recalls, not one dammed thing. Makes a person wonder, if he can find his way home. Campbell is actually, Harper's boy. They say, Campbell is really a Conservative, flying under a Liberal flag. I watched on the telly, M.P's in the east saying, Harper is a fascist and, too stubborn to work with. The HST isn't known as, the Harper Sales Tax for nothing. Not only do we have to fight Campbell, we also have to fight Harper. Dictators, don't go by the law or what is right. BC people see, Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, as an ugly dictatorship entity that, does cruel things to good people.

Evil Eye said...

Recall as many Liberal MLA + 2 or 3 more that will bring down the government and recall Carole James.

This should send a message to the NDP that Ms. James must go too.

Then we must boycott all businesses funding the court case against the Zalm's petition. AND I MEAN BOYCOTT!

The public is simmering and this may be the last straw before the public opt for a cruder RCMP BC style sort of recall - a .38 to the back of the head!

jaydee said...

Wait for a corrupt, absolutely corrupt, justice system to decide if the HST Extinguishment Act failed to satisfy legal requirements....????? Craig James, another of Campbell's chosen ones, is incompetent and corrupt and "can't understand" the Act as written. How many millions are we paying him?

Dictators always corrupt and control the entire jurisdation they rule. Waiting years for a corrupt judge, corrupt lawyers and the legal system itself to make an honest and fair judgement will never happen and is a waste of our millions probably a billion tax dollars with all the secret law suits Campbell is in.

All member businesses of the big 6 suffering from the HST should cancel their memberships and refuse to pay the enormous legal bills Campbell and his gang will cost them and the B.C. taxpayers again and again and again in supreme court.




Anonymous said...

I have read, Campbell is really a Conservative, from the past. He and Harper travel together. They have photo-ops. Harper, even gave a speech, in the BC Legislature. They colluded on the HST, which goes, directly to Harper. They are working on, China projects together. They just spent more time together, at a BBQ here in BC. He is never seen with Ignatieff, who said, the Liberal party, has a bad name, but, not by me. I will vote for no-one, even remotely associated with Campbell. I heard on TV, two M.P's from the east said, Harper is a fascist dictator, and too stubborn to work with. The east seems very disenchanted with Harper, and want him gone.