Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Real Backstabbing BC Conservative Party.


BC Conservative Director Bolts From Party

Monday, August 23, 2010 10:00 PM

It is with deep regret that I wish to inform you that I am resigning effective immediately from the Provincial Board of Directors as Director at Large, and canceling my membership in the party.

I have lost confidence in the leadership of the party and the direction it has chosen to follow.

I have been deeply concerned by the backroom dealings and the amount of power that has transferred into the hands of an unelected group of self ordained political brokers to guide the party. Those of us who were actually elected back in September are being trampled and moved out of the way in favour of appointed, unelected people who are now controlling the party. I would have thought the party would have learned its lesson from 2004 where operatives working for both the BC Liberals and the federal Conservatives came in and caused maximum disruption and prevented BC Unity from merging with the BC Conservative Party.

The Party is now dominated with mostly political appointments by the TAG group and their leader Randy White. The Provincial board has been taken over by those closely allied to the federal Conservative Party and their members currently involved in the BC Liberal Party.

I cannot and will not support this type of activity in the party. Some of our finest talent in the party is being marginalized because of their opposition to the HST. Chris Delaney is the most public figure in our party and the leadership regards him as though he is a liability to the party. His treatment by the TAG leader Randy White, President Wayne McGrath, and Conservative MP John Cummins can only be described as disrespectful and disingenuous. The one person who could point thousands of people to our party and has, with his involvement as a leader in the Fight HST organization, helped to demolish the BC Liberals, is considered by these unelected newcomers as not good enough to side with or mention his name in conjunction with the BC Conservative Party name. Shame!

I can no longer support a party that sides with the BC Liberals and the federal Conservative Party over the HST and over the people of BC. The people of BC have spoken and the party leadership in the BC Conservative Party will not listen. Pretending to listen is not listening. We all know where the HST policy is going to come from; it will be developed by federal Conservatives as a watered down version that still accepts the HST to make sure their political masters in Ottawa are satisfied. I know the people of BC will not approve.

The party is now in the hands of outside, unelected interests which contradicts one of our most important constitutional philosophies - representing the interests of British Columbian’s first above all others.

The party leadership considers working with failed BC Liberal politicians and federal Conservatives who supported the HST, over attracting the hundreds of thousands of people in BC who oppose the HST, and oppose those who gave it to us. I for one will not be part of watching the party be taken over by a group of people, only to see them bring forth the same type of top down, backroom, undemocratic politics we were trying to replace in the BC Liberal Party.

I believe the choices made by the leadership of the party, including the TAG leader Randy White and the Fed Cons will fail, and the BC Conservative Party will collapse into obscurity.

I will continue to work together with all others of good faith for the betterment of British Columbia to ensure BC stays in the hands of the people of BC, and out of the clutches of those who would use her for their own ends.


Blake MacKenzie


The B.C. Conservative party is finished, Randy White is nothing but a back stabbing Ahole, he is nothing but a Stephen Harper BC Liberal Lackey....The ruse is over....

The NDP will be the next Government.....If I am wrong, if Blake MacKenzie is wrong, stand up and tell us in no uncertain terms what your HST stance is Randy White.....If not, drop dead traitor!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, none of the political parties will get rid of the HST. Don't kid yourself. The NDP will not get rid of the HST. Again don't kid yourself. Carole flakey James is also playing with BC'ers and she will also get her kick in the ass.

We need to elect independents like Vicki Huntington who will listen and work for their constituents - not for their party.

Grant G said...

You are not too well informed...The HST is hurting the economy and Government revenues...

The NDP removed the HST in Saskatchewan...So don`t say it can`t be done...

When the Government see revenues plunge the HST will be reversed..

Yolu obviously don`t know finances or markets, the Canadian debt load is staggering, the savings rate is negative, the housing bubble is ready to pop...

The public has been living off of home equity, borrowing off of equity, borrowed money has been driving the economy...

There will be no more borrowing when equity vanishes...
1 phone call to Stephen Harper from whoever is BCs premier and the HST is gone.

"no one is as blind as those who refuse to see"

Grant G said...

I suggest to read this and stop listening to the liars, the "economists"

The day of reckoning is upon us.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... August 24, 2010 9:13 AM
We need to elect independents like Vicki Huntington who will listen and work for their constituents - not for their party.
I agree, only with one caveat ,that is, they can not join any political party during their term, nor for 5 years after their term in government expires.
Henri Paul

Grant G said...

From Paul Walton...Nanaimo Daily News...Cheers


Evil Eye said...

Can we rid ourselves of Carole James? If not, I'm afraid the NDP will once again steal defeat from the jaws of victory!

Can some high ranking NDP types resign ti rid the party of that barnacle James?

Grant G said...

From Paul Walton....


Anonymous said...

The BC Conservative Party will implode very soon and will go down in the history books as the BC Rifht Wing Lunatic Party. This is their second resiganation of exectutive in a few short months. The first was the vice president of the party. last name POPOFF.

Anonymous said...

Evil Eye said...
Can we rid ourselves of Carole James? If not, I'm afraid the NDP will once again steal defeat from the jaws of victory!
You want rid of her, then follow the lead of the BC Conservatives.
Other wise I don't see her leaving.
No matter how bad things get here in BC, I for one will never support James.
Henri Paul

Anonymous said...


from the above link:

"If the NDP wants to come into power, then they need to shift into the middle and start working for the interests of B.C. and its people, not special-interest groups like business or labour. ...

The Campbell Liberals are a lesson in how badly things can go wrong by putting an exclusive focus on business interests.

It's time to move beyond the silly cold war rhetoric of right and left. No doubt we must support our business model that has given us so much. But to focus on it alone is to our detriment. "

Leah said...

EE and Henri - I'm with you on that one!

Until she's gone, I'll not spend one more moment working to help get them elected. Busting my butt in the last 10 elections to see her lose 3 elections to a lying, cheating drunk should tell her (and the entire party!) that something is wrong. She really IS the greatest gift Gordo has ever been given.

Either she goes, or I waste my vote on a third-rate party.

Anonymous said...

The CBC is officially lost.

Here is a link to a blatant Mastercrud advertisement presented as a "editorial"

Our MSM is lost. It is time to make citizen journalists the new form.


Anonymous said...

Yes Leah, and there are many of us out here with like mind.
Why are we the so fortunate here in BC to have so many culls as political leaders?
Added to the fact, they think were all a bunch nincompoops.
Ive had enough of these sorry eyed assholes, lets trade them off to the Arabs for a boat load of camel shit.
Henri Paul

Grant G said...

You need to keep focused people...Yes, Carole James is a wet noodle, yes, BCers prefer men as leaders...

But our biggest enemy is the media, the conference board of Canada, the Fraser institute...The big banks, Canwest, CKNW....and the corporate shills.

Michael Levy is the enemy, Michael Campbell is the enemy, Wall street,

Gordon Campbell should be put to death in my opinion, he has deliberately hurt children, seniors, students, Carole James has a good heart and it`s too bad we will have to wait until the next convention before John Horgan is named leader(my sources are impeccable)

Harper is our enemy, the Federal CONS our are enemies!

These are the enemies of the people.

For now, lets concentrate in removing an Habitual liar and lawbreaker Gordon Campbell and his minions, anything after that will be an improvement.


Anonymous said...

Grant, I am in agreement. But that fascist HarperCON has 48% of the federal BC vote, while the NDP only has 19% of the federal BC vote in the latest Leger poll.

That tells me that BC is a right-wing wasteland and Carole flakey James will not lead us to redemption provincially. Either that silly woman goes or it's time to vote for the Vicki Huntington Independents!

Grant G said...

I wouldn`t trust any Leger poll...Someone called me just yesterday from the Federal Conservative party and asked if I would be supporting Harper...

I`ll bet his ears are still ringing!!!!

I told him that BCers have figured out that Stephen Harper is also responsible for the HST!!!

It`s clear that the federal Cons are thinking about an election soon, they will lose seats in BC and Harper can take that to the bank.

Slippery Jack Layton is surging in the Polls in BC..

Ignatief...A lost cause...Harper, criminally insane...May and the Greens,cough cough cough...

Federal NDP or independent for my votes

Anonymous said...

Grant G said... August 24, 2010 1:15 PM
You need to keep focused people...Yes, Carole James is a wet noodle, yes, BCers prefer men as
leaders... Carole James has a good heart
Grant, if people here in BC get any more focused we'll all go cross-eyed.
I don't agree with you that BCers prefer men as leaders,not true.
Joy Macphail, would have been a shoe in, a younger Carol Taylor would have also have been a winner, there are others out there also very capable.
Carol James is not stable enough on her feet, good heart you say , how fucking good was her heart when she advocated gender profiling, less men and more women in the NDP constituents, not for their ability, only their sex gender was the criteria. Christ, Archie Bunkers wife Edith the ding bat had more on the ball than Carol.
The NDP party would be better using a pylon for a leader, rather than that dingbat.
Henri Paul

Anonymous said...

I think the point Grant is trying to make is that Carol James is not the enemy. There are plenty of REAL antagonists to contend with and any negative energy should be directed there!

Anonymous said...

Randy White gives me the creeps, every time I look at him I hear banjo's. Imagine replacing Campbell to then end up with Randy White and a bunch of right wing, neo-con, fundamentalist, Reform Party, wack-jobs running the province.

Crankypants said...

It was always my view that the only motive of the FightHST campaign was to get rid of the HST. The time and effort put in by Bill Vander Zalm, Chris Delaney, Bill Tieleman and the army of volunteers was inspiring, to say the least, and showed the so-called experts that even legislation that was designed to fail can be overcome when the cause is justifiable.

The thing that irritates me is the mixed messages we keep on getting from the NDP. We know that Gordo's gang will fight this to the bitter end, unless he faces a revolution from within. I agree with her initial strategy of trying to convince some of the BC LIberal backbenchers to revolt against Gordo, but as things sit now the opportunity for a vote on accepting the HST never happened. I suspect that Harper and Campbell devised the plan to have the feds vote to impose the HST on us and have Hansen accept it through the back door. The vote in the Legislature to remove the PST meant nothing because the damage was already done.

Once the HST became a done deal, the NDP should have come out and stated, without reservation, that they would not hesitate to remove the HST as soon as they assumed power. No negotiation with Ottawa, just a commitment that it's gone. But no, all we have gotten is a lot of waffling. If the NDP is worried about taking abuse from the MSM, then they haven't done their homework or are living in a fantasy world. The MSM will cut them no slack no matter what.

As for the BC version of the Conservative Party, they are going nowhere anytime soon. The Reformers that seem to have taken charge will ensure they will be as successful as the Green Party. The string pullers behind Campbell and his cohorts know this and will continue their raping and pillaging of BC's assets until there is nothing left but a pile unusable residue.

If the HST is not rescinded by the time this excercise is over, then all will be lost for the citizens of BC. Many of those that took the time to sign the petition will become disillusioned with the political process and probably join the group of non-voters.

The bottom line is that the NDP must take a firm stand and let the chips fall where they may.

cherylb said...

Voters do apparently prefer men leaders over women. When MacPhail was around everyone called her a bitch because she was "too" aggressive. Grant's right. The NDP is not the enemy. Campbell and the Liberals are and I will do whatever it takes to get rid of them asap.