Friday, August 20, 2010

Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen Claimed Prices would Fall because of the HST, WRONG!

HST has caused massive price rises in Ontario and B.C.

The below information was cut and pasted from Stats Canada, how much more proof do we need that the HST is nothing but a lie perpetrated by the real big corporations! The link to Stats Canada consumer price index is here

You can`t make this stuff ......And pay close attention to Manitoba who rejected the HST from Ottawa, their prices fell.....What do you say now Gordon habitual liar Campbell, explain that Colin martian head Hansen, explain away.......!

From Stats Canada


On July 1, 2010, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) came into effect in Ontario and British Columbia. As well, Nova Scotia increased its HST by two percentage points.

The largest year-over-year change occurred in Ontario, where consumer prices rose 2.9% after increasing 1.6% in June. Prices for gasoline, electricity, and passenger vehicle insurance premiums went up. Ontario consumers also paid more for homeowner's replacement costs.

Consumer prices advanced 2.0% in British Columbia during the 12-month period to July after a 0.5% increase in June. In July, electricity prices rose 36.7% and prices for food purchased from restaurants increased 7.5%. As well, prices at the pump and homeowner's replacement costs went up.

In Manitoba, prices declined 0.3% in the 12 months to July, following a 0.2% decrease in June. Lower prices for gasoline, natural gas and home and mortgage insurance were recorded in this province


I need not add anything more at this time.

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EvilEye said...

I listened briefly with the glorified stamp merchant, Micheal Levy, defending the HST on the radio today. God almighty doesn't bullshit baffle brains.

It is time to boycott all businesses supporting the Liberal government, the HST and CORUS Radio!

Anonymous said...

I have really noticed the hit to our pocketbook with this HST.
Have to keep curbing make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

Grant, it look like the Zalm's real strategy is to take over the Liberal Party. The Zalm wants to do the same thing that Commadante Gordo did to Gordon Wilson back in the 1990's. It's no wonder that the Zalm only wants a few recalls because he still wants the LIEberals to remain in power.

Even the World's Most Accurate Pollster, Robbins SCE Research, has come to that conclusion:

"Former premier Bill Vander Zalm - Big Winner - as next leader of BC Liberal Party"

And that's the real story behind the Zalm's anti-HST campaign!

Evil Eye said...

Er - no.

The Zalm is in his early to mid 70's and too old for another kick at the electoral can. There has been great animosity between the Zalm and Campbell and added into the mix, i do believe that the Zalm is appalled, like the rest of the population, at the ever increasing taxes on the average 'Joe'!

Bill Van der Zalm left office under a cloud because of some shady personal land deals, unlike Campbell who has sold off most of the province's assets to his political and business cronies. The HST petition, like the rising of Christ, has given the Zalm a renewed and positive biography of the political history of the province.

The Zalm is reborn and Campbell is now in the position of the most corrupt premier in history.

Whatever that can be said of Zalm's HST petition, he did it for the people, unlike Campbell who has screwed the people!

Bill will be forever remembered for orchestrating BC's first official petition against a ruling government - not bad for the history books!

Still I would never vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Not only are corporations getting the HST, they are receiving massive corporate income tax cuts in BC and federally. Plus, the greedy pigs had the audacity to withhold corporate property taxes on major industry in BC. It's a full court press to eradicate social democracy and bring the 3rd world model to Canada. Levy, Campbell, Baldry, Palmer, Campbell's brother and a few others are simply the public relations arm of the new fascism. None of them will get into a rational two sided debate, since their rhetoric is just nonsense wrapped up as sound economic ideas. When it comes right down to it they are just a bunch of the goofs from school, who have been given a corporate media soapbox.

Anonymous said...

It's more than a battle - it could be a new paradigm. But we haven't won anything yet!
You hafta understand that it's more than a battle we've won if the HST gets sent back where it belongs. It would set a huge precedent: people would realize that they have some protection against corruption in government. That they no longer have to simper in relative obscurity as they work longer and longer hours for a largely exploitive 'superclass' of paper citizen.
It gets better - people all over the world would look to BC with newfound joy and wonder. They would want their own referenda and recall legislation. Americans would love to vote Obama out for selling them a bill of goods in the last election. Countless people in 'democracies' the world over might even demand an end to being indebted to private banks, which would be a huge step forward on the road to real freedom and health and prosperity. (read Helen Brown)
There is of course, one little catch. Campbell and all the other neocons in tight blue panties have had a collective hissy fit and shut down the government! Imagine that. Things aren't going their way so they lock out the electorate. THAT is the kind of thing a fiction writer would never get away with. It's the kind of thing which would be met with howls of derision from the MSM if it happened in a government with any kind of social leanings at all. Can you imagine the outrage if the NDP were in power and decided to lock the doors to the legislature because they didn't like the will of the people?
But what happens here in BC? The largest 'alternative' site - thetyee - stops reporting it and cuts off all comments to previous articles. The Sun and the Province don't even mention it so you would notice and certainly don't make the obvious connections. We are entering the twilight zone.

Crankypants said...

If the inflation rates were announced by an entity that was in opposition to Campbell & Co., I could see our babbling brook of a finance minister, Colin Hansen, disputing the findings. However, Stats Can has no dog in the HST battle and therefore just tells it like it is.

I am extremely surprised about the 36.7% rise in the price of electricity. I don't recall any announcement of such an increase hitting the presses. I just got our Hydro bill this week, so I had better do some comparisons with the last couple of bills. Is this the start of our contributions to the rape of the river gangs, or could the number crunchers at Stats Can have made an error in their calculations?


Grant G said...

No mistake Cranky....Stats Canada has taken in account the 2 tier rate, and BC Hydro has eliminated low income subsidies..

Crankypants said...

Thanks Grant. The two tiered rate structure was a scam from the time it was announced. Only those that live in a shoebox can keep in the tier one zone.

I wasn't even aware that BC Hydro had such a program. Obviously, the government has found another way to give with one hand and claw back with the other. I guess this cancellation didn't warrant a press conference from either BC Hydro or the government.

The BC Liberal Party and their sycophants make Scrooge, from A Christmas Carol, a philanthropist before he saw the error of his ways.


Anonymous said...

One question please... how much does a bullet cost?

Anonymous said...

I found food costs, went way up, just before the HST came through. No where, have I seen prices go down. The HST, has driven costs up. Real estate is, also failing because, of the HST.

Was it not in the provincial budget, that hydro would go up in increments, to 33%? I know, this coming winter is going to be dreadful. I can see many evictions and utility cut offs.

Anonymous said...

I certainly have noticed increases in hydro and grocery costs. I always found Safeway on the high side, but they're all getting up there now. Unbelievable! I feel for the seniors and low wage earners in this province when it comes to keeping warm, keeping food on the table. It's hard enough as a low-mid range earner.

And I see Ontario hydro increases are also going up and up and up.(involving IPPs there too) Just like our hydro. Who gave these corrupt politicians the go ahead to allow such obscene increases and to sell/lease out our resources? Bring it back to the people.

Here in BC as much as WC Bennett was "wacky", he did do alot good and I believe the right way, when it came to power etc. It was still of public domain and should remain that way. I would sooner be paying more income tax than what I'm being hit with now in all the hidden fees, levies, tolls, carbon taxes, and new taxes (HST)etc. And,health care, education and programs for seniors and the poor would still be in place.

It's time people woke up and realized the cons going on around us both provincially and federally. Downloading everything on to the little people, the working stiff.

Anonymous said...

The HST, is still a nightmare grocery shopping. Supermarkets, were supposed to be given a 35 page manual, on how and what the HST is applied to. I buy nothing with the HST applied, but, you really have to watch. Some items are charged HST, by sugar content. Bottled drinks, go by size. All I can do is laugh, at the stupidity of it all. I have no idea why, Campbell and Hansen said, costs are going down. Costs have gone up, by a hefty amount. However, Campbell and Hansen, aren't known for honesty.

Anonymous said...

Love it! couldn't have said it better myself. michael campbell makes me want to vomit with the rhetoric he spews. yesterday it was about the "disconnect" between municipal workers and the "average joe" how about the disconnect between ceo's at the trough making obscene amounts of money and bonuses etc??? nonsense wrapped up as sound economic ideas...well said