Tuesday, August 17, 2010

George Copley or Stephen Harper is lying, the words speak for themselves!

Well well well, this battle is really heating up, George Copely is arguing the case for the BC Liberals.....Isn`t that special!........But we here at The Straight Goods have the smoking gun, AGAIN!

Here is what George Copley said in the B.C. Supreme court today......

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government insists the HST is Ottawa's progeny but does not violate the constitution because it is a child of cooperative federalism.

In its response to the B.C. Supreme Court challenge of the legality of the blended tax, lawyer George Copley said Victoria had properly authorized the agreement that led to the HST and legitimately implemented it through legislative measures.

But it is crucial to recognize it is a wholly federal tax, he added.

Copley said the new value added tax framework created by Ottawa is designed to build a stronger economic foundation for Canada and B.C.


I think somebody is confused, is it George Copley and the BC Liberals or is it Stephen Harper and the Federal Government?....Why am I saying this?.....The answere is quite simple...

Because on October 13/2009 at the Port of vancouver Stephen Harper said the complete opposite, Stephen Harper is on the record, the media was there, hundreds of witnesses were there....I won`t hold you in suspense much longer.......Here is what Stephen Harper said when asked questions about the HST.....

October 13 /2009 at the Port of Vancouver Stephen Harper said and I quote.....

Stephen Harper was in BC today down at the port of Vancouver,he was asked why the federal government was pushing provinces to adopt the HST, I found his response very telling, he said

" The federal government isn`t pushing the HST on any province,the decision to adopt the HST is completely a provincial decision,it has nothing to do with the federal government" snip

Stephen Harper October 13/2009 .....Port of Vancouver, the above picture is from that event(Budda boom, budda bing)

Isn`t that interesting, so who is the liar, the feds, the Province, Jim Flaherty, Stephen Harper, George Copley, Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell?....Who the hell is LYING, Someone is lying, maybe all of the above are lying, perhaps Stephen Harper should be called as a witness in this HST battle!

The above statement from Stephen Harper was recorded and documented by us, The Straight Goods......And is preserved in our archives, in fact I wrote about Stephen Harper`s statement the same day he made it, it`s in this story here

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Another great piece. I enjoy your research and thank you for reminding me of the important quotes, the MSM ignores. Your info is always essential when arguing the point with friends & family.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...


Thank You!

Anonymous said...

The letter I have puts this directly in to the Campbell liberals hands. The MP who wrote it says pretty well the same thing Harper does. So WHO is telling the truth?

I won't rip up contracts, I won't sell BC Rail, I won't hurt seniors,I won't shut down homes, my ROR's are mom and pop businesses, we won't expand gambling, the debt is only 465 million, the olympic security is only 175 million, the convention centre only almost doubled from the original costs. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

10 steps to turn a province into a banana republic:
(how many have we seen with Scampbell?)

1. Rising unemployment and poverty

2. Economic dependence (debt)

3. Declining civil rights

4. Increasing political corruption

5. Militarizing police

6. Failing infrastructure

7. Disappearing middle class

8. Devalued currency (how much is a loaf of bread?)

9. Controlling the media

10. Capital Controls (find out how much your credit union / bank will ALLOW you to withdraw)

Crankypants said...

The way I see it is that the federal Conservatives and the provincial Liberals are playing the bad cop-good cop gambit. The only problem is that they forgot to decide which party would assume which role.

Eventually we will have a federal election, and I just hope that the people in BC remember that the federal Conservatives and federal Liberals all voted for the HST to be imposed upon us. Yes, Martin from the Liberals and Cadman from the Conservatives abstained, but in my books they only showed that they didn't have the guts to step up and be counted. They are even less deserving of anyone's vote, should they run again.

When one considers that our version of the BC Liberal Party is nothing more than a Conservative Party posing as something else, there is no doubt in my mind that the word conservative contains the word CON!


For The Birds said...

Well I think it is time for Canadians to step it up one more notch. Perhaps the time to stop paying Federal & Provincial Income Taxes is ripe. We are all become tax collectors with no ability to say no. This kind of imposed taxes will fuel the underground and black markets. Maybe that is not such a bad thing. Trade and commerce are done between people. When did that become a taxable and profitable offense for the government get to levy taxes on? Crazy.

cherylb said...

Anyone with a letter from the feds saying it was the province's decision should send it to Delaney at chris@fighthst.com. And Grant, you should send your newspaper link too, just in case they missed it.

Grant G said...

Cherylb.....I sent my story to Bill Teileman...

As for a letter....Stephen Harper said what I quoted in a question period after his speech at the Port of Vancouver, there were hundreds there, it`s on the record...

Harper can sue me and or Harper can deny he said it...

He won`t because he said it, I heard the reporter ask the question, I heard the answer


kootcoot said...


"When one considers that our version of the BC Liberal Party is nothing more than a Conservative Party posing as something else, there is no doubt in my mind that the word conservative contains the word CON!"

Let us not forget that the present day gang of crooks calling themselves the Conservative Party of Canada ARE NOT Conservatives either. They are merely a bunch of malcontent, intellectually constipated soon to be LOSERS (they have to go), composed of Western Separatists, Canadian Taliban Fundies, Reform, Alliance and the short lived CRAP party, disguising themselves with the hide from the carcass of the real PC Party that was killed off by the Saint Lyin' Brian. They've gone so far to the weird that even their patron saint, Preston Manning is having second thoughts about his former protege and his radical sect.

I despair that the Canadian electorate can be so consistently fooled by so called politicians that don't even have the nerve to call themselves by their actual name, much less display honesty regarding their agenda and policies.

And some folks make a big deal out of bloggers using a nom-de-plume, but give crooked politicos a free pass who use aliases whose statements can only be depended on to be misleading at best or actually totally false more commonly.


"Well I think it is time for Canadians to step it up one more notch. Perhaps the time to stop paying Federal & Provincial Income Taxes is ripe"

After all, I do feel that it is intrusive and intimidating that I have to fill out my tax forms and tell them how much money I make upon pain of serious fines and/or jailtime!

Anonymous said...

Campbell is a Conservative, long time back. He works for Harper. Campbell has worked very hard at, giving the, Federal Liberal Party a bad name Canadians, are becoming, just as disenchanted with Harper, as BC people are with Campbell. As long as we have politicians, such as Harper and Campbell, Canada and BC, are not safe. I have noticed, they both use, the same underhanded tactics. When the questions, get tough, Harper prorogues parliament. Campbell leaves the country. Is there a, political party out there, that will clean out, the corruption in this country? That is the main problem in Campbell's governing. This province, has been stolen blind. Campbell and Hansen, have BC, in the billions of debt. Campbell's self given 53% salary increase, and his $ 2million per year pension, says it all.

Anonymous said...

I have not paid taxes in this country since 1981 and do not plan on it anytime soon.

They can come and get me anytime they like.But they won't because they are afraid...

Anonymous said...

If you look back at2009, Harper and Ignatieff both were claiming that the liberal governments in both BC and Ontario,went to Ottawa and requested the feds pass the HST bill, because they needed to create jobs and economic stability/growth.

Harper passed the HST Bill, which then allowed both the BC government, and the ontario government, to adopt the HST.

Just to make it even harder for them to back off, he offered the incentive money, which both Ontario and BC jumped at.

We are lucky that Campbell did not sign an accord with Harper like McGuinty did, which says that the HST must stay at 13% until 2012.

In the end,the HST started with our premier, and it will end with him. The government and big business lawyers must think we are all a bunvh of bumpkins to even try and pass off the argument we heard today.

Your posts have been steller Grant. Well done!

Grant G said...

Thanks for that comment Laila...Coming from you it`s high praise indeed, I doubt I deserve any credit...

I have what you call a photographic memory....

It serves me well, us well....

Now let`s go roast some Liberal and a few CONservatives while were at it.


Anonymous said...


Very interesting indeed. Sovereignty! These guys are selling or giving it away; our country, our provinces, our resources, our jobs, you name it. And Campbull attending private Bilderberg meeting. People better wake up. It's these very ones who have brought the world economy to it's brink!

Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong link above.


Anonymous said...


So much information.