Monday, August 16, 2010

Gordon Campbell, Unfit to Govern

The above picture is Colin Hansen.......................................................
Lets the law suits begin, it doesn`t matter what the courts rule, appeals, opinions, the "Law"...All of those things mean nothing, the people have spoken, the public was right, the economists were wrong, the restaurant industry is bleeding jobs, real estate sales have plunged off a cliff, prices are up across the board on everything, Atlantic Canada and Quebec who have the HST are in terrible fiscal shape, the HST is a fraud, Gordon Campbell is a lying loser!

All B.C. Liberals must be drunk on the Kool Aid, not only will the BC Liberal Government be brought down with "Recall in Fall" but in the subsequent election the Liberals will be reduced to a mere 2 to 5 seats, Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell and Colin Ferret Face Hansen talk about the poor job of communicating the Government has done, that analysis is wrong, the Gordon Campbell tyranny has communicated perfectly, that is why the game is over for Campbell, Gordon Muir Campbell is UNFIT to GOVERN......PERIOD......Let`s look at the past because that`s where this outrage begins, it isn`t just the HST, the HST is the straw that broke Campbell`s back!

The Campbell lies and law breaking started in 2001.......After Campbell won the 2001 election he went to Maui(with Lara Daphinee, the woman he has been having a taxpayer funded affair with for the last decade) and got stoned and drunk and put the public at risk as he drove on the wrong side of the road and nearly killed bike riders and the motoring public.(you can read the arresting officers report here).......Afterwards Campbell pouted and begged for forgiveness, the B.C. Public did forgive him, what a critical error that was....The law breaking and lies were just begining, in Campbell`s 2001 election platform WAS A PROMISE NOT TO SELL BC RAIL....Campbell sold it, Gordon Campbell lied in his election platform, David Mclean had already paid for the railway pre-election......And the funny language started ....."I didn`t sell BC Rail, I leased it".....Well friends, nobody in their (Right Mind) would call a 1000 year lease not a sale, except Campbell.....The lies were just begining, also in his 2001 election platform was a promise to honour the HEU contract, in fact in a pre-election interview with the guardian magazine Gordon Campbell made that pledge...........But it was another lie...For a year later in the legislature, on a special late night Saturday secretive session Gordon Campbell (with media banned) tore up the contract and fired 9000 female workers, low paid workers, ultimately that decision cost lives, money, and a huge legal settlement when the SUPREME COURT of CANADA ruled that indeed Gordon Campbell did violate human rights and broke the law!(you can read it here)

Here is a few direct quotes from Gordon Campbell in that 2001 interview with the Guardian...

Before the 2001 election, Campbell had told the Health Employees Union's (HEU) newspaper, the Guardian, that "I don't believe in ripping up agreements....I have never said I would tear up agreements....I am not tearing up any agreements." Once in power, however, the Liberals imposed pay cuts and replaced over 6,000 public sector workers with corporate contract positions.

Like I said, the lying started early on and has never stopped, no Provincial Government in the History of Canada has had more law suits and court challenges as the Campbell Tyranny....

The list of lies, Campbell campaigned on an honest and open Government, FOI requests have been gutted, legal challenges aplenty, Campbell brought in a Balanced budget law, a law that he has broken over and over again, in fact Campbell had to repeal his balanced budget law and put it on hold for 4 more years, it`s not only lies that are flowing like a river, it`s gotten to the point of Comedic Satire.......
The list of Campbell`s lies and betrayals is long, too long to list here but......Pre- Election 2009....Wally Oppal brings in an illegal GAG LAW....A law he knew was illegal, in fact Wally Oppal is on the record as saying....."We hoisted the Gag Law up a flag pole to see how it flys" ..The courts ultimately squashed the Gag Law but it was too late, the last election had come and gone.

Wally Oppal knew the Gag Law was illegal but under orders from Campbell he brought in the illegal act, Campbell has never met a law he wouldn`t break, Kash Heed, john Les, John Von Dongen, Jane Thornthwaite, Martyn Brown, Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell.....The list is long of corrupt, law breaking Liberal scoundrels......This has gone too far! (Read about John Les`s land fraud here)

Read about the Corrupt Kash heed Here

Read about the drunk driving flip flopping Jane Thornthwaite Hear

Not only the gag law but pre-election Campbell re-jiggered the electoral boundaries and added 6 more riding`s to guarantee his victory, ......Our forests have been given away for nothing, our water, our fish are being slaughtered by sea lice from fish farms, no money for schools but money for casino`s and boondoggle retractable roof in a rain forest, .....Back to the lies and double speak of B.C.`s most prolific LIAR.......

Gordon Campbell before our last election said the deficit would be $495 million dollars maximum, of course the media let Campbell lie about that, even when accountants like Will McMartin wrote about the looming $4 billion dollar 2009 deficit in February, Hansen and Campbell lied about the deficit right through the election, but mere days after the election suddenly our deficit balloons up to Will McMartin`s numbers!(read Will McMartin`s pre-election budget forecast here)

Besides B.C. having the lowest minimum wage in Canada, 8 straight years B.C. leads Canada in child poverty, in fact folks Gordon Campbell takes pleasure in being Canada`s leader in starving children!......

On to the HST, before the election Campbell lied about the deficit and lied about the HST, he had already made a deal with the Federal Government to screw the BC Public, all we heard Campbell and Hansen say (Pre-Election) the HST is not on our radar?....What does that mean?....Just like BC Rail being lost in the abyss of the BC Court system Campbell plans on sending the HST battle into the same black hole.....

But what really upsets me and all BCers is the vague language, "Not on our radar....I leased BC Rail, I didn`t sell it.......I will follow the rule of the law as too the HST initiative....tolls on the Port Mann bridge will be $3 dollars each way on opening day".........What will the tolls be 1 week after the bridge opens?.....
Again folks it has gotten to the point where you have to ask many many follow up questions of Campbell to force out the truth, or at least to find the next lie!.....

The main point is......Gordon habitual lying law breaking Campbell is unfit to Govern this Province, it`s beyond the HST, beyond the biggest deficit lie in BC History, "Recall in the Fall" is our last hope, there is no more democracy in BC....A bunch of Gutless, spineless, brain-dead BC Liberal MLA`s who can`t see the writing on the wall will now see the writing of their own constituents on the Recall form.... And they will get tossed from Government and become permanently hated individuals in their own community!

Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen......It`s not a matter of..."What we have is a failure to communicate"

You have communicated perfectly to the public and we are about to communicate back in clear terms......

"You`re Fired"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Leah said...

Excellent post Grant!

Whether or not Campbell sees the BC Rail transaction as a sale or not, CIBC World Markets (who handled said transaction) clearly stated in their "confidential memorandum"..that the transaction will be transacted as a SALE. Again, what he said, and what the facts are - are 2 different things! It was SOLD. Period.

As to the HEU boondoggle...everyone forgets that he not only tore up those contracts and 9,000 people became unemployed...he also rolled back wages for some HEU members by 15%. The day those rollbacks took effect, is exactly the same day he and his minions gave themselves their first raise - you guessed it...15%. That's the raise that most people have totally forgotten about when they're talking about the raises given themselves. So...we know for sure Campbell has given himself a 63.1% pay far. Providing of course he has seen fit to tell the truth about all the raises since he began playing big boy. Not something I'd be willing to bet on.

You can bet they were laughing themselves sick at the irony. I sincerely hope they're sick once recalled - and not from laughter. With any luck more than a few of them will lose their homes, vehicles, etc., just like some of the 9,000 did.

There is something I'd like to begin doing, and it's going to take HOURS to accomplish...that would be compiling a list of all the lies vs. facts, the raises, the cuts, the outrageous garbage he's thrown at this province...and put it into one cohesive, easy to read article. Then, we need to find people willing to donate to the cause, and have that list published in local newspapers as a full page (likely double-page) spread. The crap he's pulled off, and the harm he's done will simply not fit on one page. (I can just see it now...PAB will be reading this and having a heart attack whilst readying their dialing fingers to threaten the livelihoods of every newspaper in BC should they print it - it IS how they work isn't it?) Threats, innuendo, double speak, and out-right lies.

Looking forward to saying "You're Fired!" later this year. Already signed up for working the recall.

Anonymous said...

A little note about the Maui trip... Under their DWI laws over the, is that you have the
option to use your breathalyzer, or your blood which they took at that time. The blood
reading, that were full of something other then booze, was by the lawyers direction, was
sealed forever from the public. When I asked fatboy coleman about this, he denied that. I
checked, and its true. By the way, gordo the impaler said when he got back, that he did
not use any lawyers over there. Another fucking lie gordo. Its time this druggie (whether
its, booze, coke) is still a drug. He should have stepped down then. What a waste of skin.
Much like his lazy and deceitful cabinet and backbenchers. RECALL IN THE FALL!

On another note, I heard crusty clark call a supreme court judge a "Caveman". What a
winner she is.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

"All B.C. Liberals must be drunk on the Kool Aid"

This I find the most strange of all. I suspect that many of Campbells minions are being blackmailed in some form or another.

John Slater and several other libbers claimed on Saturday that they would accept the HST petition by Sunday afternoon they were all recanting...


Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight. We are in the right and in the majority. No matter how this evil, corrupt excuse for doing what is right continues to lie, stall, deflect... the tide has turned.

I really appreciate your analysis and passion. Thank you for your continued postings. Keep their feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Winters was a very talented and funny american comedian. John Winters is just a puppet clown for G Campbell and BC big business.

Why this group chose to challenge the anti-HST in court is obvious, self interests over the best interests of the majority of all British Columbians.

This "concerned" group of businesses is seeking clarification for their members on the legality of the HST initiative. Clearly a challenge and stall tactic that the Premiere could not and dared not take on during the Petition.

This action by J Winters et al. was thought out well in advance and acted upon at the last possible moment. Only when the Liberals worst fears on the success of the petition were clear did they throw up this "hail mary" attempt to stop the tax transfer from being stopped. A more honest approach would have been to challenge the legality much earlier, but that would clearly be too transparent and above the tactics of their arrogant, feeble leadership.

Big Business and Big EVIL Government didn't want to enrage the "little tax paying people". If they had been honest and taken this action earlier there would have been 2 million plus signatures sent to Victoria. So at the last moment with no time to respond via petition and having limited options, they circled the wagons as they have done many times before and spun this desperate and dishonest court action.

Regardless of the outcome of the court ruling the people of BC have totally lost all trust and respect for this government. The "little people" have finally made up their minds to get rid of Campbell and all his clowns.

fear of the transparency of
winters et al.

can then be assured of tax savings, profits, growth, adding jobs and raising wages. Well maybe just some of the outcomes for some and profits They are puppets to the Premier (as he is a puppet to BC big business) and the elected Liberal MLAs that are now walking the gang plank for interest

Crankypants said...

The sad part is that a lot of the crap that Campbell & Co. have pulled off since the won a majority is public knowledge and known by most of the citizens of BC that are of voting age. The problem is that too many of these voters have chosen to turn a blind eye and make excuses for him rather than hold him to account. Even when he got exposed for his escapade in Hawaii, there were tons of callers on the radio shows absolving him of any wrong doing. That coupled with the MSM's penchant to misrepresent anyone not named Campbell as bad for the province and one can see how we got to where we are.

I also think that Campbell is really just the front man for the Howe Street gang. The Howe Streeters were probably very instrumental in getting him the leadership of the BC Liberal Party on the understanding that he would do as they say. The rest, as they say, is history.

According to one of AGT's postings on his blog, it was Patrick Kinsella that was instrumental in getting Christy Clark her gig on CKNW. That one move alone basically guaranteed that the radio waves would cater to the BC Libs considering that Bill Good was onside many years before. The Canwest and Globe Media were already pro Liberal, so that took care of the newspapers and television.

Remember the Richard Stewart/Eileen Brenzinger incident in Campbell's first term as Premier where Stewart was accused of fondling her tush. After it became public, Stewart was absolved because Brenzinger developed amnesia. Next election both of them faded from the provincial scene and I for one believe that they were bought off by the Howe Streeters.

There are a lot of dots to be joined, but I think when one accomplishes this feat, one can see why the Howe Streeters brought forth their court challenge to the FightHST Initiative. Their frontman has slowly losing his grip on many of the electorate courtesy of Vander Zalm, Delaney and Tieleman. So they elicted the help of a former Campbell cabinet minister, Geoff Plant who just happens to work for the law firm of Heenan Blaikie, LLC, which is both a major contributor to the BC Liberal Party but also the only legal firm that is a member of the Independent Contractors & Business Association. The last minute court challenge is very suspicious, but when you couple this with the actions of Craig James, and one can only come to the conclusion that the Howe Streeters are trying to buy time until they can dump Campbell and install their next marionette.


Anonymous said...

Richard the "bum-toucher" is the mayor for Coquitlam. Yikes! Maybe his sexual urges have been satisfied. Lets hope

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

He is not a very bright bulb also.

Kam Lee

In the Dharma said...

Lieberals, Fiberals... they gotta get the boot!

Crankypants said...

Kam Lee

As a resident of Coquitlam, I know Stewart is our mayor. He has also shown that he still thinks he is a member of the BC Liberal caucus. I don't recall him ever questioning anything brought forth by his former master.

I suspect that the only reason he won last time was that his predecessor was pretty useless.

Anonymous said...

Maxine ran out of gas, and the lieberal machine was in full assault to have their own mayor there. As I live in PM, I have been following the local scenes in the tri-cities for many years. Rich and I have had several conversations over his time in office. A "pretty face" but nothing on the top floor. He follows the master. It's a three ring circus in Coquitlam, with Sekora there also. We have Joe, and PoCo has the other lieberal toadie Moore. Best regards CP!

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Mr. Campbell, I want open and accountable government, just as you stated. What did you discuss, and what will you be trying to implement on the citizens of this province?

Anonymous said...

Terrace News:

"Today · It is Thursday, July 7, 1994 in the afternoon and the BC Legislature is debating The Recall and Initiative Act. Gordon Campbell, Opposition Leader has the floor. Here is a section:

G. Campbell: Section 14 really deals with the commencement under the bill. A number of other amendments have been put forward to the House with regard to this. It seems to me that it is in all of our interests to encourage this to happen as quickly as possible -- as soon as is practicable has been suggested earlier. I would like to suggest to the House that we may want to move with the kind of timing used in the earlier legislation of 1919.

I'm going to move an amendment to section 14, as follows: "If required, initiative votes shall be called by the government for a date not earlier than three months and not later than ten months after the select standing committee refers the initiative petition and draft bill to the chief electoral officer, pursuant to section 13, above."

The rationale behind this is that I think there are times when it's important for us to act expeditiously. Again, I think the principles behind this bill are those of providing the citizens with full access and full accountability of their public institutions and indeed of some of their public policy. I believe the amendment allows us ample time to put a properly constituted referendum before the public. I urge the government and the House to consider the adoption of this amendment, so that once again we can reiterate our concern for providing full access to initiative opportunities for the citizens of British Columbia." (end of quote)

Hard to imagine that the concern for acting "expeditious" while in opposition does not stand the test once the need for action is directed at you. Now a free vote, albeit a good idea, might (repeat might) give liberal MLA's a chance to salvage some of their credibility, but allowing it would probably be like Campbell signing his own political death warrant.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why, the Ministers and the MLA's, still support Campbell? They must not care about their political careers, and what may happen to them, down the road. Campbell, is not a true Liberal. So, perhaps, they may turn to the Conservatives. It is so obvious, that Campbell doesn't care a fig, about his Liberal party name. So he will not step down, to save the party. Campbell has certainly dirtied his own name, and Harper's as well, by association with Campbell, and supporting the HST. BC citizens, have taken note of, Campbell and Harper's, very close relationship.