Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peter Gall Calls 700.000 Anti-Hst Signers Potheads!

Well well well, Have a good read folks, Peter Gall arguing for big business calls 700.000 BCers "potheads"......I signed up hundreds of signatures and there weren`t any potheads, seniors, middleclass, workers, the only potheads are Gordon Campbell`s Cabal and......And their lawyers!!!


Peterr Gall crossed a line by inappropriately making the association with Pot Heads
It would be appropriate to contact his office
Vancouver 604 891.1152
Victoria 250 381.9321
and the head office of his firm (Heenan Blaikie)
1250 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
Suite 2500
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4Y1
T. 514 846.1212
F. 514 846.3427
to expess disapproval with his comments as well as ask the Law Society of British columbia to investigate his conduct and the Canadian Bar Association

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Perhaps the faithful can give Mr. Gall a phone call.........The pure unmitigated Gall of Peter gall to stoop to attacking the public....


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Anonymous said...

Oh the irony of ironies!

It's the same Peter Gall that Vander Zalm hired to help prepare Bill 19 in the late 1980's (Industrial Relations Act), which was a extremely draconian and anti-labour.

Damn the the Zalm. LOL

jaydee said...

Funny thing, of all the people who came to sign the HST Iniative Petiton I only smelled pot on one guy....the same guy who was ranting on about how evil it was for me to be doing it and how great the B.C. Liberals and the HST were!

Yesterdays the now newspaper the scum Keith Baldrey was giving a run down of what he thought an NDP-led government would look like. Nobody cares what you think Baldrey, you and your MSM pals are low life slime and never to be trusted, ever.

He then goes off on another one of his insane rages about the HST, time everyone cut interim (read Campbell plant) CEO Craig James a little slack....blah, blah...and how Craig James' decision has been met with a near-hysterical reaction...the irrational anger that is strangling reasoned debate in this province and the venom aimed at James is an example of that...Those who insist his actions are somehow an assault on democracy are making exaggerated claims. Baldrey, you just don't have a clue...China, the best place on earth, the best place for you and all the MSM, Campbell and all the rat mob and your corporate pals. We think the best place for you all is in a Chinese jail for crimes against the citizens of this province.

Baldrey continues...While I personally feel (Craig) James should have indeed sent the petition to the committee, his failure to do that hardly creates some kind of intolerable anti-democratic atmosphere. No shit!...and those conspiracy buffs who darkly ascribe partisan motives to James' decision are wildly off-base as well...I've known the man for more than 20 years, and can attest to his integrity and independence. So, everyone: calm down.

So slime, at least 705,000+, probably closer to at least 2 million, are, according to you, near-hysterical, irrational, angry, strangling debate, venomous, exaggerating claims, intolerable, conspiracy buffs, darkly ascribing partisan motives, wildly off-base....all coming from a sleazy, untrustworthy MSM big mouth.

As for your 20 years of knowing Craig James and can attest to his integrity and independence shows how little you know about integrity and independence.

Your dirt mouth is typical of a loser in panic mode.

For the full crap August 17, 2010, or better yet just trash it.

jaydee said...

DELTA/Independent MLA offers recall advice


Vicki Huntington, INDEPENDENT MLA for Delta South has some advice for HST opponents hoping to launch recall campaigns after their successful province-wide petition was blocked.....

Fast Forward

She said there's no justification for the government not to follow through on the requirements of the Initiative Act now that the petition has been declared valid.

"You can see the cabinet members and the government members toasting their good luck," she said.

Huntington said the move by Elections B.C. calls into question it's independence.

"I think we have a legitimate democratic process under threat right now in the courts," she said. "Big business has ganged up on Mr. Vander Zalm and I think we OWE HIM SOME SUPPORT in his court case. I think people should be SUPPORTING THE HEAVY COST."

(Patricia Enair, the regional organizer for Fight HST, said the decision hasn't been made yet who to target for recall, but it looks like Surrey-Cloverdale MLA Kevin Falcon might be the preferred choice.)!!

Delta won't be part of a recall with Huntington in Delta South and the NDP's Guy Gentner in North Delta. August 17,2010

Wallace Gilby Craig said a few years back that we might as well put a banner saying "For the rich only" across B.C.'s courthouse. I printed out his blogs but can't find this one but if anyone would like to check his archives..

I can't find another article I also read at the time but it said that it costs $50,000.00 just to get in the door of the supreme court. Yup, and my words, after that in order to proceed you have to sell the house and the kids. People have literally lost everything in Campbell's injustice system. It cost something like $400.00-$600.00 in Alberta and some other provinces.

It is clear what Campbell and his band of merry rats are doing...using the peoples' money and corporate bankrolls to fight the people. He is going to break the peoples' bank which is the only way he knows how to win, fight dirty on our money.

If even only the 705,000+ people who signed the petition each contributed $50.00 (the cost of not too many lattes) we would have a $35,250,000.00 Fight Fund, and at $10.00 each we would have a $7,050,000.00 Fight Fund. If we are successful at ridding ourselves of this rip-off governments' HST we could save $10.00 to $50.00 quite easily in one shopping trip or home reno project.

Donations to Fight HST...

Anonymous said...

I emailed Peter Gall about it, asking him to apologize for his use of the word, and the Vancouver Sun has now changed the article. The Sun wrote to me that he did not use the word at all, and the Sun has apologized for it.
Interesting least that word got dropped from the article.

Anonymous said...

JL said, The Sun wrote to me that he did not use the word at all.
Sure you betcha JL and fucking pigs can fly to.

Have a read you NFG plant.

cherylb said...

Too bad. There's nothing wrong with being a pothead.......:)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

warning off topic:

I just tried to find some Jack Crone / Kash Heed articles to post in a G.S. recall news piece and 3 that I tried have been deleted!

Regardless of how the recall turns out and how the next election plays out our MSM media is the real problem. This trial was not even on the 6pm news (CBC)!

Inevitably the incoming government will be blamed by the MSM for all the debt and destruction Gordo's BC Liberals have wrecked.

Frankly I see this as the biggest problem our province faces. Most people watch canwest / global; a handful at best seek out journalists on blogs. The majority is simply spoon fed news that is inaccurate, ignores the issues, and demonizes anything that doesn't lock step with Howe Street.

What are we going to do about it?

Curly said...

I agree the MSM is a huge part of the problem; I hold them equally culpable - but I actually think Canadians are slowly beginning to wake up to MSM nonsense. However, I would very much like to see the NDP commit to eliminating or seriously downsizing/restructuring PAB as an election promise. Mainstream media and their sponsors I can boycott, but involuntarily having my tax dollars spent on a non-essential spin-meister propaganda unit and troll brigade in these days of fiscal restraint makes me want to puke.

As for the "pot-heads" comment, I think it will only serve to further inflame an already furious public. It shows their true colours, it lets us know who's actually holding the reins and above all, who we need to boycott in order to get our province back. So I actually welcome those kinds of comments.

jaydee said...

As I have said before the MSM is public enemy #1, second goes to Campbell. Campbell would not be able to do what he is doing, destroying our province, without being in bed with the MSM. Here's yet another classic example of why the MSM is ranked #1 ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Another potty mouth 'journalist', Tom Fletcher BC views, More shadows in fantasy garden, August 18, 2010.

I did comment on this which you can read there too. I won't even go into detail about this guy, far too long, you can read it if you wish. BUT.....

I must comment on his lie about the HST in this article....

He states: But voters should remember what Zalm is really demanding. Repeal a federal law, reinstate the provincial sales tax bureaucracy and repay every additional dime collected under the HST.........A NIGHTMARE OF SERVICE CUTS WOULD SURELY ENSUE.......... The costs of this lunacy haven't even been calculated, since everyone, even the supposedly anti-tax NDP, knows it's a fantasy garden.

Potty mouth Fletcher let me explain....your mentor GORDON CAMPBELL made the HST....REVENUE NEUTRAL. If you had any idea what is going on you would understand that.......REVENUE NEUTRAL MEANS.....there simply is NO REVENUE to put towards or take away from the essential, life sustaining service cut-backs forced upon us by Campbell, got that BS from Campbell, Hansen and the mob. Campbell, who has made himself and his cronies very rich with our money and continues to spend billions of dollars on all the wrong things, money which we don't have. How you can lay blame for this HST fiasco on Vander Zalm who had nothing to do with it, makes no sense, the blame belongs on Campbell and his mob. You would be well advised to read up on the meaning of neutral both in regards to the HST and your disgraceful 'style of reporting.'

He made mention, not for the right reason, of Vander Zalm's already impressive legal bills to grow even further. Please, anything anyone can donate to this worthy cause, please do so.

Donations can be made to online. Democracy is priceless.

Curly said...

Jaydee, just for the record, I agree with you. I would like to see the MSM quislings (I will not call them "journalists") held to account for the harm they have helped perpetuate in this province.

Anonymous said...

Read, Canadian Prime Minister Delivers Global Governance Plan. The article was in The Canadian Free Press, quite some time back, Feb. 9, 2010. You will then understand why, the Constitution is gone. Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, there is no such thing anymore. Campbell works for Harper, that's why BC is, a gutted empty shell.

Crankypants said...

I really think that a boycott of as many members of the associations that brought on this bogus court challenge is in order. They have been big donors to the Gordon Campbell led BC Liberal Party from the getgo and no matter what bull they utter to the contrary, could care less about the plight of the citizens of BC.

Not all of us live in ridings that have a Liberal MLA, so we really can't have any effect in a recall campaign.. Some of us may be able to help in canvassing in Liberal ridings, but that is still a few months away. A boycott has no time constraints, no formal rules, no violence, no illegalities and best of all the Howe Street mafia is helpless to stop it. Attacking their collective bottom lines is the strongest message we can send them and their governmental cohorts.


Anonymous said...

And who said what back in 1999. Quote:

Recall season begins November 15th. But what are the chances? Here’s a primer for success cooked up by rumoured BC Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon in 1999.

1. “They have no legitimacy to act as the voice of the public because they were elected on the basis of a lie.”

2. “This is a government that has so completely lost direction, have been involved with so many unethical practices, that people are absolutely fed up.”

3. “The government has completely lost its moral authority to govern.”

4. “The government is very, very vulnerable.”

And if all factors are present then….

“I think recall obviously has a lot of appeal.”

So there you have it from Falcon. Hopefully he'll eat his words come November.