Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canwest Global, the Propaganda Machine Behind Gordon Campbell

I have noticed that Canwest Global and the Vancouver Sun have been busy pimpming every feel good story they can find, fluff stories, stories to deflect your attention from a lying corrupt Gordon Campbell Government, I don`t like to use the Hitler regime as a comparitor but it`s almost identical.....

Even the greasy water boy Les Leyne from the Victoria Times Colonist has gotten into the spin mode, Les Leyne wrote a pathetic piece of garbage yesterday about how Bill Vander Zalm and the 700.000 signers of the Anti HST petition are all in a tizzy over nothing, the comments under his (Opinion piece) were scathing, scathing towards Les Leyne, here Elections BC has violated the law, big business is doing Campbell`s bidding and Les Leyne thinks Vander Zalm and the public`s complaint is way over the top (you can read his garbage here)

The Vancouver Sun has turned into a sick joke, the ran a story the other day, in fact they put it on their front page, the story was about a small group of Chinese tourists in Victoria, they made a big deal about it, recently China named Canada "approved destination status"....Oh my, Chinese tourists in BC??????......This isn`t racism by me, but Chinese people have been coming here forever, ever been to Richmond, Chinatown, the airport, the whole story was about promoting Gordon Campbell and all his trips to China, well excuse me, a group of 14 people from China and the story makes the front page. Some interesting stats were also in the story, the average Chinese tourist stay 27.9 nights and spend $1.634,00 ....Not exactly big spenders are they?(read the propaganda here)

And up in MacKenzie, recently a Foreign overseas company bought the pulp mill in MacKenzie for $20 million dollars, the company name is Sinar Mas, they are going to produce kraft pulp and shipping it to China for processing, 270 employees will be going back to work, first off, I`m amazed that not one Canadian company would purchase the mill, I have my doubts, anyway, Pat Bell, Shirley Bond, Gordon Campbell were all there in MacKenzie for the photo-op, another front page story in the Vancouver Sun, even the Right Wing BC Liberal promotional on line paper Opinion 250 has pimped the hell out of the story, today opinion 250 ran the story again, only this time the story was about some pin Pat Bell has been wearing next to his heart, apparently Pat Bell made a promise to never take the pin off until the MacKenzie mill re-opened, sheesh, another photo-op with Pat Bell shaking the mayor of MacKenzie`s hand. You can read the story here

And Here yet if you really examine the deal, the mill was bought with contracts that guaranteed that the Softwood kraft pulp, 80% of the pulp is getting shipped to Asain mills, in other words the Chinese have secured a raw resource supply and this will result in more BC mills closing down,......

Maybe you think I am knit-picking, not at all, because I have searched high and low in all the Canwest rags for today`s story, I haven`t seen a photo-op with Pat Bell over today`s story....

And just what is today`s highlight BC Story?......The mill in Armstrong is being curtailed(The workers are being laid off) apparently there is no demand for their product, 370 workers are out of work, the Armstrong BC mill was shut down earlier this year too......Yet that story doesn`t get reported, no photo-op there, are you wearing a pin for the town of Armstrong Pat Bell? Pat Bell are you wearing 70 pins?....Why would I say that, because that`s how many mills have closed in BC under Gordon Campbell!...You can see Pat Bell playing with PLEDGE PINS here .....Make sure to have a look at that last link, Pat Bell looks like a used car salesman, the B.C. Liberal party is full of them!

Meanwhile the restaurant industry is bleeding jobs, real estate sales have fallen off a cliff, tourism is down, the Vancouver convention center boondoggle is bleeding red ink, the BC Place roof is way over budget and not on time, the Canada line despite the Canwest hype is losing over $20 million dollars per year, the Golden ears bridge is on pace to lose $20 million dollars this year, B.C. Ferries is barely paying the interest on their massive $1.6 billion dollar debt, BC Hydro is no longer making any money, the BC Rail trial(farce) is still on summer holidays, ......

And it keeps getting better, another phony ICBC story yesterday, because no one drove during the olympics(except the drunk driving BC Liberal Jane Thornthwaitre) accident claims are down and ICBC is possibly, not for sure but possibly going to lower your basic insurance rate by 1.6%....Gee Whiz, you MIGHT save $20 dollars next year, but even that story is phony because if you examine the financial numbers in the ICBC story the numbers are below the previous year, cost of claims are about the same year over year, profits are lower this year than last, if you actually examine the numbers there is no real justification in lowering the rates by $20 dollars, this my friends was another BC Liberal PAB and Canwest deflection story, and the funny part is .......The decrease probably won`t even happen, it has to go before the BCUC.....And, if the BCUC examine the numbers like I did they will say there is no justification for lowering the price, either ICBC was gouging last year and or this is pure politics, perhaps you forgot that Gordon Campbell scooped $ 760 million dollars from ICBC (and he told no one, it wasn`t revealed that the money was taken for months after the fact).......

Without Gordon Campbell stealing rate payer`s money you could add another $760 muillion dollars to Campbell $2.7 billion dollar deficit lie!

I really recommend that people read the ICBC story......Let me point out how flawed the story is and why I know it`s a public relations exercise....

For the same period last year as compared to this year.....

Last year ICBC had profits of $277 million dollars for the reporting period, the same period this year the profit is....$232 million....

Operating expenses at ICBC for the same time frame was....$267 million dollars....For the same period this year operating expenses are....$285 million dollars...

I suspect the Olympics were the reason ICBC expenses were up and profits down but that`s for another day....

Read the ICBC story here

Look friends, I am not trying to jack up anyone`s car insurance rates but the numbers tell a different story, if the BCUC approve a teeny weeny decrease then they should order ICBC to pay back money from previuos years...Oh, one more thing, when you read the ICBC story pay special attention to the first part....The word "could" is placed very carefully, in other words friends, I wouldn`t count on it, they left themselves an out!

Think outside of the box folks and remember that there is a massive Goebbel`s like propaganda campaign going on, the likes of what hasn`t been seen since the 1940s!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

A commentor and myself had this discussion at my place recently because I referred to the "erstwhile" Assperson Empire (Canned Waste/GlowBall) in a posting. Anyhow the remnants of the now split up Assperson Empire is being operated by new "entities" since the Asper's found their wallet too small to succeed in taking over ALL media in Canada - technogical change, the economic meltdown and shit poor journalisms of course contributed to their downfall - but greed was the main factor.

Erstwhile of course means 'past' or 'once' and was my lazy way out of doing the research to see what their alias is today.

Anyway somebody got the TeeVee stations (Shaw maybe?) and though Torstar (Toronto Star) was in the running for the Sun, Province, Post etc., a group headed by management at the Post gained these properties, I think.

Meanwhile it's business as usual with some of the same folks pushing the same agenda under a new name. Kinda like our politicians - Wreck the name Social Credit, do a drive by on Gordon Wilson and steal the Liberal name. Ontario won't cotton up to Western Separatists and Canadian Taliban Fundamentalists, pick up the corpse of the Tory party killed off by Lyin' Brian and the beat goes on - globalization and DEEP intergretion with the empire to the South goes on with barely a burp. The public? all they care about is whether or not they can acquire a new flat screen TeeVee or Stockwell Day water toy.

I don't know who now owns what, or what they call themselves, but it is still the same toxic corporate elite serving bullshit in a slightly different wrapper and my budgie still suffers from constipation if I try to use their product as bird cage litter (unless I shred it so fine he can't read it and discern what it is)!

Anonymous said...

What we need here is a referendum while all or most of the petition players are still in play. Of course it won't be binding but what a great response to the nay sayers who maintain that the the 700 thousand really don't represent the majority wishes of the electorate and are basically too stupid to understand how more taxes are GOOD for them. Of course the turnout mightn't be terrific; then again it might, but regardless of how many people vote ( Keep it open over a long weekend at least so people get a chance to see it) what you want is a few unambiguous questions:
1. Do you agree that the Campbell government has the right to bring in a major new tax only two months after saying in the election campaign that there would not be any new taxes?
2. If the choice were up to you would you be in favour of or against implementation of the HST?

Get a few hundred thousand BCers to vote on that and we will see what the real numbers are.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again, Les Leyne of the TC is like a schoolboy seeking attention. I started reading his piece yesterday, but once I got pass the headline I knew what the story would be about and of course his opinion. But wait, it changes every day and to prove my point, here's today's comment from wishy washy Les... " Les Leyne column: For provincial NDP, things get better and better"
Talk about someone who sits on the fence and leans both ways depending on what THE OTHER MEDIA is thinking. Gotta try & keep up with the big boys from sleepy Victoria.

Guy in Vic

Gary E said...

Along the lines of the local Goebbels Machine did you notice that when Joe Arvay finished his first arguments it took the local bird mats till evening to report on it? (some the next day). But when the gov't suit finished his argument it was about a micro second to hit the net. Very slanted I might add.

Anonymous said...

What we really need more than politicians in BC is REAL MEDIA that is not bought and paid for. There are obviously blogs out there that have real reporting but how many British Columbians are simply fed the Canwest/Global pablum completely unaware of any corruption?

The next government will inherit the all the debt and corruption the BC Liberals made and the existing government will lay all the blame on the new one.

We need media reform.

Anonymous said...

The NDP MUST return to its socialist roots and when it returns to power it MUST nationalize all industry, media, etc. in this province for the benefit of the people.

And the NDP MUST also create a provincial militia comprised of workers to defend the socialist cause against the bourgeoisie reactionaries - Just like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

And the Les Leynes, the Vaughn Palmers, the Keith Baldreys of this world will be sent to socialist re-education camps until they realize that they MUST work for the people.

Power to the people!

Evil Eye said...

The Joseph Goebbels Gambit: "Repeat a lie often enough and the public will believe it is true."

The real quote is thus: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

A few more quotes from the late (bullet in the head) Herr Goebbels.

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

One hopes that Herr Campbell suffers the same fate as Herr Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Vancouver Sun has stopped allowing comments on HST stories, while The Province continues to. I guess the BC Liberal water carries at the Sun didn't like what they were reading form the public.

I also noticed that you can comment on Mike Smythe's pieces at the Province but never Palmer's at the Sun. It's like they don't want the 'great unwashed' commenting on their most vaunted columnists.

I'm not a fan of either paper but I have to say I never thought I'd see a day where The Province was the better of the two (at least online). What a sad state print journalism is in in this Province.

PS. If you're going to surf Canwest sites, I recommend doing so with your web browser ad blockers turned on ; )