Saturday, August 14, 2010

Christy Clark Attacks Bill Teileman

I find Christy Clark(the stutterer) to be so offensive, a woman who is in favour of the trophy bear hunt, wants all roadside memorials removed, is against public education, a radio voice who has lied on air and been caught....

In fact after I filed complaints against Christy Clark to the CBSC(Canadian broadcast standards council) she had to RETRACT ON AIR......Christy Clark made the claim that under David Hahn BC Ferries made $500 million dollars ??????......Which was an utter lie, BC Ferries wasn`t even making enough money to pay the interest payment on their $1.6 billion dollar debt.......

Her retraction was pathetic, Debra Marshall of BC Ferries tried to bail Christy out by forwarding an email to me that said ........BC Ferries after receiving a debenture from the BC Government took the debenture and went out and borrowed $500 million dollars from German banks, BC Ferries took that money and gave it to Gordon Campbell`s Government.....That is how Christy Clark retracted, ........That money wasn`t profit, the money paid to Gordon Campbell was BC Ferries debt, debt they incurred when Gordon Campbell sold B.C. Ferries.....PERIOD.......(You can read about Christy Clark lying and her retraction here)

Sometime later Brian from Garden bay phoned into the Christy Clark show and was caller number 8 and won 2 tickets to Molson Hockey House on opening night of the Olympics.....

However when Christy Clark found out who won the prize she and CKNW reneged on the prize and denied tickets to Hockey House.....After delaying Brian for 2 weeks with opening night 2 days away Brian was informed by Tom Plasteras that he would nor receive tickets to Molson`s Hockey house for opening night of the Olympics but instead they would send Brian 2 tickets to Don Rickles at the River Rock Casino in May/2010.......(you can read the story here)

Thay my friends all orchestrated by the Vindictive "Political hack" named Christy Clark......

Speaking of irony.......A month ago the airwaves were live with the story about Gregor Robertson ........Gregor forgot his mike was live and after a session at city hall Gregor Robertson swore and called the people opposed to Rental housing in the West End..."NPA Political Hacks".........

Christy Clark made a big deal for days on her program about Gregor Robertson calling people NPA hacks but it appears that Crusty Clark has no problem dragging BC Liberal foes into the mud......

Well folks, the only political hacks on CKNW are Crusty Clark/Bill Good and Gord(Nauseating)MacDonald!.......

Anyway, on Thusday Cluck Cluck Clark was defending the big business law suit and .....Clark said that she believes Johnathon Winters(BC Chamber of Commerce) law suit has merit where as Bill Vander Zalm`s law suit does not!.......Cluck Clark also stated that Richard Nuefeld(The ex BC electoral Chief) erred by allowing the Anti-HST petition question to proceed and.......

Clark said......The new appointee to Elections BC is an expert, he was "A law clerk in the Legislature" .....He must be an expert because he is a law clerk...Snip!....And then Crusty Clark blurted out ON AIR.....And I quote....

"Bill Teileman has been a backroom political HACK for decades" SNIP.

Well well well......Now the shoe is on the other foot, Crusty Clark has no problem dragging the juice boy through the mud over calling complainers "NPA HACKS"......

Yet Crusty feels justified calling Bill Teileman a political hack(You can hear Cluck Cluck calling Bill Teileman a political hack here)...Cue up Thursday August 12/1:00 PM..Fast forward to 1:35 pm.

Can you imagine folks, Crusty Clark is single handily bringing down CKNW and Gordon Campbell, all she has managed to do is anger callers,listeners and the masses......How stupid can these people be?

There is more folks, Bridgette Anderson(Gordon Campbell`s press secretary) has suddenly quit, quit to take a job for less money as a marketer for a private school!!!! Oh indeed friends the rats are fleeing the SS Campbell fast.

Christy Clark is in full blown panic mode, Bill Good is in shock, Canwest, Global, CTV.....They are all seeing the light, Gordon Campbell and the B.C. Liberals are dead and beyond revival!

As for the law suits against the Anti-HST petition, no worries friends, this move will make "Recall in the Fall" a certainty!......There will be recall in the lower mainland starting on November 15.......It`s not cold in the lower mainland, everyone will be home early, the people will be spending on Christmas and paying HST on everything and will be angry, it`s a perfect time for recall recall recall recall.......The frozen north can wait until the new year, by then there will be enough BC Liberals embroiled in recall from the GVRD and Vancouver island to bring an end to this corrupt Government....

Recall my friends is not in doubt anymore, in fact I sent an Email to the BC Chamber of Commerce, directed towards Johnathon Winters, I personally thanked him for launching the law suit against millions of BCers, because of his actions, all orchestrated by Gordon Campbell will fuel "Recall in the Fall".......

For if anyone doesn`t think that Gordon Campbell arranged this......Geoff Plant wrote the op-ed piece months and months ago about the Zalm`s petition not being valid........When Gordon Campbell was asked about the Anti-HST petition in June/2010 and what he would do about it....

Gordon Campbell answered..."I will follow the rule of law as to the HST petition" snip......

So over a month before Bill Vander Zalm submitted the petition, a month before Johnathon Winters law suit was filed Gordon Campbell said......"I will follow the rule of law" snip.....

A very odd statement but it`s the same statement Gordon Campbell made after the NEW appointed BC Electoral officer refused to present the initiative, very odd indeed, in other words friends, Gordon Habitual liar Campbell knew there was going to be a law suit, Gordon Campbell removed Richard Nuefeld only to be replace him with a Flunky Legislative law clerk....

This is all good folks.....In fact I suggest to all our contributors to Email Johnathon Winters and thank him for making "Recall in the Fall" a certainty!...His email is.....

Send him an email giving thanks folks, I`m sure he and Gordon Campbell would appreciate it!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, Vander Zalm said that recalls will not happen until the spring - after Christmas and due to the weather. So will it be recall in the fall or recall in the spring?

Another thought - The LIEberals will do anything to keep power and prevent recall. I suspect that once we initiate recall in a particular riding, the LIEberals will have a plant who will also initiate a recall petition in the same riding at the same time in order to confuse voters and screw up the process.

It has been done before. Just look at the previous recall petitions at Elections BC and several recalls were initiated in the same riding at the same time in order to screw up the REAL recall campaign.

Something to keep in mind.

Crankypants said...

Christy Clark is the epitomy of misinformation. Her handle on the facts about pretty much everything is faulty and because of this, she makes a dreadful talk show host.

I would like to know what her legal background is to categorically state that the big business court challenge has legal merit while the one brought forth by the FightHST initiative will fail. Did she consult her Ouija Board, a seer with a crystal ball, or maybe her sex therapist? Let's face it, she has been nothing but a BC Liberal plant put into a position where she can do publicly what the PAB message machine wants her to. Rumor has it that Patrick Kinsella was instrumental in getting her the gig in the first place and the rest, as they say, is history. Portions of her show each day amount to nothing more than an infommercial for Campbell and his cohorts.

Grant, I believe the other commentator you refer to is Gord McDonald, not Norm.


jaydee said...

This can and will get very dirty or worse. We are dealing with very rich, ORGANIZED crime. Safer and more effective....



Please send your donations to Fight HST, they are desparately needed.

Quibbler said...

Gordo doesn't need organized crime to get involved, he's well paid by the mining companies to do their bidding. I now think of him as the easiest politician money can buy - note: I did not say the best.

Mining Association Memberships (only those with contributions)

Absorbent Products Ltd.: 2,400.00
Barrick Gold Corporation: 50,700.00
Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd.: 1,200.00
Breakwater Resources - Myra Falls: 11,400.00
Compliance Energy Corporation: 1,200.00
Copper Mountain Mining: 24,830.00
First Coal Corporation: 3,000.00
Goldcorp Inc.: 242,200.00
Hard Creek Nickel Corporation: 1,650.00
Highland Valley Copper: 288,800.00
Hillsborough Resources Limited/Quinsam Mine: 1,040.00
Huckleberry Mines Limited: 4,500.00
Imperial Metals Corporation: 54,530.00
Klohn Crippen Berger: 7,850.00
Ledcor: 59,000.00
New Gold Inc.: 8,550.00
Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering (UBC): 75,800.00
Northgate Minerals Corporation: 1,450.00
NovaGold Resources Inc.: 1,650.00
Roca Mines Inc.: 3,000.00
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.: 10,000.00
Taseko Mines Limited: 30,150.00 (2008/2009)
Teck Resources: 28,000.00
Thompson Creek Metals (Endako Mines): 1,000.00
Western Canadian Coal Corp. 28,700.00 Gary Livingstone Principal Officer...he's also Second Principal Officer of Mining Association of BC who contributed 13,180.00. MABC and member company contributions approximately $955,000.00
Various mines not listed separately above, or having membership in MABC: 98,480.00
Various "Mineral Exploration" companies, not MABC members: 111,622.00

Quibbler said...

The 30 organizations (and some of their member companies) that support the HST, along with their approximate donations to the Liberal Party of BC from 2005 to 2009 are:

Business Council of BC, .. no donations found thus far.
*BC Chamber of Commerce, .. $1.080.00 from various chambers.
Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC, .. $17,495.00...from various Accountants.
Retail Council of Canada, .. $5,750.00
BC Technology Industry Association, .. $30,590.00
Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, .. no donations found thus far.
*Mining Association of BC, .. approximately $955,780.00
*Council of Forest Industries, .. about $982,215.00
BC Trucking Association, .. $79,650.00 various trucking companies who are likely members.
BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, .. $122,000.00
*Coast Forest Products Association, .. about $1,148,100.00
New Car Dealers Association of BC, .. $442,089.00
BC Construction Association, .. $21,000.00
BC Pulp and Paper Steering Committee, .. no donations found thus far.
Truck Loggers Association, .. $33,020.00
Motion Picture Industry Association of BC, .. $13,575.00 plus approx $15,000.00 from Vancouver Film Studios owned by CN Chairman, David McLean.
Greater Vancouver Gateway Council, .. $12,840.00 from various members.
Railway Association of Canada, .. $172,410.00 from CN's David McLean, $43,780.00 FROM CP and $9,250.00 from Southern Railway with BNSF coming in at $4,026.75
*Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC, .. $60,160.00 direct contribution - plus $612,000 in 2005 and $267,900 in 2009 for a total of about a million in anti-NDP, pro-Liberal advertising from 2005 to 2009. (Thank you Ian and Ross!)
Initiatives Prince George Development Corporation, .. $695.00
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, .. $19,820.00
Association for Mineral Exploration BC, .. $9,680.00
New Media BC, .. $1,000.00
*Western Convenience Store Association, .. $500 and $47,320.00 (Mac's and 7-Eleven)
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, .. $5,400.00 plus various Pipeline companies donations, .. $131,921.00
BC Agriculture Council, .. no donations found thus far.
Coal Association of Canada, .. no donations found thus far.
BC Food Processors, .. $10,490.00
Aggregate Producers Association of BC, .. no donations found thus far.
Construction Labour Relations Association of BC, .. $61,183.00
Coalition of BC Business, .. $142,000 in anti-NDP, pro-Liberal advertising (not considered a donation by Elections BC ditto with Independent Contractors Ass'n.)

I'm certain I've missed quite a few, but this should give us an idea. If the biggies can afford these types of donations for politics, they can afford to pay their share of taxes.

A couple of other donations caught my eye as well:
$16,457.00 from McDonald's Restaurants...instead of rewarding Campbell, why don't you give your trainees a raise?

$345,116.54...from various other restaurants in BC. Wow! Business must have been great in order to serve up that kind of political giftie! Hope you think the same way in 6 months.

Evil Eye said...

The RCMP should launch a criminal investigation to all those mentioned above to see if these were legitimate donations or influence peddling.

cherylb said...

Vander Zalm is not the only person who will be organizing recall campaigns and Fight HST is not able to, as each riding has to have a proponent who lives in the riding. Recalls can happen at any time after November 12. Please consider carefully where you want your donations to go as if you send them to Fight HST, they will likely be applied to the court case. If you wait until recall starts and send your donation to the proponent, it will help fund their campaign directly.

jaydee said...

FYI, the donations I refer to are donations requested by Fight HST for the legal challenge. As you state we have to wait until recall starts to donate to the proponents' campaigns and that, as yet, has not been determined. Further donations for that too may/will be required. Whatever it takes. The regular people who come to this sight understand the process and will, I can assure you, consider very carefully where they want their donations to go. Sorry if you misunderstood what I was referring to.

cherylb said...

Sorry Jaydee - I didn't misunderstand. I was clarifying. I too, understand the process as I was very involved in the citizens' initiative. I also happen to know that some of the recall campaigns are already being planned.