Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colin Hansen Had No Authority To Sign the HST Deal!

Well well well, I have been looking at the HST deal Colin Hansen and Jim Flaherty signed, as far as I am concerned, Colin Hansen had no right to sign the agreement, Colin Hansen signed the agreement on November 30th, 2009, Jim Flaherty signed the agreement on November 27th, 2009.........

I don`t "Recall" the BC Legislature giving Colin Hansen that authority, there was no vote, we still had the PST in November, there is no bloody way that it`s constitutionally legal for one man to sign away our taxing authority to the Federal Government....


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, THIS AGREEMENT IS SIGNED IN DUPLICLATE, in English and in French, each version being equally authentic,

((The Government of Canada at,___

The Government of British Columbia at,



This 27th day of November, 2009_____________________________ This 30th day of November, 2009

By by

__"James M. Flaherty"_____________________________________"Colin Hansen"___________

Minister of Finance for the Government of Canada_____ Minister of Finance for the Government of British Columbia


and in French, each version being equally authentic,
_____ Ottawa________________
THIS _27th DAY OF November , 2009_ THIS _30th DAY OF _November , _2009____
Minister of Finance for the Government of
Minister of Finance for the Government of
British Columbia


Look friends, I don`t know what kind of scam is going on here, but Colin Hansen signed the above agreement in vancouver, what the hell is in Vancouver?...Not the legislature, the only thing in Vancouver is Colin Hansen`s office,.

The day we BCers allow individual members of the Government to do as they please without accountabilty is the day this Province dies, and if Stephen Harper doesn`t respect the will of 90% of BCers then he will surely feel the wrath come the next Federal election! (You can read the entire secretly signed agreement here)

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Tim said...

Hansen has the power under Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs Act which was ennacted in 1996. Normally under the British/Canadian system of government treaties do not need to be ratified by parliament and are considered a royal perogative.

Grant G said...

Oh no he doesn`t...Not according to the Supreme court of Canada and our Canadian Constitution.

Every other Province who went for the HST had to vote on it in their legislature...

Talk to the supreme court !!!!!

Grant G said...

I`ll take the words of Joe Arvay over you in a heart beat...

Anonymous said...

And Tim, what is your authority? Or maybe you work for the PAB, I don't know.

This wasn't some treaty. This is taxation without representation. And, the people of spoken.

And yes, we must all be weary of the Cons in Ottawa. I hate to say it, but they're one in the same as the lieberals in BC as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Harper and Campbell, are two peas in a pod. They both use the same underhanded tactic's. Harper, prorogues parliament. Campbell is not calling a fall Legislature. They both, are pathetically easy to see through. They are both dictators. Campbell the coward, leaves the country, when the HST debate was in Legislature. Now, the spiteful little boy, isn't going to have a fall Legislature. Harper and Campbell, are the worst politicians, in the history of Canada. Harper, is destroying Canada. Campbell, has already destroyed BC. We will be 50 years, cleaning up Campbell and Hansen's mess. Some of that mess, is beyond redemption, destroyed, forever.

jaydee said...

Great digging Grant, thanks for working so hard for us so we know what is REALLY going on.

Mr. Vander Zalm should have all his costs paid as should all winners in supreme court but again that is not the way it works in Campbell's Injustice System. You sometimes win but you can lose everything you have.

(Campbell's) B.C. Corporate Party of B.C. and (Harper's) Canadian Corporate Party of Canada, that's what we have. Absolutely no representation for the people.

We must have a Proportional Representation voting system in place in time for the next provincial and federal elections and a strict set limit on party election funds, to be equal for all parties and one all can afford and no other donations to any party (bribe money) ever.

Recall the Campbell corporate party in the fall, not just a few but take as many down as we need to rid ourselves of the corporate power and all the thugs.

We are such a well-oiled machine now! when we are done with Recall here and the BCCPBC are taken down then we should take on the CCPC!! Harper's gotta go too. B.C. has never had a vote federally, the decision is made by Ontario and Quebec who together hold the majority and all the power and are unfairly rewarded vote-wise and money-wise. Why do we put up with this foreeeevver?

Anonymous said...

It is vitally important to link Harper to Campbell with this HST.

Voters need to realize that this same loss of democracy felt over the HST is business as usual for Harper. He'll sell our country's soul for a buck.

BC Liberals are the same as Federal Conservatives in their ideaolagy. They both need taking down.

jaydee said...

Campbell could be considered a side show to detract from what Harper is doing, bigger and worser!! We can only begin to get rid of Harper if the other 8 provinces and 3 territories? get to have their vote counted. Without that Quebec and Ontario are content to see Canada destroyed as they collect their bribe money from Harper. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Kim said...

A friend in the fight showed me a placard idea his young son came up with,

"Gordo and Stevie
Sittin' in a tree
Both say yes to the HST..."

So I added'

"First comes shove
then disparage,
then comes justice by citizens carriage!"

Thought you might like a chuckle.
Fight on brother!

Anonymous said...

As a business owner, an employer and a citizen of BC, I hope the HST referendum holds up the HST and we keep the old stale PST in the garbage where it belongs.