Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Call of Mr. Beckon

The Call Of Mr. Beckon

Written by Grant G

Curiosity and my friend the cat are inseparable, like sugar and spice n everything nice, like choosing friends and accepting family, bitter pills swallowed hard because behind the curtain are not pockets aces, only rags of reality...

One reader named Elwood in comment form expressed passionate dismay Mulcair hasn`t come out against Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal only Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline and I did ponder answering his comment with soothing assurances, only I had no words at the ready, or at least no words that would be both calming and truthful.

Stockings are hung over the fireplace a crowbar in one, hammer in another while the third contains condoms and a half-burnt bible, oh to pry open the vault and smash the contents, to stuff a turkey while protecting oneself from infectious scripture.

Ground zero battle is Enbridge`s northern gateway, we will win by stopping that project in its track cold, for without that victory we lose them all, we`ll stop the hideous Taseko prosperity open pit travesty too, battles won in a war ongoing, "We will never surrender, whatever the cost may be" was uttered at a time when the demise of Britain reflected into the eyes of humanity, history remembers moments but forgets the passage of time, there was no talk at the time of driving tyranny from the streets of Berlin only faint hope of surviving and saving the motherland..

The people have been scared into accepting the unacceptable, 2001 terrorist attacks on World Trade Towers frightened the masses and allowed Governments to steal the locks to your home, data mine us, mails read and physical movements followed, they know of your wife cheating, know of hidden alcohol abuse, Governments knows of your children`s drug addiction, the powers that be are aware of everything wrong in your life yet the masses continue to answer how are you questions with standard fare responses of just fine, couldn`t be better....

I heard a year-end interview on Sunday past featuring Sean Leslie asking Christy Clark a few tepid questions, no followups and any pretense of critical exchange quickly turned to promotional fluff, jobs are coming, statistics fluctuate and LNG plants will save the day, even Christy Clark couldn`t muster on the near eve of Christmas a few honest words, her life reduced to blathering hollow talking points, a robotic marionette with threadbare frayed strings showing..no need to be critical of our media`s performance in year-end interviews of our premier, you can`t beat honesty out of a bait n switch advertisement, media`s failure started a decade ago in British Columbia, excellence of journalism awards are now granted to the best press release readers, they not know where the road to investigative reporting begins, circling shopping mall lots and parking in handicapped spots, no walking any distance for our lame media.

We will stand united guarding our northern front, an unbreakable wall of opposition to Enbridge, and yes, as we protect the front line our left and right flanks will succumb, Kinder Morgan was always going to be difficult to stop, established rightaways, infrastructure in place, Enbridge we stop, and we have time on our side with Kinder \morgan, time for turning algae fields into vast crude oil producing farms, time to turn the moon into an electrical energy producing behemoth, time to learn from past mistakes..

The powers that be put fear into the people`s minds, 2009 Wallstreet theft that stole all the money, bored bankers playing games of chance with $trillion dollar playing pieces, these hellbankers threatened to expose the Government books and reveal the true extent of the crimes blackmailed silence from all, not only were they left unpunished but rewards of bailouts and free money to lend, media too cooperated by changing the historical accounts of this time, now regarded as a "recession" ...

The winners write the headlines, headlines scared the public into accepting unabated looting of resources and deliberate degrading of a finite environment...

Christmas spirit and good cheer, being blessed by a new progressive Pope or being touched by an eagle`s feather, both symbolic and spiritual, homes adorned with 14 million LED lights or the flickering of a lone candle placed on a paint-chipped window sill, it`s merely a difference of scale....

 I have no words to soothe what burns within Elwood, or any of you, we shall carry on, we will battle the front lines and lose some flank incursions...I never expected to win all the battles, only the big ones, as for politics, the winning, the words played, one needs first to gain power, then make positive change, Mulcair can`t run on opposing everything, the people, your friends and neighbours have been scared into acceptance, the economy, oil-based economic growth or doom and despair will descend like locusts, a with us or with the enemy stageplay is being played out, fear and loathing, divide, lie, cheat to win...

We can win this battle with information, with words, with truth and compassion, there is no more silence in the world, even while sleeping Mr. Beckon calls.


P.S.....A merry Christmas to all, to Kootcoot with his cut to the bone sharp tongued comments, to professor Robin Mathews for his much desired contributions, to Jean, to Kim, to my interior fighting friend and diva Leah, to Istvan who still reads but no longer comments, to all you passionate blogging writers too numerous to mention by name, and of course to the many thousands who visit daily I wish you all a Merry Christmas...And yes, Merry Christmas to Keith Baldrey, Bill Good and Jessica, to Vaughn Palmer and all the other media, and even a Merry Christmas to Alex Tsakumis., our swords will continue to clash with all of them..And lastly a very Merry Christmas to my Mom and all mothers out there...

Thanks for being a calming influence in our lives..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

Fine piece.

Appreciate the lift you offer up.

Thanks again for being (t)here.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well as all the other good people who come round here

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and all of us in opposition to Enbridge Grant. All the best in 2014, possibly the year I get to shake your hand in person on the front lines my friend.

Vigilant Citizen said...

The truest form of rebellion is uncompromising righteousness. In this day and age, I don't believe that a true rebel runs the streets with a weapon yelling stuff. True rebels live the life they believe is right, no matter the consequences. Those in power do not fear some random person with a weapon. They can easily control that. Those in power fear those of us that are not corruptible, not buy-able, not brainwash-able, and not scare-able. And that is what being a vigilant citizen is all about.

Be well, good people.

John's Aghast said...

Merry Christmas Grant. Thanks for what you do.
I don't know how effective you are, but it would be a pretty bleak outlook without you and Norm and Laila.
Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

Many of us grew up in the, good, decent, democratic Canada. Harper, his *merry* henchmen and his Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have worked very hard to destroy everything that was Canada. Everything with the name Canada in it,is being dismantled. Christy Clark is every bit as much a traitor as, Harper and Campbell are.All of them, have been accused of, cheating to win.

They'll keep spending until, we learn to love them.
Dec 22/2013

The citizens of BC have always had, two monsters to battle. Harper and his so called Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

We went to war so, we wouldn't have such as, Herr Harper running this country.

Let us all concentrate on having a good Christmas. In the New Year we will soldier on, with our battle against Harper and the BC Liberals lies, deceit, thefts corruption, cheating to win and oppression.

Just for the Record said...

Stephan Hume has fired off a pretty good opening volley.


Pipeline debate shaping up as propaganda war

Northern Gateway: It is a serious mistake to characterize opposition to project as simply from fringe radicals

Just for the Record said...

Small-town B.C. chamber slams provincial business group over proposed pipeline.


By Keven Drews, The Canadian Press

Long Beach Chamber of Commerce members are taking a very vocal and public stand against the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

Their motive is simple: past experience.
In late December 1988, fuel from an 850,000 litre spill in Grays Harbour, Wash., made its way north to the west coast of Vancouver Island, fouling local beaches, killing thousands of seabirds and closing commercial shellfish operations.

"Our business community can't afford any spills," said Gord Johns, executive director of organization that represents about 300 businesses in the tourism mecca on Vancouver Island.

"Effectively, that would just wipe us out."

"We certainly know that coastal communities in British Columbia will unite together to stand up to challenge any threat to the ecosystem and the food security and economies of the coast of British Columbia," he said. "And we've seen that in the past. I would not underestimate that that will happen again."

For the Record said...

The Mechanics Of Electoral Fraud In Canada

Cons Made 6 Million Election Calls, Refuse To Hand Over Call Records