Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pipelines And Tankers, Economic Cost And Environmental Risks

Thanks to all of you for tuning in and caring....Below is a link to a video and presentation by one of our Environmental Rock Stars, that being Robyn Allan...

Please take the time to watch and do pass on through Facebook, Twitter, your friends and relatives..

Clearly Stephen Harper is a madman out of control, he`s a puppet of the oil industry, Stephen Harper has brought not only shame to Canada`s international reputation he and his party have assaulted science, fisheries, Stephen Harper`s Conservative party are engaged in a ruthless campaign hellbent on dividing Canadians, pitting province against province, legislating hatred towards indigenous Canadian First Nations..

Stephen Harper`s playbook comes straight out of the Republican party Christmas stocking..

As you know The Straight Goods goes after everyone, the NDP, the BC Liberals, the Conservative party of Canada, we don`t look the other way like self-anointed kings of blogging, for those who claim to report on municipal, provincial, Federal and the world scene these writers seem trapped in the petty world of national inquirer gossip, nary a word on Stephen Harper`s disrespect of our veterans, of our scientists, not a word about the sea of lies coming from the PMO`s office...And that is a shame, when excuses, obfuscation and deliberate ignorance is portrayed..The PMO office, the highest office in Canada and at present the most corrupt office in Canada.....Everyone needs to weigh in on the obvious.

The Straight Goods strives to stay on message and vows to never become a partisan soap box, all sides will be targeted here...

Now to the matter at hand.....I present to you a fact-filled video...(click the below link)

Robyn Allan


And for those concerned with the plight of our brave veterans and Stephen Harper`s ideological assault upon them...Here`s another good link.


Stephen Harper`s Conservative party votes to NOT enhance the Canada Pension CPP


Stephen Harper votes to..

 Conservatives resist move to change PMO policy on deleting e-mails

Conservative senate majority vote to block entwined in controversy senators from testifying


And please, no comments about our lamestream media....Those other venues have to look in the mirror, they can lie to you but they can`t lie to themselves...Karma is a bitch..

Comments on Robyn Allan`s video and the glaring disrespect of our veterans by the Conservatives only and or other political scandals..

And no John Furlong, that distraction and trial is set for 2015....2 years away or more..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

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