Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline And Stephen Harper`s Con Party, Both Going Down Hard!

The reckoning of reality merges with delusional future forecasts to create a modern day tragic Shakespearian play, politicos promising a smorgasbord of prosperity, wealth for all, health for all, education, world travel, a lifestyle made for kings and queens, for the rich and famous, for you, for average Dick and Jane, for everyone and all one has to do to receive these heavenly gifts is to accept, allow and endorse unabated resource extraction, to allow pipelines, drilling, water exploitation and the inevitable poisoned environments...

A mere 100,000 people in Canada work in resource extraction and if one believes energy company propaganda we will all be working extracting oil n gas, there are near 30 million jobs in Canada, 100,000 are in resource extraction...Let me repeat that, there are near 30 million jobs in Canada, 100,000 are in resources extraction...

1/3rd of 1% of Canadians work in resource extraction yet a corrupted, corporation controlled Federal Government advertises and portrays Canada as a deadland, a country without hope of surviving a fragile economic world without giving in and ceding all that is pure, clean and renewable, ceding the air we breathe, water we drink to an industry with a record of pollution, shortcuts, lies and denial, an all greedy profits above all else industry, oil companies couldn`t care less about anyone`s wellbeing, the country`s wellbeing, energy companies care only of personal profits for the few

There isn`t one educated person alive who really believes oil and energy companies will make any country rich, a country`s people rich...Only irrational bought politicians who care only of directorships and Swiss bank accounts talk of such fantasies, elected liars giving their all to sell the lie, a continuance of the Ponzi, a la la land of make-believe and sparkle ponies, a place where time stands still and the future never comes, the skills shortage, the need for millions of workers, all con propagated by the same roundtable players, a circle of lies emanating from the same table, a table consisting of the corporate mouthpieces, current day politicians clinking expensive wine glasses, gobbling caviar and waving expense account write-it-all-off credit cards, and you my friends are picking up the tab..

Time that stands still, Christy Clark claims we have 150 years worth of natural gas, Allison Redford claims Alberta has 150 years worth of tar goop oil, but what does that mean, in what context, does British Columbia have 150 years of natural gas with one LNG plant operating or 15 years worth of natural gas with ten LNG plants operating, numbers matter and math never lies, only accountants, Alberta has how much goop, 150 years worth with resource extractors feeding two pipelines or 30 years of goop being fed into 50 pipelines.....A giant LNG plant in full operation employs 250 people, a pipeline once built employs a mere handful of workers...

150 years is a micro-second of time, peak oil is a reality and yes the USA may become near self sufficient in energy production but that scenario will last not even a decade, the crash back to a finite resourced earth will be painful.....Painful for all, Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline will be stopped, peak oil, peak gas, peak food and already past peak fresh water, ...Peak oil means not two or four tar goop pipelines but fifty pipelines, fifty pipelines means extracting oil so fast, so furious, so water intensive that 150 years will be 30 years, .....10 LNG plants in British Columbia means 30 years and all our natural gas is gone,.....How is it that our elected politicians never change their numbers, their talking points, how much natural gas do we have, how much tar goop is in the ground, you can`t double, triple, quadruple extraction rates and have the end exhaustion date remain the same, Someone is zooming someone..

Energy companies will make no country or populous rich, they will make themselves rich at the expense of life itself, water, finite water, wildlife, vanishing wildlife, human health, vanishing human health, rising cancer rates, autism epidemics, the children are sick and 150 years is not forever, oil extractors will take the easy pickings first, the last 80 years worth of goop will be deep, ugly and expensive and they won`t be there to assist, there is no more water on earth today than there was 200 hundreds years ago, water is continually renewed, recirculated and refreshed only now natural refreshed water contains caffeine, contains a witch`s brew of pharmaceutical compounds, water purification techniques have failed to keep up with the millions of trace chemicals found in drugs, in petroleum products, insanity on a grand scale, northern Alberta is a toxic sewer, the Athabaska river a cancerous conduit, plans to put trillions of gallons of freshwater, after first saturating water with toxic chemicals into British Columbia`s groundwater and for what.....250 workers will run a LNG plant, times 10 is 2500 workers and within 2 decades we are out of natural gas and fresh water..

100,000 workers employed in resource extraction in Canada, corporations have been predicting for over a decade now a skills shortage, a three card monte game of ruse and trickery, get the Government to train workers, prod universities to train millions of welders, plumbers and mechanics all to join a rapidly growing application for work line up...For when there are millions of extra workers wages can be lowered and lowered, bars dropped and expectations of a rich and famous lifestyle dashed...Automation, robotization and obsoletism will be the future buzz words, these corporate screws use the shortage of millions of future workers ruse to gain leverage today, to gain access today, to remove environmental laws and regulations today, to lower tax rates today while they promise wimpy burgers and enormous wealth sometime way off in the future, there never will be...that day

And the politicians know this, the facts are undeniable, Tim Hortons doughnuts can`t find skilled workers, we can`t pour coffee in Canada, we can`t mine coal in Canada, we can`t build ships, and yes, even the Alberta tar sands are going whole hog on bringing in, bringing in read this well...Cheaper labour, complicit keep your mouth shut, pay your fees, pay the recruiter indentured temporary workers...


A large LNG plants employs 250 person.....A 700 kilometer pipeline once built employs less than 10 workers....Unlimited oil and energy supply to China means the ongoing erosion of Canadian manufacturing, an erosion of standards, of quality of life, increased oil to Asia means more garment workers in India getting burnt to death while working for pennies an hour, more oil to Asia means a never-ending supply of counterfeit goods, fake medicines and a poisoned environment..

150 years of tar goop, 150 years of natural gas in British Columbia and there isn`t a Government alive today that will save money, create future prosperity funds or do anything but spend money faster than it comes in...150 years, or 50 years or even 30 years on a planet earth that is nearly 5 billion years old, oil wasn`t even recovered from the earth until about the year 1900 and by the year 2100 it`s all gone, this position taken by our governments is supposed to bring us comfort, cold or otherwise..

These endless Enbridge ads, the not so subtle threats from the harper Government will continue to fall on deaf ears, by 2020 oil companies, Alberta and the Federal Con party have plans of producing and moving not the 2 millions barrels per day but a 5-fold increase to 10 millions barrels per day, that would require at least 20 more major pipelines and if Enbridge`s northern gateway gets built...Expect a major oil export terminal and pipeline in every British Columbia port...

That`s why our northern British Columbian coast will be defended to the death, to the death of Stephen Harper`s Con oil energy party, or any other political party that threatens our garden of Eden.

We will fight this enemy to the death, we`ll fight this propaganda, we`ll be told that future services are reliant upon oil revenues, health services, pensions, education,  yet those services are already under assault, no more home mail delivery, future monetary increases to Health Canada have already been announced slashed in half, future pensioners will have to work longer to receive less, UIC services slashed, science and research slashed, voices muzzled, federal and provincial advertising propaganda campaigns rising exponentially, every year propaganda budgets increase, unabated Canada action plan ads, stickmen ads, oil pipeline ads, CAPP and Government ads merging as one, rightwing propaganda distortion TV channels pretending to be credible, yes I am talking about Sun News...The Sun News teeny-bop short-sleeved wink and nod female propaganda press release readers combined with a bunch of old white-haired haters, a TV station reliant on two advertisers, Stephen Harper`s Conservative party/The Federal Government and CAPP...

6000 people 2 months ago rallied at Science world against Enbridge, thousands more rallied all across British Columbia, 100,000 across Canada rallied against increased oil/tar/pipelines/tankers and the like and our Global BC, CTV and radio stations like the desperate CKNW failed to even report it...The following Monday(a day after the rallies) there was not one word, not a peep, not a single story on these anti-pipeline rallies from any of the big news outlets, and there was a reason why these news outlets played it that way..

Global BC and CKNW in cahoots with Insights West polling outfit and the Federal Government, in a coordinated propaganda ploy was planning a fake-out,  Enbridge northern gateway pipeline was rising in public support bullshit gambit, they ran it hard on Global news starting at noon, then at 5:00 pm, continued at 6:00pm, CKNW blathered the same bullshit propaganda all based on a shoddy push/pull poll...The poll asked respondents FIRST whether they agreed with increased oil revenues going to health and education, then they asked similar of increased revenue to governments then finally asked the respondents(once they walked them down the garden path) if they were in favor of oil shipments from BC..and even with all that pushing and pulling polling the numbers were vastly against the northern gateway pipeline..

Global BC`s Facebook page lit up with hundreds yelling and screaming calling the report bullshit, Keith Baldrey refused to look or listen to what Global news watchers were saying as he was stuck in a Twitter counting delirium trance...

There has never been a time in history where a populous has been bombarded with this much corporate propaganda.

10,000 years worth of oil supply might give us a blink of time to react, not 50 years, we will never live in a world where 7 billion people all driving cars, flying in jets, crisscrossing the world, it shouldn`t be encouraged because it can`t be maintained long term..

We can`t with good conscience addict an Asian populace on a product that will run dry in mere decades, and we in British Columbia can`t with good conscience allow oil and energy companies along with Stephen |Harper`s Con party to destroy or risk what we hold dear, what can`t be repaired once broken...


The goop in these rail cars that blew up again is the same goop that would be in Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline, tar oil cut with paint thinner, Enbridge`s pipeline ruptured and lit will blow up too



And it`s those reasons why there will be not only violence, not only war in the woods but an expulsion of any Federal Government that attempts to move us aside...

British Columbia has spoken......Enbridge`s Northern Gateway Pipeline is dead on arrival!

Happy New Year.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



dan said...

Here we have the ultimate contradiction from Alberta; can anyone see the idiocy attached to this?

Spending 37 million or more to protect this ecologically sensitive area near Calgary while at the same time promoting a pipeline into BC; a pipeline that has to pass over more than 1000 rivers and streams which, of course, are not in ecologically sensitive areas. Then let’s load the tar sand into a ships hold and sail over the ecologically sensitive north coastline of Canada. Of course Haida Gwaii, is not ecologically sensitive at all; it only was missed by the last ice age so there are numerous rare flora not found anywhere else in Canada but that is not ecologically sensitive right?


Anonymous said...


To the corps and companies, you were warned well in advance before trying to push through this pipeline. No negotiations which were well known in advance of trying to ram your project through. You shouldn't have listened to the so called governments. (crooks) You took the chance years ago to proceed be it selling our resources and land to foreign nations, and attempting to build this pipeline and you lose. No money for you.

On behalf of Citizens of BC and Canada

Elwood said...

Grant, again a well researched and insightful post. And so was your last post. Thank-you!

Grant, something has come to my attention that now leaves me in total despair.

On December 20, Kinder Morgan sneaked something past everybody. Really not much reported in the MSM here.

What did Kinder Morgan do besides file its twinning proposal with the NEB for the Transmountain pipeline?

Kinder Morgan and Imperial Oil announced a $270 million bitumen rail-loading facility in Edmonton to provide an interim “Strategic Bridge” until the completion of Kinder Morgan's Transmountain expansion to the west coast.

And that would permit another 250,000 barrels/day of bitumen to flow by rail to BC's west coast and to Kinder Morgan's existing terminal in Port Moody situate in the Port of Vancouver!!!

250,000 barrels/day represents about 50% of the total volume that would flow through Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline!

And without any environment assessment whatsoever.

The bulk oil trains carrying bitumen will go along the Fraser Canyon. Can you imagine if there was a derailment in the narrow Fraser Canyon with the bitumen cars falling into the Fraser River? The top salmon bearing river system in the world?

And when bitumen is loaded onto tankers at Kinder Morgan's Westbridge terminal - bitumen going past Stanley Park, past the Fraser River estuary, past the Gulf Islands, through sensitive marine habitat, through the orca pods, etc. And when a spill occurs? All destroyed. Forever.

So sad. And here I am typing unable to do anything about it. So much for a happy New Year for me.

Anonymous said...

This is true. It is said. Petro-China put in a bid, to help build the Enbridge pipeline. Of course, it is likely China will use their own cheap labor.

To add insult to injury? As well as giving most of our resources mainly to Communist China? The resource jobs are also given to Harper's, cheap foreign labor.

Christy the ditz also lied and cheated to win the BC election. Families first and 76,000 jobs for the people of BC? Didn't China pay for 800 hectares at Prince Rupert? Is that not where China are building their LNG plants?

Not only do we have to stop the Enbridge pipeline? China wants the timber and the 18 mines, on Vancouver Island. China has already sued, to take 200 BC mining jobs. Christy the ditz, did absolutely nothing, to keep those jobs for BC miners.

So, Harper and Christy giving BC's resource jobs to the Chinese? I don't give a damn if Communist China,ever gets their dirty Bitumen.

Jon Ghun said...

We're going to be exposed to the teeth of the wind this year, folks. The cons are coming hard and intend to blow down the opposition.

It's a pivotal moment, the most unwelcome of times and the most welcome, as well. So, we're going to have to get excited and plan to change the status quo for the better.

Nothing good is going to result from merely hoping that the soulless octopus suddenly decides to stop destroying everything we hold dear.

We need plans-- for safety, education/information, alliances/networks, and even a means of exchange--that can take us to the goal we seek. The first nations are going to have to joined. And if need be, we must start putting secession on the table.

It's time to get out there and get real, people.

Be wise and never give up.

We can win this.

Anonymous said...

Agree JG, like my friend Ross Buchanan says...time for The Republic of British Columbia, especially now that Cluck Cluck Clark and her puppeteers have stranded our capital city and beautiful Vancouver Island, further killing our economy.

Have a great 2014 Grant...so grateful you do what you do so well - for all of us.


Grant G said...

Great contributions and I thank you all so much..

It`s been a rough year, every nightmare came true..We will, we must do better in 2014..

Headwinds and bowshots, ..

Nothing happens until Harper gives the nod to Enbridge, then First Nation`s court battles, those will take years and if Enbridge starts building their pipeline before the court rules...

Remember BC Rail...BC Liberals ran the clock..

We too can play that game..And Harper is running out of time..

Get ready for a snap Federal election call( June or October)


And to the many silent readers

May you all have a Prosperous 2014

Good Day

e.a.f. said...

Put that way, it does sound awful silly to damage our environment over 100K jobs. As I recall we have lost almost 5 times that when manufacturing plants started closing in Canada in the 1980s.

it does not quite make sense to suggest we will all be working in resource extraction. You can't get that many people into that remote an area, unless everyone is going to live in camps and fly in and out.

one good oil spill could ruin a whole century of jobs. An oil spill off the west coast of B.C. would eliminate fishing, tourism, shell fish, etc. it might be better if someone could sit down with Christy and tally up the number of people who work in the other resource based industries in B.C. that would be impacted by an oil spill or a refinery blowing up.

One of those tankers carrying Kinder Morgan oil/tar goes down in the Vancouver Harbour the number of jobs lost will toll into the thousands.

When the canadian politicans talk about jobs, they mean directorships for themselves and their family and friends. when they talk about jobs,they talk about bringing workers on temporary visas, who they can pay less than Canadian workers.

If stevie and christy's plans go ahead, it will be Canadians sitting on the side lines, while foreign nationals are brought in to work the jobs. The money will leave the country. The financial mess which follows will have to be paid for by the former taxpayers of Canada.

If Christy was serious about jobs, she would ensure more teachers, pysios, massage therapists, care workers, day care workers, nurses, doctors, were hired. They are all needed. surrey could certainly use a few more police officers. if all this money were actually going to be coming to B.C., as christy asserts, then why doesn't she get started now. Like aren't we going to make trillions? No, this province won't be making any extra in taxes and we won't have any extra jobs for Canadians. If we are going to improve the job situation in Canada, we can start by getting rid of most of the foreign workers on temp. visas. If Canada needs additional workers they can open trade schools for Canadians. if we still need workers, let those workers come into Canada as landed immigrants and let them have a chance at being Canadians.

I tried to find a flash light made in Canada recently. Not available. I finally found one made in the U.S.A. The rest came from China. perhaps we could start making things in Canada again and create a few jobs that way. Oh, and stevie slime could hire back those 10K federal workers he fired and forget about getting rid of 8K postal workers. That would give Canadians 18K more jobs, at a living wage. Now wouldn't that be novel.


Anonymous said...


If I may...off topic but a must read Kootcoot's December 30,2013 post at:


- Spiteful Steve goes Fahrenheit 451!
Hilarious if harper wasn't such a sick0, well done Koot!

astone said...

33646883 17
33I agree with and support your views and opinions on this issue 100% !!!!!!!!!

John's Aghast said...

Did I get censored for my goofy idea?
Or did it not get past the robot fence?
My goofy idea?
If we must build Site C, instead of GIVING the power to the LNG faction, why not GIVE it to the manufacturing industry, thereby reducing their costs, making them more competitive, resulting in more jobs, more taxes, etc. (You get the idea).
Then sell the NG (without the L) to the Transportation industry: the Railway Locomotives, transport trucks, ferries etc. Less pollution, no costly liquefaction plants, no costly marine shipments, fewer pipelines, less GHGs, NO FERRY FUEL SURCHARGE!, and the list goes on.
The natural gas will last for a hundred years, instead of 25 (when it'll become redundant to greener innovations).
And when the rest of the world runs out of their NG, we'll still have some left!

Hugh said...

JA, that makes too much sense!

I'm against Site C. Too expensive, we don't need it, and pointless flooding of good land.

My (not so) goofy idea is an electric railway system that uses BC Rail tracks. Cheap, emission-free rail transport from N Van to Fort Nelson.

Elwood said...

Grant, just an epilogue to my previous post.

The Fraser Canyon is brutally narrow and dangerous for dilbit trains:


Again, the Fraser River is North America's major salmon spawning river!

And remember CN's train derailment in the same area back in 2006, which resulted in the train plunging 1,000 feet down an embankment?


And now I see Ernie Crey from the Sto:lo Tribal Council saying today:

"All I am saying is if the choice is pipe or rail, I'd opt for pipe baby."

You know what is really going on here? The Cons and the oil conglomerates are trying to scare people away from rail dilbit to BC's coast into accepting pipelines.

That is the HarperCon strategy. And if Ernie Crey's statement is any example, WE ARE ALL HOOPED!!!

Unbelievable how many are being tricked.

robert smith said...

Eyes open a little wider
It costs more to put LNG on a tanker than it sells for, BC will see no profit based taxes with probable write downs on royalty.
Gateway Pipe
The 'promised' BC taxes are a measly $40M/year balanced against the current $64B BC is in debt.
Keystone pipe
It costs $40/barrel just to pump it to Texas.

The full explanation on why government is pumping the get rich quick story over value added industry is mostly contained in page top, "Gen U'.


From my facebook
Enjoy, poppavox


New Years Revolution

The stage was set in Montreal when voter turnout was so low the mayor was elected by only 1 in 8 eligible voters. The revolution starts when he pisses off the 1 in 7 of students and unions that mostly voted none of the above.
For the record I'm not an anarchist although my position that the federal government is far too dysfunctional to fix stands. Moore's latest statement its not his job to feed other peoples kids is over the top. In fact its governments job to fatten government coffers by forcing millions of children into poverty, that's his job. Human rights withstanding this is what you get when the government claims the democracy of voting allows them to say "no one did anything wrong".
Canadians are overcoming Stockholm Syndrome and the fear of change faced with the realization of how dysfunctional government is when they knowingly conduct this immoral commerce, collecting record amounts of child support while funding the gender war to blame the result on fathers. The fact is the majority is paid and mothers outnumber fathers by 2 to 1. The true deadbeat is this dysfunctional government.

robert smith said...

It appears we all agree building a 1000km of pipeline though Canada's landslide capital then loading it on tankers going through treacherous water along a coast overdue for the big one and the inevitable tsunami is insanity. Shipping costs to unrestricted environmental controls half way around the world is absolutely insane compared to what the majority want, value added and the jobs here.
Perhaps its time for politicians to take piss tests that might explain the lunacy.

North Van's Grumps said...

Railway lines through Fraser Canyon to the South and Prince Rupert to the North are overloaded already and it's not worth it to upgrade with an existing line in place. With the way the Washington Group is being favoured by the Federal Government: contracts eg. Supply vessels for the Coast Guard (when they're laying off) the "deal" to build them will be cut once the next federal election is over. The infrastructure that is being put in place FOR the ships, on the North Shore, will be re-directed for building components for the oil and gas fields down here on the Coast.

The Washington Group has been buying up rail line right of ways on Vancouver Island, the logical location for a new SuperPort will be Port Alberni via Bute Inlet.

For the Record said...

Chuck Strahl, former con MP, and appointed Chairman of the federal body which oversees Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), has registered to lobby on behalf of Enbridge’s ‘Northern Gateway Pipelines Limited Partnership’


Anonymous said...

just a piece of it

... costs for Enbridge to clean up the 2010 Marshall, Michigan oil spill now far exceeds the maximum estimate that the Joint Review Panel gave for a major spill on the Northern Gateway Pipeline and also exceeds the amount of money the JRP ordered Enbridge to set aside to deal with a spill. Enbridge’s cleanup costs have also now edged past the higher liability amount requested by the Haisla Nation.


Anonymous said...



They'll never complete it. It means nothing to them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Steve and Co and the rest of the "oil" premiers are not telling the truth. No wonder they want to get rid of research.


Disgusted by all of you and what you are doing to this earth.

Did you see the news yesterday? Yet again in China, can't even leave your fickin house !!! because of the pollution. And it's only a matter of time the whole globe will be covered, we're seeing it now.

And you want to continue to gut this country for your own greed. Shame on all of you, along with the big oil/ tarsands companies who are only in it for the short term to line their own pockets. But you really do not care, DO YOU? Just think of what your kids/grandkids if they survive long enough, will think of their grand daddies and moma's. What a legacy you leave. But again, you DO NOT CARE.