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Christy Clark`s Families First, First To Die?

Read the shocking story of sickness from fracking, children`s hair falling out, earthquakes and sickness when the wind blows..

A story of tainted water, ....Read how the people of Lethbridge Alberta are fighting to keep fracking from happening in the middle of town..

Read how the locals are selling their properties for anything thing they can get as sickness and life itself is in jeopardy..

How can you live in your homes when the energy companies are killing your children..

From the ...



Big oil, big problems?

 Nick Kuhl

The Hawkwoods have experienced health problems, dead cattle and earthquakes causing property damage in the past three years – all, they say, as a result of fracking operations and more than 80 oil wells just upwind from their ranch.....

  "We’re trying to give people an opportunity to hear unbiased information – so information from engineers and scientists who aren’t on the Goldenkey Oil payroll,” said event organizer Sheila Rogers.


The Hawkwoods, meanwhile, discussed the series of issues that began soon after fracking started about five and six kilometres to their west in 2009. Since they live on a ridge, which they said is level with the top of the nearby flare stacks, they are affected anytime a west wind is blowing.
The flaring has caused hair loss to Nielle Hawkwood, to the point that she now wears a wig, as well as skin, eye and respiratory irritation.
“As the time went on my symptoms got worse,” she said, adding she went to a dermatologist and was told something had affected her immune system.
“So we know from some of the chemicals that they use in fracking that there are effects on people’s immune systems.”

 They’re frightened and they want to leave, or they’ve been affected,” Nielle said. “There’s a neighbour to the south of us – he has prostate cancer, his wife lost her hair, their two teenage daughters lost their hair; they’ve abandoned the house and told the real estate agent to get what you can for it.”

“I think the government knows what the problems are and they’re refusing to act,” she continued. “They’re not acting in Albertans’ interests, they’re acting in the oil companies’ interests. This is not right. This is not safe. Fracking is not safe.”

 Please read the whole story linked above..and the story about BC Children attending schools surrounded by potential lethal sour gas, linked below..

And for those media, and one blogger too who was blathering about how wrong that an anti-fracking group held a demonstration in front of Christy Clark`s home last month.....Wrong, it was indeed appropriate..

The above article was the reason for the demonstration in front of Christy Clark`s home, people make homes in rural BC ..rural Alberta and rural anywhere in the world and along comes the frackers, drillers and then...

And then your water is poisoned, the air your children breathe, poisoned, health issues and sour gas risks(instant death)..These people have to live everyday worrying about their children and cancers..

That`s why the anti-fracking group took the message and demonstration to Christy Clark`s homefront..

Bill Good, Baldrey and Palmer and media are too stunned to understand this, those media and some bloggers still don`t get it, what would you do if your children got sick from exposure..And who will buy their soiled and sick properties....Do any of you understand the mental stress of living in these areas, ...Generations of homesteaders and township, now sleeping dreams turn to nightmares of worry..

For shame on the media, for shame on all those who close their eyes and mind..

What would you do if your kids hair fell out..choking, coughing and cancers and early death.....People I know would give up everything and move...but move to where, fracking is coming to a town near you..(watch the video in the below link...)


 On Oct. 2, 1973 hundreds of residents in central Alberta are forced from their homes after a cloud of hydrogen sulfide spews into the air from an oil well. The threat posed by the poisonous and potentially flammable cloud prompts authorities to seal off a 225-square-kilometre area. This CBC Radio clip looks at the accident and the mass evacuation that it sparked.


We need more of this..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


North Van's Grumps said...

Do you think these regs for the Fraser Valley applies to other parts of British Columbia? The Anderson Inquiry.

Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Fraser Valley Petroleum Exploration May 3, 1990 to February 1, 1991
4.1 Risks

The Inquiry concluded that the risks of exploratory drilling are slight: the chance of a well blow-out is very low— perhaps one in 15,000 for a single well; one in 5,000 for a three-well program. While the presence of hydrogen sulphide and sour gas may exist in the Fraser Valley, the possibility of encountering such gas is remote. The risk to groundwater supplies is remote in the extreme, unlikely to be widespread or long-term, and is overshadowed by other risks to groundwater contamination. ......

4.4 Petroleum activity exclusion zones

Existing ‘no drilling’ zones adequately protect parks, schools, hospitals, airports, waterways and harbours, water reservoirs and watersheds, roads and residential areas

4.5 Existing regulations and suggested improvements.

The existing well-spacing system in British Columbia provides both an adequate spacing requirement and adequate flexibility. Effective communication of the risks involved is very important, as are negotiations with those who have concerns over the impact of exploratory drilling.

NVG BBC Post Fraser Valley Natural Gas drilling zones wide open, except for "no drilling" zones September 8, 2012

Elwood said...

Grant, again a brilliant analysis. This article should be on the front page of the Vancouver Sun so that all BCers are able to see what is going on with the Lieberal fracking scam.

People deserve better.

And Grant, you provide many of us with insight that we otherwise would not have.


Grant G said...

Not sure...However, to surround northeast British Columbia schools with gas wells..

I would hate to see another bhopal incident or even milder exposures to deadly toxins..

The Bhopal Disaster

Since 1984, 20,000 people lost their lives in Bhopal, India after a chemical gas spill from a pesticide factory. More than 40 tons of methyl isocyante (MIC) gas created a dense cloud over a resident population of more than half a million people.

People woke in their homes to fits of coughing, their lungs filling with fluid. More than 8,000 people were killed in just the first few days following the leak, mainly from cardiac and respiratory arrest.

The chemical factory responsible for this disaster belonged to Union Carbide, which negotiated a settlement with the Indian Government in 1989 for $470 million - a total of only $370 to $533 per victim - a sum too small to pay for most medical bills. In 1987, a Bhopal District Court charged Union Carbide officials, including then CEO Warren Anderson, with culpable homicide, grievous assault and other serious offences. In 1992, a warrant was issued for Anderson's arrest.

And don`t forget about this..


Anonymous said...

Corporations are bottomless pits of greed as is, Harper and his Cons, Redford, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Communist China. Human lives mean nothing to any of them. The F.N. voices are completely ignored. They must stand by, while their water is being poisoned by fracking.

In some parts of Canada, you can light the water on fire, coming out of the faucets. Still the fools frack. Perhaps we will have dead pigs floating down our rivers, as they do in China.

Anonymous said...

anybody heard of blockupy frankfurt
media awfully quiet on this one actually their just awfull.

Elwood said...

Grant, I don't know if you saw this but the first BC poll that I have seen since the election shows the BC NDP back in the lead.

Thought you might be happy to see this. And when the HarperCons and dunce Chrispy Clark approve Northern Gateway, against all BCers, imagine how low Chrispy Crunch will sink.

Grant G said...

Polls don`t mean much right now...but yes, buyers remorse from the voters..

they voted dummy liar party..

And the voters got exactly what they deserved.