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Bruce Banman, Mayor Of Abbotsford, British Columbia`s Bible Belt

They’re Afraid Of You Bruce … Can’t You Get It?



From the Abbotsford Today


 By on December 5, 2013


Mayor Banman told CTV news that Abbotsford had some empty emergency shelter spaces during the extreme cold weather Thursday night.

He couldn’t resist trying to score a few political points in his battle of wits with the homeless telling CTV that, if the homeless protesters in Jubilee Park won’t come in out of the cold there’s not much the City can do for them.
What an ill-informed, callous and inflammatory thing to say.
They are trying to survive in the middle of an arctic wind storm Bruce. They are afraid of leaving their stuff out in the park unattended. They’re afraid it may all blow away in the wind.
They are afraid the cops or the City might move in and take their belongings away, tear down their tents and leave them out in the cold.
They are battering down the hatches, protecting their homes and each other and surviving. 

They are afraid of being denied access to the emergency shelter because they have drug addictions, alcohol addictions and mental illness problems which get them barred from emergency shelters and arrested. Haven’t you been paying attention?
What is the matter with you that you can’t stop shadow boxing with these people and figuratively beating them to a pulp with what passes for wit in a battle you seem to more and more alone in wanting to conduct?
Life has already beaten the shit out of these people Bruce. Just leave them alone. If you won’t help them, then shut up, get out of the way, and let those who will do so.
There are people in this community who are trying to bring this sorry episode in this City’s history to a peaceful, caring and humane result which respects the dignity of all those involved. Your cheap, uninformed political shots are not helping.


Dumping chicken manure on these people wasn`t enough

Abbotsford orders homeless to get out of town within 48 hours or else..

Yes indeed, how dare those nasty poor people taint the city and one-time murder capital of Canada, and marijuana grow-ops are everywhere in Abbotsford...That is acceptable to the mayor...However homeless poor people will not be tolerated, ...Where do you suggest these people go?..What can they rent with $500 dollars per month, that is if they can even get any welfare..$500 per month for rent, heat bill, food and transport..


Abbotsford, B.C. is Canada’s murder capital, again


Go ahead Mayor Bruce Manman, throw a box of Kraft dinner in the food bank box at your local Safeway or Save-On...

Spray the homeless with chicken manure, make them sick, threaten them, order the police to tear-down thier squat, the police have no real crime or crimes to deal with..Demand these money poor social heathens leave town by high-noon or the gunfight is on..

There will be no homeless allowed in Abbotsford, the bible belt community has spoken and they will not tolerate it..

"Praise The Lord....And pass the ammunition"

P.S.- A most sincere tip of the hat from the Powell River Persuader to the Editor at The Abbotsford Today.

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You are a beautiful man Mr. G

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Grant G said...

Thanks anon 3:20 pm...I`m not beautiful, I just care..

anon 5:49...Well..BC`s media are corrupt, lazy and without talent(most have no talent, eh Michael Smyth)

meanwhile media around the world are interested in The Straight Goods analysis of the LNG industry..Who knew?