Friday, December 6, 2013

Canada And Alberta Put An End To Journalism And The Media(Breaking)



Canada: Legislation limits free speech for journalists

Canadian journalists will face fines for commenting on the striking action of trade unionists under new legislation passed in the state of Alberta.

By Alice Kirkland / 6 December, 2013..

Canadian journalists will face fines for commenting on the striking action of trade unionists under new legislation passed in the state of Alberta. As reported by Index on Censorship earlier this week Bill 45 and Bill 46 will see heavy sanctions placed on those who partake in illegal picketing or comment publicly on those doing so. Both bills passed through their third and final readings on Wednesday 4 December, in front of a full gallery of concerned members of the public
Journalists now face fines of $500 a day for any comments made regarding support for union strikes. Alongside this, Bill 45 also limits the discussion of striking action or threats to strike by civil servants, fining unions $1 million a day unless they are able to convince a court they were not responsible for or encouraging of the striking talk.

Don Braid said in the Calgary Herald this week: ”It’s hard to imagine a more blatant violation of free speech, a right that always implies a certain social anarchy to function usefully. People are not allowed to break laws, but they are permitted, except in obvious cases of threatening harm, to talk about challenging, testing, pushing or even breaking them. The offence is in the breaking, not the talking. But not for Alberta’s public unions. Talking is now pretty much illegal.”

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I have nothing to say except WOW...

Where is the Federal Government, why hasn`t Canada`s Government stopped these illegal acts by a provincial Government..we now live in a totalitarian country..

As mentioned before, Corporations are our enemy, they now control the Governments in Canada..

The commodity super cycle has ended, oil is flat and will remain flat for the next few years, tar goop producers are about to slash wages in the energy extraction industry..

This is the first salvo by Alberta ....Workers are about to be targetted..The forecast for Canada and the Provinces is flat to negative, tar goup extractors are losing money..

Welcome to Harper-land..We saw it with Air Canada, Canada post, Aveos...

Caterpillar after receiving hundreds of millions in tax break told Canadian workers to hit the bricks..

Assault on teachers, temporary foreign worker program rife with corruption..

Job losses every month, and Alberta and Canada running massive deficits, assaults on Canada pension, on healthcare and Harper continues to raid the unemployment fund, and even our veterans are being assaulted, disrespected and scorned, environmental laws stripped bare and regulatory energy reviews hijacked, ..Stephen Harper has used his dictorial pulpit to send the RCMP, CSIS and the taxman to scare away, intimidate and corrupt..

Time for a call to arms by all self-respecting journalists, bloggers, writers and average joes and janes..

Not enough...Stephen Harper has converted, twisted, contorted and is using the bureaucracy for partisan purposes, he was caught breaking the law again..Stephen Harper is running on empty, he`s getting desperate, the law and honour have no meaning in Stephen Harper`s political party..They are nothing but a criminal organization flailing away...Harper will be removed in the next federal election or sooner..

Time to rise up!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Anonymous said...

The Canadian and BC media are Fucking cowards! They're like little kids hiding behind their mother's legs!

The only reason the media in Canada exists is for the purpose of manipulating public opinion and controlling election outcomes.

They collude with the polling corporations to hack up phony figures in order to scare soft voters to the polls.

Anonymous said...

That pig needs to get his shoe off the coffee table.

kootcoot said...

I second your WOW!

Unless Stephen the ShitHead Harper manages to stack the Supreme Court of Canada with the entire Ford Family, this shouldn't have a chance in Hell (or Alberta) of surviving a Charter Challenge.

If it does, it's time to put down the keyboards and pick the explosives and go all Wiebo on 'em!

Anonymous said...

Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989.

Harper's Northern Foundation
April 19/2011

Neo-Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance.
July 18/2002

If all of this information on the web is accurate? Harper is a Fascist Dictator. Calandra reminds me of being, Harper's Goebbels.

What Harper is doing to our country, is absolutely evil. Harper doesn't think, he is a control freak. Harper is right, he is worse than a control freak. He should be tried as a Traitor to Canada, doing acts of Treason, by selling us out to Communist China.

However, Canadians are known for, sleeping through everything. Harper depends on that and has for years. No-one saw through Campbell and Harper's treachery of, giving BC to Communist China. Only the citizens of BC did.

Anonymous said...

Herr Harper is a Fascist Dictator. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. All Fascists are control freaks.

Harper absolutely hates his lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, cheating to win and dirty tactics, being exposed by the media.

Harper is exactly identical to Hitler, in that way. Calandra is Harper's Goebbels, a ranting, raving lunatic. Harper, Calandra and the rest of his henchmen, have embarrassed Canada and Canadian citizens. Harper is every bit as hateful and evil as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. All Dictators personalities are very similar.

Canadians are eco-terrorists and with the pedophiles. Saying that is, permissible to Harper. However, saying the truth regarding Harper, is not permitted.

Once an evil Dictator such as Harper gains control? We citizens would need to set up a resistance, and run Harper and his evil, out of our country.

Christy Clark too, wants the internet monitored...She doesn't want her lies, deceit, corruption and thefts exposed either. She is every bit as vile as, Herr Harper and his evil henchman Gordon Campbell.

Harper his so called Cons and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are from, the ninth ring of Dante's Inferno.

Actually it is really kind of funny. Herr Harper, his henchmen, Christy the ditz and her revolting team, are squealing as piggies, not wanting the truth of them, to get to the public.

And don't forget? Last x-mas interview with Harper? He said he is a devout Christian, he prays everyday. I think he meant, *preys* everyday.

Wiebo was a New Day Prophet said...

The government of alberta is just following in the footsteps of some even more hard-core fascists. They're attempting to create Silent Societies.

Consider the so-called u.s. patriot act and national defence authorization act. Witness the witch hunt for Edward Snowden. HAve a look at the way the GcHQ is harassing the Guardian newspaper. And then take a read (below) of how japan has just past a state secrecy law that makes it a serious crime for anyone to say anything serious against the government, including matters related to the on-going Fukushima catastrophe. This new closely resembles a law passed in Japan in 1941 as a prelude to the Pacific War. The article is here:

"As criminal law experts have noted, the japan state secrets protection law looks conspicuously like the wartime National Defense Security Law, which came into force in May 1941 right before Japan started the Pacific War.

The 1941 law brutally restricted free speech and took away citizens’ right to know during the war.

The National Defense Security Law, together with the Military Secrets Law, constituted the core of the state control of information before and during the war. All the information designated as “national secrets” was covered by this law with the maximum punishment of death.

The defense security bill was submitted to the Diet a year after all political parties except the Japanese Communist Party dissolved themselves and merged into the Imperial Rule Assistance Association.

Many lawmakers during deliberations in the Imperial Diet expressed concerns over possible speech regulations under the law, including Odaka Chozaburo, who said at the Lower House, “Almost all politicians like us or those engaged in journalism could be put under a strict gag order.”

The defense security law has many similarities with the state secrets bill, one of which is that the definition of “secret” is broad and vague. The wartime law was intended to hide information regarding “diplomacy, finance, economy, and other areas related to important national affairs.” The secrets bill is designed to label as secrets “information related to national security,” including defense and diplomacy.

Like the present bill, the government was able to hide from the public which information was designated as secret. Speaking on behalf of the Imperial Army, General Tanaka Ryukichi said at the Lower House, “To indicate what is secret would give an advantage to the enemy. What is secret thus should be secret too.”

The two also share which actions could be subject to punishment: those who have leaked, tracked, or collected “secret information” as well as those who have instigated or abetted such acts.

Once the defense security law came into effect in 1941, the government assigned public prosecutors to counterintelligence operations in major cities throughout Japan, which led to shadowing, spying, and other methods of surveillance that could infringe on citizens’ privacy. At the Lower House, the then chief of the Criminal Affairs Bureau of the Justice Ministry pointed to the possibility that the law would violate basic human rights.

As means to create a “silent society,” the defense security law was the strongest weapon used by the cabinet led by Prime Minister Tojo Hideki (1941 - 1944), who later was executed as a Class-A war criminal.

The Abe Cabinet has admitted that ordinary citizens could be subject to punishment if the secrets protection bill is enacted."

Tojo met Kafka said...

Highest Radiation Level Ever, Lethal In 20 Minutes, Recorded Outside Fukushima Reactor

Submitted on 12/07/2013 - 18:37

"With all the excitement about Japan's soaring stock market (if plunging wages), crashing non-digital currency (leading to soaring energy prices), recent passage of an arbitrary secrecy bill ("Designed by Kafka & Inspired By Hitler"), and ongoing territorial spat with China, it is almost as if the Abe administration is desperately doing everything in its power, including some of the most ridiculous decisions taken by a government in recent history, to hide some key development behind the scenes. Such as this one perhaps: NHK reported today that TEPCO said radiation levels are extremely high in an area near a ventilation pipe at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEPCO found radiation of 25 sieverts an hour on a duct, which connects reactor buildings and the 120-meter-tall ventilation pipe. Putting this number in context the estimated radiation level is the highest ever detected outside reactor buildings. People exposed to this level of radiation would die within 20 minutes."

Link is here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping on top of these very important issues, king blogger has turned into rebel with a yawn.