Friday, February 7, 2014

Today`s BC Liberals, Leadership and Decision Making Postponed Until Hell Freezes Over!

Today in Canada we have reached a crisis point, not only is democracy being assailed but our politicians have become serial liars, spinners and brainbdead, what will it take to wake up the electorate and more importantly what will it take for the mainstream media to grow balls..

Today Stephen Harper announced $1.3 billion dollars for First Nation`s schooling, there`s a catch, the funding won`t start until 2016, that would be 2016 after the 2015 federal election, Harper and the Con party will be history by then, the audacity of Stephen Treason to make that announcement of First Nation school funding but not unless he is re-elected, 3 years away before this funding would roll, education can wait?...clearly this issue isn`t priority for Stephen Harper

First Nations not only don`t trust you Harper, they can see right through your paper mache persona..


"Stephen Harper is to provide core funding of $1.25 billion but not until 2016"

In fact Stephen Harper has the worst management and accounting record of any prime minister in Canadian history....

Harper announced shipbuilding contracts were up for grabs before 2011 federal election, he announced the shipbuilding contract winners in the fall of 2011 and still not one ship is under construction, Stephen Harper pisses on veterans and wraps himself in the flag yet every military procurement promised over the last 6 years has yielded nothing, delays, cancellations and bafflegab...Military helicopter procurement, cancelled, transport vehicle procurement, cancelled, fighter jets, don`t get me started on that disaster, submarines, delayed and all but cancelled, this is no accident, these monies promised in dozens of press releases and photo-ops, monies promised only the facts remain,  military dollars remain unspent and unallocated,  all in an elaborate ruse to claim a magical balanced budget just in time for the 2015 federal election.

Stephen Harper is a Canadian and world disgrace, he sickens me, he has made Canada the laughing stock of the world...


"The program to buy new trucks was announced by former Conservative defence minister Gordon O'Connor in 2006. The government's deadline for proposals for 1,500 combat-ready logistics trucks was July 11, 2012.
But just three minutes before the deadline, Public Works killed the process."


Let`s talk about Stephen Harper`s shipbuilding boondoggle..


Months after his scathing F-35 report shook the Harper government’s plans to buy the stealth fighter, Auditor General Michael Ferguson has turned his attention to another military procurement project: the Harper government’s $35-billion shipbuilding plan. Ferguson’s report on the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy is due in fall 2013 and

— depending on what he finds — could be far more explosive than the F-35…. The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy has been regarded as a godsend for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Coast Guard, which operate fleets of destroyers, icebreakers, frigates and other vessels that are nearing the end of their lifespans and must be replaced.

The strategy is seen also as a huge winner for Irving Shipyards in Halifax, Seaspan Marine in Vancouver and their respective communities after a panel of federal bureaucrats announced in October(20011) that these companies had been selected as the main production centres for $33 billion in work. (The other $2 billion will go to a number of other shipyards across the country on smaller projects.)

And amid problems with the F-35 stealth fighter program and other military purchases, the Conservative government has held up the shipbuilding strategy as an important success for military procurement and a means to leverage tax dollars into massive economic spinoffs. But there have been repeated indications that the strategy is in danger of running aground — which would have military, economic and political ramifications far greater than those associated with the F-35. Delivery of the first ships to be produced under the strategy — seven armed Arctic vessels valued at $3.1 billion — was supposed to begin in 2015, but has already been delayed three years to 2018. Those Arctic ships and replacements for Canada’s existing destroyer and frigate fleets are to be produced by Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax for a total of $25 billion.

 ....This is critical because not only are the destroyers already due to retire before replacements come online, but any delay reduces the government’s purchasing power because of ever-increasing material costs and inflation, possibly resulting in fewer ships or capabilities.

 Similarly, efforts to replace the Royal Canadian Navy’s 50-year-old resupply ships have repeatedly been bogged down as National Defence has been unable to decide on what it wants the ships to actually do. The replacements are being produced by Seaspan Marine in Vancouver and were supposed to be in the water by 2012. But design and money concerns have delayed delivery of the first new, $2.6-billion joint support ship until at least spring 2018. The chances of the shipbuilding “strategy” being completed on time and within budget are negligible. Perhaps another scathing report from the Auditor General will make the Conservative government face up to that reality. -

See more at:




"Most Canadians know the sad story of Canada’s second-hand submarines. Purchased from Britain in 1998 for a suspiciously low price, the four vessels have spent most of the last fifteen years being refitted and repaired.
What most Canadians do not know is that the “Victoria-class” submarines are now entering the last decade of their service life. And since Canadian naval procurements typically take ten to fifteen years, Canada’s submarine program is destined to splutter to a stop – unless, as our new report recommends, the procurement of replacements is initiated forthwith.


Stephen Harper should bow his head in shame, he doesn`t give a flying fluck about anything except pimping oil and pocketing secret rewards, rewards shielded from the public, Stephen Harper has offended every military person in Canada, Harper stuck a Conservative party shiv in our veteran`s backs..

Christy Clucking Clark, a blathering windbag who is running around avoiding doing anything, here she is down in California and right on cue more bad news and document dumping takes place, Friday trash day..Let us look at just the last 2 days alone..

What is Christy doing, the lying BC Liberals promised an LNG taxation plan last fall, now it has been postponed until the end of the year, apparently LNG taxation framework isn`t important, every question to Clark pre-election on debt, on crown debt, on hospital funding, education funding, tolls, taxes and an imaginary $100 billion dollar prosperity fund all predicated on an LNG $trillion dollar scheme and now even the LNG royalty taxation framework has been delayed to 2 years after our 2013 provincial election...Maybe that LNG royalty framework can be promised again for 2017 election..

BC Liberals announced on Wednesday they are appealing the teachers heroic second victory over Christy Clark, another $50 million in legal fees will be required as these BC Liberal creatures are planning on taking their losing battle with the teachers past the BC Appellate Court to the Supreme Court of Canada...Christy Clark nowhere to be found in Canada, she`s loitering in California..

Todd (No Stones) Stone has announced that the Translink funding referendum won`t take place until 2017...Where is the leadership, nothing has changed, Mayors will not, the voters will not except increases for Translink put on property taxes and that is the only tool cities and mayors have, there is one answer for Translink funding and that is redirecting the carbon tax, cancel the carbon tax associated corporate tax cuts and put that money from the carbon tax where it rightfully belongs, that`s reducing carbon and greenhouse gases through better transit and road infrastructure, all Todd  Stone and Christy Clucking Clark have done is kick the can down the road..

Today, Friday document dump and BC Liberal`s regular trash-day, it was announced the recently resigned Mr. Graydon, the head of BCLC 8 days removed has signed a lucrative deal with Paragon gaming, the same company he was handing out taxpayer subsidies to, a clear conflict of interest and where is Christy Clark, down California way pretending she knows something, coincidence, not a chance..

Ex-B.C. Lottery CEO’s new role raises conflict of interest concerns

Add to ...

"The former president of the B.C. Lottery Corp. has joined a firm that wants to build a $535-million ‘urban resort’ next to B.C. Place that would include a casino overseen by the BCLC , prompting questions about a potential conflict of interest between his old job and new position.

In his role as president of BCLC, Michael Graydon headed the Crown corporation that manages gambling in the province. BCLC sets and oversees operating standards for casinos and monitors private-sector companies that run day-to-day operations. He left there last month to become president of PV Hospitality, a new partnership between Paragon Gaming and 360 Vox. Paragon is a Las Vegas-based gambling company whose operations include Vancouver’s Edgewater Casino while 360 Vox is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Paragon and 360 Vox teamed up last year to develop the site next to B.C. Place."


I mentioned the cowardly Todd  Stone, today Todd Stone not only acted the idiot he lied his face-off..

Todd Stone said..."There is no increase in traffic on the Puttella bridge as a result of increased tolls on the Port Mann bridge"

Wrong again fibby, year over year there is now roughly 42 thousand more weekly crossings over the Puttella bridge and crossings over the Port mann bridge have dropped by 7000 per day..

Who the hell changes Todd Stone`s diaper, he`s a gutless no-nothing stooge who will say anything, read anything put in front of his face, in the face of clear facts Todd Stone stood before the public and blathered bullshit, how can he look at himself in the mirror, no courage to just admit the facts, the best and the brightest, more like the dumbest and dimmest of a bad lot,

Todd no balls Stone also said..."Paying off the Port Mann bridge is ahead of schedule"...What a moron, crossings are well below projections and only in 35 years will we know, on time and on budget spin spewed by a weak chicken minister, too afraid to speak truth, running from shadows, another BC Liberal disgrace..

What is it Todd Stone?, you stated today two things on Friday, you said no extra volume of crossings over the Puttella bridge were a result of port mann bridge tolls increasing and you said a few minutes later that once highway 1 improvements are completed port mann bridge traffic will return to normal levels, in other words you contradicted your earlier lie,...

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

You Todd Stone are a clueless twit or a habitual liar, which one is it..?


Numbers from Translink seem to show the Transportation Minister is wrong when he said Port Mann tolls aren’t causing  thousands of vehicles to use the free Pattullo Bridge instead.
Todd Stone says “There has been no mass diversion of traffic — truck or otherwise — from the Port Mann Bridge to the Pattullo Bridge.”
Statistics from Translink say that’s absolutely incorrect.
Checking the stats from Translink over three weeks in January of this year compared to last show a big jump in Pattullo Bridge vehicle crossings.
Traffic increased every single weekday comparing the year over year numbers.
In one week alone crossings increased by over 40-thousand vehicles.
The sum total of the Monday to Friday traffic over the three weeks showed an increase of over 100-thousand cars and trucks going across the Pattullo.
What about weekends? Pattullo traffic also increased each of the three January weekends this year compared to last, which was up by a minimum of ten-thousand crossings and maximum of over 15-thousand additional crossings.


Now for the other cowards, those being our BC Media, Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey and Billy Shilly Good..

Today on cknw`s the cutting ledge of the ledge...and what Vaughn Palmer has written, and what Keith Baldrey wrote in the Burnaby Now, sorry no links because you know what it is..BC Liberal talking points spun..

Vaughn Palmer praised Todd Stone today, praised him for making the right call in delaying a solution for Translink`s funding woes until 2017...Vaughn Palmer called it real leadership...?

What the hell are you talking about Vaughn, are you that stunned or that bought?

And as written in earlier Straight Good post, Billy Good`s modus operandi, Bill Good plays his pathetic pandering game every time, whenever the BC Liberal Government does something outrageous he(Bill boy) initially sides with the public, but right on cue a few days later Billy Good starts promoting the BC Liberal spin, in this case, that spin being the teachers settlement is unaffordable and that is exactly what stooges Bill, Keith and Vaughn did on the latest cutting edge of the ledge radio show..

That`s right folks..Keith Baldrey wrote, Vaughn Palmer wrote that the BC Government needs to spend $millions of dollars in litigation fees, $millions in lawyer fees not because the Judge`s decision was wrong, but as a stall tactic, a delaying tactic with the hopes of figuring a way out of their mess, out of Christy Clark`s mess.....Wow!....That is pathetic, no wonder cknw`s cutting edge of the ledge ratings have crashed to historic lows..

Billy good, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey claimed that we British Columbia can`t afford to resolve the education funding dispute..

We in British Columbia have the lowest per-pupil funding in Canada, we in British Columbia have the highest student to teacher ratio, the fewest student aide teachers, the fewest special ed teachers per capita, how is it all those other provinces can afford to make education better yet we can`t do it in BC..How come stooges..

What part of a simple solution can`t you understand, a mere 1/3rd of 1% increase in the yearly BC budget will solve the education funding shortfall..

CKNW`s cutting edge of the ledge has turned into a BC Liberal partisan sloberfest, no thought, no nuance, no public protection, nothing but a trio of gutless bought stooges..

Three BC Liberal dress wearing stooges, pom pom girls, 2 4 6 8 who do we placate, Christy Christy Christy..

My only question is, who is standing on who`s shoulder...Gawd, what an image, Keith Baldrey wearing a pink thong, wearing a mini-skirt standing on Vaughn Palmer`s shoulder waving BC Liberal pom poms, while Bill Good watches from the sidelines with his 1 gallon wine glass..

What a bunch of limp wimps, partisan limp wimp dicks..

Christy Clark and her gang of lying punks, defended by a cowardly media.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Elwood said...

Grant, I know that you are on top of all matters involving BC's public interest and basically tell it as it is in terms of being forthright and truthful - with passion!

And I only rarely listen to the MSM because we know what they are all about. Makes one wonder why the MSM doesn't just dump their current lot and just hire the BC Lions cheerleaders - would be much less expensive for the corporate MSM with the same result.

Now Grant, it is obvious that the LIEberals are digging themselves into another hole of lies, which will eventually backfire on them. Makes me happy because they will eventually go down - next time without duping us.

Having said that, you know that I like the Greens Andrew Weaver - nice guy and makes sense on many matters - although I don't agree with him on everything.

I know that you like John Horgan and it looks like he will come back into the NDP leadership race. Admittedly, the Greens won't win the next election but the NDP can. What's your take on the NDP leadership race so far? Why are they taking so long?

Again, admittedly, the Greens won't win government and the NDP is the only other party that can oust the LIEberals.

Frankly, I just want to know how the NDP and/or Greens can finally dump this deceitful lot!

ron wilton said...


Telling it like it is is paramount, too bad some of the other voices in the ethernet prefer to feign grace and fail on content.

In their pretension of civility they are no better than the aforementioned Larry, Curly and Moe.

Revolution is coming and there will be trench warfare whether they 'like' it or not.

We cannot sit idly by and continue to just let it be.

Grant G said...

Thanks Ron, hang in there friend..

Elwood, I think the NDP can restore sanity to our Province if this man decides to run..

He can beat any BC Liberal with one blast of his cold-calculated logic..

Mike Farnworth can`t win, likewise with Eby...

The seas have parted for Mr.H

It appears the backroom boys are listening to me(better late than never)

Andrew Weaver is okay in my book, although he wears too many boring sweaters..

He needs more green in his attire.


Jon Ghun said...

You've done more heavy lifting in this one piece than the sold-out media corps(e) has done in a decade.

We all owe you a lot of gratitude for what you do around here.

Good on you, and stay strong.

Something's gotta' break in our favour one of these days.

Still think we're going to have form an new alliance of independents who'll look out for the people of BC first. But, then again, if Horgan will run,'s worth a shot. The question is whether or not he can get past the old-guard and run the party in his own manner.


Anonymous said...

Weaver has dumped his Green sweaters.

He also is pushing for Victoria sewage treatment to go P3. Ironic for sure as the Greens ran a campaign against sewage treatment in 2012. I wonder if he will endorse the BC Liberal budget again this year?
The Greens spend more effort undermining the NDP then the current Liberal lot. What does that tell you? Does everyone forget he endorsed Campbell in 2009?

Anonymous said...

Harper is the one and only Canadian PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament. Just when you think he could possibly couldn't sink any lower? He does. Imagine 270 Canadians at the tar sands, having to walk past 270 foreigners, Harper is giving their jobs to. And, that isn't the only time this has happened. How that evil monster gets to stay in office boggles me.

Then we have Christy Clark, in league with the devil Harper, just as Campbell the criminal was. Her non-stop lying BS of thousands of jobs for BC. And, thousands of Chinese coming over for, Harper and Christy's Northern BC mining plan. Communist China was already given 200 BC mining jobs. It's a good thing, Harper signed a deal with, the Red Communist China Army? That is the only way they will ever get the Enbridge pipeline into BC. Quite frankly, we don't give a damn if Communist China ever gets, their dirty cheap Bitumen.

Herr Harper's so called Con henchmen and his Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are all from, the Ninth Ring of Dante's Inferno. All of them with their, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty politics, dirty tactics and, all of them cheated to win. I am for leaving them and Communist China, scorched earth

Anonymous said...

Grant, I'm not sure how you can maintain your confidence in any political party?

My impression is... all politics involves a party telling people how to live their lives.

Using politics to better their own lives as politicians.

Wasting tax dollars on foolish ideas or good ideas and then have the following party change things at a great expense.

Using politics to force change; not all change is useful.

Using politics to play Canadians against each other, other countries.

Using politics to turn their faces against injured workers.

I'm sure there are those of a higher academic background than mine who could spell it out with better clarity.

I get resentful just thinking about it. What makes you think their would be any significant change?
When all that I hear is the same old lines with a twist. Always the same smile, a face that shows concern but a heart that doesn't.

I think your commitment to change is good, very good.

Grant G said...

The NDP has never has power Federally, change is good..

Glen Clark got chased from here to hell over an alleged freebie deck..

the BC Liberals are nothing but rightwing old Social Credit corporatists who are actually Federal Conservatives..

They must be chased out as cronyism and corruption is deeply entrenched, as with our media, they too have been corrupted..

Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer are public thieves, ..

Media won`t criticize media..

As they are all waiting for the torch to be passed to them..

Only a few honest media left..

Bob Mackin, Sean Holman..

The Straight Goods..

Elwood said...

Grant, did you see the 1 hour P(L)IEce by Glowball News tonight at 7 pm? I am still stupified to now. It was a shill corporate item by Jas Johal. Most people are so busy with their lives and have the additional burden of financial problems that they won't know any better!

You are always right. The MSM is nothing more than a corporate mouthpiece to feed the masses. So sad what BC has become under the LIEberals.

Just wish that there is some hope to get rid of this entire deceitful MSM/LIEberal gang. Really pathetic for all BCers!

Anonymous said...

Not the place, but ...
How many taxes do these companies pay? Not much. Why is Alberta broke? Cause the hoarders don't pay, and get huge tax breaks, incentives etc. It's you and me and my dog that pay ... through nose. Enough of the subsidies to these "corporations". All they do is cut back on everyday people trying to living every day.

Grant G said...

Elwood-I didn`t watch the infomercial, that advertisement was promoted in the Vancouver Sun...The Province newspaper and Billy Good had Jas Johal on air in a radio segment to advertise the Saturday night infomercial..

Nobody watched it...

Public was watching movies, hockey and Olympics.

The infomercial left out nuclear, left out Russia with direct pipelines into China, left out much much more.

Sponsored by the BC Government..


Evil Eye said...

Watch TV infomercials, ah no, I rather watch Netflix or channels like KVOS, where programing is so old it's new again!

So much to comment on, but let us look at Tod Stone. He was chosen because he knows nothing and like Sargent Schultz (on a program I will never watch) he knows nothing, nothing, nothing.

He has now made the claim that a rapid transit (SkyTrain) connection can be made on the yet unbuilt underside of the new Port Mann Bridge.

Now the "eye" has been around a long time and nowhere and I mean nowhere have I seen plans for a transit addition under the bridge.

The Port Mann, for those who don't know, is a cable stayed bridge, a sorta cantilevered suspension bridge and you just do not add on bits and bobs under the bridge if one feels like it.

Stone has the ugly Translink debacle in his portfolio and already he is making a hash of it as most people, except for about 110,000 students holding the deep discounted U-Pass, want Translink to "begone".

The Hwy. 17 & 17A debacle is another headache for the Liberals as over $1 billion was spent on the SFPR in Delta, yet it hasn't improved access for anyone, save a few commuters who work in North Delta and live in South Delta or visa vera. The new Hwy. 17 is o badly laid out that it is an accident waiting to happen.

No, the SFPR and Translink will only ensure one Viki Huntington MLA, a third term as independent MLA for Delta South.

For the NDP, they just have to keep both Meggs and Harcourt quite, as every-time either opens their mouths, the NDP lose more votes. They need to be given a one way ticket to anywhere out of media range of BC.

As for the Liberals, haha, we have elected carpetbaggers, con artists, and footpads to the legislature.

Finally for the three deadbeats on NW, they have all won the the prestigious, Dr. Herr Goebbels award, for 'Astute propaganda" for "telling a lie over and over again, so the public will believe it is true."

Quae mala sunt spurii qui ad sese liberos denarios in stupro