Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christy Clark, Burning Public Education To The Ground

I really need to bite my tongue, I was almost tempted to pull a Tsakumis with the use of foul language(in describing Christy Clark), however, those descriptors are not appropriate for this story, or any story, let me just say this..

We are presently celebrating the Year of the Horse, how ironic considering we have a premier who is a Horse`s Ass!

Is Christy Clark/s hatred towards teachers because she failed to get an education, because she quit S-F-U-....Quit after her student piers rejected Christy Clark`s bid for student president, Clark was caught cheating, and I have mentioned this before but Christy Clark`s dad was a teacher, I wonder, do any of you believe Christy`s dad came home after work, sat down and relaxed, only to complain harshly about how few students he was forced to instruct and guide..


British Columbia`s yearly budget is over $40 billion dollars, remember that number as we will return to it further down this post..

My gawd, the haters live, cknw`s Jon McComb took phone calls on this issue today and BC Liberal radio tricksters lined up to let rip against McComb and teachers...

One idiot caller on air stated...."How come there are more than 6000 special needs students today then there was 8 years ago"

The caller was insinuating that there was teacher shenanigans involved in labeling students "special needs" as a weapon to GET the Government, and to get extra teachers hired, you know, that grand lefty plan to infect the public and plant subversive teachers hellbent on destroying free-enterprise behind every shrub..

Well, I don`t feel too sorry for cknw because as you know they had a management policy directing their radio voices to attack teachers,  and when Christy Clark was blathering on radio attacking teachers was her specialized modus operandi..

So, I sent(email) Jon McComb this story....


"The number of children with autism has increased significantly in Canada and the United States, but the cause – whether it’s environmental, genetic, or a result of better diagnostic tests – remains an elusive mystery.
The most comprehensive report on rising rates has come from the National Epidemiologic Database for the Study of Autism in Canada. Released last year, it found increases in autism diagnoses in Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador and southeastern Ontario.
The increases range from 39 to 204 per cent, depending on the region and age group."

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/health-headlines/as-autism-rates-rise-in-canada-doctors-search-for-answers-1.1264677#ixzz2sPyFTrr3


I believe the petroleum industry and big pharma are to blame for skyrocketing autism rates, that and Monsanto screwing with the food sources with GMOs, now they have created sterility seeds...That conversation for another day..

Another braindead caller to cknw defending the BC Liberals fighting the teachers(fighting students)..This caller claimed that BC has 50,000 less students then 2002 therefor there must be $millions of extra dollars the teachers and the BCTF are squandering..

Where do these horse`s asses come from, newsflash to idiot number 2...We have what is called per-pupil funding, meaning there is NO BLOCK FUNDING..If school X has 500 students ..School X receives 500 times the per-pupil funding to run the school, if school X loses 10 students year over year they lose 10 times X dollars of per pupil funding..Again, that is another bullshit flawed system...

School X could lose 10 students,....School X loses roughly $100,000.00 in funding, they didn`t lose enough students to remove a teacher, or a janitor, they can`t reduce their electric bill, heating bill and maintenance but....

But school X still gets stripped of $100,000.00 k in funding......

What is so complicated, why can`t political/news of the day radio voices grasp the simplest of concepts and put accuracy out there for public consumption and shoo away partisan tricksters..

It doesn`t matter is we lose 10,000 students year over year, there is no extra money year over year, monies are deducted...Sheesh....

To all radio voices and TV news prompter readers, know your facts and burn-down garbage based spin and bluster..

Christy Clark and Peter Fassbender(truthbender) want to appeal the BC supreme court decision...What a sad joke..

They have no grounds for an appeal, not being able to afford the ruling is not legal grounds for an appeal, appeals must be based on a error in law, not on a ideological slant..BC Liberal Government did not appeal the first BC supreme court ruling, they accepted the court`s finding, , what these BC Liberals did was present the same illegal constitutional right-stripping bill with a twist, in other words they surrendered the opportunity to appeal by accepting the judge`s original ruling..

Only now that the judge lambasted the government for provoking a teacher`s strike and playing the court for fools by presenting a similar garbage bill...the appeals court should not accept an appeal from Government..

Christy Clark publicly stated that she respected the court`s original decision, ...nevertheless, I`m sure the appeals court will hear the appeal and will strike Christy Clark down again, thus ending this sick game....or will it...The illegal 2002 bill that stripped the HEU of their constitutional rights went the exact same route, Gordon Muir Campbell`s government lost in the BC Supreme court, he lost in the BC Appellate court and...And Gordo took it all the way to the Supreme court of Canada where the final dagger was thrust into Gordon Campbell`s illegal legislation..This ideological dispute with the teachers will go the same route, and end in the same way..

Gordon Campbell spent $75 million dollars in legal fees fighting the HEU, and he got blasted with a punitive penalty ruling, a finding of damages to the tune of over $80 million dollars..



Campbell Government Violated Charter Rights: Supreme Court


"The section 2(d) infringement is not justified under s. 1 of the Charter. While the government established that the Act's main objective of improving the delivery of health care services and sub objectives were pressing and substantial, and while it could logically and reasonably be concluded that there was a rational connection between the means adopted by the Act and the objectives, it was not shown that the Act minimally impaired the employees' s. 2(d) right of collective bargaining. The record discloses no consideration by the government of whether it could reach its goal by less intrusive measures. A range of options were on the table, but the government presented no evidence as to why this particular solution was chosen and why there was no meaningful consultation with the unions about the range of options open to it. This was an important and significant piece of labour legislation which had the potential to affect the rights of employees dramatically and unusually. Yet, it was adopted rapidly with full knowledge that the unions were strongly opposed to many of the provisions, and without consideration of alternative ways to achieve the government objective, and without explanation of the government's choices. [143 144] [147] [149] [156] [158] [160 161]"

"In this case, the freedom of association of health care employees has been infringed in several instances, because ss. 4, 5, 6(2), 6(4) and 9 of the Act (in conjunction with s. 10) interfere with their right to a process of collective bargaining with the employer. Sections 4 and 5 nullify some existing terms of collective agreements, limit the scope of future negotiations and prevent workers from engaging in associational activities relating to the important matter of transfer and assignment of employees. Sections 6(2) and 6(4) nullify past collective bargaining relating to contracting out, thereby rendering the process nugatory, and preclude future collective bargaining on the issue. These provisions concern a significant issue of employment security, and negotiating such issues is one of the purposes of associational activities in the workplace. Lastly, s. 9 makes collective bargaining over specified aspects of layoff and bumping meaningless and invalidates parts of collective agreements dealing with these significant workplace issues. [186 188] [252]"
"We conclude that the s. 2(d) guarantee of freedom of association protects the capacity of members of labour unions to engage in collective bargaining on workplace issues. While some of the impugned provisions of the Act comply with this guarantee, ss. 6(2), 6(4) and 9 breach it and have not been shown to be justified under s. 1 of the Charter. We further conclude that the Act does not violate the right to equal treatment under s. 15 of the Charter. In the result, the appeal is allowed in part."


We have a phony Translink referendum proposed, Translink is looking for near $20 billion dollars over the next 20 years, property taxes would have to be raised on average of $800.00 per residence per year in the GVRD....That`s roughly a 20% increase, ....Christy Clark has no problems doing that..

Remember the HST....A $2 billion per year consumer tax Gordon Campbell, then Christy Clark tried to ram down our throats...

Remember the BC Budget, roughly speaking $40 billion dollars per year, ....The imposition of the HST...$2 billion per year in more consumer taxes, taxes they(BC Liberals) were going to pass on to corporations and special interest groups...$2 billion dollars per year in more sales taxes on you, ...That $2 billion dollars in HST taxation was roughly 5% of the BC Budget....10% is $4 billion,...

So, we had nearly 2 years of the HST rammed down our throats, $4 billion dollars in extra consumer taxation collected by the BC Liberals, monies handed to corporations and car dealers...

$4 billion dollars would pay Christy Clark`s and Peter Fassbender`s worst case scenario costs to improving class size and composition for.....For the next 20 years!

Not only does the BC Liberal Government have no legal grounds to appeal the BC Supreme court decision both Christy Clark and Fassbender(truthbender) are deliberately painting a worse case scenario as to the cost of a proper education funding deal...

Fassbender is talking about a $1 billion dollar retroactive cost and $250 million per year going forward..


The year of Horse`s Asses in British Columbia..

It`s called negotiations, teachers are well aware that they can`t undo class sizes from the past, that broken eggs of the past can`t be unscrambled and I would bet dollars to doughnuts that if the BC Liberal Government came to the bargaining table in good faith and added a yearly sum going forward in the $200 million per year range both the teachers and the BCTF would be willing to play ball..

FULLSTOP AGAIN...$200 million dollars more per year going forward..

A $40 billion dollar plus BC Budget...A $200 million dollar increase for improving education FOR THE CHILDREN is a whopping....Is less than 1/2 of 1%.......1/2 of 1%...

Are you kidding me!...Oh the humanity, BC can`t afford 1/2 of 1% for children, for special education teachers, for teachers aides, for the children for Christ`s sake..

Are you not a mother Christy Clark...Have you no heart, no soul, a vampire sucking blood from a bone-dry rock..What kind of horse`s ass are you?...

Balanced budget bullshit, our B.C. debt has risen $10 billion dollars in the last 2 years alone, ..Alberta has run 6 straight deficits, Saskatchewan is running massive deficits, the Federal Harper Con government has run debts and deficits in every year but once and...

And suppose BC has a massive earthquake????....What, no money because you must pretend to be balancing the budget...

What if we have the worst forest-fire season in our history...?..Will you allow towns to burn to save a balanced budget..

Because Christy Clark, you are prepared to burn public education to the ground for no other reason than vindictiveness and petty hatred..

1/2 of 1%

What are you Christy Clark....A student hater, teacher hater, a premier with vision, a mathematician or a..

Burning down the house..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Bill said...

Well Grant your numbers, and straight truth logic and numbers don't lie. Clearly the numbers and money are there but with their twisted priorities they continue to smokescreen reality.

Unfortunately the Liberal "family" continue to play their numbers game, their lying game and ongoing stalling game as they continue to burn BC to the ground for their personal benefit.

The Lying BC Liberals will claim (at great cost to the rest of us) a balanced budget. They will spin this great achievement with their lap dog's in the MSM knowingly ignoring the real costs to the people of BC.

Christy C. and her party are ethically, morally and in all ways bankrupt and because of their actions BC is very nearly bankrupt. They do not care.

Anonymous said...

It was always Gordon Campbell and Harper's intent, to dismantle BC. Christy Clark is merely Harper's mouthpiece.

Harper and Christy prorogued Parliament and the BC Legislature, pretty much at the same time.

Nor do I trust Harper's visit on Vancouver Island. That smells like Harper's FIPA deal with Communist China.

Kreditanstalt said...

Real incomes in western economies have been dead in the water for decades. The difference is being made up with debt. More and more of us are living paycheck to paycheck and, unless one is a public sector worker or in a resource industry-linked job living standards are falling constantly.

So is our ability to pay constant tax increases, utility costs and inflating prices.

Public sector labour costs in this economy are bleeding what little is left of the private sector dry. And now we have courts interfering in the so far puny attempts of this government to make some small efforts in the other direction.

What if we detest both the evil and spendthrift Liberals and the Heavenly NDP equally and WANT serious cuts to teacher salaries??

Who represents us?