Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Open Letter To All Universities, Colleges, Schools and Education Centers Across Canada

In Light of Stephen Harper`s Government requiring acceptable identification to be able to cast a vote, vouching for friends not allowed, vouching for seniors in care homes not allowed, neighbors vouching for neighbors not allowed, voter registrations cards are no longer acceptable as proof of voting eligibility in Canada..

Students and younger voters are the largest group in raw numbers that use voter registration cards as identification to cast votes, and as you educators know, media pundits know, political parties and Election`s Canada knows voter participation is in decline, has been in decline over the last 2 decades, being that it`s students and our youngest generation that has the lowest voting participation rates responsibility must fall on Educators and education centers across Canada to change this troubling and worsening pattern.

Voter participation is not only a Democratic right it is also the only voice the public has, those wanting change can`t complain if they refuse to participate, everyone must be actively encouraged to vote.

Schools, Universities, Colleges and Education centers across Canada receive public tax dollars and or teach students who have received taxpayer dollars, subsidies and educational grants..

In light of declining voter participation and the need to keep Democracy alive and well it is of utmost importance that schools, universities and colleges across Canada actively promote voting in all elections, civic elections, provincial elections and most importantly, federal elections..

Not only should active voter participation be promoted, rules, regulations and voter identification requirements should be explained in formal documents to each and every student.

No one party should be promoted or shunned, political ideology differences should be left to each student to figure out on their own, however, educators and school officials should actively encourage all students, male, female, gay, lesbian and transgender, First Nations, black, white, Asian, all ethnic groups from all nationalities should be actively encouraged to vote and participate in a Democratic Canada, including informing students as to what identification is acceptable to vote, including actively informing all students on how to attain such identifications, where to attain such identifications, and in a timely manner...

Furthermore, this active promoting of the Democractic voting process and identification requirements should start at least 2 years before our Canadian youth reaches legal voting age.

Sincerely Grant G


Please all readers and contributors to The Straight Goods, take the time to send this open letter to a university, school, college and any other education center..

It is our duty as citizens who have lived and died in a glorious democratic country that has for the most part respected human rights to ensure voting in Canada, that Democracy in Canada remains strong, gets stronger and with luck, hard work and tenacity voting participation will rise to historic levels not seen in 30 years..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

When I saw the title of this post -
"Open Letter To All Universities, Colleges, Schools and Education Centers Across Canada" - I was hoping it to be a rallying cry for our institutes of higher learning to step up and archive all the great Canadian research that Harper and Co. are throwing out... but this is good too.

Anonymous said...

Harper's behavior is so bizarre, he needs a, full mental evaluation. Harper has lied to and misled Canadians very, very badly.

How can anyone with self respect, honor, decency, ethics or morals support a monster such as Harper? That boggles me. Harper's minions are, useless, spineless gutless wonders.

Harper is the worst most corrupt PM, in the recorded history of this Nation.

Harper is the only Canadian PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament.

Canada used to lead in Technology, Science, Medical breakthroughs, Inventions and peacekeeping.

Harper in his evil is turning Canada, into a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Our young people need to get involved if they want better lives for themselves and their children. Not just our young ones, but we must all get serious about these governments at all levels, who are running this country to the ground.
I am personally going to be doing my part to talk to all my young family members as well as the others who feel discouraged that it is time to take action. WE can change things.