Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Breaking News, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals Presented faked-out LNG Data, LNG Job Numbers Were A Lie, Production Numbers A Lie

The evidence is clear, Christy Clark lied to BC voters, Christy Clark presented data from a faked phony LNG report with not one stitch of verifying data..

The data used for pre-election campaigning, data that Christy Clark used to state LNG job numbers would exceed 100.000 jobs, that data doesn't exist, data used for LNG production(as in tonnage) on $94 billion dollar in LNG investment doesn`t add up, doesn`t exist....

In a stunning release of information compiled by Focus magazine, in an outstanding article written by David Broadband the evidence is clear, public servants created fake data on the taxpayer`s dime, just like the ethnicgate scandal, these public servants provided/created gobbledygook information, this faked out data was used to create a phony report on LNG production levels and revenue totals,  and this same non-existent data was used in an even bigger fake-out on LNG jobs....

Forget the 100,000 LNG jobs claim Christy Clark and the BC Liberals made, more like 6000 long-term direct and indirect jobs from 3 LNG plants, even if 10 LNG plants were built the direct and indirect full-time long-term job numbers wouldn`t exceed 10,000 jobs....

David Broadband has stopped short of calling the BC Liberals liars on all their LNG production level numbers and job numbers..

I won`t, my own research without any FOI requests proved to my satisfaction that the BC Liberals exaggerated LNG job numbers by a factor of 10...maybe more, a factor of 20..


I will only give you a couple of quotes from David Broadband`s stunning article, you must read it in full, in fact the RCMP should read Broadband`s report because what the BC Liberals did was break laws, they engaged in criminal fraud against the electorate, they had civil servants create fake data, filed false reports based on nothing, the BC Liberals uttered statements on LNG production levels, revenue totals and LNG job numbers based on nothing, based on civil servant B.C. taxpayer funded  gobbledygook created out of whole cloth..All done to create an election campaign and platform, a complete and total fraudulent fake out, paid for with your tax dollars..

Christy Clark should be forced to resign, whoever instructed these civil servants to create faked out data designed to steal an election should resign pronto, if the RCMP has any moral authority left an immediate investigation should be launched and premier Clark should step-down during the interim..

Here are but a few paragraphs from a long read....Go read David Broadband`s article in its entirety, a must read.

From David Broadband..at Focus Magazine

Did the BC government fake LNG numbers before last year's election?


By David Broadland, March 2014

"Emails between top-level BC civil servants show Premier Clark’s 100,000 LNG jobs were based on dubious assumptions thrown together at the last minute for her 2013 throne speech. Were those civil servants working for the public interest or Clark’s election campaign?........

Were the Prosperity Fund and the job claims part of an elaborate election ploy? It wouldn’t be the first time a government made an election promise it didn’t intend to keep. A more troubling possibility, though, is that Provincial public service employees and public funds were used to create that election ploy,...... 

 . The initiative appears to have been overseen by Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance Doug Foster. Foster outsourced the work to three private firms and delivered the numbers for Clark’s speech only days before it was made. Foster appears to have been reporting to Neil Sweeney, Deputy Minister, Corporate Policy in the Premier’s Office........

The report that provided the numbers was authored by Grant Thornton LLP (download from link at end of story), a prestigious accountancy firm with world-wide operations. Grant Thornton’s report allowed the Premier to say in her February 2013 throne speech, “LNG development is poised to trigger approximately $1 trillion in cumulative GDP within British Columbia over the next 30 years and that means more than $100 billion will flow directly to the Prosperity Fund. Province wide, LNG is expected to create on average 39,000 annual direct, indirect and induced full-time jobs during a nine-year construction period. As well, there could be as many as 75,000 full-time jobs required once all LNG plants are in full operation.”........

 After we read the report, which had the deceptively simple title Employment Impact Review, Focus filed an FOI for the record of communications between the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas and Grant Thornton as they developed the study. The report contained many warnings to the reader that it was based entirely on assumptions provided by “the Province and its advisors.” We wondered who those “advisors” were and whether the Province and its advisors had pushed the process toward some desired outcome......

Grant Thornton’s estimation of long-term employment is also puzzling. According to an extensive study by KPMG of the $35 billion Australia Pacific project, ongoing operations of the LNG plant would employ 325, the pipeline 20 and the gas fields 520. Extrapolating from that example, a $98 billion project in BC would create 910 long-term operational jobs at LNG plants, 56 pipeline jobs, and 1456 gas field extraction jobs. That’s direct, long-term employment.......

It’s difficult to see how Grant Thornton arrived at the conclusion $98 billion would bring 75,000 long-term full-time jobs to the province.
It seemed possible, then, after analyzing the Grant Thornton study last May, that the process of creating the report might have been pushed to create a 100,000-jobs election platform rather than function as a careful and reasoned analysis of the potential for LNG to produce jobs in BC. If it was the former, had taxpayers paid for a Liberal campaign expense? If it was the latter, why had the jobs report been kept in a drawer during the election?"

David Broadband is a wonderful writer, so detailed and easy to read, .....Very well done Mr. Broadband..A tip of the hat from Grant G

But even a simple soul like me knew Christy Clark and the BC Liberals lied their face off, they broke laws, there is no data that the BC Liberals or the BC Government can pony up to prove their outlandish LNG job claims, or their revenue claims, now it`s up to the horsemen, it`s up to the RCMP to investigate these crimes committed by the BC Government because we know..

We know our mainstream media won`t investigate, they self castrated themselves years ago...

Keith Baldrey has no courage or balls, Michael Smyth is too lazy and Kool-Aid bloated, Vaughn Palmer is old n tired, he wants to retire as a nauseating Voice of BC,  this crime and subsequent investigation requires someone young, strong and ambitious..

Vancouver Sun..The Province, Global News and CKNW have become fat, lazy, entitled and unprofessional in their news reporting, none of those mentioned news agencies have had investigations go past figuring out who wrote the latest Government press release..

The Straight Goods

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John Twigg said...

I once had Andrew Weaver make reference "decision-based evidence-making" and this story of what the Clark Lie-berals did re LNG seems like a prime example of that, but LNG was not the only issue they did that on; the whole 2013 election was fraudulent but we can't complain too much because the Dixian NewDems let them get away with it.

Grant G said...

I agree with that statement John Twigg...

However, I have had contact with a major player in the NDP and..

According to this person the NDP asked for information on these LNG claims and were told no documents were available..

And time ran out before the election..

And yes, I am in disgust with Adrian Dix and his election team because this blogger has been hammering on this phony lng fantasy 18 months before the election..And have been breaking down this lng scam day by day ever since..

Breaking down the bullshit, no milktoast passive blather from this site, not like the accountant blogger.


Danneau said...

Easy to spot when CC or one of her compadres is lying: they're talking/writing/whatever. If one of these folks were to say something reasonable, I'm not sure than anyone would know enough to recognize it or what to do with it at this point.

Hugh said...

This is what they said about TILMA in 2006:

$4.8 billion in real GDP
78,000 new jobs in BC

Totally fabricated numbers, I have the report they're based on.

TILMA is the agreement that allows companies to sue to Govt for laws and policies they don't like.

Anonymous said...

Christy, really, you got to drop that kool-aid; that $@#% will *%&^ you up!
On second thought, drink up, milfy girl!