Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christy Clark`s Not So Secret Election Adviser, BOB PLECAS

 The below article was posted on February 20/2012....Please read the below post from February 20/2012 first, then the few remarks atop will make sense..


The BC Liberal media has talked and mused about Christy Clark`s silly Enbridge position, right-wing pundits and BC Liberal sycophants of course call (her ideas?)visionary..


and of course we know how the media and internal rats brought john Cummins and his party way down in da polls.


And further, the recent Jim Shepard nasty attacks ads against, based on the 90`s..

And now the BCTF/Government feud, the ongoing feud..All orchestrated in my opinion..

 Now there may be some among you who doubt, however, Bob PLecas`s advice has been followed to a TEE..Enbridge tact, Adrian Dix tact, Bring down John Cummins tact...Make big fight with teachers tact?..

 Which means to this blogger, that Christy Clark was forced to present her? 10 Year pipe dream teachers peace plan forward on a rushed timiline..

And the teachers, with help from the employer, makes (Christy Clark`s idea?) irrelevant....So, lastly..


Do you believe that, with the glaring evidence below,  Christy Clark following Bob Plecas`s election victory strategy to the letter...  


Do you believe Christy`s 10 year teacher peace plan is sincere?  

And for all you right-wing pundits who claim Christy Clark has ideas, original ideas, I think not! .........Cheers Eyes Wide Open   



Monday, February 20, 2012

Season of the Which, Sandwich that is

Pacing back n forth, cold dead sweat runs from brows of over-seasoned politicos in dark smoky war rooms, what to do, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, swap a deputy secretary here and replace a press spinner there, listen to old tired friends or embrace the school of Hail Mary, welcome to the season of witch...

Yes indeed, Bob Plecas fearing the worst scenario, fearing an end to public service dollars being funneled to his corporate elite, fearing an end to chronic under-funding of schools, of justice of seniors care, fearing an end of corporate largesse handouts has come out swinging, come out advising, a tired oldman has crawled out from his rock to advise Christy Clark to be deceptive, to dictate, to confuse, to act as a single solo all encompassing power broker and run rough shot over anyone and everything that gets in way of the BC Corporate Liberals self perceived right to rule British Columbia, in other words Bob Plecas wants Christy Clark to act like Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper but with a more Hitler-esque flair...Let`s have a look at Bob Plecas`s advice to Christy Clark....

"Today, Premier Christy Clark faces three problems.

1. The Campbell legacy will not go away. While it was the perceived deceit over the harmonized sales tax that brought him down, he was rap-idly losing conservative support by moving the party to the left, supporting the carbon tax and first nations settlements. The tax fiasco proved the last straw for conservative anti-tax voters."

Let`s tear this tired old conman apart, first off Mr.Plecas, it wasn`t "Perceived deceit" it was downright deliberate deception, Campbell lied about the HST, he lied about a $4billion dollar deficit, he cooked the books and as for Gordon Campbell`s phony carbon tax, all that scam tax did was reward corporations for polluting and strip dollars from schools, students, hospitals and the like, that carbon tax didn`t take 1 gram of carbon out of the air....And as for "supporting First Nation settlements".....That comment is so racist if you were in front of me I would slap your saggy face, the word settlement implies that we were here first, if anyone has settlements in British Columbia it`s white man, not First Nations, as as for Campbell accommodating First Nations no such thing happened, his reconciliation act died a swift death in the legislature from complaints from corporate racists like you..

3." Clark's biggest challenge does not lie on the left, it lies on her right.
She is a well-known federal Liberal, and the federal Conservatives are wary of her. There is great suspicion in Ottawa about her loyalties, and also among Conservatives in B.C."

Yes indeed Bob, let`s paint a little black moustache under Christy Clark`s nose and pretend she`s a Federal Conservative hell bent on scorched earth policies, let`s have Christy Clark hire two prominent Stephen Harper top staffers to fill staff positions in Christy Clark`s inner circle....Hmmmm, infact let`s try and confuse the voters....

"Can Clark rebuild the centre-right coalition?

The answer is yes. There are three reasons.

1. She is a great communicator. 2. The spotlight has not shone on Cummins, and some of his views, on homosexuality and first nations, appear under close scrutiny to be too extreme right-wing."

So Mr Plecas, John Cummins is a long-time Federal Conservative, with Conservative beliefs, and according to you....You want Christy Clark to use all her radio talk show host honed communication skills to call John Cummins an Indian hater and a man who hates Gay, Lesbian and transgender people....Isn`t that a Conservative trait Bob? On one hand you want Christy Clark to lose her Federal Liberal roots and embrace Conservatism and on the other hand you want her to attack a long-time elected Federal Conservative, seems to me Bob Plecas that you want to create a name-calling labeling hatefest with mud flinging every direction and see what sticks...Classy dude you are, welcome to the 21st century, how did that cryogenic freezing work out for you...

"3. Dix has past issues and strong ideologies that are also not representative of the majority of British Columbians, and these also have not been widely discussed"

Really Bob, you mean memo-gate, you mean the fact that Adrian has been elected 3 times by a large majority of his constituents in that riding, you mean you missed the fact that every contender against Dix raised memo-gate as an issue, and let me guess, you missed all those risky Dix ads ran by the Federal Liberal/Federal Conservative/BC Christy party, you must remember, they ran every hour on cknw, on Global news, on Spike TV, in the newspaper, ads attempting to portray Adrian Dix as ...Risky, not to be trusted, ads reminding people that Adrian as young man back-dated a memo but according to the BC Christy party Adrian Dix wasn`t a staffer but he was secretly premier of BC in the 90`s, the best kept secret in BC History...Yes indeed, obviously Bob Plecas you were still in a state of cryogenic freezing when those ads were running....

"What are Clark's options? 1. Continue down the path she is on. That is a sure path to opposition.

2. Go to Cummins and form a coalition. With the egos involved, that is unlikely."

Well Bobby Plecas, you want Christy Clark to change course, you admit that she can`t join John Cummins because after all, John is a homosexual hating, indian village burning dyed in the wool Federal Conservative, so what is your secondary plan?....Let`s have a look...

"1. The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Demand Alberta share the revenue from the pipeline between the oilsands and Kitimat as a condition for B.C.'s support. As proposed, Alberta would gain all the benefits, while B.C. takes all the risk"

Well Bobby Plecas, I`m glad you ADMITTED that BC takes all the risk and receives ZERO benefit....... That strategy probably isn`t too smart....Considering the entire town including city council of Terrace has signed up against Enbridge and Alberta, as have Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte regional district...That`3 ridings gone Bobby Plecas, care for another 82?

"2. Legislate a two-year tax freeze on the province and municipalities. The NDP can announce targeted tax increases all it wants.

3. Legislate to end the teachers' dispute. Stand on the side of students and parents, let the NDP stand with the teachers' union.

4. Legislate the end to the current public sector pension plan for MLAs and staff, and create a new plan, based on a private-sector model, for new hires and newly elected.

5. Terminate all bonuses for senior executives in the entire public sector. This analysis points a clear direction for Clark to remain in power. Move to the right; provide voters with a choice, through aggressive, controversial policy and legislative action - basically, attracting Conservatives back to the centre-right." 

Well Bobby Plecas, you seem to like the Campbell/Harper approach..

Legislate, legislate, legislate and terminate, gee that really does sound rather Hitler-esque to me..

Yet I notice when it comes to your suggestion about legislating a new modest pension plan for MLA`s and staff you threw in  little self preservation detail..."For new hires"....Meaning how dare anyone touch your bloated public trough pension....And as for bonuses for the heads of crown corporations and deputy ministers, how did think the BC Liberals managed to keep the whistleblowers from talking...

"Bob Plecas is a former deputy minister in several previous B.C. governments and ministries"

Read Bobby Plecas`s whole screed here..... 


In a nut-shell Bobby Plecas, your advice to Christy Clark is...Use your communication skills to throw Federal Conservative John Cummins under the bus and call him an Indian hating, gay bashing dinosaur to attract more Conservatives to the BC Christy party, and to call Adrian Dix names and remind BCers of his radical agenda of helping seniors, students and a long suffering over-taxed middleclass British Columbians, and the most amusing part of your advice is you want to short shrift new MLAs and new hires while leaving the old guard including yourself with their public trough largesse..

Well Bobby, I have a novel idea, how about running on their record, how about running on facts, you want mud, lies, name-calling, you don`t want good Governance you want power for the sake of power......I have a news flash for you Bobby Plecas, Christy Clark has heeded your advice and for Adrian Dix and the NEW Democratic party of British Columbia..

It`s advice worthy of a NDP super majority!

Time for the NDP to eat your lunch!

BC NDP follows The Straight Good`s Lead and makes Rich Coleman look like a BUFFOON, Coleman loses his mind and turns red-faced over pure incompetence

More breaking news, New memberships surge for the Federal NDP, especially in Ontario and BC...Christy Clark hitches her star to the Harper, too late Christy Cluck, Harper has turned into a black hole, a pariah!


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

There has been no honesty from the BC Liberals, since Gordon Campbell's reign of terror. He was totally Harper's corrupt monster.

Christy's TV ads anger people, for their out and out blatant lying. We all know she works for Harper too. I would say, when she hired Boessenkool, she gave herself away. What happened to her, getting the BCR theft sorted out? "Once and for all" so she said?

Do we have to put up with, her silly little, juvenile attacks ads again?

What I like? Adrian Dix won't go down to Christy's level. Dix always speaks in a respectful manner, when he contradicts the BC Liberals.

Christy is exactly like Harper and his asinine attack ads. I never have forgotten, how nasty Harper was towards Ignatieff. I'm no Federal Liberal but, that really disgusted me.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read the advertorial in todays Province? It links Trinity Western University with Rich Coleman and big land parcels in Langley. It's near the front page on the right.
So much for non profit churches. Could you investigate this, Mr.G?

Grant G said...

I`ll have a look...

However, I believe I know what it`s all about..

Sean Leslie is promoting Christy Clark`s alleged Devout Religiousness..

He highlighted(Today, January 27th/between 5:30 pm and 6:00pm) her appearance on 100 Huntley street..And..

Christy Clark is speaking about Governance and religion February 6th/2013..

$60 dollars a ticket..

These BC Liberals will leave no stone unturned, they`re going big for the religious vote..

Don`t know how that circle gets squared with Milfgate, Manswers, Richard Branson and her filthy partisan mouth..

Not to mention, Christy Clarks spends alot of time at...


A site where one can peruse naked pictures of celebrities..

And by the way, BC is the most secular(non-religious) province in Canada.


Jon Ghun said...

The damn shame of it all is that it worked.

It pains me to even type this; but let's be honest with ourselves--they won the election. And it went exactly like bob plecas said it would.

Let's re-cap:

a) A good year before the writ was dropped, they threw big-money into negative advertising, because they can tap the coffers of big business like the ndp never will. And yet the execs decided they need to cosey up to the bandits of Howe Street in the run-up;

b) Most of the time, they were all too willing to hit hard below the belt, while the leader and the party in opposition stood down and tried to ignore the blows raining down;

c) They narrowed the frame of debate via a complicit media, and the opposition did little to get themselves out of this box, let alone state a clear attractive vision to the contrary. (I mean, how many people know what Adrian Dix stands for even at this late stage?)

d) The deep maldoers also employed the psychic driving technique, using a few slanderous memes aimed by partisan hit men who cared enough to get dirty enough to win the fight;

and then e) The spin meisters whirled up a generous fog of out-right lies, hand outs, and sparkle ponies which entranced the multitudes, whilst the other side just stood around whistling in the wind and could barely be bothered to counter such nonsense.

Hell, ya', they won alright. They won by default. Because the other team didn't even bother to show up and compete.

The most serious effort Dix has made in his entire time as leader of the opposition was when he and his insider-friends gamed the leadership nomination. After that, though, he and the execs. could only manage to hire on some dual^loyalty campaign campaign team, which sent out a manager from back east, who promptly proceeded to have the whole party stand down and suck it up to the bitter end, without even so much as polling in specific ridings.

When one looks back on it all now, it's like the whole thing was fixed by the hidden hands of the ruling class. And yet none dare call it an actual conspiracy. Well, I will, right here, right now. This election was fixed!

And what I take away from this whole sordid fiasco is that we need to form a new party, one which both prioritizes all the people of this province, and one that also puts secession on the table from the get-go.