Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stephen Harper, The Dog Ate His Homework, Paul Calandra Inhales Stephen Harper`s Hotdog


Evan Solomon on CBC`s Power and Politics show makes Paul Calandra squirm, it`s obvious to anybody with even a scant few brain cells that Paul Calandra is full of shit and Stephen Harper must be lying his face off..

If, if Stephen Harper isn`t lying his face off....

If Stephen Harper is not lying he`s not mentally fit to be Prime Minister...Over a dozen of Stephen Harper`s closest advisers and office staff, including other Conservative appointed senators knew of the Wright/Duffy $90k payoff and senate whitewashed report on Mike Duffy illegally claimed expenses....And Harper claims to know nothing?....Sergeant Schultz would be proud of Harper`s performance..

Evan Solomon conducts an interview with Paul Calandra worthy of mandatory viewing by everyone in Canada.

Perhaps Vaughn Palmer will watch this interview and take notes on how to conduct an interview, on how to call bullshit bullshit..

And Bill Good might....Ahh...Nevermind with Bill Good..

Billy Good has BC Liberal mustard and ketchup stains on all his suits, even on his pajamas..

Click the below link, enjoy Evan Solomon taking care of business.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Jon Ghun said...

good to see there's still a prominent journalist working in Canada. Good on, Evan Soloman. He threw some hard balls at candalara. Gotta's had to the sop, though, he can bob and weave and lie with the best of them.

Anyway ,harper and his top staff are digging themselves a very big hole at this point; and the harder they shovel, the deeper it gets.

We've clearly got several cases of conservative senators defrauding the Canadian tax payer, most likely while they were acting to raise money on behalf of the conservative party.

Hard to see how harper's prime ministership survives this implosion.

Now i'm starting to wonder at what's going to follow harper's almost certain fall.