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Canadian LNG Plants And The Mega Tsunami, In The Line Of Fire, And Water

One loaded LNG tanker has more explosive power than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings combined, that statement is not conjecture but fact, and highlighted in this posting..

Energy companies have invested $200 billion dollars in LNG facilities and related infrastructure in Australia...

$200 billion dollars and if Christy Clark had her way energy companies would spend $200 billion dollars in BC and make British Columbia a world class, big time energy exporter, and recently, last week in fact Rich Coleman and his henchmen announced to the world and BCers alike that we, that British Columbia has a 150 year supply of natural gas for those LNG exporting entities...

That`s a real long time, longer than we have been a province in Canada, I`m not sure if Canada has been a nation for that long, I`ll have to go look it up..

150 years, Christy Clark wants a dozen LNG plants, I assume half would be in the Prince Rupert area and the other half would be in the Kitimat area, and Stephen Harper wants Kitimat to be the home for Enbridge`s northern gateway Alberta bitumen and condensate(paint thinner) pipelines, as in plural, one pipeline with bitumen(tar) the other pipeline is for the tar thinner, paint thinner, commonly called "condensate" it what you want, it`s explosive..

British Columbia has had some pretty good offshore earthquakes, several around Haida Gwaii....

I wrote about one of our tremors and gave lots of details on the Cascadia subduction zone fault line.., one of our larger quakes last year was 7.7 on the richter scale, tsunamis, the big one get triggered when you approach 8 on the richter scale...

As you know Cascadia fault line, a subduction zone, one tectonic plate diving under another plate, in the last 10,000 years 16 mega tsunamis have struck the pacific northwest, one mega tsunami strikes our area, the area where LNG facilities are proposed, where tar and paint thinner pipelines are proposed on average every 400 years....The last mega tsunami struck and ravaged the north American West Coast on....

January 26th, in the year 1700 at 9:00 pm in the evening....The last mega tsunami struck the West coast of North America...313 years ago, almost 314 years go.... in a way you could say we are overdue for the next and let me be clear, there will be another mega tsunami that will generate massive 30..40...foot wall of water,  waves that will devastate places like Kitimat and Prince Rupert, the water , the waves are funneled up into these inlets and harbours..

When the big one strikes there will be no warning and after the quake, the tsunami waves inundate the land within minutes, no time to react or time to move out LNG or oil laden tankers... those vessels would be at the mercy of the water, and fire, for once LNG ignites there is no stopping it until all the fuel is exhausted, Prince Rupert and Kitimat would be gone, first flooded then burnt and blown to bits...

Along with $200 billion, $300 billion?? LNG and oil shipping facilities, all gone, no insurance, the investment gone..

Rich Coleman claimed BC has enough natural gas to support the LNG export business for 150 years...and that last mega tsunami struck on Jan 26th,  in the year 1700 at 9:00 P.M. at night..

MegaQuake Could Hit North America - BBC (Full Documentary)

 There was a recent article posted in our local rags claimed the "big one" would cost BC roughly $75 billion in damages, everything would be damaged, the article claimed we are not prepared and to be honest we never will be, my only hope is that the BC Liberals either replace or finally earthquake proof all our old brick schools that will crumble and kill in even a smallish earthquake, my hope is the earthquake proofing is completed before the next 150 years passes..I remind you that you get no warning, or second chance and children are precious, as is the town and people of Prince Rupert and Kitimat..

Major quake off B.C. coast would cause $75 billion in damage: study

Costs would arise from shaking, tsunami, landslides and fire, as well as business and service interruptions

I`m more concerned about the snails pace on securing and earthquake proofing brick and mortar schools, schools full of children, nothing is more precious than the child, except the child`s future..


 "The Vancouver School Board is concerned thousands of B.C. children could be at risk because their schools haven't been seismically upgraded.

In 2005, the B.C. government promised to have 750 schools rebuilt to earthquake standards by 2020.
So far, only 121 schools have been rebuilt or are in the process of being upgraded.
Vancouver School Board Chair, Patti Bacchus, said the pace needs to pick up.

"Particularly Vancouver, which has many schools around 100 years old. And there are several that have been promised seismic upgrades for several years. We were told they would be done by 2008 and we have yet to even get them in the queue,"


I personally wouldn`t allow a child to attend a school made of brick and mortar that wasn`t retrofitted or earthquake proofed, they are death traps waiting to happen, provincial leaders are rolling the dice with children`s lives, yes maybe it`s true that BC Liberals would love to see all teachers flattened but children...That`s a whole new ball-game..When the next large quake hits those schools not retrofitted will crumble, along with St Pauls hospital and other vital infrastructure, when the hospital crumbles and kills where then do you take the wounded and dying...?

The above BBC documentary on Cascadia`s 900 miles fault line, a fault line that slips along the entire 900 miles, triggering a mega tsunami from Alaska to California, with the most damage being felt in natural tsunami funnels of Port Alberni, Kitimat, Prince Rupert...

The above video is worth watching, I suggest those with the time watch it and learn about the past history and......and more importantly learn about the future because there is no question about if, it`s only a matter of when..

$75 billion dollars in damage to British Columbia and that`s not counting any LNG infrastructure, Prince Rupert and Kitimat facilities either destroyed by water or more likely, destroyed by fire and explosive power of LNG stored in what they call trains, and or on LNG laden tankers in the harbour..

There`s another video I would like you to watch, not a BBC documentary special, not a movie, a real life, real footage, real stories from those who lived through a tsunami, the horror, the death..

It was a glorious Boxing day, not a cloud in the sky, sun shining, water was calm, the year was 2004...

300,000 people perished in mere minutes, the tsunami travelled over 1000 miles and killed again..

I have watched this footage several times and each viewing I am even more horrified...

Mother nature doesn`t care if there are LNG plants or nuclear reactors, she doesn`t discriminate, she will strike the west coast of Canada very hard and yes, we are due for the next one, ...150 years of LNG exporting, I can guarantee there will be a mega quake accompanied with a mega tsunami in that time frame..

Only a fool or a very selfish person would put that much explosive power and infrastructure in a location that`s guaranteed to see massive tsunami waves followed by miles of sea blasting inland taking everything with it, leaving a flattened moonscape and bodies..

I present you...........(warning, not suitable for all viewers, real life screams of horror and dead bodies..Grant G)

Tsunami Caught On Camera 


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

Grant G said...


I know you have shown interest in the greenhouse gas issue.

We won`t meet 2020 targets, we will not and were not going to reach 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets even if LNG didn`t exist, we were lying to ourselves on the subject, Christy Clark and all BC Liberals have been lying on this GHG issue..LNG will merely make B.C. a world class prolific polluter, period!

We haven`t reduced any emissions, the blathering by Terry Lake, now Mary Polak about our greenhouse gas decline..

We have reduced emissions because our mills and industry have shuttered, because every year older cars are replaced with newer cars. the carbon tax did nothing but rob people, it was and is a fraud tax..

Gordon Campbell was and is a conman, his carbon tax was about getting votes from the left..

As for LNG, I heard blathering from BC Government about LNG companies possibly being asked to pay "carbon offsets" and or a carbon tax..

That`s more bullshit, in Australia the Government just switched sides, the new Government ran, and won on a platform of NO CARBON TAX, NO CARBON OFFSETTING..

So there is no way LNG exporters are going to pay anything.

Yes the greenhouse gas issue is very important and global warming and ice melting is real, however..

There isn`t one provincial Government in Canada that gives a rat`s ass about greenhouse gas, the Harper feds don`t care..

Right now the greenhouse gas issue is being used to rob money from the middleclass and the poor.

And carbon offsets are another fraud

Good Day

James F said...

According to world trends this LNG project could end up exporting gas at cost and produce no benefit to B.C. How about doing what W.A.C. Bennet did with Hydro?..use it to make our businesses more competitive and our province more attractive to outsiders. Not to mention cheap gas to heat our homes and power our cars until a better source can be found. No...lets hand it over to China

Hugh said...

I agree with James F. Those LNG proposals are foreign. Why not keep the benefit of BC natural gas in BC, for cars, trucks etc.

Nationalize it - we used to have BC Gas. If the Chinese and the Norwegians think nationalizing is good, why not?

Nationalizing seems to benefit those countries. BC Hydro used to be all about benefitting BC (until about 2002).

Grant G said...

Hugh and James..

Haven`t you heard, Christy Clark is a face on the front page, she is not in charge of anything.

The BC Liberals are run by corporations and scammers..

Rich Coleman and the Grafters

Christy Clark gets to eat oysters, wiggle her ass and wear the stripe off a taxpayer funded credit card while the grafters run amok.

Not to worry Hugh, and James..

The whole LNG ponzi scheme is collapsing and the grafters are getting worried..

Let`s just say that the Chinese and the Malaysians are hedging their bets, our gas fields are now owned by foreign national Governments..

Will it ever come out of the ground and piped to LNG plants..

Very unlikely.


Anonymous said...

At some point this province is going to have to transition from a colony used for resourcing the motherlands, to an independent economy that takes care of its own people. Is it going to far to start suggesting the possibility of succeeding from the federation and setting up our own central bank that will finance our own development?

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801--1850): Government is the great fiction, through which the parasitic, both corporate and individual, endeavour to live at the expense of the productive.

Anonymous said...

TPP Documents can be found here:

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, it does.

Say good-bye to Kanada as we know her. The globalist kleptocracy is coming for more.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed..

We are being sold out left right and center by our politicians..

Wiki-leaks...Some say their life is in danger, or could be in danger if they talk, or leak..

That`s wrong, a person`s life is endangered when they have The Straight Goods and don`t talk..

Once you leak, put it out there for all to see, once you do that you are safe, embraced by millions..

Very soon the day is coming when the public snaps, when enough is enough.

That`s why you don`t advertise in advance that you have something really big, really juicy, dirty data and can do damage..

That`s when you know it`s bullshit..

You strike with stealth, when they don`t see it coming..

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

And you don`t need to advertise dynamite..

Could you imagine what would have happened to Mr. Wikileaks if he advertised for a week that he was opening the secret data vault..


That`s why Ford`s people were threatening to murder those with the video..

When you have The Straight Goods..

Publish, Print, Produce, Internet it, pass it on..

Safety in numbers..

Good Day

e.a.f. said...

yes a giant wave, might be time to think about living in Sask. because Alberta could be water front, well at least Hope.

There is nothing to dissuade the provincial lieberals from going ahead with the LNG, pipelines, tankers, oil/tar, etc. It is doubtful they even believe B.C. will make money on any of it. It is just a nice story to spin for the MSM to lull the tax payers to sleep, while they sell of the province and/or give it away. The B.C. Rail job was just the first of many. You gotta wonder where the money goes.

Anonymous said...


Bmon ‏@Bmon555 1h

BC Libs trying to kill FOI's ? #bcpoli

David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 34m

@Bmon555 2/2 I have 3 FOIs outstanding (all > 2 months old, 6 mnths for 1); gov treats them as joke - no intention of being "open" #bcpoli
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5:00 PM - 14 Nov 13 · Details

Bmon ‏@Bmon555 1h

BC Libs trying to kill FOI's ? #bcpoli

David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 36m

@Bmon555 How can u "derail" FOI that is a joke b/c anything can be excluded as "advice to cabinet" due to court decision. #bcpoli 1/2
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4:58 PM - 14 Nov 13 · Details

Grant G said...

Let me translate that tweet from David Schreck into plain English...

:How can you derail FOI(freedom of information requests)???

That AGT article is a joke, because, the Government has been making it difficult to access FOIs my FOIs, Mackin`s, the NDP`s FOI`s for not months but for years

and the BC Government, and the Federal Government has the ability to exclude whatever the hell it wants, they just call it cabinet confidentality, or cabinet privilege or propriatory secrecy.


Gordon Campbell, you couldn`t get information when he was in charge..

Look at BC Rail and the Basi/Virk payoff..look at auditor general John Doyle`s problem getting information..look at Van Dongen`s difficulty getting information..

Look how Mike De Jong stonewalled in the Attorney General ministry on the Basi/Virk payoff...

All that or most of that happened before Christy Clark was premier and the face of the BC Liberal party, Christy was still on radio..

I call bullshit..

Like I said before many times, Christy Clark isn`t in control of or making any decisions..

Bombshell article?

You mean telling readers the sun is yellow and it rains in B.C. is news..

IPP contracts..PPP3 contracts..

I call bullshit and bootlicker..

The same argument can be made about Stephen Harper`s Government..

Or the Alberta Government..

And lastly..

Gordon Campbell put together this motly crew and it is still Gordon Campbell`s gang calling all the shots..

Not Christy Clark.


Grant G said...

Canada’s Access to Information Act fails to meet global standards, report finds

Part I

OTTAWA, Oct. 1 /CNW/ – A new report co-sponsored by the Canadian Association of Journalists says Canada’s access to information laws lag behind those of countries such as India, Mexico and Pakistan, meaning the public’s right to know is slowly eroding.
On International Right to Know Day, the CAJ calls upon the leaders of the country’s political parties to detail how they would improve the Access to Information Act to ensure greater openness and accountability to citizens.
“Canada used to be a global model of openness, and now we’re backsliding into the dark ages of government secrecy, obfuscation and denial,” said CAJ President Mary Agnes Welch. “It’s national Right to Know Day, but the public’s right to know is seriously at risk.”
The 392-page document, “Fallen Behind: Canada’s Access to Information Act in the World Context,” found that, on 12 key points, Canada’s act fails to meet the international standards of freedom-of-information (FOI) law endorsed by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression.
It found that Canadian reporters wait many months or even years for replies to their ATIA requests, whereas the average national FOI legal standard for replies is 14 days. Some nations also have strong penalties for delays, which are lacking in Canada. And Canada’s federal information commissioner lacks the essential power to order the release of information –
unlike his counterparts in five provinces. That key power, which was promised by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is just one among a list of promised reforms to the country’s access to information regime that were not fulfilled.
There are also more than 100 quasi-governmental agencies — including bodies dealing with blood services and nuclear waste — that are not obliged to follow the Canadian law, unlike similar bodies in most other nations.
Strong access to information legislation guarantees the public’s ability to scrutinize the activities of government. Since the act came into force in 1983, Canadian journalists have used it to produce hundreds of articles on risks to health and safety, the environment, law and order, and the proper use of taxpayers’ funds — articles that would not have been possible without ATIA requests.
Last month, through ATIA, the Globe and Mail revealed that in 2006, the Canadian government strongly opposed tougher U.S. rules to prevent listeria. In May, the Ottawa Citizen found about 1 in 20 gas pumps in Canada was pumping
less gas than indicated on the readout, according to Measurement Canada inspection data.
The new report was prepared by Stanley Tromp, a Vancouver-based freelance reporter and co-ordinator of the CAJ’s freedom of information caucus. It was sponsored by the CAJ, the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association,
the Canadian Newspaper Association, the Canadian Community Newspapers Association, and members of two Vancouver law firms. The full report can be found at:

Grant G said...

Part II

The CAJ is Canada’s largest professional organization for journalists with more than 1,500 members across to country. The CAJ’s primary role is to provide public-interest advocacy and high quality professional development for its members.

Canada’s rusty freedom-of-information law fails to meet global standards: report

Below are some findings from the report Fallen Behind: Canada’s Access to
Information Act in the World Context. It is available at, along with a chart contrasting each part of the ATI Act with the freedom of information (FOI) laws of 75 nations and the Canadian provinces. The site also has an index to global FOI rulings, to allow applicants to find precedents for their FOI appeals.

On 12 key points, Canada’s ATI Act does not meet the international standards of FOI law which were set out in the 1999 document The Public’s Right to Know: Principles of Freedom of Information Legislation, by Toby Mendel of the London based human rights organization Article 19. These principles were endorsed by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression.
Canada’s ATI Act also fails to conform to many central FOI recommendations from at least ten other global political organizations, such as Commonwealth Secretariat, the Council of Europe, the African Union, the World Bank, and United Nations Development Agency (UNDP).
The Conservative Party of Canada’s 2006 election platform statement Stand Up for Canada promised to grant the Information Commissioner the power to order the release of information, a pledge that was not fulfilled.
Yet this order-making power is held by the information commissioners of five Canadian provinces and 16 other jurisdictions including Mexico, India, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (our parliamentary model).
Amongst the world’s FOI laws, the average request response time is two weeks. At least 60 other FOI nations in the world prescribe shorter timelines than in Canada, and some have strong penalties for delays. Yet under the Canadian ATI Act, public bodies must respond to requests within 30 days, and may extend this for another 30.
Delays in responding to ATI Act requests have truly reached a true crisis level. Some departments are so backlogged that they automatically add extensions of more than 100 days to most, if not all, requests. Others agencies coolly grant themselves a 240 day extension, for in the ATI Act the limit may be stretched for an unspecified “reasonable period of time.” In a recent report, the Information Commissioner validated a 2005 complaint by the Canadian Newspaper Association that agencies red-flag and further delay ATI Act requests by the media.
The Conservatives made an (unfulfilled) pledge to “expand the coverage of the Act to all Crown corporations, Officers of Parliament, foundations and organizations that spend taxpayers’ money or perform public functions.” This promise was only partially fulfilled by the new inclusion of several entities in the Accountability Act.

Grant G said...

Part III

But more than 100 quasi-governmental entities are still not covered by the ATI Act. The exclusion of such entities such as the Canadian Blood Services and the nuclear Waste Management Organization blocks transparency could impact public heath and safety.
On this topic Canada has fallen farthest behind the world FOI community. The FOI laws of 29 nations cover legal entities performing “public functions” and/or “vested with public powers,” and the statutes of the United Kingdom, India, and New Zealand also provide good models.
The Conservatives made an (unfulfilled) pledge to “provide a general public interest override for all exemptions.” Today the FOI laws of 38 other nations – and all but one of the Canadian provinces and territories – contain much broader public interest overrides than are found in the Canadian ATI Act.
The Conservatives made an (unfulfilled) pledge to subject all ATI Act exemptions to a “harms test,” where the government must prove that an injury would result from releasing exempted records, such as those regarding law enforcement or trade secrets. Seven ATI Act exemptions still lack harms tests, a situation which falls seriously short of accepted world standards.
Only in Canada and South Africa are the records of cabinet discussions completely excluded from the scope of the ATI Act law, and Canada’s Information Commissioner does not even have the legal right to review such records.
Yet ten Commonwealth nations, including the United Kingdom, have an exemption instead of an exclusion for these records, meaning they can be reviewed by an appellate body and released. More than 50 other national FOI statutes have no specific exemption for cabinet records at all. As well, such records can be withheld for 20 years in the ATI Act, but for only 10 years in Nova Scotia’s FOI law.
The Conservatives made an (unfulfilled) pledge to “oblige public officials to create the records necessary to document their actions and decisions.” It is well known that the pernicious trend towards “oral government” has spread in Canada: officials often fail to commit their thoughts to paper and convey them verbally instead, mainly in an effort to block the information coming out under FOI. Several other national FOI laws prescribe record creation, and the duty to file records in a way that facilitates access.
Today there are more than 50 other provisions in other laws that override the ATI Act. The Conservatives made an (unfulfilled) pledge to fix this problem, and so make the ATI Act supreme on disclosure questions. Several Commonwealth nations – including India, Pakistan and South Africa – establish that their FOI law will override secrecy provisions in other laws.


Like I was saying, Canadian Governments are among the worst offenders when it comes to not releasing information

Stephen Harper has made it worse..And so did Gordon Campbell..

Look, I don`t like Christy Clark, she`s a dunce, a liar, a school drop-out..

And she isn`t smart enough to do anything on her own..

As for FOI Governments become corrupted like Gordon Campbell`s BC Liberals, Stephen Harper`s convicts and Dalton Mcguinty Ontario Liberals information becomes scarcer and scarcer and facts, data and numbers are replaced with spin, bluster and propaganda bullshit..

You can`t get information from BC Ferries..BC Hydro on IPPs, you can`t access fish farm data..C Diff death data..

Everything is hidden and shielded and has been for a long time..

Remember Gordon Campbell hid information about killer pollution in Prince George?

Anonymous said...

Here we are reaching the key issue and its importance cannot be overstated:

How can the multitude achieve change in a supposed democracy when the political system has been completely bought and paid for by a plutocracy?

This question is as crucial for BC, as it is for Canada as whole. And that's to say nothing of the same pressure in the USA, the UK, France, Japan, China or most any other country.

Unfortunately, any sort of answer to this question seems to have eluded most of the billions of people who are completely disgusted with the regimes put into power and maintained by money. They see absolutely no realistic way to change any it.

So, I ask in all sincerity: What is to be done?

Anonymous said...

Grant, that report in part 1 part 2 and part 3 is more of a bombshell than the advertised bombshell, fabulous!

Rock on Mr. Persuader

kootcoot said...

Grant, you don't need an earthquake to have problems with Natural Gas. Check out what happened in Milford,Texas yesterday!

"A massive explosion of a 10-inch Chevron natural gas pipeline near a drilling rig in Milford, Texas, led the company to ask law enforcement to evacuate the entire town on Thursday. Milford, in rural Ellis County, is about halfway between Dallas and Waco. The cause is still unknown, and the fire is expected to rage for another day."

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, good people, I'm sure everything will be alright; because, very expensive, highly intrusive, easily weaponized drones are coming to the fair skies of BC and your town won't be left out.

gov.+corps.+pol= fascism