Thursday, November 28, 2013

British Columbia`s Private Liquor Store Owners, Welcome To The Club(An LNG Story)

Written by Grant G

What a bunch of white noise, John Yap, our minister of booze and previous participant in the ethnicgate scandal has a blog,...and on his blog he asked for feedback on a proposal to allow beer and wine to be sold at grocery stores, and those who responded(800 respondents) voted 75% in favour of booze at grocery stores..

I also heard John Yap on radio saying...75% of British Columbia want to be able to purchase liquor at grocery stores, it is top of mind for British Columbians....

First things first, ...The Christy Clark BC Liberal jobs plan is an utter failure, they have no more ability to create jobs than they do to make it rain, the jobs plans was always about propaganda, and it still is..

Also, LNG in a big way ain`t happening, the hyperbole, spin and bluster from Rich Coleman and Christy Clark is sounding more and more desperate, Rich Coleman has resorted to flat out lying every time he opens his mouth..Still no final investment decisions, in fact big private energy companies are busy selling their piece of British Columbia`s LNG ponzi scheme to Chinese Government state run agencies, what Christy Clark and the BC Liberals don`t understand..Shell, BG Group, Exxon, these private energy companies want to sell LNG to Asia...By Asia, I mean Japan, China and Korea..

If Japan(Japex), China(Sinopec/CONOC), and Korea(Korea Gas) own British Columbia`s gas field holdings, own a pipeline and LNG plants these state run companies will not only sell gas to themselves on the cheap, or at a loss they will employ Asian workers almost exclusively, private energy companies will divest all their BC assets, there would be no point...Why would China buy high priced, Asian premium priced LNG from Exxon or Chevron when China, Korea and Japan would own their own LNG supplies right here in British Columbia?...And remember...When you hear the company names..Nexen or Progress Energy, even Tslisman Energy sold off all their B.C. assets......Those North American based companies are no longer private companies...CONOC(Chinese Offshore National Oil Company bought Nexen and Petronas owns Progress Energy)...

And there`s so much more, those Asian energy companies, including Petronas(another foreign Government owned company) me, these energy companies can smell the desperation on Christy Clark`s and Rich Coleman`s breath, in other words, they ain`t making any (FID) final investment decisions until the taxation, royalty and incentives scheme reaches an all time high...or in the case of we the people of British Columbia and B.C. Government coffers, an all time low...You see, you don`t go into negotiations when you`re desperate, panting like a dog, wait another year and these BC Liberals will be paying CONOC and SINOPEC to build an LNG plant..

Also, we have the BC Hydro story, absolute proof is flowing throughout the province that BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell, now under Christy Clark not only sold us out, they proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they can`t run a peanut stand....BC Hydro is in a structural deficit, these rate increases won`t even get BC Hydro to even, these rate increases are a stop-gap measure..Debt will rise until BC Hydro is sold off to China....

The forecasts are for almost zero growth in British Columbia....These BC Liberals have dipped into forecast allowance funds to attempt to claim a balanced budget, well, it isn`t balanced, in fact last year $10 billion dollars was added to our BC debt..

Employment in British Columbia is in negative to flat territory...Canada`s economic future is forecast to be flat in the way of growth and LNG is everywhere, including China....Any LNG prosperity wet dream will flop, and flop badly...Even in Western Australia, they have been exporting natural gas for decades and their debt has done nothing but grow exponentially..Decades of selling LNG and $10s of billions in LNG liquefication plant investments in Western Australia and that Government is broke and getting poorer by the day...And Rich Coleman and Christy Clark are going to have a lower taxation and royalty scheme than Western Australia...amazing, maybe one day BC`s media will either start telling the real story, or drop dead, I`ll take either option, after all, the news reporting wouldn`t get any worse if they all died tomorrow, they`re not reporting news now, and apparently, they are alive?


S&P Cuts Western Australia Rating to AA+ on Growing Debt Burden


Western Australia’s long-term issuer score was cut to AA+ from AAA by Standard & Poor’s, leaving only two of Australia’s six state governments holding the top credit grade from the ratings company. 

“WA’s debt burden is now at the high end of the domestic peer group, and in our view is likely to continue rising,” S&P said in a statement today. “Upgrade potential in the coming two years is not currently expected. It would likely require a greater commitment to fiscal improvement than we expect.” 

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett’s government last month forecast a budget deficit for the 12 months ending June 30, 2015, as a China-led mining investment boom wanes and slowing growth curbs government revenue. The difficulties faced by the state, which accounts for almost all of Australia’s iron-ore exports, mirror those confronting Tony Abbott, sworn in today as the nation’s 28th prime minister. 

“The state government hasn’t shown a lot of signs of adjusting its budget strategy as yet in terms of cutting back a little more meaningfully on expenditures,” said Adam Donaldson, the head of debt research at Sydney-based Commonwealth Bank of Australia. “Following the WA budget which was quite disappointing it’s certainly no surprise to see the downgrade come through.”

We are number 1 in child poverty again, our rightful place, the one thing this Government has been number 1 at for more than a decade..Were back baby!

Translink is broke...The Compass cards system is broken..Faregates are an unmitigated disaster..any Translink funding referendum will go down in flames, ...The education system is broken and broke..

Any greenhouse gas reduction targets we thought we would meet are gone, we weren`t going to meet them before, now it`s a sick joke, all targets abandoned yet the carbon tax on consumers remains as a symbolic tax grab gesture..

Anywho, perhaps there are those who would like to go get drunk, get stoned, if one actually contemplates the predicament these BC Lberals have put us in, it is very depressing, enough to make one want to get drunk and change the channel, dream of days past when life was..when life was more upfront and honest..

However, this story isn`t about any of those subjects, this article is about the BC Liberals using a beer n whine in grocery stores gambit to change channels...Why on earth was this announcement made today when no decisions are to be made until late next year, that is if the legislature ever opens again, why on earth would would John Yap bring this issue up today??

To change the channel on all the bad news, nobody is buying this channel change, it is painfully obvious what this Government is up to..."They are pulling a Stephen Harper"...Grant G November 28th/2013

I`m not one to often sympathize or cry foul over the treatment private liquor store operators are getting but in this case they are right, they were encouraged by Gordon Campbell and his lobbyists (patrick Kinsella) to get into the booze game, and they did, for the most part these private liquor store owners are small-business operated by average people, not corporations...And these business men(woman) are in shock over the fact that the BC Liberals are stabbing them in the back...Shocked I say, they got stabbed big time...Welcome to the club, every British Columbian outside of big Corporations are wandering around with scars, open wounds, open gaping dripping blood stab wounds on all our backs....Private liquor store owners..

Welcome to the 4 million strong and counting stabbed in the back by the BC Liberals club...No fees or club dues required, as no one can afford any dues..

These questionnaires are so easy to manipulate, so easy to achieve whatever result you want..For example...Question--- Would you like the convenience of being able to buy beer or wine at the same place you buy your groceries...

Everyone would answer yes..Everyone would also answer yes to this... Would like the convenience to buy groceries, buy gas, see your doctor, get car repaired, buy liquor, buy prescription drugs, go to the bathroom, pay all your bills and play slot machines, blackjack, roulette all at the same place, yes or no?

These questions are meaningless, John Yap said "buying liquor in grocery stores is top of mind for most British Columbians"..John Yap, November 28th/2013

No, buying booze is not top of mind....

Let us be clear, those who call into radio stations talking about the American system, cheap beer and wine at grocery stores...That won`t happen here, these BC Liberals don`t give a rat`s ass about you or the consumer, ....Second, the prices for liquor will not be like the USA($10 dollars for a case of beer)..Prices will remain high, the goal for these can`t run a peanut stand BC Liberals is revenue, all they know is gambling and liquor...more gambling, more revenue, more booze sales, more revenue, anyone who thinks the BC Government will lower prices on taxation for the sake of making up the lost revenue with volume is delusional...

The BC Government`s goal is to sell more booze, to make it easier for under aged teenagers to get booze..

This Government is so devoid of ideas that all they can do is propose selling more booze and installing more one armed bandits(also known as BC Liberal IT technology) ..

Anyway, this announcement by John Yap today was merely a channel changing exercise, any changes won`t happen until July 1st /2014...But they will happen, the Safeway(Sobeys)..Save-ON(Jimmy Pattison) and Wallmart(Walton family of $billionaires) will get the BC Liberal grease and private liquor store owners will get the shaft.....

Lastly...Like I said, these BC Liberals couldn`t run a peanut stand...Gaming revenue in British Columbia has flatlined over the last 3 years, even with increased access to gaming revenue is flat, the same goes for liquor, all you will do is water-down the market in favour of the corporate sector and get a few more teenagers drunk a little more often...An unemployed province with staggering tax bills, staggering utility bills leaves less and less throwaway money..

Welcome to the stabbed in the back club private liquor store owners.....We have more chairs on order, however, there is standing room only at this time as we are filled to capacity..

Even in the quietest moments..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Elwood said...

Grant, another superb analysis!!! The MSM won`t provide us with that detail and inside look. How come? Because they are Lieberal press release machines.

In the past week - BC Ferry routes cut! BC Hydro rate increases! Enough is enough!

And now the Lieberals change the channel to deflect on that misery and how we all want booze in the supermarket. It's a top of mind issue for us BCers. Gimme a break!!

And you know why the Lieberals have not released the LNG taxation format? - Richy Conman gave a Freudian slip to the MSM yesterday on LNG taxes:

“Because here’s the situation: It’s not some of something, it’s zero or nothing.”`

What did Conman really mean? - BC is so desperate for LNG plants that it will have no tax and royalties on LNG - `Its either zero or nothing` he says. It`s either zero LNG taxes or nothing in terms of LNG plants. Thats what the LNG producers want.

Again, good work Grant!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful article.

Anonymous said...

Grant I don't know if I can take much more of this. Such horrible crimes committed on this province and her future. The media acting like Rob Ford's brother Doug, enabling the crimes to continue. The Greens fighting against the NDP as if they were the enemy, accomplishing nothing but a guarantee of more Liberal rule. I feel like there is no hope.

Grant G said...

Thanks Elwood..Thx Anon 6:52 pm.

Crimes against the province..So true..

What you are seeing, BC Liberals are a gang of thugs, thieves and embezzlers...These Liberals thought they were caught, on their way out, ready to flee with theie ill-gotten loot..

Then something happened, BC`s media elected the thieves, Adrian Dix and Topp, Jan Obrien, threw the election.

Adrian Dix was too scared, he didn`t want the burden.

Now the thieving BC Liberals are left guarding the cookie jar, and they love cookies..

So they will do the only thing they know..

More theft and crime.


Anonymous said...

I can't make myself believe Christy won the election, on the up and up. Nor do I believe, it is Christy running this province.

We know Communist China also wants, the timber and mines on, Vancouver Island as well. Who get's the timber off the ALR, on Vancouver Island? There are also 18 mine permits on Van Island.

Chinese firms bringing in, Chinese Engineers to take our jobs. 20 Chises Engineers, placed so far. is where I saw this. They are also bringing over Chinese immigrants.

Why isn't Christy calling for, a session for the Legislature? Harper prorogued Parliament at nearly the same time.

We not only have to contend with Christy's lies and deceit? We also have to battle, Harper vile corruption as well.

We really have no idea how much of BC, Harper and Christy have handed over to Communist China? Those two, would make excellent cell mates. Throw in Campbell in the mix and the poison brew, would be complete

Anonymous said...

The BCNDP & the BC Green Party must negiotate an agreement after a thorough analysis of the election riding results. It is the only way to defeat the Liberals and I don't think that another so called free enterprise party will emerge until the Liberals are dead.

Anonymous said...

John Horgan ‏@jjhorgan 1h
@kootenayBill should buy John Yap a 7-11 shooter for knocking Hydro rates off media agenda. Rates hurt economy, families! #cheers #bcpoli


Anonymous said...

Grant, I think you're right, "The NDP threw the election..." They didn't want to be saddled with all the debt and bad news associated with the Lieberals decade of deceit.
And there is no doubt about it; the roosters have come home to roost. No party could avoid the results of the last ten years of crime.
The only reason the Lieberals inherited the mess that they created is because Crispy's ego was too large to allow them to lose and skulk away with their ill gotten gain.
Now they have to wear it and it ain't lookin' to good.
Sadly, the worst is yet to come.
I think I'll disguise myself as a foreign worker and suck up some of those trillion $. Yeah, Right!
John' Aghast

Steve Cooley said...

I emailed this way of determining BC's LNG royalty or tax rate to Rich Coleman several days ago. He has not responded (not that I expected him to!).

I have been reading that you are involved in the Province’s negotiations with various gas companies to determine the royalties or taxes that they will have to pay BC when they export our natural gas as LNG. I have the answer for you. During the election campaign your party told us, and people took you at your word because they re-elected you, that LNG will give us a $100 billion prosperity fund and pay off all of BC’s debts. Depending on whose accounting is true, BC’s debts are between $75 billion and $200 billion. Assuming the worst case, divide $300 billion by the amount of LNG to be sold and that will be the royalty or tax rates. No more negotiations are required.

John's Aghast said...

To Steve Cooley
You're asking the impossible! $300 billion divided by 'none' doesn't compute.
And we don't have enough natural gas, power, or 'foreign workers' (Where would we put 100,000 of them? In a 100,000 man camp?)to reduce the royalty to a number that would make the investment attractive.
Maybe Chrispy won't be so smug about 'winning' the election!

Anonymous said...

I think Frederick Douglass said it best:

"Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

e.a.f. said...

all of what is happening isn't being done by the lieberals alone. the majority of b.c. voted for them and so we are doing it to ourselves.

we may blog, comment, etc. but until concrete action is taken, nothing will happen. We can blame the MSM for not covering much of what is going on in B.C. but the 3 other political parties in this province aren't doing much either.

If we can do "flash mobs" for dancing and singing, we could do a 5 minute flash mob to simply chant, end child poverty, sing the national athem and be on our way. There isn't a need for large organizations to spend months putting together a rally, simply put out a notice and go do it. the NDP MLAs don't appear to be doing much, beyond navel gazing. They could have picketted the Leg. for being "locked out". They could have held a "mock" Leg and invited the other two political parties to sit in for the lieberals who don't show up. think political theatre. Don't think the Greens and Conservatives wouldn't show up, of course they will. What it would clearly demonstrate is that all 3 other parties want to do something.

we have enough to debate, just about being number one in child poverty, again. Now its 1 in 5 children in this province living in poverty. We have the hydro increases, ferry cut backs, whatever they are trying to do with the liquor in this province, exporting of logs.

Even if the B.C. MSM won't cover it, it would gain attention from other media.