Thursday, November 7, 2013

Enbridge Pipeline-Pound Sand

This Time The Straight Goods will let this musical video speak to truth.

 Created by K Eriksen

Music by Adele

"Eyes are placed in front because it`s more important to look ahead than back"

I present you.....

Enbridge pipeline-Pound Sand

K Eriksen, I personally applaud you for that marvelous composition, you touched my soul..

Good Day.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant you have soul, heart and passion, luv you for being you*

Anonymous said...

'Sacrosanct' Agricultural Land Commission eyed for breakup

"British Columbia’s “sacrosanct” Agricultural Land Commission will be effectively dismantled and the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission will assume new responsibilities for land use decisions if a proposal prepared for cabinet is adopted, according to confidential government documents."

Grant G said...

The ALR move is a good thing, what I mean is..

It leaves no doubt that Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have sold British Columbia out.

Christy`s chicken shit colours are shining through..yellow and cluck cluck cluck..

And it`s good for the NDP, you see..

Enbridge pipeline will be stopped through pressure, protests and ultimately, if it comes to that, violence, war in the woods..

LNG, nothing will be built before 2017, the next election and BC`s debt will have risen another $20 billion dollars by then.

This time the BC Liberals will be punted from office, hopefully into jail cells..

And lastly, with no legislature sittings, Christy Clark can count on more home visits from real upset people..

Unfortunately no other sitting BC Liberal MLA`s have the cajones to quit the BC Liberals and sit as independents..

Everyone who ran for the BC Liberals signed a contract preventing them from crossing the floor...

At least all the cards are on the table..


Anonymous said...

A little cross-pollinating for the purpose of finding common ground. From Gary E's blog:

"Harper and Oliver Think Northern Gateway Is A Done Deal.

News coming from interviews with different MP's and Harper are suggesting that the dirty oil pipeline is a done deal.

Hinting that the pipeline would be in the National Interest they are setting the mood for civil disobedience."

Grant G said...

You had an extra mark on your link..

That was 1 1/2 months ago..

Forget Joe Oliver, what else would he say..

If the media was protecting Christy Clark by bemoaning the little timid protest in front of her house..

Wait and see what will happen if Enbridge is approved by anyone, Christy Clark, Harper,..

Christy Clark may have to move out of province, that`s my prediction..

The public has spoken loud and clear on Enbridge..Enbridge has failed on every level, their past performances over decades has been mired in oil spills, they failed at the NEB hearings..

Nothing was complete, geo-engineering, oil prevention systems and proven effective oil recovery technology..

They failed on the mapping, on the technical merit, on liability, ..

And besides..

If Enbridge was granted permission to build..Shortly after completion..

CONOC...A Chinese State company already has near 50% ownership of Northern Gateway...

Once built Enbridge was selling them the entire line to CONOC..

China would own a huge tar sand operation, a terminal and a pipeline..BC would be shit out of luck for anything, but the mess..And under FIPPA we couldn`t stop it..

A big spill, we would hace to sue China for compensation.


Elwood said...

First it was LNG, LNG tankers, NG pipelines and fracking. BC becoming a polluted petro state.

Then it was Chrusty Cluck and the AB oil baroness coming to an agreement for Gateway and its sludge and oil tankers.

Next it was Chrusty Cluck announcing BC has twice as much natural gas than yesterday.

Then today it was the ALR will be dismantled.

Next week it will be BC Hydro announcing that Site C dam will go ahead and flood prime farmland.

I am at wit's end and almost give up. It's almost not worth fighting for anything anymore.

Grant G said...

The day of reckoning is coming Elwood..

Remember, ..

"The tunnel is always darkest just before you see the light from the other side"

You`ll see..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

You're right on target--the Northern Gateway deal is most certainly being done to satisfy the voracious Red Chinese appetite for energy; and that dictatorship is going to want to own the whole deal from start to finish.

(Some day we'll have to discuss who funded the Red Chinese into power; because it directly connects to harper and oliver, and why they are pushing this deal along--but I'll save that for another day)

For what it's worth, Andrew Coyne at the setting sun has put crispy and redford on notice that this is a federal deal, and that they both need to step away and shut up.

Unfortunately, what I also read there was Coyne telling British Columbians that they, too, have nothing to say on this matter.

To quote Coyne: "But then, it’s a mystery why it was necessary for them {redford and clarke} to agree on anything. Lord knows, the Alberta premier’s consent is not required to build a pipeline across B.C. It could be built without her consent, and it could be prevented from being built in spite of it."

Coyne continued: "But it’s no more clear that the premier of B.C.’s consent is required, either alone or in concert with the premier of Alberta.

Now he's ready to throw the key punch: "Constitutionally, interprovincial pipelines are a federal responsibility. The necessary and sufficient legal requirement for the pipeline to proceed, barring intervention by the federal cabinet, is approval by the National Energy Board, whose verdict is expected later this year."

He adds: "The government of B.C., it is clear, has no legal authority to stop the pipeline. Neither would it seem to have any authority to slap a toll on it, a possibility that is often raised. Certainly it has no legitimate economic grounds on which to demand a “fair share” of the revenues, even supposing it had ever specified what that was. It does not own the oil, and it is not building the pipeline."

So it would seem the corpo-governmentalists and their media shills are telling us that they're going over our heads.

Read more here if you care to:

Anonymous said...

Got that alexy guy sussed and would like to spell it out clearly.

He's a judas goat.

He's a trained goat, or in this case an alternative political blogger, that is employed to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and onto trucks. They have fallen out of use in recent times, but can still be found in various smaller slaughterhouses in some parts of the world.

Now witness his latest performance. He's over there right now beating up on christy--which is fine by me, because she deserves it--except that's where he stops. He hangs her out and limits himself to that effort. Meanwhile he dares not write a word about harper and the National Energy Board where the real power lies in making the final decisions concerning the Northern Gateway deal.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but I just had to call a him out, because it infuriates me that even alternative media is being compromised and used to misdirect us at this most critical time.

Moreover, that guy is definitely not to be trusted going forward.

Grant G said...

Andrew Coyne is an ass, his article, besides a slap at Clark offered nothing, just like AGT`s drivel slap at Christy Clark on the same topic..

Neither article was worth the paper it was written on. neither article shed any light..Those clowns basically wrote..

Hey, Christy Clark flipped and flopped, ooh how bad.

gimmee a break.

Andrew and AGT are both Harper bootlickers.

Haida Gwaii is Canada`s Galapagos Islands.

Haida Gwaii is the world`s Galapagos Islands..

No politician in BC could ever live in safety if they approved Enbridge northern gateway pipeline..

If they did and there was a major spill, those politicians, even if they retired would have to leave British Columbia and go into hiding, or live hiding in a locked cage.

I`m not encouraging violence but Enbridge`s proposal strikes at the heart of millions..

Dead bird scenes, dead fish, a dying coast with the video technology of today, film crews would horrify those millions and..

And retribution will be had by someone, maybe retribution will be had by all..

Good Day

Grant G said...

There never was a Frosty relationship between Redford and Clark..It was pure political theatre by Christy , an attempt to garner votes from the middle and left...

BC Liberals under the scum Gordon Campbell and Christy cluck cluck Clark surrendered our B.C. right to our own environmental review and to give evidence at the Enbridge NEB hearings..

In other words Christy and the BC Liberals were playing games with the voters..

That`s why Andrew Coyne`s and AGT the angry clown, that`s why their articles were crap, nothing but a cheap rant based on mis-information and nothing....And Coyne was trying to plant imagery that Harper and the Feds have the only say that matters..

Like I said..both are Harper bootlickers.

Did either of those clowns ever write anything on Harper his lies, Harper`s endless lies and lame feeble excuses?



Anonymous said...

This is a critical week coming up. So many signs and so many cliffhanger issues are trembling on the drop line in the unpredictable sea.

Gridex II goes live on the 13th.

Israel just judged the US and found it lacking with regard to the Persians.

Harper's in a heap of dung too high to climb.

Obama can't even get out of bed without a mouthful of SSRIs.

The world's financial system is imploding.

Recovery of fuel rods at Fukushima Reactor 4 is about to start.

Crispy Clarke is parading around like a prom queen with no clothes.

Be ready, good people, something's going to give majorly.

ron wilton said...

Sadly that light we see in the tunnel is an oncoming train engineered by harper, clark, morgan and mclean.

Anonymous said...