Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shooting Stars And The Three Stooges, Broken Media Edition

Maybe it`s just me, not sure anymore and at times it seems easier to just quit, look the other way, close my mind, ears and eyes and perhaps just descend into Rob Ford`s world, a world I liken to "Wonderland"

And yes it is true that access to information, FOI`s..ATI(Freedom of information and Access to information) are getting harder to come by, Governments across Canada are using back channel emails and or verbal conversations with winks and nods to convey information, they also use the claim of cabinet confidentiality to shield information from the public, but that is no excuse for a lazy media to not report the facts as presented, smoking guns and the obvious when it pertains to Government corruption are far too often punted away for a Tiger Woods story on sexcapades or as is happening presently in Canada...The Rob Ford saga....Even the weather is now used as a distraction and page filler in our big daily papers, you see, now the pineapple express rain clouds that visit British Columbia every year, every year for centuries, as long as weather records have been kept, rain clouds are now described by the media and without fail by Mark Madryga as ..."A Storm Front....An Incoming storm" .."Rain Storm"......Even our favorite mad scientist Ross K noticed this...Scaring the public with weather reports trend and he wrote a post about it..

A couple of months ago the city was abuzz with every local TV news channel and radio station freaking everyone out about more "storms approaching"..There was a little wind and a scant bit of rain, there were no storms...On the following Monday one TV station did mention the "warnings were over-blown"...Even today they are at it again, scaring people with this news article title..

"Batten down the hatches, heavy wind warning"

...And no, 30 mile per hour winds are not storms, that`s kite flying weather, SO LAZY IS 90% OF THE MEDIA...They won`t pursue a story, won`t research, to this day I am amazed that Michael Smyth has a writing gig, did he marry into the family or does he have dirt on the ownership because his writing skills and research ability wouldn`t be worth minimum wage, yes it`s that bad..

I did listen to the cutting edge of the ledge today, don`t know why, the show hasn`t improved and obfuscation is still the only sound coming out of the speaker..

Is it because Bill Good, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer lied for so many years on so many issues that even with the now coming out data and information proving them wrong they dig their heels in and deflect, excuse and change directions, change the channel..

Issues discussed today by the three liars on today`s gum-flap-fest show, also known as the cutting edge of the ledge...

The ALR....Enbridge...Natural gas and LNG...BC Ferries, and Jack Munro, a labour leader of the past who died this week at age 82(Bless your soul Jack)...And the three stooges got every story wrong, got them wrong on purpose, for a purpose, that purposed intent is to deflect from BC Liberal crimes, past, present and future planned, that`s all they do is deflect...In fact I believe they will lie up until the day they die..

I`ll start with natural gas, the only time British Columbia made and real money from natural was when the price was $11..$12 dollar range, royalties peaked at $1.9 billion dollars in 2006 and its been downhill ever since, this last fiscal year the province will see about $20 million dollars in royalties after all the tax breaks, in other words nat gas isn`t paying for anything right now....

And we won`t have 10 LNG plants, or 5....But we could have 1 LNG plant that makes money, some money, a little money, why couldn`t we have a British Columbia owned national LNG plant, beholden to no one, is that so sour...BC Government is prepared to sell-out to CONOC(China..To Malaysia(Petronas)..We have decades of experience with natural gas compared with China, and if it really was so lucrative..Well...But that`s not what going to happen because, Christy Clark electioneering blathered about a 12 LNG plants and a $trillion dollars and that lie will be with us until, until the dream/fantasy fades to black...

The media didn`t call out the BC Liberals on the lie during the election, they were too busy counting Aadrian Dix memo-gate advertising dollars...

A slow steady approach is needed, when we made $2 billion in 2006 that was without an LNG plant, gas is a finite commodity and over time the price will rise, what would be wrong with $3 billion per year, over 30 years is near a $100 billion dollars, without selling out to foreign national Governments, without the reckless approach..

Jack Munro...Keith Baldrey stated today on the cutting edge of the ledge that if Jack Munro was alive today he would be in disgust with the NDP, in disgust because they turned their(NDP) backs on blue collar workers...That according to Keith and Vaughn..

That is as low as it gets, Keith Baldrey speaking on behalf of a dead man whom he has no relation to...

No, that`s wrong, Jack Munro was fighting cancer and died, I won`t speak for Jack but....

Chinese coal miners, outsourcing to accenture, ferries built in Germany, newest seabus being built in Korea, foreign temporary worker scam, TILMA.....

The NDP fought all those issues, BC Liberals were given and are still given cover on those stories and others by Bill Good, Baldrey and Palmer...They aren`t legislative reporters they are legislative Government press release readers, I don`t believe Mr. Munro would be thrilled with BC Liberal Government practices..

The Three Stooges lightly touched on the Alberta tar pipeline issue....And Keith Baldrey repeated a proven Enbridge lie by saying..

Keith Baldrey said..."Enbridge has support of 60% of First Nations along the pipeline route" snip..

That`s a proven lie, Enbridge made that claim 2 years ago and to this day they have refused to divulge the names of the BC bands, ..Elmer Derrick(first nation elder) was removed from an authoritative position from the Gitxsan Nation for taking an Enbridge bribe, the Haisla forced Enbridge to retract written statements they made that suggested the Haisla were in support, Enbridge has been busted for so many lies on and during this NEB review....The only First Nation support Enbridge has is from some Alberta First Nation groups that are hundreds of miles away from the pipeline route...Yet Keith Baldrey has no problem repeating those Enbridge lies..

Enbridge busted so many times for lying and Keith Baldrey repeats a whopper on the ledge today, those CKNW voices have no shame or courage, those three stooges will sail into retirement fully aware of their complicit involvement in screwing the public..

Big media has research departments and staff, big computers and data bases, yet bloggers put them to shame everyday..

While the big life altering important stories go either under reported or not reported at all they distract the herds of sheep with Mike Duffy, Pam Wallin and Rob Ford...

Rob Ford, David Akin at Sun News on his Battleground show stated Rob Ford is sick, needs help or intervention, many others have reported the same yet Sun News media starting this Monday is broadcasting a new show, called..."Ford Nation" featuring Rob and his brother Doug Ford..

What next, a Sun News broadcast from a leper colony or the human deformity hour...

I mentioned Tiger Woods earlier, golfers watched Tiger Woods, until he was sexcapading then everyone wanted to watch Tiger, a media distraction from the real issues facing society, Rob Ford is a sad man, his entire family from brother, mother, friends are very sad, and you could see the sadness on his wife`s face..

Sorry for the visual, Rob Ford stated he had plenty to eat at home, you all know the story..

What is so sad about Rob Ford and Sun News is that a straight, sober Rob Ford doing the job he was elected to do attracts nobody, some Sun News on air media have stated "Rob Ford needs help"....Yet Sun News Media management wants to put the sick monkey in a cage and sell tickets, and that is indeed sad.....And there won`t be anymore mention of Rob Ford on this site, ever...

Bill Good and the stooges brought up the ALR and the rodeo builder up in the Peace Area in northern BC..

The BC Liberals year after year have been pulling class 1, the best farm-land out of the ALR and replacing it with lower or low quality farm land up north, 10`s of thousands of acres swapped out, it`s a shell game, I understand that property is worth a fortune in the GVRD, there are people sitting on 50 acres, 100 acres and rather than farm these land owners, many would rather give up, sell out for $50 million..$100 million dollars, they can get a fortune for their land...

The NDP in the legislature for years have complained about the BC Liberals swapping out class 1 farm land in the lower mainland and replacing the land pulled out of the ALR land with low quality farm-land up north...

The best farm land in the world are in areas near sediments, where it is temperate all year round, that means rivers, means views, means valuable land, and as legislative reporters/columnists in British Columbia, Les Leyne..Sean Leslie...Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth you would have thought at least one of them would have reported that and the ALR land swapping.....No, none of our legislative reporters did...finally today a Globe N Mail columnist reported the story...Mark Hume


 “The quality of farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve has decreased, with more prime farmland ... being excluded than being included,” he said. “Likewise, most of the additions to the ALR have taken place in northern B.C., where growing conditions and soil quality are not as good. This means that the best farmland in the Lower Mainland is being replaced with less productive land in the north. So while it looks like the total amount of farmland has not changed, the quality of the land has deteriorated.”


Mark Hume is not a BC Legislative reporter/columnist, the stooges mentioned above are, not a word from them..

And who can forget the ALR crimes of BC Liberal John Les...They failed to report that too..

By substituting high quality farm land for low quality northern farm land the stage is being set for more stories of people and their frustration of being forced to do either nothing with their northern land or attempt to farm on lousy arable soil...

Not one Legislative columnist in British Columbia reported this bait n switch BC Liberal game, the silence from Baldrey, Good and Palmer is ..Deafening..

I left BC Ferries for last...The stooges brought it up, the bonuses being rolled into pay-package debacle, those clowns on cknw lied their faces off..

Vaughn Palmer said....Washington State Ferries have different rules, a ferry there carring 2000 people requires only 15 employees whereas in BC a 2000 passenger ferry requires 45 staff, thus management is justified in receiving the bigger pay($700,000 for BC Ferry CEO ..Washington State..$165,000 for their CEO)

Keith Baldrey said...Fast Ferries under the NDP were a fiasco ...

Yet the fast ferries bought BC Aluminum, bought BC welders, income tax, all that money was spent here, no mention of the convention center that loses money every year, and the fact that it was $500 million dollars over budget..They forgot about that..

Last night on Global News(The first time I watched it in 3 months)...

They did a story about the Evergreen line in Port Moody....Who cares right, well, I have issue with the end of the story..

Keep in mind, construction has barely started, the story was about condo owners upset that the section of Skytrain passing their condos was elevated, they thought it was at grade, the people are concerned about privacy..Who cares...

What bothered me was....Global BC, Jas JohaI stated at the end of the story.....

"The Evergreen Line is on time and on budget and scheduled to open in the summer of 2016"

There is barely a shovel in the ground, how dare anyone make that statement, and why was that statement made...Media brainwashing, that`s why..BC Liberals ordered Global to say that on every build story no matter what..

Keith Baldrey on the cutting edge of the ledge stated,

 The BC Government won`t rip up management contracts at the quasi private corporation BC Ferries because the BC Liberals learned their lesson from the HEU contract tearing episode..

That is such bullshit...The HEU contract slashed the wages of nearly 20,000 of the lowest paid heath workers, wages went from $18 dollars per hour to $12 dollars per hour overnight, it wasn`t bonus money, Gordon Campbell and cabinet did that betrayal on a Saturday night with no one present in Victoria, it was illegal, it affected nearly 20,000 workers...

The public is upset with a handful of management at BC Ferries making well over half million dollars each to run a floating bus operation...There is no comparison, period..

Vaughn Palmer stated today on the cutting edge of the ledge today....

The BC Government won`t bring BC Ferries back to crown status because BC Ferries has a debt of over $1 billion dollars..

That is so laughable, BC Ferries loses money every year, the province and the Federal Government subsidizes BC Ferries to the tune of about $170 million dollars every single year, so the BC Government is paying for BC Ferries debt anyway!!!..

And, if BC Ferries was a Government crown rather than a quasi private corporation there would be a yearly saving of nearly $30 million dollars in interest payments on their $1.6 billion dollar debt...

What Vaughn, Keith and Billy failed to mention about BC Ferries is this...

(cue up 10:00 am, November 15th/2013)

David Hahn and the BC Ferry board, now Mr. Corrigan and the BC Ferry board have threatened the BC Government to spill the beans on the real BC Ferries story, a story of theft, of permanent outflow of cash to a foreign country, of bribes, of Gordon Campbell selling BC Ferries to ourselves for $500 million dollars, monies he needed to claim a balanced 2005 election budget, the only one, practically the only one who reported that crime was The Straight Goods..

Baldrey knows what happened, Palmer knows as does Bill Good....

BC Hydro has a $6 billion dollar debt and growing, it is still a crown(for now)

The shocking truth about what the BC Liberals and mastermind Gordon Campbell did to BC Ferries is here..

Even Christy Clark on CKNW lied her face off about BC Ferries and David Hahn.....I forced Christy Clark to retract her lies on air, that story is here..

Christy Clark a liar, Bill Good, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, all liars......As for those above mentioned storied distraction people..

"Don`t you know that you are a shooting star, and all the world will love you just as long....

 as long as you are"..

A shooting star..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

March Against Mainstream Media (Nov 16, 2013)

Hey Grant; Today we March and Protest in unison, against the corruption and lies that have swelled into a State-Run Media Conglomeration; who's only goal is to uphold the Status quo.

Be loud, be heard, be thorough, be safe, and non-violent; but most of all HAVE FUN!!

A group of us in Victoria are going to be in front of the BC Liberal run organization known as the Times Colonist LLC, Bring your cameras everybody!

Time & Location (2621 Douglas Street Victoria, B.C – Between 1-4pm)

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Ford Harper and Flaherty's problem? They worked so hard on his campaign, to have him elected as, another Conservative stooge. Harper also campaigned very hard for, Saulie Zadjel. Actually Harper's list of degenerates, is as long as his arm. Carson, Porter and Gordon Campbell.

Gordon Campbell is most certainly one of Harper's favorite Henchmen. He rewarded Campbell the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K.Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper. Christy Clark and BC, are also run by Harper. Christy is too much of a ditz. Christy is, merely Harper's mouthpiece.

So? Why does not Harper, appoint his henchman Ford to the PMO? He would fit right in there with, all the other degenerates.

Canada is a, cesspool of corruption. In Harper's dictatorship, protests mean nothing to him. Harper took a page from Communist China's book. At the summit, he had police out there busting heads.

I can't believe Harper and Ford had the gall, to attend our Armistice Day Services. They were not welcome and they knew that.

In BC, the Veterans turned their backs on Harper's Conservative henchmen, as they began their speeches. Harper is no Conservative either. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown into bits. They died to save a country they loved. Now we have an evil Fascist Dictator, running our Canada.

Quite frankly, Harper is not worth their dying for. Harper is a Fascist Dictator from, his Northern Foundation of 1989.

Hugh said...

BC Hydro debt is now over $14 billion, projected to $18.7 billion by 2015/16. That doesn't include the $55 billion owed for all that un-needed IPP power.

See p. 128:

Anonymous said...

Grant you are numero uno of bloggers you refuse pulling punches and write circles around almost all others.


islandpapa said...

yup...that was quite a storm on Friday. By 4pm the reported wind at YVR reached an awesome 14 knots.

BC Ferries start to think about cancellations after 35 knots.

Hugh said...

The link I added above also shows BC's total provincial debt going from $33 billion in 2006, more than doubling to a planned $69 billion in 2015.

And if/when interest rates rise?