Saturday, November 23, 2013

Humankind`s 3.5 Million Year Journey, New Answers To Old Questions

Knowledge, questions, answers, scripture and the awakening..

Or as I like to put it, when one possesses knowledge he begins to question the answers provided within scripture and eventually realizes their own internal awakening..

Fascinating, scary, and obvious, if we can accept these known facts to be true then mankind must do different, think different and plan for a future of catastrophe..

10,000 years of civilized humanity, no, millions of years of civilized humanity, great pyramids built, no, one great pyramid built with dozens off knock-off copies...

I present you a video that will throw everything you were ever taught on its ear, and all I ask is that you allow your mind to open and absorb, for those religious readers please bear me no ill will, for this video and the time frames expressed within will also tear religious teachings to tatters..

And yes, it is fine to believe in god, any god or power, personally I believe in human electrical energy, as in electrical spirits we absorb, for me there is no time for recognized organized religion, my few standards, treat all others with fairness, do no deliberate harm, look upon all others as you would your brother or sister, expect honesty and don`t accept dishonesty..

Scripture and organized religion has done more harm to modern man than any other evil, or natural catastrophe, the cause of racism and wars, crusades and vendettas, all these groups fighting over a belief or belief system that in my opinion, and the now accepted opinion of scholars, fighting over belief systems that are wrong, religious fiction..

Electric human spirits and twinkling stars.....Is that not enough?

I present you......Mankind....organized mankind that started......over 3 million years ago.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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