Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BC Hydro, John Horgan, What Real Leadership Sounds Like

I have very little to say right now...However John Horgan has plenty to say about BC Hydro..


Cue up November 26th/2013..1:00 pm....And listen to A sizzling fact-filled BC Liberal ball busting segment without a stitch of spin....

Listen to  what real leadership and command sounds like.

And for those that want contrast, listen to Bill(Knob Gobbler)Good and his guest David Austin`s version,  Goodly gobbler Billy had on his 11:00 AM segment an IPP/PPP3 promoter, though Billy described him only as an energy lawyer with an interest in electricity..



Cue up November 26th/ 2013 ,,11:00 am and listen to that segment..

Two completely different versions, who are we to believe

Damien Gillis..

Rafe Mair..

John Calvert..

John Horgan..

Prem said no incr b4 election": Without massive spending deferral, Hydro rate increase would be 50%+ over 5 years."

Can't wait to grill Energy Minister in Question Period after post election rate flip flop. Oops, I'm a BC MLA with no Legislature.

  1. Can't wait to grill Energy Minister in Question Period after post election rate flip flop. Oops, I'm a BC MLA with no Legislature.

  2. Look for what Minister didn't talk about in prepared materials. Growth in debt, obligations to IPPs, selling power at a loss. 

      1. BCLib Hydro plan calls for property sales and LNG to save the day. Where have I heard that before?

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    1. I'm sure Premier will take a break from Asian junket to justify rate hikes and growth of debt. What happened to families first?
    2. Can't wait to grill Energy Minister in Question Period after post election rate flip flop. Oops, I'm a BC MLA with no Legislature

        1. BCLib 10yr plan has 5yrs of rate increases. Keep taking dividend from BCH, keep avoiding BCUC, keep deferring debt.

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      1. Hope Coleman will join Bennett at Hydro presser and explain how the pre election sunshine turned into post election storm.
      2. No Legislative debate, no BCUC review, no accountability at all. BCLibs set multi year rate increases, more deferred debt. 

        Instead of having BCUC review BCLib hydro rate plan BCLibs to review BCUC! Only in bizarro BC? Nope, for real


Bill Good,

  Bill Bennett

and David Austin

Another interesting item, something about timing...Christy clucking Clark just happens to be on a trip, she`s in Asia, this Asian trip wasn`t announced to the public until she was boarding a plane, and today, on the same day BC Hydro slaps us in the face, on the same day another report stating British Columbia leads the nation in child poverty, again and again, and still....

All this happening while cluck cluck clucking Christy Clark is out of country....coincidence?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

How did these Liberals get elected and with a majority... gawd

BCNdp must make a deal with the Greens on the ridings...

Anonymous said...

BCLib Hydro plan calls for property sales and LNG to save the day.

Property sales? Must be the BC Rail lands that El Gordo said he didn't sell, only the train. Go to Laila's site and read on the South Perimeter road in the Falcon's Follies reporting.
The plan continues from the BC Rail SALE. IMO it never was about the rail but about the "land". The corruption runs deep, so deep. Right from the PM of this country down to some of the provincial and municipal governments.
They go full steam ahead because no one will stop them, and then it's too late. When are "we, the people" going to end the destruction brought on by "our" politicians?

Grant G said...

Thanks 4:06 pm...I know all that.

I have no time to intrude on certain other bloggers.

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"the noise began to intrude into her thoughts"
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Anonymous said...

Listened to audio, John Horgan is really good, Bill Good, not so much.

Grant, you do produce the straight goods, sooooooo forget the rest, the action is here!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up Grant, knob gobbler billy, truth can be so funny!!!!

Grant G said...

Anon 8:31...Can`t post that, if you must know they think their shit don`t stink, newsflash, they are shallow and spiteful, they have their own little pat on the back club..

Too bad they can`t write.


Grant G said...

Bill Good is gobbling Bill Bennett today..

9:00 am to 9:30 am /November 27th

Audio vault available after 10:15 AM