Sunday, February 17, 2013

Breaking News Pat Bell Calls It Quits

Pat Bell, failed Minister of Jobs and innovation is fleeing the BC Liberals..

Internal polling in his riding had Pat Bell going bye bye anyway..

And Look to Bob Mackin for some of the reasons why Pat Bell is fleeing..

Pavco has some major issues, which they are hiding, Pat Bell is directly involved in Bob Mackin`s hunt!

Don`t believe the BC Liberal spinning stories of Pat Bell having heart issues!

In a statement just released, apparently last Fall, Pat Bell`s doctors found a rare aneurysm, funny how there was no mention of this, funny how Pat Bel is/was fit enough to fly to China and India with this rare condition, and Pat Bell appears very fit..I`m not completely dismissing his illness, but last year Christy Clark asked BC Liberals MLAs and ministers.."are you staying or going, will you be running"..

And it`s only after recent internal polling showing Pat Bell losing badly in his riding that he has called it quits..And here is Pat Bell`s statement, posted on his web site.

Pat Bell, MLA Prince George-Mackenzie has issued the following statement:

“Last fall I underwent a series of medical tests that were initiated to check for possible pneumonia. My very astute family doctor saw something that he wanted looked into further and as a result found a relatively rare type of aneurism that I may have had for some time. I feel very fortunate that this was picked up because this type of aneurism is rarely detected.

At this point I am seeing a cardiac specialist and we are monitoring the size of the aneurism. If it grows I will require surgical intervention. If not, I may require just an ongoing monitoring program.

“All of this has caused me to re-think my decision to seek another term as the MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie. This is a critical and compelling time for our province and it’s equally critical that our team members are able to focus 100 per cent of their attention on the task at hand. With this diagnosis, I need to turn my mind to my personal health and this would take my attention away from my responsibilities as your MLA. For this reason I am announcing today that I have decided to withdraw my nomination as the BC Liberal candidate in the upcoming provincial election.

“As I reflect on the past 12 years in provincial politics there are many individuals that I need to thank but today I will focus my attention on just two.
“I cannot imagine what it would be like to be an elected official without the support of one’s partner or spouse. Brenda has been an incredible support to me for our entire, almost 35 years of marriage but especially for the last 12 years. She is the one that made any success that I have had possible, encouraging me, making sure that I never lost sight of our core principles and values and being the anchor of our home life. Politics puts incredible stresses on one’s home life, the media and public are unforgiving and while the elected partner can distance themselves from personal attacks I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been on Brenda.
“The second individual I want to recognize today is my colleague Shirley Bond. We have had an incredible run together and it has been my honour to work with her. I have never met anyone who works as hard as she does or anyone as committed to performing at a level of excellence that I have seen her achieve. The Northern Medical Program, the Northern Development Initiatives Trust, highway improvements, Duchess Park, the Northern Sports Centre, and the Cancer Centre all happened through the partnership that we had. More than anything else though we established an open working relationship with all of our constituents, friends and foe unlike anything I have seen. We took the negativity out of politics in Prince George and our community is better for that.

I recently informed the Premier of my decision and she understands and accepts it.  She has asked me to continue in my existing responsibilities through to the election and I have agreed to do that.

“This has not been an easy decision; I think that a strong, economically focused government is more important now than ever. The globe is going through dramatic change, now is not the time for experimentation with unproven economic theories; it’s time to stick to the fundamentals that have served us well for the past 12 years and I know that, through the leadership that Christy provides, B.C. will lead Canada in the coming decade.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the way I had planned to exit politics but my time has come. Others will step forward in the coming days to take on the task at hand and they will have my full support. Prince George has a huge heart and I feel very fortunate to have been able to represent our community and the community of Mackenzie for the past 12 years. Thank you for the honour of allowing me to do so.”

Politics is such a blood sport, and yes some of you may lambaste me for this next bit, if he is that sick, or ill he should give up his portfolio now, let me repeat that, he should give up his portfolio now, after that throne speech, after those job claims, after the centerpiece of the throne speech is LNG and jobs, we the public need a minister who will answer questions honestly, Pat Bell will be gone after the house shutters in 2 weeks, there will be no one up to speed on this file..The jobs minister, the jobs plan, the numbers, BC is bleeding jobs, the jobs plan is a failure, the LNG prosperity proposal is fantasy, at least on the scale these Liberals conjectured..

 Pat Bell shouldn`t put himself at risk, medical records are confidential and his statement cannot be verified, maybe surgery, maybe just continued monitoring, diabetics have serious illness, constant monitoring required, people on blood thinners(people like me) require constant monitoring, it was last Fall when this was noticed, so he says, why didn`t he make that announcement then, why after more bad internal Prince George polling....Looks aren`t everything, however, Pat Bell is looking very fit, a strong partisan voice, his legislature heckling has never been more bitter..Even his resignation statement is very partisan..

And these BC Liberals have lied so much, so much that even the Pat Bell story of resignation for medical reasons have me doubting..

After all, if Pat Bell said .....I really just changed my mind because the internal polling in my riding looks really bad, BC Liberals chances would fall even further into the abyss...

updated February 26th/2013...

The Pat Bell stench grows and grows, HD mining and BC Liberal donors,

Forgive my cynicism friends

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


e.a.f. said...

he looks healthy enough to me. must be the polls which have made him ill.

Forget about him resigning as a cabinet minister. He would have to give up his increased salary. never going to happen.

I'm sure he will enjoy using the medical system, which he and his destroyed.

Anonymous said...

It seems this same play is being acted out by John Duncan of the Harper CONS. His excuse happened in June of last year. May as well keep these things in our back pocket until convenient.

Our poor province is in such a shambles because of self interest. I am really worried that we can recover and save BC.

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain to us why the name Christy Clark was removed from the B.C. Liberal party logo according to CTV's local news last night? House of cards collapsing perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Psycopaths may appear healthy but it's the damage they do to others..


bullshit shoveler of bc said...

Bell should change his last name to Bull, do to the fact he is full of it. He can t even quit with out lying. A true liberal right to the end. The rats are not finished jumping ship yet. I believe there will be a few more. I am looking forward to there balanced budget, which friend are they going to sell the provinces assets to this time. MR. BULL who are you going to work for. You must have bought lots of friends while you were a cabinet minister.

Grant G said...

Mr. Bull...Shoveler..

Pat Bell owns 2 fast food outlets, he owns 2 Wendy`s Restaurants..

And guess what, he was a prolific user of the now gone..BC`s $6 dollar per hour starter wage.

Pat Bell today on Bill Goods show said..

"Eat Wendy burgers, they`re good for you...

And Pat Bell also said he can still run, jog, exercise, this medical thingy he`s quitting over was discovered last July, and he claims his doctors studied this medical issue until December..The diagnosis, carry on, maybe surgery if it gets worse, Pat Bell also stated it may be genetic..

A swimming rat indeed.


Paul said...

Party logos: More Adrian Dix, less Christy Clark


'The BC Liberals have removed any reference to the premier from the party logo -- which now reads: "Today's BC Liberals."'

'The logo previously featured Christy Clark's name in large, red and blue lettering, leading some to dub it "The BC Christy Party."'

'BC New Democrats have done the opposite -- recently adding leader Adrian Dix's name to the party stamp.'

'Simon Fraser University Marketing professor Lindsay Meredith says it's clear the premier's image has worn thin.

CKNW Story!

Here's a picture comparing today's new BC Liberal logo and the old BC Christy Liberal logo displayed last week:

New and old BC Liberal logos.

BC Christy hits the dirt.


And here's a picture comparing today's NDP logo and the old NDP logo:

New and old NDP logos

During the 2009 BC provincial election all of the BC Liberal candidate's campaign signs, no matter what riding they were running in, had the words "Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals" displayed in large loud and proud letters right below the local candidates name.

Everyone can see that for themselves by doing a Google search for the 2009 BC provincial election.

Every BC Liberal MLA who won their seat in the last provincial election proudly ran under this guy's name:

Campbell's grinning mug!

Even though Campbell has since resigned and subsequently been rewarded by Stephen Harper who made him the new Highball Commissioner to the UK, this is still the Gordon Campbell government and it will be until May's election when the voters finally get the opportunity to wash away the stink of Pinocchio.

Not a one of these Liberal MLA's voted to scrap the HST.

They blindly followed Pinocchio's orders even though he wasn't even in the country for the vote.

Christy Clark lied when she said that she would hold an early election to get a fresh mandate from the people of BC.

And what in the hell has she done for the residents of Vancouver-Point Grey since they elected her to be their MLA?

The 14th of May is dump the trash day.

Crankypants said...

I hate to say it but most of what Bell says regarding an aortic aneurysm is true. There are no symptoms and even when one is discovered the doctors will only recommend a monitoring programme to see if it is increasing in size.

The magic number the medics look for is 5 cm, at which time they recommend surgical intervention.

The question I have is this revelation a reason or just a convenient excuse?


Grant G said...

Yea, I know about the logo change, May 14th can`t come soon enough.

Cranky..I am not doubting Pat Bell`s condition, however, Adrian Dix is a diabetic, type 1, the serious kind, many shots per day.

The other thing, Pat Bell is very fit, he runs miles and miles, probably the most fit and active of any MLA in our legislature.

There are probably 1 million BCers who would like to be as fit as Pat Bell.

I myself take very large doses of blood thinners everyday, I have to be monitored, too much blood thinners and I bleed out, not enough I die..


Anonymous said...

Anything that comes out of the mouth of a Harper/Campbell/Clark Liar is a lie.
Could it be that the senate seat Herr Harper left empty may go to the Ding Dong BULL or the Pink Shirt BULLY?