Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Those Dreaded Costly Seniors, How Dare They

Every morning on cknw Michael Campbell spews venom and vitriolic  hatred towards Canada`s growing senior population, Michael loudly proclaims that pensions and healthcare must end, we can`t afford to heal, or nurture or even keep our enshrined in law commitments we made, those dastardly evil senior citizens hell-bent on bringing an end to Canada as we know it..

What am I missing, how can a radio station continue to promote such a shallow thinker, a man devoid of thought, a tiresome bore whose blather falls on deaf ears.

Is Canada the first nation in history to have a populous age, civilizations of the past, did they not age or did their leaders slaughter the people in wars, conflicts, crusades, do we not owe our elders respect and dignity, will healthcare costs continue to climb or will innovation and medical breakthroughs become apparent..

Eye surgeries, knee replacements, implants and robotics, new found innovative techniques will continue to come on-line, there will be a day when costs will fall, there will also be a day when Canada`s population becomes young..

Canada`s baby boom generation will go through our medical system and in time, in time Canada`s population will be younger, stronger, not too sure about wiser, the day will come when healthcare costs will come crashing down.

The boomers will be gone, yet Michael Campbell and his Fraser Institute ilk would have you believe different, no where in Michael Campbell`s eye can he envision new discoveries, a stagnant mind, stale, derisive and callous, he talks of investing investing investing, he talks of gambling gambling gambling for that`s what the stock market is, a gambling racket, take any sports league, hockey, soccer, football, baseball, it doesn`t matter how good the teams are there are physical laws that we can`t escape, either all teams have a 500. record, meaning they win 1, they lose 1, for if some teams have winning records than some teams must have losing records, that law of logic can`t be broken and the same goes for stock markets and Wall Street, it is a physical impossibility for all investors to make money, for without losers there would be no winners, that law too can`t be broken yet listening to Michael Campbell he would tell you different..

House prices, $10 thousand dollar houses bought in the 1950`s, the 60`s, 70`s  that sold in the early 2000`s for $1 million dollars, $2 million dollars or more, that too can`t happen again, the return on investment was a factor of 100..200...300 times the initial investment, those days are gone, $1 million dollars on a Vancouver home today, a modest home at that, think of those returns described above, will these homes go up 3 fold($3 million)..5 fold($5 million)..or a 100 fold($100 million)...Those historic returns are gone for joe average..

The same scenario will happen with medicine, with healthcare, populations will get younger, innovation will continue, fewer patients vying for this innovation and prices will fall, yet Michael Campbell is stuck in a time warp, a distorted view of society, a crass man whose thinking is limited to the one dimensional, so obsessed with attacking the common good, so concerned with his own personal wealth, like a dog with a bone Michael Campbell chews on humanity from the insider`s corporate table, Michael`s fortune comes from luring new money into his personal pyramid, every weekend he trots out the same old voices, the same tired players, he peddles invitations for a price to outlook conferences where this small group of con men peddle their wares, and without this influx of new money they would all be broke, the term "a sucker is born every minute" is tattooed on his birth certificate..

Adrian Dix will be in control of the British Columbia Government on May15th 2013...Stephen Harper will be gone in 2015..

These haters of humanity, Stephen Harper, Gordon Campbell, Michael Campbell, the day will come when they require healthcare, when they are old, frail and reliant on the mercy of others...

Another phrase comes to mind...

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I turn the station off as soon as I hear his disgusting voice!

Stuart said...

Like his brother, a total waste of skin.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell brothers faces have revolted me, for quite some years. Gordo Campbell thieved and sold everything of value in BC, he laid his dirty hands on.

Why are the wealthy given Health Care benefits, Pharmacy Drugs, Hospital procedures? They can well afford to pay their own way. Those benefits should be only for those who, can't afford to pay. Same with OAS and CPP. Why do those parasites, get those benefits? Why are tax payers buying houses for Harper's Cons?

Seniors went to war for Canada. They built roads, schools, hospitals and paid Politicians, their outrageous salary's and gold plated pensions. Campbell gave his useless self a $60,000 per year salary hike. $1 million salary's for BC Ferries CEO. Ida Chong ate her way, through $6,000 for her fine lunches. I don't want to know, how much she has ate her way through since? We have even paid for, nail salon visits.

Strangely Gordo's brother, never ever mentions, any of those thefts. That is only a drop in the rain barrel, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have thieved from seniors and from all, the every day BC citizens. Why does Gordo's brother Michael, not ever mention anything about that? Why doesn't Mikey Campbell mention, his brothers stupid smart meters? His brothers election lies, the BCR wasn't for sale? The HST wasn't on Gordo's radar either.

It is Mikeys brother Gordo's total fault, BC is in the mess we are in today. Gordo's thefts have nothing to do with seniors. Seniors didn't steal, Gordo did.

Anonymous said...

Very clever, houses have reached the point of diminishing returns, no room for big spikes like those of the past,health-care will also go that route when there`s no more available money, medical innovators wanting their devices and inventions employed will sharpen pencils forcing older medical technology to ease in costs as well.

Very clever Grant

Anonymous said...

I too turn the dial.
And he's supposed to be a financial advisor?
Well, we've all seen the ad on tv about the financial advisor haven't we?
They're only filling their own pockets through theft, not smarts. There may be a few honest ones, but imo, not many.
Never had a use or trust for them years ago, and still don't. Remind of used / new cars saleman, sleezy real estate agents, and financial advisors. They're not looking after you, only filling their own pockets through their outrageous fees.

Paul said...

If Michael Campbell is such a financial genius why is he still working part-time at a local radio station?

Shouldn't he be the proud owner and operator of Corus® Entertainment Inc. by now and own all of the assets the company has including their national radio stations, specialty television, pay television, advertising services, etc.?

And yet there he still is on CKNW for years now with his little 90 minute live Saturday morning 8:30 to 10:00am show spewing out hatred and stupidity.