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Would You Vote For the BC Liberals If They Had A Different Leader?


CKNW's Question of the Day, for February 15th/2013-9:40 am

Would you vote for the BC Liberals in the upcoming election if the party had a different leader?




Those are the current results at 9:40 am Friday, February,2013

Why, why that question today?

There has been very few(just me) people in the bloggosphere who have brought up this scenario, no one in our mainstream media have mentioned this...There is more on this subject over at The Gazatteer, Ross K`s Place

But, earlier this week Vaughn Palmer mused in a column about the BC Government being worried about losing a confidence vote..And rumour is rampant that there are sitting BC Liberal MLAs who are prepared to bring down the Government, thus thrusting us into an early election, before May 14th/2013..

If Christy Clark as leader lost a confidence vote, as a new leader, as a new leader with a majority Government, as a new leader who has been front and center in a $multi-billion dollar ad campaign, if that was to happen, if the the Government falls protocol demands that the leader falls on her/his sword...A new BC Liberal leadership campaign would be announced, and more likely than not our next provincial election would be delayed to the fall, maybe even next year..

I wrote months ago how factions within the BC Liberal party, factions that reside on the Conservative right of the BC Liberal party are and have conspired to bring Christy Clark down..

That was detailed in this post..


The BC Liberals know they can`t win an election with Christy Clark, they are desperate, if an election happened tomorrow these tired BC Liberals are toast, gone, caput, with that knowledge on hand the BC Liberals have nothing to lose by dumping Christy Clark, a do-over, a new leader, no matter who they chose as leader they couldn`t poll worse, well, maybe Michael Campbell could poll lower..


There are shenanigans going on within the BC Liberal party..And Christy Clark is very close to being deposed..

And this Powell River Persuader called it months ago..

The only thing I`m not too sure about, what will PAB do with this cknw question of the day, will they spike the numbers to save Christy Clark or will they spike the numbers to help drive Christy Clark out....I wonder who is yanking the leash on the Public Affairs Bureau, we will soon find out!

UPDATED-12:00 p.m...

CKNW's Question of the Day

Would you vote for the BC Liberals in the upcoming election if the party had a different leader?


It appears that PAB have left this question of the day alone, the numbers at 12 noon this Friday, February 15 aren`t good..

According to these numbers, it doesn`t matter who leads this BC Liberal Government, it appears British Columbia`s electorate wants its pound of flesh..

Updated again, 12:55 P.M....What is going on?..PAB has indeed started freeping the question of the 12:00 noon the numbers 70.1% would not vote for the BC Liberals even with a new leader.. as of 12:55 pm the numbers have swung big time, ..

The new numbers suggest(freeped numbers) that BC voters would vote for the BC Liberals with a new leader, and vote in big numbers!..Imagine that!...Here are the newest numbers..

Would you vote for the BC Liberals in the upcoming election if the party had a different leader?



  How could numbers swing that violently in 1 hour?..And coincidentally, the new numbers are almost exactly the voter percentages the BC Liberals received in the 2009 election(that was 46%)...

So it appears that PAB has been directed to skew numbers, skew numbers in a way to suggest to other BC Liberal MLAs that the BC Liberals vote percentage will return to their historic norms by simply dumping Christy Clark...

HA, hey Christy, you better call up PAB and do some complaining.

Last update for this of 5:00 p.m....According to the cknw question of the day, if Christy Clark was gone and a new leader in place a hopping 50% would vote BC Liberal, 4 percentage points more than 2009..

Fancy that!


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