Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Canwest mob, a day late and a dollar short

Well well well, a story in the Province newspaper this morning, a story about how we lost infrastructure money for British Columbia because Gordon Campbell traded that money for the Federal government to pick-up some of the 2010 Olympic security cost.

And who reported that story last September,Grant G did, of course I was all but ignored, bitter Brian from Garden Bay also called in to the cutting ledge on CKNW and reported my story,but of course Keith Baldrey(the apologist) ..Vaughn Palmer and Bill Good blew Brian off and laughed, they made excuses and said that Brian was wrong....

Well here is what I wrote in September, my story was called "Where is the other half of our infrastructure money" I reported in my story in September that Gordon Campbell was playing a shell game and that the Federal government was going to pick-up extra 2010 security costs,but,in exchange for this BC would be losing hundreds of millions in Federal infrastructure money that BC was entitled too!....Have a look here..

And lo n behold the Province newspaper reported the same thing in their article this morning,here is a quote from the Province newspaper story...

"As those expenses(security costs) ballooned to $900 million dollars,the Federal Government agreed to take over security costs-with an arrangement that B.C. would cover infrastructure costs for roads,bridges and other projects" Snip...

So I made the case that BC could add hundreds of millions more to the cost of the Vancouver Olympics,hundreds of millions of dollars that were back-doored onto BC taxpayers,hundreds of millions of dollars not on our Olympic tab, more tricky book-keeping,but not tricky enough to elude Me,but tricky enough to elude every single media source in the Province!

Vindication friends...(Read the Province newspaper story here)

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