Friday, March 26, 2010

The Long hot Summer

The greatest actor who ever lived,Paul Newman, if you have never seen this classic,by all means,rent it,buy it,watch it. (Watch the movie here)

Lets talk about a few "burning issues"......As you know the snow pack in our BC mountains is half of what it normally is, Kelowna has already had brush fires, there are some serious events about to happen this year, events that will have serious implications to tourism, serious implications to run of river power generation and even more serious implications to a fraudulent BC budget!

First off, the ministry of forestry has only allocated $57 million dollars for fighting forest fires,last year the Province spent about $400 million dollars, in fact Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell both used the money spent on fighting fires as one of the reasons last years budget deficit was $3 billion dollars higher than what they said it would be pre-election,you remember,"$495 million dollar deficit maximum"....We all know how well that turned out.

The pine beetle infestation, dry red pine trees by the billion are laying in wait, let me be clear, I don`t blame the Campbell Government for the infestation,but, the fact is those pine trees are going to burn, towns all through the Province will have their tourism industry spanked, "Who are those guys" A "Butch bravado and ritual Sundance" isn`t going to stop those fires from burning! .......Do they not realize that $400 million dollars minimum must be allocated to fighting forest fires? Or does the Government plan to just let the Province "Burn baby burn"!

Those are the only real options, the greenhouse gases those fires will emit into the atmosphere will be equal to a century of car emissions, yet we will continue to be punished with a useless carbon tax that hasn`t reduced emissions by one ounce, but the more pressing issue is the looming $400 million dollar budget hole that fighting those fires will cause, Hansen has predicted a $1.7 billion dollar deficit for fiscal 2010/2011 year....Well friends you can add $400 million dollars to that deficit projection, now we are up to $2.1 billion dollars, the warmest,driest winter in BC history, towns all through BC are going to have fires threatening their survival, the cost will be immense,many have warned the Campbell Government and Pat bell of the looming disaster, either Gordon Campbell is a complete idiot or what we have is....."A failure to communicate"! Definitely there is no cool hand Luke steering the Provincial ship!

"The colour of money" is green, the holes in this years budget are staggering, the estimates are so flawed, another excuse from Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell about last years surprise surprise after the election budget shocker was....They claimed that Natural gas prices had plummeted, that was true but Natural gas prices didn`t plummet during the last month before the election, gas prices were extremely low in January of 2009,February,March....Well friends, guess what,Natural gas prices have been plummeting month after month, a North American glut, a world glut, an early arrival to spring, the mercantile exchange today records Natural gas prices at below $4 dollars and falling($3.86), the Campbell Government based their revenue projections on $6 to $8 dollar natural gas, their wrong, add in all the new subsidies and royalty holidays the Province has given and there is a huge revenue hole building, certainly if in 2009 they claimed they lost over a billion dollars on Natural gas revenues the same scenario is playing out this year, Who are these guys, there seems to be a complete failure to communicate.

Just food for thought friends, the facts are there,the trees will burn, Natural gas revenue will continue to plummet, the budget deficit of $1.7 billion won`t be realized, it`s going to be.

The Long Hot Summer!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Dig deeper and you will see alot of patent anger simmering amongst students, middle-class workers, etc. in BC right now. You are right - this summer will be a "hot" summer - a summer of discontent.

It may even parallel the 1968 riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago or the 1968 student revolution in Europe.

What is happening in BC right now - the simmering "quiet revolution" - is unstoppable and will result in the collapse of the evil Gordo govmint later this fall. Tune in and keep your popcorn handy!

Evil Eye said...

Grant, there is a simmering anger in BC, but we are too well off to do anything radical. We have a throw away generation, the drugged out generation, generation X, the boomer's (who actually did something), but I do not see a congealing factor to make revolution.

Gordo is corrupt, to be sure, but he is also rules over a population who have adopted the "Asian" "sharp practice", where the vast majority of the people cheat, steal, or otherwise do illegal things.

Morality has been dumbed down by the mainstream media, where just a decade and half ago a sun deck and hunting knife brought down a Premier, where now we have DUI Gordo, who is "on the take" for three terms.

50% of the population have washed their hands of the political process and the two main political parties don't seem to car, as it's business as usual.

Yes it will be a long hot summer for Gordo because the we are an immoral populace, government by an immoral government and immoral acts against the government will be tolerated.

Who is not afraid to take the first swing? Who is not afraid to kick Gordo or his cronies in the "nuts"?

When the public loses its fear, then all hell will break loose.

Crankypants said...

Grant, your assessment is bang on. The "smoke and mirrors" document they call a budget isn't worth the paper it is written on.

Then today we get the supposed great announcement about the casino, hotel complex to be built adjacent to BC Place. I have no problem with casinos as I like to wager a few bucks on occaision, but it is the spin Gordo put on this announcement. He stated that the developer will be paying a $6 million per year lease for the land and this revenue will help pay for the new roof on the stadium. And of course the MSM covering the announcement is just falling over themselves with this revelation.

Let's do a little math. The projected cost for the new roof is stated to be $563 million. At $6 million per year the province should recoup its investment in 94 years if they are able to borrow the money at no interest. When you add in interest of any sort and one can surmise that BC Place Stadium will be nothing but a pile of dust and the roof will still not be paid for.

I hear the next big moneymaker the government is going to trot out is selling loonies for nickels. It would sure fit in with their business acumen.

Grant G said...

5:58 PM...Great comment.

Mr. Evil Eye, I never suggested anything radical, I merely mentioned that firefighting costs will be 1/2 billion dollars,they budgeted $57 million...

For every dollar the price of Natural gas falls is a loss of $300 million to the treasury,the close today on the mercantile exchange was $3.86....So according to my math,the treasury will be out $700 million more and counting, so that puts the deficit at $2.7 billion or more for 2010/2011.

And evil,if you remember from my profile,the Hustler is my all time favorite movie,I like Paul Newman,he was honest,married to one woman for 40 years,no scandals,he fought the law,spoke up,took no guff,he fought the battles he couldn`t win.

My motto,persistant digging,never say never,I have battled all my life.

I want to share another story with you evil,I was born 3 1/2 months early in Williams lake BC, folks were merely passing through town when I decided it was time for an appearence....

So moms gives birth in old little hospital,the doctor said to mom, your baby won`t make it,he needs specialized care in a modern hospital, unfortunately he won`t survive the trip to Vancouver,they put me in a incubator(according to mom and dad)....

A local Catholic priest asked my dad if he wanted him to give his son(me) his last rights,my dad said sure,but the priest paused,he said to my dad,if he lives you will raise him Catholic?....My dad said no,I`m not Catholic,....

The priest walked away,I never got my last rights,the only food I could hold down was my mothers milk, my lungs were undeveloped, I stopped breathing thousands of times until about 6 years of age,and my mom would run to my crib only for me to gulp some air by the time she got there....

Never say never, at 15 years of age I was solid as a rock,200lbs and could run a mile 6 minutes.

The point is Mr.Evil....

I`m down to about 3 lives left, I will never surrender,whatever the cost may be.

Even if it means cutting off the heads of every parking meter in the city.


kootcoot said...

So what IS the criteria for recall? It must be either:

1. 40% of the voters ON THE LIST FOR ThE RIDING.

2. 40% of the number that actually voted, which would mean more like 20%-25% of the voters list - in other words, a rare occasion where voter apathy (the low turnout last May) would turn out to be GOOD FOR DEMOCRACY.

3. 40% of the PARTICULAR voters that actually voted, in which case it would only appropriate for the list provided to the initiator of the recall pettition to specify not just registered voters, but which ones actually voted. Otherwise the petition would be polluted by BC liaR supporters who wouldn't even think twice about lying to a canvaser if asked whether they voted or not to protect this corrupt government that they like, but not enough to bother voting for.

I think in ridings outside the bible belt Fraser Valley/Institute fantasy land where they re-elect politicians who would have resigned under clouds of investigations (like John Les)in a government with respect for the parliamentary tradition recall could be easily attained - but it must be clear what the criteria are.

I have no reason for recall in my riding Boundary-Kooteny West, but would happily sign up to collect signatures in Point Grey.