Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NPA, Millennium Development,The Big Fraud!

$1.3 billion dollar athletes village, shoddy construction,rushed timeline,paper thin walls,athletes from around the world complained of how poor the quality of this development was.

Betty Krawcyzk raised the alarm about Millennium development company,in fact Betty and my opinion that this was a robbery,theft,a planned con and shell game from the very beginning, the tentacles of this deal travel in many directions.

But lets start at the beginning, we win the bid for the 2010 Olympic games, the roving band of criminals,the IOC descend upon Vancouver, but we didn`t have to look far for persons wanting to fill their pockets with taxpayer`s loot, in fact all we have to do is look to whom the NPA chose to build the athletes village, the non partisan association,the city councillors,the Mayor,the NPA chose Millennium development.... I laugh at that name,nothing could be further from the truth,non partisan..HA HA.

Who are we going to get to build the athletes village? Put out the bids, the city of Vancouver got bids from Wall development, Concord pacific, huge companies,huge companies with money,capital,development companies who had the financial resources to build the athletes village,and these companies have good track record for building large projects in the GVRD for decades, and there was also a bid from a little known company named Millennium development,a company with nothing,no money,no capital,no staff,no financial records with any real standing..

And who is Millennium development, well at the time of the bid?

Well,at the time of the NPA dominated city council, Millennium development had two directors..Sharam and Sharokh Malekyazdi,who hold no board meetings,issue no shares and do not file the required annual financial papers with the Provincial ministry of finance.They are partnered with the Armeco group of companies,Armeco has one director, a lawyer who recently headed the NPA party, that lawyer is no other than Paul Barbeau.

Well isn`t that special, Sullivan,Ladner and and the other NPA councilmen and woman,along with Paul Barbeau give the nod to Millennium development over reputable firms like Concord Pacific and Wall development, and guess what folks, Millennium has ZERO MONEY,NO ASSETS, AND GUESS WHERE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT IS GOING TO GET THEIR MONEY, FROM FORTESS HEDGE FUND AND THE CITY OF VANCOUVER.


And how did that deal work out for Vancouver,the Province had to call a week-end session in the Victoria legislature and bring in legislation to allow the Vancouver charter to be changed,that change being.....To allow the city borrow up to $1 billion dollars to pay off the loan sharks known as Fortress,of course Ken Dobell was getting bi-weekly reports on the status of the construction at the athletes village and reporting to the Province and Vanoc, well so much for Dobell keeping us up to date,the same Ken Dobell was in charge at the Vancouver trade and convention center and we know how well that worked out,$450 million dollars over budget,the project going sideways and finally Ken Dobell had to be removed, and who is Ken Dobell,Gordon Campbell`s friend and they shared the premier`s office, yes,friends,the tentacles from the NPA,Gordon Campbell,Ken Dobell,Paul Barbeau,Fortress...These clowns couldn`t run a LEMONADE STAND, it`s my opinion that there are many in this deal who should be held to account,criminal charges and a complete investigation is required!

The fix was in from the very beginning, Paul Barbeau and the entire NPA are answerable as to why they chose this company connected to Paul Barbeau, we are all familiar that the city of Vancouver had to borrow like $700 million dollars to pay off the loan sharks at Fortress, the city also had to put in place their own accountants and management team to oversee the project, because the snow job was working, the athletes village was spiraling over budget,hundreds of millions of dollars seemed to just vanish, what did Sam Sullivan,Peter Ladner and the NPA dominated city council have to say, not much, they had no answers, damage control, this boondoggle was started under the NPA, but it ended up being dumped in Gregor Robertson`s lap when the people of Vancouver threw out the NPA lock,stock and barrel, but throwing those losers out of office couldn`t stop the athletes village boondoggle that had taken place,.....

This was big news at the time, also at the time when the city of Vancouver was potentially getting ripped for hundreds of millions of dollars there were questions,lots of questions, lets go ask Estelle Lo, the city of Vancouver Chief Financial officer, well guess what folks, the NPA forced Estelle Lo out, forced her to quit or be fired, why would the NPA do that? That my friends is the $700 million dollar question, and guess what......

Estele Lo warned against the Millennium deal, Estele Lo was adamant that if anything went wrong the city of Vancouver would be on the hook, Estelle Lo was upset that the way the deal was structured,she warned against it, the alarm bells were ringing in Estelle Lo`s head about this deal, but the fix was in, the entire NPA council have questions to answer, and of course they didn`t want Estelle Lo to talk, so when they forced her out,for Estelle Lo to get her compensation package she had to sign a "Keep your mouth shut clause"!(read about Estell Lo being forced out here,Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail was all over the story,here is a quick read by the Tyee)

And where has Paul Barbeau slithered off too? Who knows, the money for the boondoggle is gone,the city of Vancouver is taking a huge bath on this deal, the Vancouver taxpayers will be paying off the athletes village for decades,possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.

Back to the Athletes village, the city of Vancouver had to turn the buildings over to Vanoc in the fall before the 2010 Olympic games or face a huge financial penalty, a tight timeline,rushed construction, shoddy work, the city is already out so much money,astronomical amounts of money,they don`t want to lose more money,there is no turning back.

The NPA run city of Vancouver,their decisions, their boondoggle,the BS has Vancouverites on the verge of losing hundreds of millions of dollars, they forced out the top accountant who was ringing the alarm bell, Peter Ladner,Sam Sullivan in my opinion all have dirt on their hands,personally I think Gregor Robertson did his best to fix a terrible situation caused by the NPA......

  The NPA has cost the city of Vancouver potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in what I would call a planned deliberate,calculated fraud, a deal the chief city financial officer warned about all the risk being assigned to the city, so the corrupt bunch (IMO) forced her resignation, the hypocrisy is unreal!

The NPA and Fortress hedge fund have by crook stolen the cows,the farm,the deed to the land.

The below story is from Betty Krawcyzk, she was the first to write about it!

OH, FOR THE LOVE OF THE OLYMPICS!Love? Oh, no. It’s actually money. For everybody but us Vancouverites who have to shell out for this huge province wide construction party masquerading as a civic celebration (oh, all right, everybody in the province pays). We’re supposed to do it for love. Do what exactly? Well, let’s just consider the Athlete’s Village.Okay, so a lot of figures are boring. Even to me. So I’ll keep it simple. There’s a corporation named Millennium Development Corp. They got the nod to build the Athletes’ Village on Southeast False Creek for the Olympics which will include 1100 condos of which 250 will belong to the City after the games. For this privilege Millennium will pay us, the city, 193 million, of which 30 million will be a down payment. These condos are not for the working poor. They will go for between 500,000 and 6 million all of which they plan to pre sell. Millennium will also receive over 82 million for building the units and we will do the site fixing at another 153 million. There are two directors (Shahram and Sharokh Malekyazdi) who hold no board meetings, issue no shares and do not file the required annual financial paper with the provincial Ministry of Finance. They are partnered with Armeco Group of Companies. Armeco currently has only one director, a lawyer who recently headed the Vancouver NPA party (Paul Barbeau). But where can these corporations, wealthy though they are, get such huge amounts of money? Well, there are two lenders… The Fortress Credit Corporation and guess who? Well, bust my britches! It’s us! The City of Vancouver! Which means that we, us, yes us, the tax payers of Vancouver will be lending a hunk, or even most (maybe all?) of the start up money to Millennium who is supposed to pay us, for God’s sake. But somehow they have it fixed so that we pay them for borrowing money from us so they can make billions. But if we, Vancouver, have this kind of money to lend out for the already super rich people so they don’t have to use their own money why don’t we do something about the homeless? Or affordable housing? No money for that? Or money in that? Well, back to Millennium and Armeco. These two, along with Gordon Campbell simply take my breath away. Their ability to pull off such a gigantic public robbery in secret takes stealth and cunning the likes of which makes Lord Black look rather amateurish. I think Gordon Campbell, VANOC, Millennium and Fortress along with Paul Barbeau are guilty of conspiracy to defraud the public. I’ll be pouring over my law books. This has got to be against the law. Betty Krawczyk .

Nothing but Politics as usual friends, just like the Republicans in the USA,Ronald Reagen,George Bush Senior,George Bush Junior,.....Especially the last,George W Bush, he lied to the world and invaded Iraq,a illegitimate war, he allowed Wall Sreet to destroy world economies,tax cuts to the rich, ruined the economy, the absolute worst president in the history of the USA, him and Dick Cheney, criminals,they are nothing but criminals, so they dump a huge mess in Barack Obama`s lap, and the FOX News,the haters, the spinners trying to blame Obama for the Bush created disaster.

The same thing with Gregor Robertson, personally I think Gregor is a little flaky, but the mess that Sullivan,Ladner and the NPA dumped in his lap is shocking, so when I hear an ex-journalist crying wolf over nothing while totally ignoring the largest and most expensive possible ponzi scheme in Vancouver history is disingenuous at best.The athletes village deal that was set up,organized,arranged,by the NPA, rejected by the Chief Financial Officer Estelle Lo,the NPA forced Estelle Lo out ,the cost to people of Vancouver will be a kings ransom for a very very long time.Glad I don`t live there!

Nothing but Politics friends, the Gordon Campbell junior edition(The NPA)..Are beating the drum,they are also beating a dead horse!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Gregor is like a God in Vancouver. The next leader of the BC NDP. Go Gregor Go!

Anonymous said...

So Vancouver is on the hook for $700 million for this thing. If 700 condos sell for $1 million each, will Vancouver recoup the money?

But who would pay $1 million for a condo at 1st and Main?

Anonymous said...

why would they at c k n double skew go on and on about vision the bike lane the firing and any little thing that happens over at city hall,frankly I'm sick of that bitch anton and heard so much crap come from that witch,fuck me man those bastards at that station have so much to answer for and they go on and on about crap that robertson has to answer for what about the Questions that still aren't answered because everything this provincial government does is before the courts,FUCK YOU bill good and the three stooges and for anton shut the fuck up thats a case of the pot calling the kettle well you know what I mean>

Anonymous said...

"So when I hear about a fat little frog ex journalist screaming and flailing his arms about a disgruntled electrical engineer"

Isn't it special how the fat frog is so horrified over the confidentiality agreement surrounding the electrical inspector's firing/retirement or being a victim of downsizing/restructuring. Yet I haven't heard a complaint from him about Ms. Lo's similiar agreement with the then NPA mayor and council. Mind you I'm sure there is lots of his hyperbole that I have missed the pleasure of enjoying.

I was watching news clips over at the frog's own sewer, and frankly, old Ark looks old enough to be retiring, not that I'm sayin' he's too old to do his job and HAD to be put out to pasture. But hey all governments are having to cut back to make up for the MBA types and their ponzi schemes that have brought the economy of the world to the brink and kind and gentle ones try to do it through attrition - or so they claim.

Besides, ultimately the City of Vancouver, the Province of BC and the Federal Government of Canada all had no real jurisdiction during the occupation of our province by the IOC. Even the Charter of Rights was temporarily suspended in deference to the IOC.

Anonymous said...

Grant - Are you calling Alex Tsakumis "a fat little frog ex journalist" ?

Ribbit... Ribbit


Grant G said...

And by no means is it a slag towards French Canadians,...Viva la France.



Some of my closest friends are French.


Anonymous said...

LOL What a great set of letters. One ready, as most BCers are to fry the bastards, another talking good condo sense, and the third... frogs! LOL All very true, very correct. Many thanks all.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

P.S. Four friggin stooges I forgot that asshole palmer

jaydee said...

I believe the absolute corruption, theft and 5 generations of debt left to B.C. by the B.C. Liberals is 100% the fault of the media and owners. Without media like this a government like Campbell's could not exist for long.

Crankypants said...

The reality is that these and so many other situations occur because of our political system. Political parties are gangs operating in much the same way as the mafia or any other such organization. They will use any tactic they can think of to first gain power, then use this power to line the pockets of their backers and hired thugs. Granted, some of the parties are a little better at it than others, but in the end they are all corrupt.

The only way this will change is if political parties go the way of the Atlantic cod. Only then will a riding's representative be truly responsible to his or her electorate rather than some self-interested entity.

As for the athletes village, I have a couple of friends that volunteered there during the olympics and they say that there were nothing but problems with the plumbing system. It seems the recycling of grey water left a lot to be desired. The taxpayers of Vancouver may be facing added costs getting things operating correctly before these units can even go on the market. I wouldn't buy one with someone else's money. The athletes village saga is far from over and could one day become a made for TV movie.


Leah said...

Go, Gregor, Go!!

Over the hill and far away...take the rest of the Campbelloids with you. Don't forget Paul either - we have no use for him here.

Anonymous said...

Grant you should take a look at that fat trolls blog he made it sound like Vancouver was going to catch on fire ,but today arks lawyer told everyone to shut up and mind there own business,man that fat little cigar smoking whiskey swilling shit disturber pisses me off,oh and by the way theres nothing wrong with the electrical and no inspectors were turned away what a sensational little frog that guy is and what about a retraction isn't that in order,everything is starting to backfire on all those prick all of them have shit not egg on ther face and a lot of people will be eating crow soon and thats one mans opion,oh by the way he would make a good toll collector under one of the new bridges we now have to pay to cross sheesh it gets more expensive to live as each day goes by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant G said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Grant for every con game three things are required the the con liberals,the shills,courts police and of course the msm and the mark that would be us,funny how a lot of people have not come to realize that,astounds me ?

Anonymous said...

These definably,are a few of my favorite things. do you think he'll change that song? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Genuine.

Grant G said...
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Leah said...

I enjoy reading your site, and spend time reading your links to verify what is being said...I also enjoy reading many other bloggers.

While I may not agree with everything I read, it is better to read all sides (blogs) than accept just one site as gospel truth.
It bothers me to no end to see bloggers fighting amongst one another, calling one another names, and in general being rude. There is room, and space for every point of view, no matter how much we may agree or disagree with it.

What there is NO room for is rudeness, and ignorance toward one another in our search for truth. We are seeing enough of that from our governments - which is who we are SUPPOSED to be taking to task. To see this kind of rhetoric on this blog in particular really bothers me - this site has the what it takes to become the one of the very best at investigative journalism - but not if it keeps going the way some of the comments are tending to lead it.

Make TRUTH the focus, not personalities.

Grant G said...
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Grant G said...

I would like to thank Leah for her last contribution....

Indeed friends I seem to have got caught up arguing with someone not worth your time or mine.

There are bigger fish to fry,bigger stories,and I intend to keep bringing you all.

"The Straight Goods"

Thanks again Leah.

And sorry friends,sometimes pride gets in the way of logic.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

That is the beauty of your blog sir, its refreshing and open. Yes, perhaps we all go a little overboard at times, sometimes it is needed. Best wishes, keep up the great work. Lets keep our eyes on gordo and his fellow criminals.

Kam Lee

Kim said...

...and cooler heads prevailed.

Anonymous said...

Grant - Are you going to let AGT Ribbit get away with this??!!

"an imbalanced Grant Gough of a fraudulent website hailing from Powell River, where I am routinely smeared and defamed. After he threatened me with physical violence"

"Mr. Gough’s websites are loaded with lies and and half-baked bromide and do not represent anything except that one should always read the wee writing on the front of medicine bottles."

It's time to separate the men from the boys!

Anonymous said...

Well AGT deserves everything he gets. He cries when someone "smeares" him, then he gets down and dirty in the name calling dept. Truly a piece of work. To bad, he showed so much promise. LOL He should stay under that rock. Let him entertain the few fans he has left.

Kam Lee

Grant G said...

11:47 AM...Thank for your concern,let me be perfectly clear,I am not interested in a pissing contest with a has-been.

There are reasons why some people are no longer employed,in fact you have to think outside of the box friends.

Someone is merely trying to attract readers,hot air,I am above that level of discourse,also,my site doesn`t have pre-moderated comments,I have been told that he omits all critical comments and cherry picks the odd one to prove a point.

My articles speak for themselves,from private power to Salmon to our lying Government.

We have an environmental disaster brewing,an economic disaster coming our way,an education funding nightmare,a deliberate downgrading of our public health care....

As for pulling out one`s hair(if they had any) over an electrical permits of venues that have come and gone,small potatoes friends.

And just like Christy Clark`s friends threatening to sue me for libel over my BC Ferry stories,well...Christy Clark had to retract on air.

Let`s not lose focus on the big picture,recall this fall of 8 BC Liberals and a change in power,that is our immediate goal.


Leah said...

Well said Grant! There is no doubt in my mind that your site will be one of the premiere sites in BC before long - which means you can look for Anonymous commenters who like to stir the pot - and play both ends against the middle. Stay your cool self, your facts will say all that's needed.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Sir! I have become a regular reader. Your topics are always timely and I really enjoy your take on things. You always seem to put into words the things that are bothering me about this province, but I can't articulate them as well as you do. Thanks for giving people like me a voice - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Leah said in part, March 18, 2010 12:26 PM.
Stay your cool self, your facts will say all that's needed.
Leah is correct. In addition, knocking a fellow blogger is distracting and can be counter productive. Stay on your course.

Henri Paul

jaydee said...

I like your style so hope you just keep on being Grant G. Your hard work pays off and makes your blog the best I have read by far. You are able to mix serious stuff with your natural humour which few people can do successfully.
After Global's set-up of Gregor Robertson and that guy and his website the 2013 campaigning has officially begun. I then checked out that guy's blog and most of his fans sound to me like PAB, maybe we're getting double the bang for our buck. I couldn't believe the trash-talk that goes on over there, he is accomplishing nothing.
Keep up your excellent work and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you are the same Leah that comments at Rubbish without a Pause - and if so can't decide whether the real Leah is the one who comments at the Ledge Raids and here, or at "My Least Favorite Things" or maybe you just try to get along wherever you are - but as to:

"It bothers me to no end to see bloggers fighting amongst one another, calling one another names, and in general being rude. There is room, and space for every point of view, no matter how much we may agree or disagree with it"

Over at AGT's AGT himself sets the tone with his posts which are generally a diatribe of insults of pretty much everybody that isn't Rex Murphy, Diane Watts or members in good standing of either the Canadian Taliban or the US Repuklican Party (with the lone exception of Gordon Campbell).

When commenters reply in the same style it is ok, as long as the filth is directed at the same straw men (Dr. Fluki, Gregor, NDP, Al Gore,poverty pimps, Jim Green, Penny Ballem) or fawning praise of the fat man and is published. Anything that points out his lack of acknowledgement of reality, facts or his constant revisionism of history recent or long ago is only published if it affords him to score cheap shots from the throne lily pad. Otherwise it disappears due to "legal reasons" or poor taste.

Well, I've heard that soon at the "House of Infamy" there will be some demonstration of Alex's idea of defamatory/libelous statements -I have heard that koot will be publishing some of the notorious/slanderous COMMENTS themselves and AGT's lying explanation to his fawning fans regarding their content and reason for deletion(or imaginary commenters that are perhaps hisself using multiple IDs).

I have also developed a theory regarding the mysterious Raphael Alexander, but I haven't been able to prove this in the laboratory.


When Adrian MacNair and AGT get together, really together (entwined) they become one, and that ONE is named Raphael Alexander!

Haida Guy

Grant G said...

Well Haida Guy, I don`t disagree with your commentary, you are accurate...

For I have left at least a dozen comments at the HAS-BEEN blog site,politie comments,accurate comments,comments asking for proof of threat or proof of libelous statements.

Everyone has been deleted,or should I say not posted...So there is no point arguing when that tactic is employed,and Haida Guy...

Just between you and me eh.....The vile filth from the dark-side, (has-been) has tried through his blog and many vile emails to me ..Is Attempting to Goad me to making violent threats towards him on my blog or email, that my friends is his technique...

Like I say,amateur hour,I am going to stick to "The Straight Goods" and bringing my faithful contributors the truth.

I refuse to play with people who cheat the comment section on their blog,much bigger fish to fry,lets stick to talking about people that matter,not has-beens!


Anonymous said...

Well, Betty's right about one thing: Millennium are crooks. I live in an 8 year old Millennium building where we are on the hook for $14 million worth of repairs due to shoddy workmanship.

Why? They refuse to repair building deficiencies that were identified at year 3, despite a 5 year building envelope warranty. Apparently, this is just the way Millennium does business: ignore warranty, get sued by strata, settle out of court for half the value of the deficiencies.

Because it's settled out of court, the suit is sealed away and the public never knows that this is what happens with every building Millennium has ever built.

Please, never ever buy a Millennium product. It's just not worth it.