Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s legacy of Lies,Volume 1 of 30

  1. Gordon Campbell lied about bringing in the HST, in fact he promised not to bring in the HST

  2. Gordon Campbell lied pre-election about our BC deficit, Colin Hansen Lied about the deficit, both of those liars claimed the deficit would be $495 million dollars maximum, 2 weeks after the election the deficit turned into $3 billion dollars.

  3. Colin Hansen lied about the Olympic security costs, Hansen used the figure $175 million which turned into $1 billion dollars in the lead up to the games.

  4. Kevin Falcon lied on cknw when he stated the evergreen line construction would begin in 2009.

  5. Gordon Campbell lied when he said he wouldn`t sell BC Rail.

  6. Gordon Campbell lied when he said he would honour the HEU signed negotiated contract.

  7. George Abbott lied when he said the BC Liberals have built 5000 new long term acute care beds.

  8. Blair Leckstrom lied when he said BC is a net importer of electricity.

  9. Gordon Campbell lied when he said there would be no cuts to the education budget.

  10. Gordon Campbell lied when he said the Canada line was on budget.

  11. Kevin Falcon lied when he said the Golden Ears bridge was on budget.

  12. George Abbott lied when he said the Surrey memorial hospital emergency expansion would be completed by 2009.

  13. Gordon Campbell lied when he said there would be no expansion in gambling in BC.

  14. Gordon Campbell lied when he said that implementing the Carbon tax was the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road each year.

  15. Christy Clark lied when she said under David Hahn BC Ferries was returning $500 million dollars profit to the Province.

How many more lies? How many more BC treasures will be sold, how many more forests given away.

How many many more years will BC lead Canada in child poverty?

When will BCs minimum wage ever be increased, how high will BC Hydro rates rise, how high will BC Ferry rates rise, how much more backdoor taxation will be inflicted by the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell, how many more subsidies will there be to Ecana gas, how many time will BCs attorney`s general bring in the gag law.

How many BC Liberals are we going to remove with the recall campaign, I received my paper work tonight for elections Canada so I can gather up signatures for the HST initiative.

When will Bill Good stop pimping for the liar Gordon Campbell, when will Keith Baldrey stop being an apologist for Gordon Campbell, when will Vaughn Palmer stop spinning for Gordon Campbell.

When will Canwest report stories that count, when will Global TV remove Michael Campbell from their news broadcast, when will Michael Levy take his nose out of Gordon Campbell`s back pocket,Levy agrees with never raising the minimum wage,it might hurt McDonalds bottom line!When will BC s debt reach $200 billion dollars.

When will people take to the streets with pitchforks, when will people fight for the children, when will citizens revolt.

Friends, I`m getting tired, tired of sunset pictures, I want to show sunrise photo`s, but unless all of us work together in concert, with passion, call the radio stations, call out the liars, lie to the guy who answers the phone and say you are going to say something nice, once on let rip, tell one person everyday what is going on. Buy as little as possible, don`t eat at McDonald`s, buy no food on the ferries, go to Alberta for supplies, cross the US border for gas, cheese,milk,clothing, cut back your BC Hydro use, turn off your natural gas and wear a sweater, don`t buy lottery tickets now that all the gaming grants have been cut, go to local farms and pay cash, look for under the table deals, take the blood money from Gordon Campbell, drive the deficit through the roof,never,ever eat farmed fish.

I so wish to have sunrise pictures one day, it`s time, time to make our stand, time for civil disobedience, time to turn off Global news,CTV news, time to turn off Bill Good, time to crank up the rock n roll, time to get sassy, noisy, angry, time to take back our Province from these liars,con men and thieves.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Norm Farrell said...

How about comments by leaders during 2009 election campaign:

(Van Sun 4/17/09) Campbell announced the new 10-lane Port Mann Bridge will be finished a full year before it was expected to open and will cost $200 million less than anticipated.

Grant, you can't dispute that for great project management. The design wasn't even finished and it was already ahead of schedule and below budget.

Anonymous said...

Keep those lies coming! All those years of them, lots to report. Thank you sir.

Kam Lee

Evil Eye said...

Grant, hows this one; Campbell claimed that Canada Line would take over 200,000 car trips off the road a day!

Not a peep from Gordo now, as the Canada Line is flooded by pensioners gambling their meager savings at River Roc Casino and UBC/Langara students with their cheap,cheap U-Passes.

For many, taking the car is easier.

Leah said...

AMEN Grant!! Keep that list, add Norm's and EE's contribution...and keep adding to it! If anyone else contributes to the lies, and wrong-doings list...add and keep those too. Then keep the list in a safe place. I'll have a suggestion later on...

Meantime...keep up the great work, this was an excellent article.

Hugh said...

In 2006 TILMA was said to bring up to $4.8 billion in GDP and 78,000 jobs to BC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Grant. I will be sharing this info with my workmates after you give me permission to print this off. Together we can at the least shame Gordon (Korsakoffs) Campbell into the sunset, or can we. Mental illness quite often obscures ones ability to seperate right from wrong. and this convicted drunk shows no ability. Can't wait for volume 2-30. Thanks Man !!!

Grant G said...

Print away...Spead the word...Oh,by the way,Blaie Leckstrom just announced another $100 million dollar subsidy to the wealthy oil and gas sector yesterday.

Ecana gas made billions last year,and the bullshit continues,Blair Leckstrom stated,for every $1 dollar we give to oil n gas sector we get back $2.75...Well..

Maybe we should give the oil n gas sector $40 billion dollars and then we get a return of $110 billion dollars!

No more debt...You can`t make this stuff up!

Grant G said...

I would like to thank my faithful readers for calling in on cknw today, your phone calls made a huge difference today.

Thank you all!


Anonymous said...

Well, Grant. Our community is going underground. We will be set up to feed everyone, in a hundred mile radius. We are also, going to use the barter system. During WW11, we used to plant victory gardens. Back yards, will become, vegetable gardens. We are fortunate to have someone, of whom, will build winter greenhouses. There will be, a high number of citizens, who will keep chickens for eggs and meat. There is already a mobile unit that will come to your place, to do the slaughter for you. There are ranches that will provide beef. Some farmers will have pigs. Apartment dwellers will get together and rent garden space from farmers. Root cellars, are easy to make, they will keep vegetables, over the winter. Fruit is easy to can, and so are jams and jellies. Don't have time to can, there will be people who will do it for you, for a small fee, to pay for their hydro, or perhaps barter for something you may need. Most of my garden, will go to the food bank, as,I am a senior, and I don't need a huge garden, just for myself. Some people are going to buy an extra freezer, and rather than can, they will be able to freeze, vegetables and fruit. Flour, sugar, coffee, tea, salt and pepper, will be all we have to buy from, the supermarket. There will be farmers markets, in the summer, as well. When we get set up, there will be invitations to other communities, to come and look. We, will be up and running the winter greenhouses by next fall.

Anonymous said...

Grant said - "time to turn off Global news,CTV news, time to turn off Bill Good"

Amen brother. Looks like you have finally come around like the rest of us.

Grant G said...

2:24PM...You make proud, we can fight back, yes I too will be growing tons of tomatoes(I love tomatoes)and carrots, not much soil here(rocky ground)..But I will manage.

2:37 ...Forgive me, Global TV news,gone,CTV news,gone...The radio...errr..I was curious to listen today after this post...

And 2:37.PM...I was flabbergasted, Christy Clark got blasted today, She did a segment on photo radar and was begging callers to blast the NDP...And, she got blasted,kash heed got blasted,every caller was great,callers defending the NDP and pointing out facts,not fiction...She did her next segment on ..Christy is in favour of the Trophy hunt,her segment,she got blasted again.

I heard NEW voices today,coincidence,I don`t think so,each of those segments were cut short,people are fighting back.

The quality of callers today on her show was fabulous,smart,informative,and argumentive.

But from now on..CHEK news or CBC on TV..And a quick listen to the cutting ledge on Fridays,I need to hear Baldrey`s lie and obfuscation.

Forgive me?

Grant G said...

Oh..And I DID turn off Bill Good today,turned on for Christy, she`s such an easy target!

Anonymous said...

Christie is a loud mouthed stupid person. She deserves everything she gets on air. She is a lier, and that has been proven many times on her show. I can hardly wait until the Virk, Basi, Gordo trial to begin. Her ex is up to his ass in this mess also. Off with their heads, as the saying goes.

Kam Lee

Kam Lee

BC Mary said...


This is one of your best-ever columns ... and it's wonderful to read about the excellent response from your readers and others who are lining up to say their piece on the phone-in shows.

Now that's progress!

Anonymous said...

BC, will not survive Campbell and Hansen. Central and northern BC, is dead. Ghost towns are appearing, because of mill closures. It was said, some of our mills were shipped to China. Our raw logs are also being shipped to the same place. I refuse to buy anything from China, as, I am repulsed by their child labor. Now, we are told, our hydro, will be raising up by 33%. Food costs have already gone up 27%. Fuel will be raised to 4.45. Food costs will go even higher, as trucking company's rates will go up to cover their fuel costs. In fact, everything trucked in, will cost more. Central and northern BC's people are becoming destitute. They have lost their jobs, their homes, their vehicles, savings are gone, E.I. has run out. And now they are faced with the HST of 7%, on just about everything, and, on the other taxes listed above. So, they are taxing our taxes. Campbell, has aimed these unfair taxes, directly on to, the poorest people in BC, who have absolutely lost everything they had. This has to be, Campbell and Hansen logistics. Doesn't make a lick of sense, to anyone else.


Grant G said...

Geez Gloria,I feel your pain,I know rural BC is hurting,I live in rural BC.

The center of the universe Vancouver and the Fraser Valley bible belt doesn`t care, uninformed,a dreadful Canwest spin machine distorting the tragedy that is occurring in the heartlands.

Thank you Gloria,don`t lose that passion,it looks good on you.


kootcoot said...

"Blair Leckstrom lied when he said BC is a net importer of electricity."

As does that other not so genius jackass Marc Jaccard on the CBC.

The fact that BC Hydro buys dirt cheap coal power from Alberta at night from coal plants that would be fouling the air for no reason otherwise, thereby saving their own cleaner power for sale at times of peak demand is just good business. Something the "We can't even run a Lemonade Stand financed by our parents" LIEberals, obviously don't understand or refuse to practice.

BC is the lemonade stand and WE are the parents but the kids are out of control.

Hugh said...

When BC does import electricity, I believe much of it is hydro-powered, from Washington and Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Campbell has now raised the price on campgrounds. Camping is, pretty much, the only vacation low income families can afford to give their children. Campbell and Hansen, even went so low as to coerce, $26.000 rent,from the Legion. Legions are nonprofit clubs. They pay for prosthesis, for children who have lost their limbs. They give to many charities. Campbell, even had the gall, to support Thornthwaite, for her DUI, and told her not to resign. I guess if she resigned, he would also have to as well. Where do we draw the line? Will Campbell and Thornthwaite, give their support to, the drunk driver, who, killed a young cardiologist and, his bride to be? Why are those two still in office?


Jane Scott said...

Enough is enough. Everyone who has had enough must join the recall campaigns and defeat this self serving, dishonest, mean spirited government

Anonymous said...

how about this lie just prior to the 2001 BC General Election. when Christy Clark said the public servants should be excited about bargaining with the new liberal
government there would not be mass firings.
Or when Gordon Campbell said cuts in taxes would not mean cuts in services either a blatant lie or wishful thinking