Monday, March 1, 2010

Gordon Campbell, a desperate despot

A very interesting closing ceremonies, first off,hats off to all athletes from all nations, I enjoyed watching all of the events,let me be perfectly clear,I am a huge sports fan and have watched the Olympics and other sporting events for decades, is the cost worth it,absolutely not, the bills will come in, more government cuts coming,enjoy the glow our budget is coming in 2 days.
But what I want to talk about is the closing ceremonies, it was very entertaining,although the last 20 minutes seemed cluttered to me, but before that there was some amazing optics,a political pundit`s Christmas.
The VIP section, early on in the closing ceremony they announced ....."In the VIP section is Premier Campbell,also in attendance is prime minister Stephen Harper and his wife" Snip.....How come Harper`s wife was mentioned but not Gordon Campbell`s wife?
Friends,you know I detest Gordon Campbell so maybe you think I might be being extra critical of him but.......Is it just me or did you notice he was the only one in the VIP section wearing those silly mittens?, The dignitaries,politicians,even Stephen Harper showed quiet,polite appreciation while Gordon Campbell was screaming the national anthem.....Wearing those silly mittens inside BC Place, to me it reeked of being desperate,even Gregor Robertson did a polite wave as he came to the floor, I got the distinct impression that nobody in the VIP section wanted anything to do with Gordon Campbell and his Buffoonery(is that a word?)......And folks....
I loved this one part, Gordon Campbell was waving with those stupid mittens,waving the flag,screaming the national anthem and.....And the BC Place big screen showed Gordon Campbell doing his thing and there was a distinct booooooooo.booooo....It was short but the BC Canadians in attendance gave Gordon Campbell a short boo,his image was quickly removed.
I thought Gordon Campbell was embarrassing, I liken it to a a child wanting attention,look at me,look at me, a mis-behaving child who keeps ramping up his or hers antics to get people to pay attention to them,the loneliest man at the closing ceremonies was no doubt,Gordon Campbell, and a friend of mine told me that Gordon Campbell was also booed at Molson Hockey house,although I have no confirmation of that but the source who told me that has an impeccable record.
Anyway, I loved the sporting events but I am looking forward to life getting back to normal, I miss reading about real BC news, in 2 years from now I will be watching the Summer games and if I am still alive in 4 years I look forward to watching the next winter games in Sochi,Russia.....And yes,the Olympics cost too much money,corruption at every turn, Olympic victims in every city that hosts the games. That`s it folks, expect my usual hard hitting posts right away,a complete budget wrap-up and whatever other scandal we can dig up.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The only thing better than the closing of these games will be the resignation of Gordon (Korsakoffs) Campbell. Thanks for nothing Gordo but we can now enjoy paying back billions in debt for a handful of developers in our province. Your a disgusting individual to say the least. I hope you rot in that concrete jungle some call Vancouver you hopeless ass.

kootcoot said...

Well put Grant. I agree that the games and the athletes were awesome. My fav part of the closing was Neil, in the middle, alone with a couple monitors and his Martin singing "Long May You Run" - a highly appropriate song to close a competition.

Like you, I'm looking forward to a return to "real" news - though I know I won't find it in the GlowBall/Canned Wasteland!

I too had to throw up in the back of my mouth when the camera insulted us with a view of Lord Gord and did think it intriguing that they mentioned Lurleen but not Nancy the Accessory. Maybe we aren't supposed to think Lord Gord associates with women (or men) and is the male equivalent of the Virgin Mary!

It did look like Nancy to me, though she was trying to hide behind the A**hole, or so it seemed!

Curt said...

The athletes are nothing but the best, every last one of them, no matter who, not matter from where. They gave it they're all.

As for the ceremonies themselves, I was disappointed. Was impressed with Neil Young because of who he is and what he's done, and just his quiet yet dynamic performance was awesome. Michael and Avril too put on a good performance. But I was disappointed at the end. I expected more than a break dance or whatever that was. One last "big" Canadian start. Not to be.

As for Gordo, disgust. That's what I felt. What a pathetic individual. In watching Nancy, I think she was just as disgusted, seemed more to ignore than to look at him, in my opinion. And Stevie seemd to totally ignore the idiot. Yeah, el Gordo will be flying high the next while, and we'll start to see the bills coming in and the cuts bigger than expected. Hold on to your wallets and your loved ones folks.

Anonymous said...

kootcoot said...March 1, 2010 12:19 PM
Maybe we aren't supposed to think Lord Gord associates with women (or men) and is the male equivalent of the Virgin Mary!
Kootcoot you nailed it,the immaculate conception,God sent him as gift for the Americans.
Henri Paul

Leah said...

Found this article a bit late - but I'm damn glad to have found it. I've been looking for a decent vehicle for a while now...just taking my time, while I can. I can write this in stone having read this article: IT WILL NOT NOW, NOR EVER BE...A GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCT. YOU BLEW IT GM! Gotta go back and take a second and third look at Mitsubishi.

So damn mad, I could spit bullets right now I think.