Monday, February 22, 2010

Then there was light!

Friends this is amazing, energy, clean energy,cheap energy, no grid, no radiation, this isn`t fiction, many of the top companies in the world are using it, what is it?

The BLOOM BOX.....I never heard of it before, 60 minutes did a story on this revolutionary power plant, Colin Powell,the one honourable member of the Bush administration is on the board of directors.

Electrical and Coal monopolies are trembling in their boots over this device, the cost to buy the Bloom Box could be as low as $2000 dollars, and who cares if the cost was even $20,000 dollars per home.(Read the story here)

Watch the video here....

Friends, if the Bloom Box is for real it`s all over for wind power,the end of Run of River.

The folly of big run of river power, the financial disaster of signing 30 year lucrative power buying contracts, not lucrative for British Columbia but a windfall for private power companies,Plutonic and Naikun wind power being showered with your tax dollars, we as a species are on the cusp of amazing new technology for producing "Clean Green Power" without an environmental footprint the size of the Jolly Green Giant.

The company is having a "coming out" party on Wensday, the VIP list includes Colin Powell, many "Fortune 500" companies like Ebay and others who are already using the "Bloom Box"...And guess who else is going to be at the Bloom Box party?...No other than Arnold Schwazenneger...Gordo must be having a heart attack over this, his buddy Arnie is on board, like everything Gordon Campbell has done as BCs premier, he`s a dollar short and a day late, run of river, Gordon Campbell knows it`s all but over, Gordon Campbell "Couldn`t run a lemonade stand"

It could also bankrupt the Province unless the secret "Not in the public interest power buying contracts" aren`t torn up...Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Paul Taylor/Plutonic. This Bloom Box could be the greatest thing since "Sliced Bread"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

I saw this story last night and immediately thought of the IPPs. With companies such as Ebay and Fed Ex already using the Bloom Box technology to run their respective buildings, one has to figure that this technology may become so popular the the exporting of hydro electric power may become as lucrative as operating a lemonade stand in Antarctica.

Grant G said...

My thoughts exactly Crankypants...Energy stocks were all down today at the TSX.

Arnold Schwarzenneger is going to be at the big party(The Bloom box coming out party) this Wensday.
This is a big story that`s being ignored here in BC..The BC Media wouldn`t dare want to report it....Too bad the 60 minutes story came out during the Olympics, no one knows about it in BC, they`ll know about it soon enough, if it`s for real.....

Campbell must be soiling his pink panties over this device!

Evil Eye said...

Campbell's problem is that he (and his bro) can't think out of the box. The IPP plan wasn't about 'Green' power, it was about diverting taxpayer's monies to his political cronies.

We must wonder about other future power sources, what is science fiction today, maybe science fact tomorrow.

Campbell and his ilk have created a 'yesterdays' BC where public investment is being made in 'yesterday's' solutions, problem is, we live in the world of tomorrow and no one is planning for '3 minutes into the future'.

Leah said...

Utterly amazing Grant! No wonder the TSX energy stocks were down...I wonder what happened on the NYSE?

One thing is for sure, the big energy producers aren't going to like this even a little bit...they'll either buy it up and shut it down - or buy it and charge such an exorbitant price for it that no homeowner could afford it. Let's hope this entrepreneur's values are stronger than big energy's greed. The man deserves a Nobel for this one!

Grant G said...

Thanks Eye...Leah,you can`t stop technology like in the past,the Bloom Box has already gone viral...
Trust me,if America doesn`t use it China and India will and we will be left in the dust.

The Bloom Box..Solar thermal..LED lighting north America wide can save 25% of all electrical use..

Like I and others have written, electricity prices are trending downward....

And Leah..The "Poor American" if his electric bill falls to pennies, he will have more money to spend somewhere else.

Every cloud has a silver lining...Habitual liar Gordon Campbell`s big electric grid is a decade too late.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't want to appear to be raining on the Bloom Box parade, but I seem to recall there was (and still is) a BC company which was supposed to be the next best thing when it came to fuel cells and the related technology.

They were the darling stock which soared into the $140 range but where are they today after all of the government incentives (read dough) that was stuffed into the operation?

Last time I checked the shares had nosedived to $2.40.

Electricity prices are not trending downward either. Check out what is happening in Ontario -- I know because I have a house there and my rates (along with others) are heading towards the stratosphere with the installation of the "smart" meters and the soon to be introduced "time-of-use" electricity rates.

Seeing how the magnificent government in BC has copied Ontario when it came to the implementation of the HST, I wonder when they’ll be implementing BC’s own “time-of-use” electricity rates.....

Grant G said...

Well well well Anon 11:23...Ballard power..Hydrogen fuel was never proven, The Bloom Box is already in use...

Fed ex/Ebay and others,and,they claim they have saved a small fortune on power.

As for your electrical pricing in Ontario going through the roof...Blame that scoundrel McGuinty...He is selling you out,Shawn Graham in New Brunswick is selling Canadians out..

Gordon Campbell is selling us out big time.

Liberals across Canada are a bunch of corrupt bastards.

Perhaps you haven`t been here before,wind power is a fraud,I have written on it matter how much wind power you create you need an equal amount of grid power to back it up!

I`ll be back in a minute Anon 11:23...

Grant G said...

Well Anon 11:23....I went to get a link,I hope you read the story, it might explain what Provincial Liberals are doing from coast to coast.

You can type in that link address or....

Click my name in this comment, I put a direct link there.


Grant G said...

One more thing 11:23.....

You seem to be confusing corrupt governments digging into your pockets to the cost of electricity..We here have a brand new two-tier hydro rate and there is talk of smart mwters, the smart meters are never going to happen here in BC..It`s a $2 billion dollar bill to install 2.5 million smart meters.

McGuinty is following Gordon Campbell`s script by ripping you off,a wealth transfer scheme puting your money into private hands,and that wind power thing McGuinty has going on with that Korean firm is going to scorch your pockets even more.

My advice,throw the bums out,Hudak(Ontario Conservatives) looks like a good option,McGuinty is selling you out...

McGuinty is going to sell Ontario Hydro,he`s going to sell the liquor distribution and Ontario lottery, McGuinty doesn`t give a rats ass about you or Ontarians...Beware and take care.


Anonymous said...

Smart meters are already happening in BC.

It will only be a matter of time before the full force of the technology within those meters comes into play and then big brother will be able to monitor every light switch you flick on and charge you accordingly --- heck, in some places they will even be able to turn off the switch you chose to turn on....

Ontario has a large wind farm close to Sault St. Marie. I watched countless number of trucks hauling parts & pieces of them up Highway 17 during the spring & summer months last year to SSM where they're being assembled.

Those "green" type of initiatives couldn't survive on their own but instead depend on huge handouts from the feds & provincial governments to grease the skids to make it happen.

Ontario is like California & slowly going broke. Nothing like selling off your assets and then renting them back --- it is a mugs game and only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down ---

Hudak, in my opinion, isn't any more of an answer in Ontario than James is in BC.

Evil Eye said...

Re: Ballard power cells.

In theory they work and can provide a certain power output for long periods, the problem is when one needs more power, NOW. They don't work.

In the transportation field, the Ballard Cell has been seen as an expensive failure, because it could not provide the extra power, for a bus to climb a hill.

Some years ago when TransLink was demonstrating a Ballard Bus to foreign officials, everyone had to get out of the bus and help push it up the hill!

In the 'rail' transit scene, Ballard Cells have been rejected.

The only real market for Ballard Power cells is for conventional submarines, where the Ballard Cell can provide adequate power for long periods of time for submarines to travel submerged.

Some Ballard Powered subs have been said to operate submerged for as long as two weeks, thus providing a deadly competition for, much noisier, nuclear powered submarines.

As for high power prices in Ontario, their aging nuclear reactors is the main reason for escalating electric costs.

Gary E said...

“I apologize to my family, my friends, my colleagues and especially my constituents who put their faith in me. I failed to meet the standards I set for myself as a mother and as a public official.

“I know what I did was wrong and I will take full responsibility for my actions. I intend to work hard to regain the trust of my constituents in light of this serious mistake and I want to apologize to everyone for my actions.”

Now where have I heard almost those exact words before? Is this standard copy for the Lieberals?

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary..Although you put the comment on the wrong thread.


Anonymous said...

So where does ones buy it?

Grant G said...

The Bloom box party is today,Schwazenneger is in attendence,the company hasn`t released the home model yet,but they say the home unit could be priced as low as $2000 thousand dollars.

Stay tuned,as soon as I hear more you will be the first to know.


kootcoot said...

"My advice,throw the bums out,Hudak(Ontario Conservatives)"

Well the last time the Cons ran Ontario (into the ground) with the fat, racist golfer idjit, that didn't work out so well, either - that's when they privatized everything in sight, let Accenture or similiar run public assistance at increased costs and lower service levels and poisoned folks with privatized water treatment/testing, etc.

It is so funny to listen to the Repukes and their Canadian equivalents, (the Gordo Goons, Harper etc.) ramping up the anti-regulation meme, so soon after the elimination of regulation almost led to complete disaster, which we still aren't out of, either.

The most sustained period of prosperity (especially in the sense of fair distribution of wealth - and a strong middle class) in the history of the United States came in the years following the New Deal and WWII and began to decay once Ronnie Raygun convinced everyone that government (not greedy tycoons and robber barons) were the enemy!

Markets can't "self regulate" because greedy people have no morals other than Gecko's "Greed is Good!"

Grant G said...


McGuinty is selling everything,Conservatives were brutal in Ontario in the past...the NDP aren`t registering with voters in Ontario.

Who the hell vote for?

I`m at a loss,Reagan,yea I hated Reagan,selective memory from Americans?

Or repeat a lie often enough until it becomes true?

Maybe the party system needs to go,no party,no sides, only independents,just a though.