Thursday, February 11, 2010

Premier Rich Coleman?

Well well well, there are some interesting developments going on in the B.C. Liberal party, the race for leadership has started, the party is infighting, the Habitual Compulsive Liar Gordon Campbell has lost his clout, the old boys club wants to go one direction on new leadership for the dying liberal party while at the same time Gordon Campbell wants Dianne Watts to lead the party.

Last week on Global news,Canwest news and the once giant now weak and puny CKNW news Dianne Watts was every where, Dianne Watts with her farm girl smile(moo moo) was running from camera to microphone in a concentrated effort to bring her to the forefront of B.C. politics, well....Don`t let that "simple" girl fool you, behind the scenes of Dianne Watts are Casino promoters, Patrick Kinsella type people, behind the scenes are Bob Rennie type developers pushing for Dianne Watts, my friends, Dianne Watts is(in my opinion) controlled like a puppet, and Dianne isn`t too concerned over optics, like her relatives running home-based business from Dianne Watts home with no business permit or getting "special service" with snow removal!

Yup, also behind the scenes Alex Tsakumas is rumoured to be backing hard for Dianne Watts to become leader of the B.C. Liberal party,.....That`s right folks, Alex Tsakumas, despite Alex Tsakumas saying Gordon Campbell is bad,Alex is a true blue B.C. Liberal, maybe Alex has a beef with Campbell but for Tsakumas to think the B.C. Liberals only need a new leader,WOW, Alex Tsakumas thinks the remaining Liberal MLAs and cabinet ministers are fine, and friends, Alex Tsakumas and Gordon Campbell in my opinion are the two people leading the Dianne Watts leadership campaign.

You see folks, here is where Alex Tsakumas and I differ, in my opinion the only ones wanting Dianne Watts as leader of the B.C. Liberals are developers and friends of developers .

So that`s the deal, I argued with Alex last week and told him that all the B.C. Liberals are guilty, guilty of lying, guilty of ignoring phone calls,ignoring their constituents, every darn B. C. Liberal is guilty of betraying the public and as far as I`m concerned the Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell government is illegitimate, no mandate, no authority, they should be dragged from office and jailed, unlike Brian or myself we feel that Liberal MLAs and cabinet ministers can`t blame Campbell or use the excuse "It was Gordon Campbell not me".....That doesn`t cut it!!! But, that`s good enough for Alex Tsakumas, Alex Tsakumas has made that perfectly clear on his web site that the B.C. Liberals merely need a new leader, can any of you faithful readers forgive all those complicit B.C. Liberals? I can`t, so I ask you, can Shirley Bond be forgiven, or Colin Hansen,Kevin Falcon,George Abbot, Mary Polak,Margret Mcdiarmid, Mary Mcneil...Ida Chong,Ben Stewart, the useless Pat Bell....Can any of of you forgive that batch of Proven Fibsters....My god!....Shirley Bond (glug glug burb).....So if any of you think Alex Tsakumas is on our side just picture Colin Hansen,Shirley Bond,Kevin Falcon John Les,Alex joined together in a group hug!

I told Tsakumas everyone of Gordon Campbell`s MLAs are pigs and it doesn`t matter how much lipstick is put on said pig!

Which brings me to the debate on the throne speech, yesterday,Wensday feb/10/ I was amazed, Gordon Habitual liar Gordon Campbell wasn`t in the house but......But Rich Coleman was and....Guess what folks, Rich Coleman, Kevin Falcon, don`t want Dianne Watts as leader, that`s Gordon Campbell`s choice, yesterday Rich Coleman threw his hat in the ring and announced his aspirations for leadership of the party, Gordon Campbell was in shock with the blatant Rich Coleman speech!

Like I said, the infighting in the B.C. Liberal party is at a fever pitch, Campbell is a dead,lame duck who is gone,retired before the B.C. Rail trial starts in May of this year....So while watching the debate on the throne speech bring on Rich Coleman(forest destroyer and forest land thief)

Up rises Coleman and I was shocked, I expected Coleman to be talking about the throne speech,he didn`t, Rich Coleman started out talking about his youth, the rotary club, he went on to talk about how proud he was when he got citizenship papers, he talked about loyalty to the country, his family, he smiled and was friendly, Coleman then went into a long bit about his greatest Olympic memory and friends, it wasn`t a hockey gold medal, no siree,Coleman talked about watching the Olympics with his adoring wife and sister and Coleman said his greatest Olympic memory was that of his wife celebrating a floor routine by a Canadian athlete who won a medal...So Rich Coleman greatest thrill is to see other people happy!

So on and on this went,Rich Coleman then talked about the torch run in Langley and Fort Langley and how proud he was, how he was overwhelmed with pride,Canadianism, meanwhile I was waiting for Coleman to talk about the Throne speech but he didn`t, and then,just before I threw up Rich Coleman switched gears and what he said floored me and shocked me!

Rich Coleman started talking about the media from other cities and countries and......And Rich Coleman took pure,unadulerated spin and lies to a new level!!!! Rich Coleman said, Media from other cities and countries are asking me for advice on homelessness (Snip)....My jaw hit the desk!

Coleman went on and on about how people are thanking him for rent assistance, Coleman stated that these "mythical Media" have bigger homelessness problems in their own land, so there it was folks, Rich Coleman came across with his lies stating that media and politicians from around the world have come to HIM...Come to him for advice on homelessness, advice on shelters, Coleman went onto say how tirelessly his government has worked tracking down homeless people all over the province with but one goal, to help them with health issues, help them find shelters,help them find jobs, to feed them three healthy meals...SNIP

Here are a few more quotes from Rich Coleman yesterday

Friends it was at that point that I needed to throw up, my god, talk about rose-coloured glasses, the only thing missing from Rich Coleman announcing his leadership intentions was a "pair of angel wings and a glowing halo above his bloated head"

Anyways friend, Rich Coleman is a loser, a destroyer of forestry in B.C......He illegally(IMO) gave away crown land to his friends at WFP(western Forest Products)..And coincidentaly Rich Coleman`s brother is one of the top-executives at WFP(talk about conflict of interest)....Perhaps you need a reminder about the "Betrayal on Forest lands" (read this shocking story on the illegal forest giveaway here...A first class read ****** 5 stars)

And read angry rebuke of Gordon Campbell`s forest debacle here.

Rich Coleman,Dianne Watts,...Matters not they`re both done, despite the backroom developers!Bring it on Dianne Watts, Rich Coleman....I have many more shocking Coleman stories involving interior land giveaways,real-estate agencies,basically outright lies from Rich Coleman on Hansard on the forestry file...Try ruby red lipstick...Your in my crosshairs Coleman.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, you seem like you have lots of clout inside the NDP and lots of inside knowledge.

Would it possible for you to talk to Surrey Councillors Judy Villeneuve and Barinder Rasode and persuade them to leave Surrey First, Dianne Watts municipal party?

Both Judy and Barinder are long-time New Democrat members and if what you say is true, I don't want them to be associated with Watts.

Judy ran federally for us a few times and Barinder might run for us provincially in Surrey Gren Timbers in 2013.

See what you can do with your inside influence?!

Grant G said...
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Anonymous said...

One thing that I'm also concerned about is if Watts will be the next LIEberal leader/premier as you say, then with all of the hoopla the LIEberals will win again.

The same thing happened when Vanderzalm took over the Socreds, when they were on their deathbed, and when Clark took over the NDP, when they were on their deathbed.

With all of the hoopla and momentum they were both elected.

The average voter wants to jump on these bandwagons - many are politically illiterate.

And many people I know don't like Carole James. Will Carole ever get the message to leave or will she keep us in the political wildeness?

Evil Eye said...

If Dianne Watts runs, she will win. The "Eye's" sources tells me that Falcon tried a palace coup and failed to dislodge the Campbell's and got promoted to Health Minister, to kill his chances at being Premier.

Coleman has legal problems and is seen as a looser.

Watts is the one and the NDP had better get cracking now with a credible Leader and offer a real middle of the road platform to attract those 50% of the electorate who did not vote last time around.

This is where the game will be won or lost, those 50% who detested both the Liberal and NDP and their leaders.

Politics is about winning, not whining Ms James and your showing in the past month is even more pathetic than last year.

Time to go - NOW - FAST!

Grant G said...

Carole is gone...But my friend you are missing the 800lb Gorilla in the room too...

The Socreds took service cuts too far, so will/has Gordon Campbell took service cuts too far....

But the Socreds didn`t have deliberate lies,fraud, before an election, the HST lie is huge,the deficit lie,B.C. Rail trial, power sales losses,carbon tax for consumers and a HST gift to major polluters...There is a huge difference between being mad at government on policy decisions but, throw in deceptions,lies,fraud,corruption,pay-offs...Coupled with a sick economy and every Campbell MLA in hiding,there is no recovery from that,massive debt, the three largest deficits, $50 billion in financial committments.

I might not be a brain surgeon but you don`t comeback from that, lastly....

If..If the Liberals won in 2013(If recall in november/2010 fails) run for the hills,leave,if the public allowed this government to continue to govern then politics are over as we know it,it would mean any government could steal,lie,rob,appoint,dictate with no consequences,the real news,the facts, 2009 was the official year of the blogger...Never again.


Anonymous said...

Grant, remember the corrupt Socreds? Gerrymandering with Gracie's finger, the dirty tricks scandal against our party, the lies and deception after the 1983 election with restraint program gutting services, layoffs without notice, trashing the public service, collective bargaining rights removed, Operation Solidarity, 50,000 people marching at Empire Stadium, 80,000 marching in the streets of downtown Vancouver, strikes, chaos, economic depression, the Socreds were finished.

Then along comes Vander Zalm and the Socreds win a landslide election next time in 1986. The voters FORGOT everything. That's what SCARES me!

Grant G said...

True enough but,...The Socreds didn`t destroy forestry,they didn`t bankrupt BC Hydro..Nor did they destroy our wild salmon..There isn`t one bright light shining for the Liberals..

Just look to the wild rose alliance party in Alberta...The Conservatives are finished..There is no comparison to the Socreds.

Just walk in any to any coffee shop in B.C.....The hatred has boiled over, they plugged their nose and voted for Campbell in 2009, and the ENTIRE PARTY BETRAYED THEM..THE Premier,Cabinet,MLAS...

Watch the BC Legislature,everyone of the liberals are reading prepared speeches,their tongues are tied,look in their eyes,they no their dead,they`re ashamed to be Liberals.

Not this time.

BC Mary said...


Anybody who's as angry as I am, about the latest devastation heaped upon BC Rail, please drop in at my place:

Although I'm not as eloquent or colourful as Grant, I'm mad as hell, too.

It's a nightmare watching the joyful Games and then reading the devastating Campbell plans.

Go Grant go. And thanks for the great big laugh you gave me, while describing Rich Coleman's response to the Speech from the Throne.

Anonymous said...

alex is the Trojan horse sent in by ?BEWARE he knows a lot of dirt and doesn't,give it all up just bits and pieces to suit his needs.

kootcoot said...

Grant, this is an awesome post.....I love seeing folks that need to be taken down, taken down so well and accurately.

The people who fear that a new leader can save the LIEberals do have a point. I actually remember that when Vanderzalm won the leadership of the SoCruds, I said at that moment that the Socreds would soon be extinct. Unfortunately it did take VZ some more time to finish the burial.

We don't have time to put a new figure head on the same corrupt LIEberal ship ala Vanderzalm. Hell, we don't have time to allow the current crop of criminals to finish their term - there won't be anything left of BC by 2013.

I can't wait for the proverbial poop to hit the rotating blades apres Les Games. People gotta start paying attention, there's a province to save!

You go Grant

Anonymous said...

Grant, since old wrinkled, fat, and puffed out Arnie will be carrying the torch tomorrow morning, I would LOVE to see you intervene in his OWElympic torch run and make a media splash in order to explain to the international media about BC's corrupt LIEberals.

It would be a once in a lifetime moment and you would do your share to take down Gordo the proven lier and convict. You would be a BC HERO!

Knowing your good work as a BC citizen journalist, I am crossing my fingers!!!! and hoping!!!!

Grant G said...

well...7:46 pm...If I was in Vancouver I would attempt to "terminate" the nose picker,I mean the Scwazzenegger...

But,there has been a development....

CKNW`s Program Director Tom Plasteras called bitter Brian tonight to inform him that the 2 tickets he won to hockey house on opening night are GONE/CAPUT/ZIP.....

Tom Plasteras went onto say...unfortunately they didn`t get their tickets...Tom said..."Maybe we can get Brian tickets for Sunday at hockey house,no guarantees"...He went onto say....

"If we can`t get Brian tickets for sunday,if you read the fine print on our contest rules it states, if prizes are unavailable we will provide an equivelant value alternative"

And with that Brian verbally ripped Tom Plasteras`s head off...Yes friends, Christy Clark went out of her way to screw Brian from Garden Bay,she made him wait over a week promising to call about the tickets,and at the 11th hour they struck!

Brian was his usual classy self in telling Tom Plasteras to get stuffed...But..Brian went onto to tell Plasteras that....You get me two tickets ASAP....however, Brian also said to Plasteras that...He was the number 1 caller on the cutting ledge, Brian from Garden Bay equals ratings...If you can`t supply the promised tickets.In the case of no tickets Brian would trade for the whole hour On a future cutting ledge show Brian told Plasteras..."Give Brian the whole hour on the cutting, we can call it the...Palmer/Baldrey/Good/ and Brian show"

Brian went onto say..."Unless your Three Amigos are afraid and not up to the task"

So that`s the deal,Brian got screwed by a two-bit radio station,Crusty Clark has had migraines all week, Bill Good looked like an 80 year old over stuffed Michelon puff ball gasping with the torch...Baldrey`s bags under his eyes,well, guilty soul...Palmer...Vaughn Palmer is downright afraid to clash swords with Brian from Garden Bay...

After all, Vaughn Palmer is still healing from the lash marks on his back courtesy of Brian from 2 weeks ago.

Real funny, amazing in fact..Tom Plasteras also said to Brian..."We didn`t promise you tickets to (opening) night of Hockey House"

LOL..Brian forwarded the email from Tracey Kaye(Contest coordinator)to me...

It States..."Congratulations Brian,you have won two tickets to Molson Hockey House on opening night, February 12/2010" SNIP

And..Oh my,Tom Plasteras also told Brian that..."You have been abusive to our staff"

To which Brian responded.."You mean I should be polite on the radio and then it`s okay to lie like Christy Clark did on BC Ferries"....

To which Tom responded..."Christy Clark didn`t lie".....

At which time Brian started laughing his face off at Tom...Brian shouted out to tom..."Why do you think Christy had to retract?,because she lied.....Why should I cowtow to Christy hissy pissy Clark,she`s the one lying,she`s the one screaming at the phone guy,she`s the one rigging radio contests and Brian should be more polite?"

And with that the phone call between Brian and Tom Plasteras ended...Still no tickets,no response about the cutting ledge, just a sense of satisfaction knowing Christy Clark/Tom Plasteras/Bill Good/Baldrey/Palmer are "Mental midgets compared to Brian"

Other than that,an aerial attack from a tree along the Stanley Park causeway when the torch goes by carried by the nosepickennegger would be..



Leah said...

Something we need to remember when dealing with the voters of BC, I've seen it to be true too many times for comfort:

"For every Credibility gap - there is a Gullibility fill."

Let's not count on an NDP victory before the work has even begun. If Carole is still leader of the NDP in the next election, I'm not sure I'd consider it a win to start with. She doesn't have what it takes to lead this province - she has what it takes to bring people into her party, there's a difference.

The run for the next election has to start now, it has to start with..and stay with..truth. The liberals are looking for a new leader, the NDP must do the same. Let the FACTS speak for themselves, but bring the facts front and center. Keep them there.

As for interfering with Arnold tomorrow, I hope Grant won't do it. It will do NOTHING for his credibility, or his blog...which I'm sensing he wants to use to get the truth out to those who are seeking it.

It might give him 15 minutes of fame alright - but once those minutes are up, no matter how accurate and truthful his words are afterward - he'll not be listened to by the majority of BC voters. It would be a huge mistake. Entertaining as hell yes, a mistake nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Grant, awesome stuff!!! I especially love when you say that the three stooges are "Mental Midgets". That couldn't be further from the TRUTH!

And as I said in an earlier thread, the other week, Brian from Garden Bay turned Bill Boring's show into the Brian from Garden Bay Show. And that was AWESOME!!!

LOL, only Brian from Garden Bay has the guts to take these clowns down in front of their own audience. How embarrassing! LOL

Brian from Garden Bay always has that attitude - "LET's ROCK". I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Grant for this post! I always have to laugh at someone when they think to vote for a Liberal MLA because the NDP is no better. The fact that they keep these almost lifetime bureaucrats employed and furthering their entrenchement in corruption makes no sense to me. You gotta vote them out....keeping them in just makes life to easy peasy. They all just play along with the Big Boy, with not a care in the world about you or me. Just that yes man job. Makes me want to puke to. I really hate the tase of it.

So, in agreement, I also feel that all Liberal MLA's are accountable to our big problems here in BC. Especially entrenched corrupt ones, Rich Coleman included.

Island Cynic

Evil Eye said...

In effect, 'NW held a contest, promised a prize but did not fulfill the rules of the contest. I would go to the Lottery Branch and lodge a complaint for running an illegal game. I would also complain to the CRTC.

I think 'NW is mired in a corrupt swamp of deceit and deception. Time to call in the Lottery Police and yes there is!

A. G. Tsakumis said...


I did nt realize that your skin is so thin that if you can't make any sense you go off and make defamatory comments about me on your blog. But judging from your insanity on this post it won't matter to counter.

But for the benefit of the rest of the NDP 'truthers' who dwell here.

1) I am not and have not been involved in any development in Surrey for over ten years. My father is retired and he does not own any property in Surrey that he will be developing--period. And property I own is not of the developable kind and is not situated in Surrey.

2) In my support of Carole Taylor and Dianne Watts, there is the assumption that many of the MLAs currently on the Liberal roster will be replaced, but there are a few good ones that should stay. Bill Bennett and Ken Stewart among them.

3) Get your facts straight, Patrick Kinsella has NEVER had anything to do with Dianne Watts, In fact, her circle of influence is well known not to ever have anything to do with him. Dream as you wish.

4) I realize its easy to yell and scream on the internet, particularly when you are hiding behind a false name or 'anon' but to allow comments to be released that not only o not make sense but are almost actionable defeats the purpose of trying to bring some information forward for people to read.

I'm sorry if you felt that you were treated unfairly on my blog. In retrospect, you were not. I would expect the same respect here. but I guess not.

Finally, to suggest that I, in any way, feel that Gordon Campbell is anything above pond scum, is a little rich. He has damaged this province immeasurably and the hurt, in particular, of the poor, sick, underprivileged and most needy is abominable.

If you'd like to contact me, I'm around.

Kind regards,

A. G. (Alex) Tsakumis

Grant G said...

First off ....AGT..Who is hiding from anyone? Get your facts straight!!!

You mention Ben Stewart(Minister of citizen services) His ministry failed to protect the public`s private information, 8 months later the story was leaked,Ben Stewart obfuscated,lied,protected the other ministers while avoiding answering questions(ALA Gordon Campbell)

And excuse me for laughing my damn head off..You mention Bill Bennett!!!!!!

BILL BENNETT..Who swears at constituents,does a hatchet job on voters in his riding...Bill Bennett who during the last BC election "Offered to buy young people beer in a bar and teach them how to vote" SNIP

Bill Bennett (a full blown RACIST) who ran ads during the election accusing the first nation man who was running against of being a TAX DODGER...The Ad said.."Bill Bennett is one of us" Snip....

Alex,if those are the two you admire in Campbell`s government...Well your obviously uninformed!
Gordon Campbell is a habitual liar,a criminal,a corrupt SOB and everyone of those Liberal MLAs(including Ben Stewart or the full blown goon and RACIST Bill Bennett included) who shut their mouth,ignored their constituents,who got on their knees to pleasure Gordon Campbell deserve what they get!

As for my treatment at your site..Who cares,your an idealist Alex, you hate the NDP and even though you know the BC Liberals are corrupt from top to bottom you will still vote for them over the NDP!
And,I`m not an NDPer...I`m independent,I spare no one...Including the now dead Jack Poole,Carole James,Dobell,the media....

This is the Straight Goods, we talk about the environment,harm from mining,we talk about "potable water" we talk about toxic heavy metal poisoning,we talk Salmon, we talk politics,we don`t give a "PLUG" nickel about the new "Millennium" ....

We don`t brainwash about the 90s, we don`t cherry pick the stories like Global,or the moron Kirk Lapointe, we don`t stick our heads up Gordon Campbell`s ass like the "Three stooges" Palmer/Baldrey/Good....

We here at the Straight Goods don`t write garbage like Michael Smyth,or Barbara YAPPY..

We don`t have a radio show like Sean Holman that is all BC Liberal all the time with permanent guest that aren`t intelligent enough to ties their own shoes!

This is the Straight Goods!

Thanks Evil....CKNW is a two-bit station,I`ll get something from them,maybe a meal(Hot tongue and cold shoulder)

My Zen moment comes in thinking about Crusty Clark screaming for the Tylenol...Yelling at the junior staff,I picture Christy Clark pulling her hair,screaming,yelling running into the bathroom...

Oh indeed friends, they don`t shoot dead ducks!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

First of all who would ever vote for any piece of shit LIEbral in this Province. It boggles my mind that these brainwashed turds would want to re-elect anyone whos mandate it is to destroy this Province in the name of money. Where the hell are thier heads? We know the answer to that. If anyone needs a good vomit today take a look at the headline in Canwest/Liebral Sun today. Arnie the dried up old actor who has not a Canadian bone in his body( by the way that could change today if Gordo has his way with him) is seen carrying the flame that represents the start of the circus. Do you honestly believe he would be in this Province if Gordo had not promised him and his Bankrupt State some of the power from the run of the river projects, highly unlikely. And then we could have the sellout Gretzky lighting the cauldron to start the circus, shit he's from the same State as Arnie is he not ? Oh no he just prefers to live his dream out there. As you can tell this LIEbral Govt. makes me vomit, and want to anytime I hear of more cuts to programs that affect not only the Elderly but those with disabilities. So you AGT go ahead and support these lieing bastards but the joke my fine feathered friend will be on you in the end because these parasites don't give a shit about you or I only the likes of Govenors from the good old and boring (shit sounds like Bill Good to me)not so United States. As always thanks Grant G for your informative writing. And remember TORCH THE OWELYMPICS !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Grant! Again you shoot the truth out, and the campbellites scurry for their holes. As the trial (VBV) unravels, we will see a direct connection to gordo (Ask him why he is drinking again), coleman (Giving away the forests to his friends), fire island kev, polack, bennett, and most of the other peabrains that gordo the drunk has assembled. My connections have stated... "It will be a blood bath in the liberal party".
They are circling the wagons and shooting inward. By the way Alex you are a liberal homer, as well as a blow hard. Grant, keep it up. Many, many thanks.

Kam Lee

Kim said...

I went to AGT's site after Laila posted a link. Not a fan, he comes across as sneering and condescending, and very right wing. Just sayin'.

Grant G said...

Kim...Google up "Gored".....Read the story,read the very interesting comments,(Gored is a Sean Holman archive article,enjoy)

jaydee said...

Hi Grant,
So far, so boring, Old Furlong should retire, speeches, boring speeches, Campbell and Nancy, even GG of Canada SEPARATIST Michaele Jean made it out.
Been really busy, need lotsa time to catch up on all your great stuff, love the graphics.
As usual Thanks,

Kim said...

Took your advice Grant G. I've changed my mind, what an arrogant asshole! Did the government subsidize his "environmental work" at Brittannia Beach? What an envionmentalist! I bet he donates all the money he makes off that developement to the cause. The reason he causes such an angry response from me is the emotional knee jerk reaction he has to anyone disagreeing with him, he makes a personal attack, accusing you of stupidity and communism. That's the type of debate that is lowering the bar on political debate in this country.

Grant G said...

Kim....Now,if you want,read my "Britannia beach,don`t drink the water" story...on this page ....

That circle has now been squared Kim!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Kim said...

I read that, and all the Fish lake material. Then the throne speech. Now begins the endgame, where they reach the main objective, the total divestment of our assets. The Final Cut. (Great album!)

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Grant and Kimmy:

I don't know if there are any good mental health professionals in Powell River, but if you find one, I'll happily pay for your first fifty years...

1) Grant, you continue to make statements that are ACTIONABLE. Think before you write. I mean it.

2) You have allowed "Kim" to make untrue statements. The Millenium Plug which UBC and I proudly installed at Britannia, was ripped out by the provincial govt because the envirofascists in the Ministry wanted a make work project that cost taxpayers over $100M. My proposal, which they rejected, was to pay $25M over twenty years (incidentally AMEC delivered a report saying the whole thing could be cleaned up for 30M--meaning I was happy to clean up a mess that was made 20 yrs before I was owner and the taxpayer would be paying only 5M), and redevelop the town, to help the folks living there first. The plug cost me entirely out of my pocket. No govt subsides, contrary to little Kimmy's spectacular lie.

3) I was bought out by a partner, well-before Britannia was developed. So there was no money to put towards any cause.

I love the way this blog survives on truthful enough premises only to thrive on bullshit; off into never-neverland appealing only to dozens of NDP truthers, all fueled on, again, bullshit.

Can you get any story straight?

I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

I don`t see anywhere where Kim mentioned your name Alex Tsakumas or said anything actionable.

Grant G said...

Alex T.....I don`t see where Kim said anything against the law...He never said you took money,he has legimate concerns about the environment,as do I....As a long time fisherman the water and bottom at Britannia has been dead for decades...Heavy metal toxic run-off water....

As for me Alex...The above story is a opinion piece, no where did I say you took money,but I have many astute readers who (for whatever reason) think that Dianne Watts is in the hands of developers....

And from what I have seen..In my opinion..She is in favour of more gambling,more roads and just plain old more...Just the person to carry on in the Gordon Campbell tradition....

Lastly Alex Tsakumas...If I offended you I apoligize...But..In my opinion..You have attacked without just cause,how does the phrase go that you coined(Carole James couldn`t run a lemonade stand)..Imagine that,and just how well has Gordon Campbell and all those "muted" MLAs and cabinet ministers handled the economy?...And I will repeat,I`m not a NDPer...I`m independent,I have gone after Carole James,and most other prominant NDPers..

But I stand by what I said...Anyone who thinks any of the BC Liberal MLAs or cabinet ministers are honourable or worthy of holding office is surely mistaken,and for the Liberals to change leaders and all is forgiven is pathetic!!!