Friday, February 19, 2010

Where Sleeping Dogs lie!

Just before Christmas last year on my way to the big city I heard about a man, a 76 year old man with dementia and diabetes who spent 5 months in a hallway at the over crowded Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, it`s time to talk acute care beds.

Anyway, a man by the name of Pete Piercey was in a hallway for 5 months, 5 months with a flimsy curtain in a hallway, 5 months of being rolled around in a hallway,I was personally in shock over the true story of Pete Piercey, I wasn`t shocked over the fact he was in a hallway in a BC hospital, I`ve spent time in the hallway myself, almost every BC hospital has patients in hallways, the part that really offended me was the response from the Vancouver island health authority when the story broke.

Now I`m not blaming the health authority, I blame the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell, you see folks if a health authority speaks out against the government they are punished financially,anyway, the hospital staff claimed when they asked (Pete Piercey) if he was OK in a hallway he answered yes, well excuse me, a frail scared man with dementia who was afraid to speak up, scared they would kick him out, so the staff claimed he was happy in the hallway,well well well, the story gets better, VIHA then did the unthinkable sin, they went after the man`s money and were charging him $55 dollars a day for that hallway space, that works out to over $20 thousand dollars per year, luckily the story broke in the media and VIHA backed off on charging this sick man for 10 feet of hallway space. (read the story here)

Lets go back to to the 2001 BC Provincial election, I remember many promises from Gordon Campbell, this was before he turned into the Habitual liar, anyways here are a few of the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell`s first lies, remember this one from Gordon " I won`t sell BC Rail" well the trial starts in a couple of months, how about this one..." I will honour the HEU contract"......Well we know what happened, the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell ripped up that contract and there was the largest mass firing of Woman in Canadian history.

Ultimately the mass illegal firing made it`s way to the supreme court of Canada and despite millions of our BC tax dollars spent on lawyers the Supreme court ruled against the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell and there was a settlement offer of about $90 million dollars, although that settlement didn`t help the workers who lost homes, who had marriages break-up,it didn`t help the many suicides that occurred from the stress of the situation, oh indeed friends, Gordon Campbell has blood on his hands, you might not see the red stains of blood through those red mittens but it`s there!

Well, I didn`t want to talk about those lies and hundreds more, the one lie from Gordon Campbell and everyone of the BC Liberals I want to discuss is the one about..

" I promise to build 5000 new acute care beds" snip

Remember that little 2001 promise, well here it is in 2010, 9 years later and there are less acute care beds today then there was in 2001, that`s right, 9 years later and tens and tens of thousands more seniors and there is over 1000 less acute care beds today than we had in 2001.

Can you imagine, and the death rate of seniors is up a staggering 60% in these fewer beds, like I say, Gordon Campbell has blood on his hands,his direction,his government decisions has resulted in many many deaths, and it`s not just the habitual liar Gordon Campbell, it`s the habitual liar George Abbot, the Habitual liar Kevin Falcon, in fact every BC Liberal cabinet minister is a Habitual Liar, they have to be, they are told what to say, how to say it, in fact no BC Liberal cabinet minister can say anything without a member of the Public Affairs Bureau monitoring their statements, and if the discussion gets too hot the PAB ends the media scrum!

Yet these cowardly mice,these BC Liberal cabinet ministers only say what Gordon Campbell permits them to say, how can any of them look at themselves in the mirror, there has been a few BC Liberals that headed for the hills in the past, like Paul Nettleton, even Carole Taylor couldn`t stand Gordon Campbell, in fact I believe in my heart that half of the BC Liberals despise Gordon Campbell as much or even more than me, why they hang on and take it I know not why, but there are others that are in so deep they don`t care, the two I mentioned above, Shirley Bond, she is one evil bitch, although see is paying a price for those lies, she`s aged 30 years in the last 9.

I have watched the acute bed argument in the legislature for years,in estimate debates, and particularly in Question period, George Habitual liar Abbot, or as I call him..."Bobblehead" Question after question about the 5000 acute care beds and his answers are the answers of a Liar....George Abbot answers the question about 5000 acute care beds like this "We have created over 5000 acute care,rehabilitated,assisted living and incremental care beds"

Wow, for years now I have been wondering what a "incremental care bed" is, it doesn`t sound pleasant, and now that Kevin Falcon has been brought in to finish off public health care the Habitual lies continue, Kevin Falcon answers the question the same way about the 5000 acute care beds that Habitual liar Gordon Campbell promised to build in the 2001 election campaign...9 years later and over a 1000 less acute cares beds then what we had in 2001...Yup, Kevin Falcon follows the script to a tee, when asked about those 5000 beds Kevin Falcon answers...."We have created over 5000 acute care,rehabilitated and assisted living beds" SNIP.

And I challenge any media to ask that question of the BC Liberals or Gordon Campbell, you will not get a straight answer, and whenever Bill Good, or any radio voice at CKNW has a BC Liberal as a radio guest that question if asked gets answered that same way, I challenge Kevin Falcon to answer the question about acute care beds only,he won`t answer,Campbell won`t answer, and as for Global TV,as for Canwest News service, heck,they won`t even ask the question. (read about the beds here)

I hope your prepared for the budget shocker coming two days after the Olympics, more cuts,more beds closing,more blood will be on Gordon Campbell`s hands, I wonder if the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell will ever take of those red mittens again.

Folks,I sometimes wonder what planet I live on, it reminds me of those weird alien programs I watched as a kid, those TV shows where only a few people can see the aliens among us, the masses just wandered around smiling and cooperating as they were systematically destroyed.

Where is the media, I don`t mean Bill Good,Gordon Campbell`s neighbor on the sunshine coast, I don`t mean Keith Baldrey whose wife works for the BC government, I don`t mean Vaughn Palmer who sold out years ago, I don`t mean Les Leyne, I mean where is the real media, where is the media that hasn`t been corrupted by the alien ray gun?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


BC Mary said...


You've presented an outrageous 9-year-old problem in the most appropriate terms I can imagine: that of outrage. It surely needs saying.

So, on behalf of Old Folks everywhere in B.C., and on behalf of those who love and care about Old Folks -- a group we all eventually join -- let me say BRAVO ... and thank you.

The grammar-nazi has a favour to ask: please chop the "s" off "anyway" ... especially since the special way we use the word "anyway" is said to be a Canadianism, therefore ours to celebrate. I haven't looked it up, but I'm pretty sure that "anyways" isn't in the dictionary. Humour me, OK? Bless you.

Grant G said...

Well,okay Mary,I removed two "s".

Like I have said, I am not formerely trained,but a quick study, what next? Am I expected to spell Schwarzengger right Too

Gary E said...

One of the MLA's who is skating on thin ice is Donna Barnett. She appears to be spouting a party answer.

“I hope Barnett can vote on behalf of her constituents.”

On Monday, Barnett responded by saying she will be voting for her constituents and on behalf of the long-term future for the province of British Columbia.

“I’ll be voting for jobs and bringing industry to our communities.”

I wonder why she just doesn't split from the party ranks and vote against the HST like her constituents want? She has more to lose than any MLA because she had the narrowest margin in the last election. AND THERE WILL BE A RECALL IN HER RIDING.

kootcoot said...

"Gordon Campbell has blood on his hands, you might not see the red stains of blood through those red mittens but it`s there!"

Who said Gordo is wearing mittens? It may just be his hands with white decals stuck on!

The IHA (Inferior Health Authority) was the champion at cutting health care early on in Campbell's Balkanization of health care in BC. As a result of the biggest cuts of any health authority, (hospitals totally closed down in Castlegar and Kimberley and seriously downgraded in Kaslo and Nelson - and that is just my local corner of the vast IHA), the execs of the Infernal Health Authority enjoyed the biggest bonuses in the province - the more they cut our services the more their personal bank account benefitted.

Speaking of Old People (which only those who are lucky enough to live long enough get to be) Kelowna was shown in the most recent census to have the highest proportion of geriatric citizens in CANADA! Ergo, the BC liaRs managed to run ALL of the geriatric specialists out of town (and province) and now Kewlowna has NO practicioner in that specialty. The last one, a woman put up quite a fight (starting her own clinic when the geriatric ward was closed in Kewlowna Hospital - but funding was steadily withdrawn from that as well) before giving up and accepting a position in Ontario.

Meanwhile the IHA spends money on lawyers suing its critics for libel!

Grant G said...

Gary E...I think you answered your own question.

"I`ll be voting jobs and bringing industry to our communities"

That Gary E is code for, the HST will mean jobs(In 5 to 10 years,maybe)

And,to hell with any environmental assessment,open pit mine, destroy the maker`s lakes,to hell with the Fraser river watershed!

The HST is nothing but a fraud!

One more thing,I read it in more than one place,the BC government collects more money from student tuition then it does in taxes from big industry.

Can you imagine,by the way,tuition is going up,access to university information is going to go the way of BC Ferries.

Donna Barnett,she`s done either way,she is done in government if she votes against it, she`s done if she votes for it!

It`s up to her whether she wants to be able to hold her head up when she walks through town.

Grant G said...

Kootcoot,on the Sunshine coast, we,the citizens,gathered money,bake sales,raffles,we bought our own MRI for our hospital(St. Marys)
in Sechelt.

The Campbell government over and over again has taken credit for our machine,but...

But time after time,there is no money,no staff to run our MRI...No staff to run the MRI on week-ends,evenings,long week-ends, I wasn`t able to use it,my dad,close to death when he went there,no funding for staff to run our MRI...
My Dad,like me had to be transported by ambulance to Lions Gate hospital in West Vancouver to get a MRI..we have funding for about 30 hours of use of the MRI...And I had a lovely 6 day stay in the linen closet at our hospital,a step up from the hallway.

Thanks Kootcoot


Kim said...

"One study showed that public funding of post secondary education in Canada on a real per-student basis,declined by 30 percent between the 1980"s and 2004." Mel Hurtig, The Truth About Canada
"Out of 14 industrialized Countries, Canada was dead last in public spending on early childhood education as a percentage of GDP."
Clearly, our governments on all levels, plan to duck out the back door, having privatized our entire social system.

Anonymous said...

My father-in-law was placed in a rest home. The staff (two RN"s), were a delight, as well
as been on task about his meds and his needs. I would visit him 2-3 times a week, and he
was showing a delightful response to their attention. He was eating, walking, and
listening to their advise. A truly great situation. Then gordo the drunk clawed back
Nurses, and their positions within these rest homes. They replaced them with "people".
They had no experience with generic care, and seemed to be lost most of the time. Sadly,
he passed away, on the floor trying to get The attendants attention. When she arrived, she
could be no more, she said, and keep the other patients away from him. We get the phone
call, and it went sort of like this, "Your father is dead, and you better get him out of here
today, or they will charge you by the day extra for his room". You can understand our
anger. Not only was he neglected, he was let to die, in pain, without any dignity. By the
way, this corporation, who owns many resthomes, gave the lieberal party over $12000.00
for his re-election. The money they saved on having competent people on staff, directly
went to the drunk. The resthome is in Burnaby, and its name starts with "N". I cannot
recommend them at all, ever. Thanks gordo, you liar, you drunk, you waste of skin!

Kam Lee

Gary E said...

Exactly Grant, exactly.

Grant G said...

I feel your loss Kam Lee, that story played out thousands of times.

I have no words that can ease your anger, $600 million for a retractable roof,the scumbag Gordon Campbell saved no money by outsourcing seniors care...

He merely transfered livable wages and gave the money to the corporation.

Kam Lee...I urge you remember your parents when they were healthy, remember Christmas day,remember your fondest memory of them.

But never forget who was responsible for that sad day, I won`t!

Stay Strong Kam Lee.

and thanks for sharing that.

Eyes Wide Open

Kim said...

Kam that is an horrific experience! My condolences to you and your family. Please share this story with your mla and the editor (maybe the georgia straight, or Monday magazine?) People need to be aware of the effects of this privatization!

Crankypants said...

First of all to Kam Lee, my sincerest condolences. Your father-in-law suffered a fate that none of our elders should be subjected to. An unscrupulous government that hires unscrupulous entities to do their bidding is a sad statement on the state of what our society has sunk to.


My mother currently resides in a privately owned rest home that is subsidized by the government. She has been there for about four years, and by all accounts this particular facility operates fairly well. She has nothing but good things to say about the staff, food etc. As far as I know this is not run by a company that has a chain of such establishments and therefore may be more considerate of their clients.

The thing is, I don't believe that the government owns and operates any senior homes anywhere in BC. They just fund them. When it comes to assisted living spaces, I don't think that the government subsidizes them at all. My mother was in an assisted living facility for a while, and the costs were all on our shoulders. So, if the current government is crowing about increasing the number of assisted living spaces, then they are taking credit for something they have no part in, other than to sanction them.

Bottom line is, what has the government really constructed? It seems nothing at all. Where is the media on this?

Evil Eye said...

The media don't give a f***, they have been all bought off by the Olympics.

The mainstream media has been bought like a package of gum.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks... but this makes me want to vomit.

I've been fighting the hst in the Cariboo/Chilcotin riding since last August. The comments about Donna Barnett are sooooo true. This woman has comitted political suicide. As for Kam Lee.... my heart goes out to you. That is down right wrong. I'm just as appauled by the story of the man in the hospital hallway.

But what truely "blows me away" is that this province not only voted for Campbell a 3rd time but gave him a majority government as well. Are we a bunch of idiots or what??? Makes me shake my head. The only pleasure I get out of Campbell is knowing that all of his "supporters" get to suffer with me because of his stupid decissions. I just hope they suffer more!!!

Grant G said...

The BC media issue, it`s unbelievable, not only the bed issue but Salmon,cronyism,ferries,over budget infrastructure which includes the Convention center,golden ears bridge,Canada line.

Our media has so failed us,one or two slip-ups maybe,but all of these issues,like many of you,we have aging parents and or we ourselves are aging...This is a issue,a serious one at that,the whole health care debate,Provincially,Federally,I hear it more and more,the drum beat has started...

"Health care is too expensive"

"healthcare is unsustainable"

"healthcare is eating up the budget"

The same drum beat is beating on our Canada pension system.....

Yet the percentage of GDP spent on those items is virtually the same as two decades ago..

Yet that one item stands out like a sore thumb...

"The BC Government collects more money from university students then it collect from corporations and industry"

That tax progression,soon we will be paying the corporation just to be here,if we aren`t already.

Anonymous said...

Grant, you can be assured that no matter how sustainable health care could be made to be...that it won't be. There is far too much money to be made when it's privatized - by doctors, nurses, pharma and insurance companies.

Our taxes won't go down when it is privatized either, they'll just have more buckets of money to waste as they see fit. I honestly doubt if we'll have health care left in this country in 5 years time. They're beating the drums, and taking all steps necessary to insure the outcome they desire.

Our Canada Pension is already involved in some kind of electricity scheme in Northern England, with of all companies...MacQuarrie. Weren't they also involved in the Port Mann bridge issue? Yet, Harper decides to climb onto the band wagon with money he has no right to use, the retirement funds of future generations.

For those who think there won't be hurtful cutbacks after the games are's a little tidbit I heard via the grapevine from a friend in the Interior. Apparently the Interior Health Authority has given 6 psychiatrists their 60 day notice. Imagine how nasty things are going to get if that's the truth?!

Anonymous said...

Well gordo could use a psychiatrist again. Between his drinking, womanizing, lying, murdering, and just plain been evil. His past is full of psychiatrists and such. Mental instability doesnt run in his family, it gallops!

Kam Lee