Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gordon Campbell, the man who eradicated wild Salmon

( UPDATED) Everything in the two paragraphs below has been copied from Wikipedia.If anyone wants to make a big issue about geography while obfuscating the issue can take it elsewhere....The issue is sea lice, the issue is Alien Farmed fish that escape,the issue is the extinction of wild BC Salmon caused by NORWEGIAN FISH FARMS owned BY MARINE HARVEST.

The Broughton Archipelago is a group of islands on the northeastern flank of the Queen Charlotte Strait on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The largest islands in the group, which includes numerous smaller islets, are Broughton Island, North Broughton Island, Eden Island, Bonwick Island and Baker Island. The islands are all located within the Mount Waddington Regional District which has little jurisdiction over them, as nearly all settlements in the area are either Indian Reserves of bands of the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council or fish farms under the jurisdiction of the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

The archipelago is the traditional territory of the Kwicksutaineuk-ah-kwa-mish and Tsawataineuk subgroups of the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples and is the focus of controversy over commercial fish-farming by Norwegian aquaculture companies. One of the most prominent studies carried out to assess the relationship between fish farms and sea lice infestations on wild species was carried out in this archipelago in the spring of 2002.

Well friends, here we go again, a pleading letter from a Norwegian Judge about drug resistant sea lice, sea lice run wild, a new post up by Alexandra Morten talks about sea lice larvae flooding through discovery passage, this has gone too far,the facts are clear, I don`t give a rats ass about the Olympics, I care about one man(if you can call him that) single handidly killing off wild Salmon, that species killer is Gordon Campbell.

Friends, this is serious, the Norwegian fish farms around the world are in big trouble, in Chile,in South America the Salmon are sick with sea lice and Salmon anemia, in Norway the sea lice infestation has become drug restistant, even in eastern Canada the effects of drug resistant sea lice are being felt, and here in BC Alexandra Morten has rushed to Nootka Sound to investigate, she`s there because you can`t get ant information from Marine Harvest(Norwegian fish farmers)...And the totally inept DFO is too busy to investigate...

Alexandra Morten is reporting a full blown sea lice bloom, drug resistant sea lice, no legal chemicals can stop the sea lice, sea larvae are being driven by tides to eastern Vancouver island, the Fraser River Sockeye smolts will be decimated by sea lice.(read this scary story here) http://thetyee.ca/Blogs/TheHook/Environment/2010/02/16/SeaLice/

Right now First Nations people on the coast are staging a 29 hour hunger strike against Norwegian Fish farms, one hour of hunger strike for every fish farm in the Broughton Archilpelaga which is on the eastern flank of the Queen Charlotte Strait...And yes, it`s a little ways from Queen Charlotte Islands now known as Haida Gwaii, although we,many of us have always called the Queen Charlotte Islands Haida Gwaii .(read about their hunger strike here) http://thetyee.ca/Blogs/TheHook/Aboriginal-Affairs/2010/02/15/ChiefsProtest/
I have had it with Gordon Campbell,what will it take to stop him, will some radical environmentalist try and kill him,I am not in any way advocating violence but I could see that type of anger erupting over the extinction of wild Salmon, we have had wild Salmon forever in BC and one man, one creature,one HABITUAL LIAR named Gordon Campbell is hell bent on destroying all wild BC Salmon.
Are you happy David Suzuki, are you happy Tzeporah Berman, you two phony environmentalists helped elect the species killer Gordon Campbell.
There is no more discussion, Fish Farmers has given Gordon Campbell`s(party) hundreds of thousands of dollars , the money is payment, the taking of said money is carte blanc permission to destroy BCs wild Salmon.
Study after study, Fish farms in Chile have been culled to try and stop the Norwegian made disaster, these fish farms must be removed from our oceans today, no more study,no more obfuscation, Target foods has stopped buying any farmed fish, when word gets out about this latest development the other major stores will abandon buying farmed fish, friends,these fish are alien fish,they are not BC Salmon.
These fish are as alien to BC !
These fish, my soul, my blood, how can one man decide to take species from planet earth, how can one person single handidly decide to take money in exchange of extincting wild BC Salmon, how could such a person sleep at night, how can Gordon Campbell look at his grand children, what bed time stories does Gordon Campbell tell those kids, does Gordon Campbell start those bed time stories like this.
Godon Campbell`s bed time fable to his grandchildren(hypothetical)
"once upon a time a long long time ago there were 5 types of silver fish swimming in our BC oceans and spawning in our BC rivers, these silver fish I removed for all time in exchange for silver coins, for with silver coins I can buy martinis and beach front property in Hawaii, silver coins are far far better to have than silver fish, silver fish fed families of First Nations,silver fish were bothersome to the river divertors, with the silver Salmon gone granddad and his American cousins could turn all the silver coins into gold coins and granddaddy gordon loves golden coins and one day little one you will have all the gold coins and the evil silver fish eaters will have nothing."
You are a sick habitual liar Gordon Campbell, your party is sick, And Anyone who thinks the BC Liberal party only needs to remove their leader and carry on is one sick puppy, one sick puppy with a rude mouth, a foul mouthed ex journalist who is nothing but a goon, someone Grant G could stomp on mentally.
Friends, I normally don`t get this angry, sometimes it boils over, maybe that`s why I have been banned from the Tyee web site, I am not a violent person, but I have never run from a fight.
And if Gordon Campbell wants a fight, if some two-bit journalist want to fight.
Bring it on!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right! Now is the time to crank up the recall, send emails to all the press
worldwide, and end this madman's rule, and all his minions. Enough words, action time.

Kam Lee

Grant G said...

Thanks Kam...If you want to read something really sick...

Read the comments from Illahie in that first link..Illahie attacks Alexandra Morten...Then the same idiot claims the water isn`t salty in Haida Gwall waters thus preventing sea lice..In fact he calls sea lice problem there a myth!!

I got banned again for going after him and my comment was removed..That commenter(Illahie)is either is PAB..or Wilfred`s cousin or a member of Marine Harvest..

He also claims to know what fish were in the Pacific ocean 1 million years ago...

All I can say to Illahie is...Good luck with that inbreeding problem!

Anonymous said...

And the lying criminal Gordo the King is on the news playing hockey outdoors at Olympic events and using taxpayers money enjoy all of the elite events.

Grant, bring Gordo DOWN!

Anonymous said...

We have no journalists here,just listen to them on n numbell you,there taking on the international media because they say that the international media is picking on vancouver and not drinking the kool aide good on the forgien media there not as dumb as ours looks ,we look like ameatures compared to the glaring eyes that see the truth not rose colored yellow journalistic glasses our media is looking thruogh,yes we are paying for caviair and all we gotz waz weinerz.LOL we are the sapz!

Anonymous said...

Grant, you seem to have an excellent sense of public opinion. Did you see this poll out today showing that BC'ers enjoying criminal Gordo's opening ceremony at 90% and Olympic excitement rising to 78%???

And this pollster then says - " “Ratings are through the roof on nearly every element of the Games this far, the optimism is pervasive”."


Because these are criminal Gordo's games, do you think many BC'ers are now going to be sheeple and support that lying convict Gordo again because of HIS games?

That concerns many of us!! What are your thoughts? Can we EVER get rid of that habitual criminal lier?!

Grant G said...

As you know,Gordon Habitual liar is no friend of mine and never will be.

I watched the opening ceremonies and enjoyed it,I have been watching every event,I`m a huge sports fan as you know.

But I would like to remind you that 160,000 people showed up on a sunday on the grand opening of the new Golden ears bridge last summer.

They claimed in the news that everyone loves the new bridge...

But as you know,they may love the bridge but...

But they won`t pay to use it!

That bridge is darn near empty at rush hour, I was in town lasty month,my friends were playing in a pool tournament in Langley(10 of them are on a team)

The 10 members all live in MapleRidge..The tournament was in Langely..

4 cars drove from Maple ridge to Langely,I met them there,I went there from Surrey,when the touney was over and everyone was heading home I asked them if they were going over the new bridge(which would be quicker and shorter)

Everyone told me, no one uses the new bridge,everyone uses the port mann bridge and drives around!I drove around the bridge too!

As for people feeling patriotic, it won`t help Gordoh,especially with the slash and burn budget coming out two days after the OWElympics are over.

And last point...Consider the source..IPSOS REID..IPSOS REID is CANWEST...They have a partnership...

Google up...(Canwest and Ipsos reid partnership)

Ipsos lost all crediblity in BC after they joined Canwaste news.


Evil Eye said...

The locals may love the Olympics but the foreign media is shredding the 2010 games, especially the Brits and the Aussies. The Americans have all but ignored the games, except when one of their own is in contention.

In fact the international press have been very nasty about the games and Canada and this is due to the tragic Luge accident where everyone blamed the poor chap that got killed.

Sad fact is, the 2010 games are being called the "Games of Shame", hardly inviting for people just waiting to visit the "Best Place on Earth!"

Crankypants said...

Rafe Mair sounded the alarm on the fish farming industry when he was still on CKNW, which seems like about 50 years ago, and it seems that no one wanted to pay attention.

Alexandra Morton has been ringing the alarm about the detrimental effect of fish farms on wild salmon for many years, and it seems that no one wanted to pay attention.

Flash forward to 2009, and the return of sockeye salmon to the Fraser River is nothing but a fraction of the DFO's prediction, and no one seems to be paying attention.

What will it take for people to start to pay attention to what is happening to the plight of the sockeye salmon. Are we all becoming so self-absorbed with our daily, meaningless quest for the latest over-hyped electronic gadget that we ignore all else? It seems so, and that is a travesty.

Any right thinking individual has to realize that when an industry has to resort to hiring a public relations agency to extol their virtues, they are being played.

The fish farms got a free ride from Gordo because they were a good source of political contributions to the party, and now that the Department of Fried Oysters is in charge, one can expect little more. Just ask the Atlantic cod.

The question is, where do we go from here?

Crankypants said...

Sorry, but I meant to say that the fish farms have been a good source of financial contributions to the BC Libs, not political contributions.

Anonymous said...

Look to geoduck farms up the coast from you, Grant to be the next environmental debacle. Down from Lund and all over in that area, they've been given permission to blast the damn things out of the sand, allegedly with no damage....

That might be another story for you, quite close to home too. I know many residents up there have been quite astonished at the lack of consultation done. But then again, as a DFO officer I know up there once told me,the government has intentionally set up tons of loopholes that allow people to circumnavigate the system -and DFO ends up having little power to enforce what rules there are.

Anonymous said...

Grant G, you are slipping! there is no mention of Haida Gwaii in your link.
In fact, there are NO fish farms on Haida Gwaii nor will we ever allow there to be any.

Hugh said...

The Broughton Archipelago is opposite Port MacNeil on north Vancouver island.

Grant, you're right about the huge importance of the wild salmon in BC. Anything that hurts the salmon should be stopped.

grant G said...

The broughton Archipelago is on the eastern flank of the Queen Charlotte islands,now known as Haida Gwaii. Or Northern Vancouver island.

This blog isn`t a geography lesson,fish farms anywhere in BC are harmful.

Sea lice is the problem,alien fish escapement is a problem.Alien fish eating wild salmon smolts is a problem,what do you think the fish pellets are made out of?
They are made from everything from the sea,many sea life forms are killed to feed Alien Fish in BC.

I am not going to get into a argument about where what is,that isn`t the issue.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

When I was up in Alaska recently, I asked a local fisherman about fishfarms. He said, and I will quote, " If any of those ratfish get here, , there will be a gunfight". They are there now, and the locals must be besides themselves! Gunboat diplomacy. All along our coast there are horror stories about these fish. Time to close ALL the fishfarms, get rid of the pisstank campbell, and bring our world back to a reality. Fresh wild fish, and no drunken cowardly, evil persons to spoil our province. I will supply the tar. Is there someone out there who would supply the feathers?

Kam Lee

jaydee said...

Is the sockeye red dye used to change the naturally white farmed salmon to red safe to eat? Wonder if the party animals and their cronies are eating it at Campbell's games? Just kidding....dumb question!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME. All the myths of salmon farming in one tidy blog. AWESOME.

Crankypants, you skipped right past the biggest news of 2009. You know, the year the pink salmon arrived in RECORD numbers.

Kam Lee, go tell your Alaska friend that if their freakin ranched salmon come down to BC, there'll be a thumb war like no other!

Grant, need some proof on the political contributions my friend. Give me proof.

If you got blocked from the left-wing Tyee, then you know you should be admitted kid. You need some new genetics brought into the Sunshine Coast, seems a little 'Deliverance'up there.

Grant G said...

I just want to say...If I was off with my geography about where the Broughton Archipelago is...EXCUSE me...

It`s been decades since I was last at the Queen Charlottes, and I flew in via float plane.

And...I mainly do my fishing now on the Sunshinecoast and Port Alberni and Bamfield.

And as for the comment I deleted...

I don`t appreciate people disparaging Chief Roy Jones Junior..

Calling him names and the such,especially when the poster doesn`t even know Chief Jones...I suspect that commenter was the infamous Luke Skywalker...

Or Luke...or luke redux..

Still on fish farms..We had one at the front of the agemennon channel many years ago...We lost our local Sock-eye run over that,the fish farm is gone now..Too late

There was another fish farm placed near China Creek in the alberni Canal..After the China creek sockeye were almost wiped out they removed that fish farm..

That was about 5 years ago when they removed it..And guess what, this year theSockeye salmon returned to China creek and there was a limited sport and First Nation`s sockeye fishery.

The harm from fish farms is indiputable.


Grant G said...

The nasty comment above is another one from Luke Skywalker.

Enjoy it friends.

Anonymous said...

In Florida, ALL fish that has been chemically coloured, must be displayed with a sign that
tells the consumer their options. It must tell the amount, the percentage, and offer an
alternative. I believe that fish that are coloured, chemically enhanced, living in pens,
gathering lice, and sharing their lice with the wild fish, must be considered dangerous to
our environment. Just ask the rest of the world who are going thru hell trying to contain
not only fish, but also diseases and a less then ideal corruption to their particular

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Alaska does not allow ANY fish farms there. NONE.
WE are now purchasing coho from Alaska. They have an abundance. Reason pinhead, no fishfarms.

Kam Lee

Grant G said...

Well there is this little tid-bit about fish farm donations.


Of course I don`t want to speak to ill of the dead ....But there was also the Stan Hagen affair with fish farmers.

And the nasty comment above..It may noy be Luke...It may be Alex.


Anonymous said...

Grant, is the criminal convict Gordo's PAB now so worried about your influence that they are infiltrating your domain??!!

Grant G said...

It might be Bernard Von Schulmann.(also known as Illahie)


and his blog.



And a real big thank you to Gary E

Crankypants said...

Anonymous 4:05 pm

Who said anything about pink salmon? If you want to comment on other comments, the least you could do is address what was written rather than try and muddy the waters with bafflegab. You have been hanging out with your political buddies for too long.

Anonymous said...

Grant, if it's Bernard von Schulmann then that's interesting. Former NDP MLA and Agriculture Miister Bill Barlee (under Glen Clark) and his ministerial assistant Mike Geoghegan formed Barlee Geoghegan and Associates in order to lobby government. They were both turncoat and went LIEberal.

One of their associates was Bernard von Schulmann. BEWARE OF THESE TURNCOATS!!!!!!

Grant G said...

Crankypants..I deleted one of his comments,he called Chief Roy Jones junior names...

I left his second comment for everyone to see.

I believe that rude commenter was Bernard Von Schulmann.


Plus you can go to his blog site.

BC iconiclast..The link address is above.

Crankypants said...

Sometimes it is good to let posters such as him appear for all to read, within reason of course. Their inane comments only serve to illustrate how desperate they are by using the old switch and bait tactic. I usually try and ignore their comments as in most cases the bilge that they spew is not worth acknowledging. But every once in a while...well you know, things must be said.

The real issue is how do we get these farms removed before their damage cannot be rectified? It's unlikely the DFO will be of any use. The only time government types move quickly on any issue is to line their collective pockets and those of their friends.

The way I see it, eliminating or reducing the demand for their pseudo-fish will yield the best results. If there is one thing that will get the attention of Marine Harvest, it's economic pressure on their bottom line. I know Target is no longer selling this crap, but there are still too many large retailers flogging it. Maybe a negative advertising campaign exposing the big chains that do sell farmed Atlantic salmon and lauding those that do not will fill the bill.

kootcoot said...

Another issue about farmed fish that gets neglected sometimes it seems is the fact that it takes tons more marine protein (other fish that would otherwise be food for predator fish in the wild, like salmon) to produce the bland excuse for fish that is farmed fish.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who wrote the "nasty" things about Roy Jones Jr. I am not LukeBernard Von Schulmann or Luke Skywalker. I am a Haida living on Haida Gwaii. Unfortantely, I do know Roy Jones Jr quite well. All that I posted about him was he is not held in near as much esteem locally as you hold him. If you consider that nasty I wonder what you'd consider what I really wanted to post about him.

Grant G said...

That`s pretty funny ANONYMOUS 10:53 AM..

Chief Roy Jones Junior doesn`t hide, he has given his REAL name,phone number,and his HONEST Beliefs..

You sling mud from the shadows, put up your name,put up your profile,put up your phone number, if indeed you know Chief Roy Jones let him and I know who you are!!!!

Chief Jones wants what`s best for the Haisla,he wants a "sustainable seal harvest" He wants what`s best for his childrens children.

Chief Jones will talk to the world in full colour,meanwhile you snipe in cyber space, what kind of "True Haisla" does that?

And if you are Haida...Saanu Dang Glidang

Good Day.

Grant G said...

Oh one more thing ANONYMOUS 10:53 AM

The story,my post,isn`t about Chief Roy Junior,it`s about a raging sea lice infestation,it`s about Alien fish escapement,it`s about raping the sea bottom to feed those Alien Fish,it`s about the extinction of Wild BC Salmon.

For a "True Haisla" to skip those issues to attack Chief Roy Jones Junior...Well well well.

Give my regards to "Snake oil salesman Paul Taylor"

Anonymous said...

Grant G, Don't waste your time on Gordungs bag "liquors".

Henri Paul

Hugh said...

there is a new sign at my local Saveon Foods. It lists different seafood, saying whether they're ok or not. It says to avoid all atlantic farmed salmon.

Grant G said...

That`s great Hugh..The tide has turned,we have Marine Harvest on the run, I hope it`s not too late.
Thank God for Alexandra Morten!

Bernard said...

For the record, I post as myself, I have nothing to hide though I prefer to be crucified for what I do say and not other stuff. I have enough opinions that are unpopular.

I am an agnostic on the fish farm issue