Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Thorny Throne Speech

Well friends, I`m still alive, details to come, by the way, living on the Sunshine coast is great,but.....But CKNW has still not come through with the tickets,one wasted trip to Vancouver with followers, apparently CKNW will call when tickets are available, Brian informed them....How can he make arrangements to give these tickets away to a worthy cause when he doesn`t know when and if the tickets will appear or be available....Two days after Brian won tickets,on the news apparently hundreds of people have been screwed over on tickets to the Molson hockey house.....Anyways, lets talk about another pathetic,weak,mean nothing Throne speech from the Compulsive,habitual liar Gordon Campbell.

Lets talk about the "Greatest place on earth"....Remember Gordon Campbell made that televised speech on the economy last fall, remember he had ten key points, I remember one of them from that speech, Gordon Liar Campbell stated that people (Homeowners) in resource towns(one industry towns) could defer their property taxes if they had at least 20% equity in their home....Well think about that, can you imagine a wife or husband saying to each other....

"Hey honey,good news, we have no jobs,no prospects, our equity in our home is falling because there is no work in this hick town, but the Great Gordon Campbell is letting us "Defer" paying our property taxes for a later year,plus interest!"

Well, is it just me, putting off property taxes because your in the poorhouse wouldn`t make me feel any better, so now Gordon Campbell has done it again, now anybody in any town can defer their taxes IF THEY HAVE CHILDREN under 18 living in the home and IF you have at least 20% equity in home you can defer your property taxes and be charged interest on the transaction, WOW, all I can say is WOW.

What are these people going to do, defer taxes so they can buy a couple of hockey tickets? Take a holiday, buy groceries, so anyways, what a brilliant plan(insert sarcasm here) won`t people sleep better knowing they have a honkin big bill laying in wait...

All I can say is what a stinking joke! A cruel joke, can you imagine what the main stream media would say if the NDP were in charge and ran the economy in to the ground and had to offer up tax deferrals to save people and their homes! Yet, I couldn`t believe it, last night watching Canwest Global the news anchor stated...."Great news for families,the province is allowing people to defer taxes" snip

The Audacity of Canwest Global to give the habitual liar Gordon Campbell a two thumbs up for this tax deferral scheme, well friends, let me say this, another tax deferral scheme is the act of a desperate empty corrupt government that is only capable of shooting blanks! A tax deferral scheme is nothing but Gordon Campbell admitting he has failed this province!

Still on the throne,the con man Jack Poole was mentioned three times in the first 5 minutes,again, the man has more skeletons in his closet than there is in a bone yard yet the government and media are lifting the con man Jack Poole onto a pedestal...Why? To make him a hero in the public`s eye before I uncover the dirt.....Folks, the throne speech was a brutal piece of verbal diarriah.

Here are a few items that weren`t mentioned in the throne speech...Gangs weren`t mentioned,new prisons weren`t mentioned, child poverty wasn`t mentioned, not one word about wild Salmon or fish farms.....Two minutes of the toilet bowl speech was dedicated trying to explain the HST....No mention of getting the forestry industry rolling,nothing, a speech void of thought or new ideas.

And there was more, I listened very carefully and there was in interesting part about site C dam in the Peace River Valley...So here`s the deal, the speech said we need Site C dam (To provide back-up power power to regulate the INTERMITTENT supply of power from Wind power/Run of River power/tidal/solar ...SNIP!

That`s right folks,the speech said that these other forms of power are intermittent and we need Site C to stabilize the intermittent supplies!....Can you see what I`m saying, Gordon Campbell now realizes that he can`t sell any power to anyone without having firm(dam) power to back it up, which begs the question, why are we paying through the nose for private IPP power contracts when we can`t sell it without Site C backing it up? Why not just build Site C and be done with it? Well the answer is simple...Gordon Campbell has completely FOCKED up the energy file in B.C.! ....That`s it in a nut shell....Back the to toilet bowl speech, no longer was 2020 mentioned....Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell is now using the phrase 2030.

That`s right folks, direct from the throne this Quote "By 2030 when we look back on this period of time we will say the sacrifice was worth it".....And this Quote from the speech "We expect to be a green power powerhouse by 2030".....

You see friends Gordon Campbell has so screwed up that when the hundreds of millions in power losses start this year the spin will be....Well it will pay dividends by 2030 just wait.

That what this whole speech was about, honestly friends when I watched the throne speech I was laughing my face off over what I heard....Like this little diddy...." We are going to bring B.C. Rail back into to government and slowly phase it out" snip......Are you kidding me? Bring it back into government? B.C. Rail hasn`t had a train to play with in 6 years!..B.C. Rail CEO and top executives have been cashing giant pay cheques for years while doing nothing! 6 years and now Campbell is talking slowly dissolving the rail...Its gone...The CEO of B.C. Rail is going to be promoted to be the head of B.C. Hydro....And...The CEO of B.C. Rail knows nothing about BC Hydro, but...Gordon Campbell has to keep paying these B.C. Rail executives to keep them from telling the story,the whole story...What a sick joke!

More on the worst throne speech I have ever heard...Gordon Campbell threatened the federal government to GET RID OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT PROCESS......Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell THREATENED the BCUC(British Columbia utilities commission)....Gordon Campbell want to drill,open pit mine,pipelines, pollute,poison and destroy and he doesn`t want anyone stopping him.

That`s it friends,a empty,void speech,no details,full of threats, nothing to offer anyone but a tax deferral, a desperate Gordon Campbell grasping at straws.Friends...I`m going to go hard after Gordon Campbell...Everyone at CKNW has been put on notice to watch their mouth be cause I`m going after them, Bill Good,Christy clark...Even Sean Leslie.

And guess what..a very astute contributor to this site has noticed the full blown push over the last week, DIANNE WATTS...That`s right folks, that`s who is going for the leadership of the B.C. Liberals...And...It`s Gordon Campbell who wants Dianne Watts as leader of the party..And, There are top cabinet ministers that are downright furious, especially Kevin Falcon and Rich Coleman....It matters not,they are all guilty, and despite Alex Tsakumis pimping for Dianne Watts she will fail, the B.C. Liberal party is in tatters right now,Gordon Campbell has zero clout.

And lastly friends, I was blocked from disrupting the torch relay, I actually wanted to tackle Bill Good and stick the torch up his.....

And one more thing, Leah called me, thanks for the phone call, I had no idea that some of you cared whether I was alive or dead,Leah,keep the faith, we are going to win the war, and thanks to all of you,I have mental images of each and everyone of you, all of you are the reason I write and when Leah called and was so worried about my health and safety, my heart and soul starting beaming, a unexplainable sensation of security and pride overwhelmed me, I felt a mental force field surround me,a force field powered by YOU, all of you, and I thank you so much, and.....Lets go roast some Campbell Liberals!

P.S. Bitter Brian says thank you, and, Grant G is the main writer on this site, but Brian is a regular contributor.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work... Some of us are listening.

Kim said...

Thanks again Grant G. Glad you're okay. I also heard privatizing the school system in this speech. Did you read that too?

Grant G said...

Yea I heard that too....More parental involvement,public private partnerships in education..
Gordon Campbell wants to push private schools for the wealthy and a public school system run by volunteers.
The Campbell government is ready to collapse..Look for a quick resignation from Campbell right after the Spring Session.

jaydee said...

Soooo glad you're back, we were worried now that we live in a fascist province/country. Now it's back to reading you and making my day every day! Always have to know what the crime family is doing, even worry now what harm can come to you and all good citizens of the province/country. All those over abundance of spy planes flying overhead all day and night don't help make us feel any better either. Just more of Campbell's overkill and more millions/billions of our dollars. Have a good day, the next few weeks may be very interesting if the international/global media will run with all the news our government/media has cut us off from so they can operate in secret. Now I'll go back and read your blog...
Thanks for doing what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

I want to see video coverage of Grant being blocked from disrupting the torch relay in his attempt to tackle Bill Good!!!

That would be a YouTube hit!

Crankypants said...

There is another item in the toilet speech that caught my eye. The Libs are going to bring in new legislation with regards to municipal taxes. When you add this little jewel with the squabble Catalyst Paper had with their respective municipalities, one can only surmise that Gordo will decree that more of the property tax burden be placed on the homeowners and obviously less on businesses. With the pending HST the citizens of BC are going to be smacked financially just a little harder while the big business types pocket a little more of our coin.

This almost guaranteed raping of homeowners may have been the impetus for the proposed deferral plan. Even if I qualified, this deferral would be the last thing I would consider.

The federal government has stated many times that Canadians are getting further and further into debt and what does Gordo do, come up with a scheme to assist people to sink further into the red. I guess we shouldn't be surprised as that is how his party has been running BC's finances since he took power in 2001!

Grant G said...

Excellent summary Crankypants...I never thought of that but...

But I did hear the part about "looking" at tax structures in towns for industry..Makes perfect sense, increase rural homeowner`s taxes by 30% to 60% then allow these same homeowners to put their taxes off???

Yup,that`s definately gordon Campbell`s playbook..promise a pig in a poke and giveth a tax hike..

Cranky, you might be interested in this...The finance department in Scampbell`s government is predicting a $400 million dollar shortfall in taxes year over year because of the HST...

So not only are consumers(everyone) getting hit with a $2 billion dollar yearly tax hit, the Campbell government because of the few HST tax exemptions are going to lose $400 million....
So that begs the question, where is Gordon Campbell going to get that $400 million dollars back from?....

Campbell will have to raise taxes on the public to make up for the revenue shortfall caused by raising the taxes on the public????

Does that make any sense?

Seriously, I honestly believe that Gordon Campbell must wake in the morning and think to himself...

"I wonders if the public is going to haul me away to jail today"


Crankypants said...

Vaughn Palmer did an article last week citing your assertion that the HST will have a negative impact on the government's coffers because of the ever increasing exemptions they are doling out.

My guess is that they will just slash more programmes and raise a bunch of user fees again. Also where are they putting the so-called revenue neutral carbon tax? When the rate went up last summer, I don't remember any announcements of them increasing carbon tax rebates for the lower income types. And I believe it is going up again this year.

One place I can almost guarantee the won't try and save money on, and that is the size of the PAB. There may not be enough money for core services, but they can always find enough coin to keep the spindoctors intact. Talk about priorities.


Evil Eye said...

You bet Campbell is going to "bring in new legislation with regards to municipal taxes", he has to, because TransLink is going bankrupt! The RAV/Canada line charade is costing the taxpayer big money.

Even though TransLink is boasting about high ridership on the RAV/Canada Line(135,000 last Friday if you believe them), most of the ridership comes from very cheap tickets, such as the U-Pass. Langara, UBC and SFU have students have U-Passes and when riding the new RAV/Canada line are paying 25 cent fares compared with $5 from South Delta/Surrey; $3.25 from the Richmond and a whopping $8.25 from the airport.

TransLink is only reporting gross ridership only and that is only a guesstimate and doesn't apportion fares between busses and metro (80% of SkyTrain's ridership first take a bus to the metro and 90% of RAV's ridership take at least one bus on their transit journey!)

So if one apportions fares, RAV's revenue could be 1/2 to 1/3 of the fare paid, depending on the number of transfers, with the other portion(s) going to bus or SeaBus.

As you can see, TransLink is robbing the bus system of revenue to pay for their three cherished metro lines, which is one of the main reasons TransLink teeters on bankruptcy.

SkyTrain and RAV financing is a grand transit Ponzi scheme!

Campbell (and his good buddy Dobel) desperately want the UBC SkyTrain subway under Broadway or the "Legacy Line" before he leaves office.

To do so he has to raise the funds as there isn't the ridership for a subway P-3. And by the way, the Canada Line P-3 is in shambles with the BC Liberals close to bailing them out! (those damn cheap fares again!)

Welcome back, you were missed. Was it a long row to Vancouver?

Leah said...

Ahhhhhhh...I see our favorite pot stirrer is back, just in time for the games. LOL!

Listening to the "throne" speech gave me the urge to flush. I don't think I'm wrong when I say it could be one of the longest, hottest summers on record. And I'm not talking about the forest fire season - for which they've budgeted a paltry 52 million...after spending 400 million last year! But, that's for another day.

They really ought to be slapped awake... .

Anonymous said...

Dianne Watts left translink (agenda) to play with the big boys and will do as she's told if and when she decides to run as premier. Interesting to see how this is playing and going to play out. Time will tell.