Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BC Liberal Charged with impaired driving last night

Breaking news....BC Liberal MLA from North Vancouver Jane Thornthwaite Charged with impaired driving last night!!!!!!!!!!
Details when they are available!
Everyone was told not to drive to Olympic sporting events, everyone was told to take Transit,Sea bus,Taxi or the West Coast Express....But this case is far more serious because she wasn`t at a sporting venue,she was at Several party tents, Sochi house was the last booze tent she was at, the previous day she was also at these booze tents and tweeted about "How Delicious bC wine is".......One can only surmise she was Boozin and Crusin the previous days only she wasn`t caught.
For your information ...This is the law, "It is a 24 hour suspension from driving even if you have but one drink"!
Even if you blow green on the breathalyzer machine but admit to having one drink you will get a 24 hour suspension, for Jane Thornthwaite to be way over the legal limit is disgusting...
Imagine how big the story could of been, picture this headline, ( 5 Olympic visitors killed by Drunken BC Politician)
Apparantly she was boozing it up big time and gulping wine by the boatload!
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Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

So Shirley "glug glug" Bond finally got caught?! That's a hoot! She's will now get a Gordallion for following in Gordo's Maui footsteps.

Grant G said...

No...It was Jane Thornthwaite from North Vancouver..

Her last tweet message she sent was..BC WINE IS DELICIOUS!

Details to follow when available!

Cheers...Bottoms up!

Gary E said...

Do we know if this was a drug impaired or alcohol impaired?

With her resume'I could easily suspect the former.

Grant G said...

She failed a breathalyzer...Waiting to find out how big the reading was..

She needs to resign over this!

Anonymous said...

that would be honorable!

Anonymous said...

She's a BC Liberal...there is no honour

Anonymous said...

:-)))) Honorable!!! 9 out of 10 Canadians must have more Honor than all their MLAs' together! SKOLL!!!

Gary E said...

“I apologize to my family, my friends, my colleagues and especially my constituents who put their faith in me. I failed to meet the standards I set for myself as a mother and as a public official.

“I know what I did was wrong and I will take full responsibility for my actions. I intend to work hard to regain the trust of my constituents in light of this serious mistake and I want to apologize to everyone for my actions.”

Now where have I heard almost those exact words before? Is this standard copy for the Lieberals?

Grant G said...

Everyone was told NOT to DRIVE to Olympic events,take Transit,Sea bus,Taxi,West coast express.

Even if she was going to a sporting event she shouldn`t be driving..But going to booze tents and party houses with the streets covered with pedestrians and performers is a disgusting act.

She should resign today over this event.

She can afford a taxi or a driver,her statement of I`m sorry doesn`t cut it!

Anonymous said...

Grant, BTW where's WALDO? - As in Carole James? Is she still alive? Nobody hears anything more from her. This LIEberal drunkster would be a perfect target!

Meh, maybe BC needs another political party to attack these criminal LIEberals. Carole doesn't appear to be up to snuff anymore.

Grant G said...

6:41 PM..I am not impressed by Carole James but in this instance it would be inapropriate to comment this early.

In fact if she did any griping during the Olympics about anything she would be ignored or persecuted by the media.

There will be plenty of griping on budget day and the spring session.

No point in wasting bullets and ammo when no one is litening or paying attention...Patience my friend.

Evil Eye said...

Well Gordo set the standard, DUI's and politics are a good mix. Hey, let's serve up a toast to another pissed Liberal who thinks that they are above the law.

God knows that MLA's rake in enough dough to hire a cab; no? Well, according to BC standards, she'll make a good premier - not!

Anonymous said...

Grant: Not knowing much about Ms Thornthwaite, I googled her name and came up with these two gems;




mr perfect

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here's the second link;


mr perfect

Crankypants said...

I think this is a shrewd political move by her. The best way to get noticed by Gordo is to get in trouble with the law. And what better way than to emulate the head puppetmaster himself. It's obvious she is a BC Liberal kind of woman.

At least she's proved that she is cabinet material, liquor cabinet, that is!


Grant G said...

Cute Cam!

Grant G said...

Well well well,Anon 11:23(Mr.Perfect)

I went to your link for the Vancouver Sun...And guess what? It`s got a comment section, so here it is, 2:10 AM wensday morning and when I go to that link there is but one comment...

And amazingly,the one comment states everyone does it,cops,lawyers,everyone, and the commenters goes onto say that for anyone to prove him wrong he will eat his words!

Well,I might not be a brain surgeon but I find it impossible that there are no comments condemning Jane Thornthwaite`s drunk driving,no comments from people whom had families members killed or maimed by drunken drivers!

Just like Bill Good and CTV news,Canwest Global are soft peddling the issue,could you imagine if it was an NDP government or even if it was a NDP opposition MLA.

The media in BC are sick,sick,bought and paid for losers!STOOGES.

Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Gordo could pass another 'shut the fck up' law to try and keep this from blowing up.

kootcoot said...

If I were a BC LIEberal, I would have to be drunk 24/7, just to stand myself!!!!!!