Monday, January 14, 2013

John Slater to Sit, and Run As Independent(breaking news)

Christy Clark Going Mobile, John Slater stabbed in the Back

MLA: John Slater

Elected: 2009

(UPDATED ON BOTTOM/January 14/2013) 

Yes indeed folks, remember how the BC Liberals stabbed Moe Gill in the back, Moe Gill who signed up hundreds of new BC Liberal members and raised a-lot money for his anticipated election campaign...Then Rich Coleman brow beat Moe Gill with his stench and bellow, only to turn around and hand an uncontested nomination to fellow white trasher Bob Plecas...A crude rude move typical of this disgusting, lying, corrupt and inept BC Liberal Government...

John Slater is apparently shell-shocked that as an incumbent he not only wasn`t granted the nomination to run in a riding he won, but John Slater won`t even be granted an opportunity to win the nomination..

In another disgusting display of BC Liberal arrogance John Slater has been given the big heave-ho right out of the party, instead these Liberals things gave the Boundary-Similkameen nomination(uncontested) to Linda Larson, a former mayor and now a...City of Oliver Councilor.....

Yes indeed, this is one classy bunch....

And guess what else is going on....

All incumbent BC Liberals(The ones who want to run) have been given their nominations, all except two....

Those two are Christy Clark and Rich Coleman....And here`s the deal, these criminal , corrupt BC Liberals have left the door open for several scenarios,...

First off, by not nominating Christy Clark for any riding, backroom string-pullers like Mike MacDonald and Patrick Kinsella can still give Christy Clark the heave-ho as premier and bring in a new leader...

Rumour has it that party power-brokers within the BC Liberal GANG have given Christy Clark until the end of February to turn the polls around or she is gone, caput, kicked to the curb like Moe Gill and John Slater...

And....If Christy Clark does move the polls a little, or enough for party power-brokers to give her a shot(That is if the election isn`t postponed for a year)..Christy Clark will not be running in Point Grey, she has requested a safer riding to run in..

And that`s where Rich Coleman comes in, Coleman has other plans, something about a Senate seat, and guess where Christy Clark`s safe seat is????

You guessed it, Rich Coleman`s old riding..


Today/ January 14 2013...John Slater has confirmed that he was stabbed in the back and he states he will now sit as a independent and possibly run as a independent.....-

BC Liberal party brass claim John Slater has personal issues making him unfit to run(again) as a BC Liberal, yet they refuse to tell what those issues are..There are no reasons, it`s BC Liberal bafflegab bullshit..Because, the BC Liberal riding party president Zach Poturica has stepped down, and all the other riding executives quit. and quit over how John Slater is being treated by his own party....Remember, another entire constituency association quit the BC Liberal Party, quit over how Moe Gill was betrayed and stabbed in the back!


As for the Liberal party brass....Again, I would like to personally thank you, thank you for completely destroying your own party...

John Slater is angry, angry over the back-stabbing, sure John Slater didn`t win his riding by a large margin in 2009, however, to dump a winner for a perceived star Candidate(Linda Larson) is an act of pure desperation..

Moe Gill, now John Slater...Both stabbed in the back by the BC Liberals, both stabbed in the back over a preference for the "Star candidate"....

News flash BC Liberals....You will lose both ridings, it`s the ground work, it is foot soldiers who make or break close ridings...You just shot your own foot soldiers in the back..

We are Still ahead of the curve at The Straight Goods...

And on a final note, I don`t appreciate being set-up in comment sections by TACKY and his many aliases....I waste no more time on you, go piss in the wind, I ain`t biting!

My post about Christy Clark being set-up for fail by her own party..

First off...Mary Polak..John Les..John Van Dongen..And Eric Foster are all close personal friends(All from the far right Conservative side of the Liberal in name only party)...Eric Foster didn`t strike out on his own to remove the auditor General, he was ordered to not renew John Doyle`s term as auditor..

And, here`s the big one, the big one no one picked up on all weekend(I waited with bated breath)...The "leak" about Eric Foster`s reno....That leak was being readied for release by the same people conspiring to force Christy Clark out before the election...

All they needed was Eric Foster and John Les to pull the trigger..

Kaboom, kapow.....A professional party acting like headless chickens..I don`t think so..

Wait for the Christy Clark resignation to come very soon..Late January or early February...Unless Christy Clark decides to assist in bringing down the BC Liberal party by staying on...After all..

She too is getting stabbed in the back by her own party

The Straight Goods

 Cheers Eyes Wide Open


judi sommer said...

Hi there,
Machievellian for sure and an odious way to treat, Mr Slater, whose mother had just died! I guess grief is not allowed in a candidate and that this is the "personal issue' that counts him out as a candidate. So, as far as Eric Foster goes, was he set up by his own party with the leaked $$$ for his office? This surely will not bode well for his re-election so who is waiting in the wings to run in his stead? Van Dongen looks like he has a chance as an indepedent given his tenacity about BC Rail. Polak has insulted her constituents about her claims drivers wer to blame for pile-ups on the new Port Mann but is popular with the bible belt voters. So-what is the upside for them to behave stupidly, especially if they want their pensions or are they too stupid to know they are being played by the backroom who runs the province and calls the shots?

judi sommer said...

21607Now, according to Ms White, Liberal party president, his "personal problem" is drinking (according to an update by blogger Alex T)Who doesn't have a tipple or 2? Nothing coming out of Osoyoose to suggest this is true or that it has strangled his ability to serve. The Liberal caucus should look in the mirror-there are some heavy drinkers there who seem to be muddling along. No one is denying them their candidacy. As well, I remember well a certain BC premier who was a borderline alcoholic and who the emergency room at the hospital got to know him well as part of their VIP and discrete handling. This did not stop him from doing his job.Mr Slater's reputation is under attack. I wish him well as he runs as an independent-anger and outrage can be a great motivator.

Grant G said...

As for the alleged drinking by John Slater...Who could blame him if true..

Gain a seat and then spend the next 4 years being cussed out by constituents for the HST..BC RAIL..Deficit lies..Hydro lies, scandal after scandal..

That`s enough to drive almost anyone to drinking..

Anyway, the drinking allegation is a smokescreen..

Did the Liberal party ask Slater to seek help?..AA..ALANON?

Or help from a professional...Many people fall victim to liquor, and many more seek help and keep their job..

The public can be very forgiving to those who admit their flaw and seek help..

But, the fact that the constituency(riding) president and CO. quit the BC Liberals as well..

That speaks volumes..

As Judge Judy says..

"If it doesn`t make sense, it isn`t true"

judi sommer said...

@ Grant G

How about Bill Bennet's battle with his deamons? Everyone knew about it but it wasn't splashed over the papers nor did the opposition make a deal of it. There was respect for someone struggling. The who could forget abot Campbell's infamous martini fest with his female companion at the Hawaian home of a certain vancouver dj. The public forgave him for many of them had drunk too many to drive. So have we entered another puritan age? What hy[pocricy! By slamming Slater (without proof) they are attacking the reputation of the Canadian Commissioner in London (at least I think that is his latest post)?

Elwood said...

Grant, what about Shirley glug glug glug Bond? Will she get the heave-ho to?

Grant G said...

Shirley Bond will stay and run..

She`s beyond redemption..

She will go down with the ship.


Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed in this province since Campbell's reign of terror. Lies, deceit, corruption and dirty tactics in BC, are now taken over by Christy.

Boessenkool is a favorite of both Harper and Christy's. He would still be there except for, his misconduct while drinking. Campbell was so drunk, he drove on the wrong side of the road. He got his reward, for doing his dirty work, for another evil-------?

Christy is afraid of Slater, as she is afraid of Doyle. Anyone opposing Campbell, lost their jobs. Same with Christy. She is deathly afraid of everything coming to the surface regarding, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. You know? The railroad that wasn't for sale.

The HST, wasn't on Campbell's radar either.